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Poilice“I don’t care what you think, As long as it’s about meThe best of us can find happiness, in miseryI don’t care what you think,As long as it’s about meThe best of us can find happiness, in misery.” I feel like screaming as I gun the engine, hitting 70 easily. Part of me knows I shouldn’t be proud of such speed but with the music and my mood, I need it. I want it. I want speed and power and danger. Fuck I want something else!Something else pulls up behind me. “Fuck.” I groan as I see the police car, sirens quickly telling me to pull over.With a sigh, I pull to the side of the road and turn down my music, waiting for the officer to come over to my window. “Hello officer.”“Good afternoon madam. Do you know why I’ve pulled you over?”“I’m guessing it’s because I was doing 70 in a 50 zone?” I confess sighing. “And I am sorry. But this road was quiet and my iPod was playing a super song and I’ve had a hell of a day…” I stop myself from rambling. “Look, I am sorry.”I glance up at the officer and I’m glad to see he’s smiling. “It’s alright madam. But would you mind coming with me to my car for a moment?”“Yes officer.” I nod, taking my keys and stepping out, making sure I pull my shirt and skirt into place as I walk back to the other car. Like a gentleman, the officer opens the back door before getting in the front. For a moment I think I’m just going to have some details taken but then the car comes to life and he begins to drive. I blink in surprise, quickly putting on my seat belt. “Umm, where are we doing officer?”“You said you you’ve had a hell of a day? Well, I’m going to make it better for you.” His eyes shift to the rear mirror, looking back at me. “We won’t go far, don’t worry, just off the main road.”I stare in amazement before a smile comes to my lips. “I see.” Is all I say.As said, the drive is short, only to in a nearby field off a side road, the engine turning off but either of us move, just the officer’s eyes stare into the rear mirror at me. “Take your top off.”I blink. “What?”“Didn’t you hear me?”“Yes sir.”“Then what are you waiting for?”I bite my lip and smile as I reach down to the hem of the t-shirt and in one quick movement I have it stripped off, just a powder pink bra that makes my breasts perk up then plunge. I can’t believe I did it but I’m glad I did; I can see the smile on his lips.“Very sexy.” A smile comes to my own lips. “Thank you.”“Take the bra off now.”I swallow and nod, reaching back and undoing the clips and stripping it off, it joins my shirt on the floor. The smile grows. “Well, aren’t you a good girl, doing what you’re told.”“Well my mother always told me to do what the police tells you.” “Wise words. Now, I want you to play with them.”I gulp softly and nod. “Alright.” I reach up to my chest and gently squeeze them, rolling them around and wiggling them. I swallow a pleased moan as I do, moving my fingers up to the tits and beginning to twist them between my fingers, eyes closing as I pinch them a bit more.I keep my eyes closed and get more and more into it, feeling my tits get harder, moaning a little.“Enough.”My eyes snap open and look up to see the officer’s eyes in the mirror are filled with a hunger and his hand is clearly on his lap. I smile and lower my hands, waiting.He nods then climbs out the car, throwing off his hat to the passenger seat and opens the rear door. I look and right there, at eye level, is a thick long cock poking out of the trousers from the fly. “Well? You going to sort this out?”I nod, reaching out and wrapping one hand around the cock and another on his hip to steady myself. I’m quick, don’t even hesitate in licking the tip, feeling a salty pre-cum on my lips but then I open my mouth and take the tip. I close my lips around it tight and ease my way down slightly. I suddenly find there is a hand on the back of my head, pressing me further forwards and down, the cock being almost rammed to the back of my throat. I fight back the gag reflex and swallow, my head being pulled and pushed forwards and back, the rhythm out of my control but I hold on tight to the hips and enjoy the taste.One hand releases my head and reaches down for my breasts, grabbing it as it hangs down, squeezing it tight and stretching it out. I moan onto the cock at the delightful feeling and continue to suck and swallow, coming off to breath, I lick from base to tip once more. I only just hear the sweet dirty words being said as I do.“Oh fuck you are a dirty little slut. You like that don’t you? Oh yeah, suck it off.”The words make me feel so hot that I make myself go all the way to gagging point, feeling him play with my hair, caressing it. At the back of my mind I realise illegal bahis that this is what I needed; to be fucked.Suddenly it’s gone; taken from my mouth with a near vicious movement. I look up at my officer and see him smile, reaching over and so softly caressing my cheek. “Would you mind if I fucked you in a field?”I think about it then smile. “No. I wouldn’t.”“Good. Then get out.”I swallow softly and climb out of the car, standing there topless to the world. He smiles and reaches for my skirt, reaching over it and grabbing my ass, using it to pull me forwards so our hips crash together, my chest pressed to his uniform. I stare in amazement but then smile, reaching up and caressing his cheek as he had caressed mine. I smile a little more and stand on my toes, pecking his lips.The officer smiles such a lovely smile that it makes my heart flutter and my legs tremble, although that could also be due to the erection pressed against me. His hands resume their grope, squeezing my ass cheeks before stepping back and leaning on the side of the car. “Take your skirt off my pretty.” He says with a cocky smirk. I tip my head then reach for the zip.“Slowly.” I look up, surprised that a man who’s been in such a hurry so far suddenly wants to slow. He gives me a wink. “I want you to tease me.”With a deep breath, I nod slowly in agreement and reach for my zip again but this time in a slower manor, inching the zip down bit by bit, undoing the button, letting it slide down over my ass before it drops to the ground at my feet. Stepping out of it, I kick it to the side, leaving myself in pair of matching pale pink panties.I stand there, in the middle of a field, looking at the officer with a smile and a shy shift of my hips. He nods. “Panties.”“What about them?”“Do I have to tell you?” “You’ve told me what to do so far.”His smile grows. “A very obedient girl, aren’t you. Very well, take your panties off and give them to me.”In the same teasing style, I pull them down, bending forwards as I keep hold step slowly out, holding them in one hand. Naked to the world, I step forwards and pass them to the officer, placing them in his waiting hand. “Happy, officer?”“Extremely.” He says, putting them in his shirt pocket before undoing the buttons, letting it hang open. I gaze at his chest then at his cock as it stands at firm attention between us. His hand comes up and lifts my chin, staring into my eyes before turning us around so I’m leant on the car. He pushes me back slowly and bends a little, putting his hands behind my knees and lifting me up so my ass near slaps on the roof of the car.His hands guide my legs to wrap around his hips and I bite my lip as I feel the tip rubbing on the entry between my legs but his attention is more on my chest, leaning down and kissing the point between my breasts, taking over where I left off earlier, teasing them, letting his tongue lazily circle the peaks. I let out a moan at the sensation and run my hands back in his hair and down his back. As a reward, or punishment, I can’t be sure, he bites one and pulls on it. I groan louder and arch my back, pressing my hips forward.The other gets the same treatment and I just feel like I’m melting, getting fucked by this officer of the law.He leans back and begins plucking the hard at my nipples, pinching and pulling them quickly until they slip. I feel almost like a cow being milked by such an action. Then he kneels down, going to his knees so his head his level with the side of his car and my open pussy. I blush as I feel him stare at me, stare at the pink folds and no doubt the shiny liquid that’s leaking out. I’m about to reach out and stop his gaze when he licks it. He licked my pussy! Oh it was the hottest sensation I can remember but he does it again and again, sucking on it, his hands coming up to spread it, a finger caressing the edge while the tongue rolls around out and in. His mouth is heavenly as he continues to go, his lips getting a little faster and a little more aggressive as they lick, his hand slapping my entry in hopes of forcing more juice out for him. My eyes are shut when I feel a finger slip inside, bending upwards and beginning to rub soft flesh the tongue couldn’t reach. Then a second joins the first, entering all the way up to the joint it goes so deep. I moan but it gets louder as the pumping sensation begins, fingers a poor substitute for the cock I’d had in my mouth. But then they begin to shift, going outwards, spreading outwards. I gasp as I feel muscles pull and stretch. Then the fingers are gone but then a hand reaching around my hip, pulling me upwards. I’m looking at my officer now and he smiles, his hand, illegal bahis siteleri still coated in my juice, inching his way down my ass towards… oh shit!I gasp as I feel the first finger push into my rear hole. I close my eyes and feel my body want to scream at the moment. Oh it feels good! Then another. The second finger gets slipped in beside the first. A kiss on my neck is a soft reminder and I can’t help but kiss the cheek that kissed me. “Your such a good dirty girl.” Is whispered in my ear. “I wanna fuck you in all your holes; fill you with so much hot cum you won’t be able to walk without it leaking out.”The words, the promise is hot. I burn at the breath on my neck and wiggle a little. I want it. I want to have his cum in each whole. I feel the fingers in my ass shift again, stretching it out, preparing me. Then I feel them pull away, being near ripped from my still tight asshole. I look at him as he stands before me but his eyes are on my front hole then he nods. “I’m gonna cum on your face first.” He decided before reaching up and grabbing my wrists in each hand. “But first…” he steps back and turns me around, slamming me face first onto the bonnet of the car. My eyes widen as I feel him pull my arms back behind me. Then there is a bold ‘click, click’ sound and I feel something cold and metal on my wrists. I realise that I’ve been cuffed as I’m turned back around and forced off the car, down to my knees and I can only look in want at the cock before my eyes. “Open your mouth.” The officer orders, one hand on his cock, the other on my cheek, guiding it into position. I swallow and open my mouth, keeping it as wide as I can. The cock is put back into my reach, rubbing against my lips before slowly edging in, my mouth closing around it as we return to what we started in the car but this time I can feel the build up, the want to cum, the need for release. With my hands handcuffed behind me I can only use my mouth but I suck and suck and suck, listening to the dirty words that give me a clue.“Ah. Yeah. Ah yeah fuck! That’s so good. You’re such a good bitch. Yeah, suck it. Take it deeper. Yeah, Oh yeah you little slut. Fuck toy! You want it don’t you. You wanna swallow my cum? Yeah, I know you do. I’m gonna let you. See if you can swallow it all. Go on, yeah, swallow it all.”I’m going so fast back and forth now that I feel like a blur but I still feel it, the twitch, the leak in my mouth. I stop suddenly about half way down and feel it as it comes in. One, two three squirts of salty fluids. Then another. And another. I swallow what’s in my mouth and pull back slightly just as another two hit and it’s shot into my face. I pant for breath and another comes! This one shoots down, covering my tits. The officer is panting for breath, coming down from his climax but I know he has more in him. He said himself, all three holes. Well that was one down. I stand, not easy to do with your hands tied behind your back, and look at him, breasts heaving as I watch him. With a sure smile he grabs a breast in each hand and begins to toy with them once more, harder than before, smacking at them, twisting and pulling at them. He tries to milk them again before pulling them as far as they can go and letting go, watching them bounce back into place, now slightly redder than before. He steps into my space again and grabs my ass, lifting me back to the car bonnet, this time lining himself up with my pussy. His hand spreads the folds of flesh while the other grips his shaft, rubbing it up and down the soaked hole. “Say you want it.” He whispers, teasing me as he does. “Go on, tell me how much you want me. How I’m meant to think, let alone come up with a reply is beyond me as I wiggle, wanting it. I groan lowly. “I want it! I want it more than anything! Please! Please give it to me! I need it. I’ll die without it.”Maybe a bit dramatic but it does the job. I hear a laugh and it slips in a fraction. I can’t remember the last time I had such a good feeling but I want it more. I buck my hips a little and feel the cock slip in a fraction more. I feel frustrated at the lack of action. “No! No please! Please move! I want it! I want it deep in me. I want it to fuck me! Fuck me hard! I want that nice long hard cock deep inside me and filling me with cum!”It twitches inside me and I know I hit a hit point. I nod several times. “Yeah, I want you to cum in me, I want you to fill me with it. Please? Please make me cum? Let me make you cum?”“You’ll make me cum anyway.” He says in a lustful chuckle. “And I’m gonna cum in you if you want it or not.” And with that, he thrusts in, hard fast and all the way. I hear his ballsack canlı bahis siteleri slap wetly on my skin but then he pulls back. It’s a fast, jerky fuck, his hands on my hips for a bit but then on seeing breasts bounce he grabs one and squeezes it, still never loosing pace.I rock my hips with each thrust and keep my pussy clamped tight around the glory inside me as it is sucked out, thrust in, pulled back, rammed forwards over and over again at such a dizzy speed. I feel my own climax coming and I begin to moan lowly. Finally, as it comes closer and closer, I confess. “I-I-I’m g-gonna… gonna…” I can’t get my words out I’m so breathless. He appears to guess what I mean to say and if possible speeds up even more, his hand caressing the outside clit and other grabbing my shoulder, pulling me in and forwards so we’re face to face. I kiss his neck and shoulder with as much lust and wanting as I can. The change in position just hits the right spots and tips me I’ve the edge, I gasp and feel my climax wash downwards and over the cock that is still going a hundred miles an hour into me.Breathing sharp, hot and seamy body before me, I know he’s not got long before it hits. I keep my pussy tight, I rub my hands down his back, I kiss his neck and I rock with each trust.Finally I hear the tell tell strangled sound of ‘ahh-‘ and feel more hot cum enter me. He’s pushed as far forward as he can, ensuring every drop is kept inside me. It feels good and when the cop pulls out his cock, I want to cover it to ensure nothing leaks. He slips out and stands, his lovely member only a little limp. He’s clearly got amazing stamina to keep going like this. I looked at the cock and smile. “Want me to… Clean it up?”“Why, its only going to get dirty when it goes in your ass.” He huffs with that same confident smile. “Now, how to do your last hole humm?”I sit on the edge of the car and swallow, waiting for his anwser. Finally he smiled and pulls me forward, pressing my lips to his, a firm kiss that leaves my head spinning and heart skipping a beat.“I want you on top.” That surprises me but I don’t really care as we kneel. He still leaves me cuffed as he lies on the grass and dirt by the car and positions me over him, making me face away from him for some reason. “Bend forwards.”Now I know why. I bend forwards and my last untouched hole is exposed. He can see it. A finger probs, and tests, stretching it out once more. “Oh yeah, you’re ready for this.” He says before pulling back, a hand grabbing the cuffs and guiding me. I don’t know how close I am until I feel the tip push on the tighter hole. I feel it push in. I feel it stretch. I gasp, eyes shut as it pushes and pushes and pushed until finally the widest end slips inside. I only have the tip but I feel it.I sit down a bit more and it gradually makes it way down a bit more, in slowly. I gasp with each move and the officer is groaning at the tightness. He pulls on the cuffs, making me get further and further onto it until my ass is pressed to his hips, deep inside.I think my eyes are watering at the stretch but then there is a light smack on my ass. “Up now.”I do, I lift myself up until I can feel the very tip is only just holding on. Then down. It’s a little easier this time but it’s still a tight fit.Each rise and fall makes it a bit easier until I’m riding it as easily as if it was in my pussy. He thrusts too and it gets faster and faster.The officer groans and continues as he spreads my ass cheeks and slaps them, chuckling a little as he calls me his ‘fuck toy’. I can’t help but feel a little proud at the title.I go a little faster, not going as high before coming back down. My ass is tight and I want yet another flood of cum inside me.Working hard and fast I pound that cock into my ass, listening to him as he gets closer. I feel my own building but I hold it back. I fuck his cock in my ass hole until I feel it, another squirt of hot liquid into my hole.I don’t let that stop me, I know there is more to come. I keep riding but slower now. He keeps releasing into me until his hand wraps around my hips and holds me down. I smile to myself and glance over at him, lying on the ground fully spent and satisfied. I smile and rise until his cock pops out, a groan coming from both of us as we do and I bend forward, a small creamy liquid leaking from my ass as I do. A finger traces the hole then slips down to my pussy then leaves before I get a smack on he ass. “So, how’s your bad day now?”I somehow manage to turn around and smile at him. “What bad day? This is the best day of my life.”He smiled, sitting up and reaching for my cheek, leaning over and placing a very sweet kiss to my forehead. “Well, I’ll be sure to give you my details. So if you ever have a bad one again, I’ll come and make it better.”“Yes please officer.” I say, already wondering when my next ‘bad day’ is going to be. Because I’m going to be so very very bad.

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