Playing With Christine


Playing With ChristineAfter the bachelor party, all I could think about was when the next party would be. I found something that I love and could do for fun. I didn’t have to separate myself from it like I did for work. Even if they were to pay me for it, I’m still the center of attention, I get all the cum and cock I want and I got to play with myself for the men. It was a perfect blend of all my wants and desires. So needless to say when Greg called me I about came out of my skin in anticipation. He told me that he and Mark were planning a get together at the gym on campus. I told him I’d definitely be there! That was about a week before the party and that gave me plenty enough time to find the right outfit. Since it was being held on campus I already felt like a bad girl, so naturally that’s what kind of outfit I was looking for. They had all kinds of leather and the like. I’m not into the leather; I’m no Domme, far from it. I finally got the attention of one of the sales folks and told her what I wanted. Something black, lacey and screams bad girl! She came back with the perfect outfit. Black, lacey corset with a self style bra. I tried it on. As I twirled around in front of the mirror I couldn’t help but grin. Those men won’t stand a chance against me in this. The corset coupled with a lacey black thong I’d found really showed off what most men fantasize about.The night finally arrived and I think I chain smoked all the way to the gym. It didn’t help that everyone güvenilir bahis şirketleri else wasn’t in any hurry. I pulled into a spot in front of the gym and pulled my trench coat tighter. It was cold out side. I wanted to surprise Greg with the outfit, so I decided not to wear anything else but that and the trench coat. I was beginning to doubt my bright idea due to the cold and the fact that we might not be alone in there. I shrugged my shoulders and headed in.The lights above we’re all on. I felt like the Home Coming Queen walking across the court. Then I saw Greg. He was laying out blankets and pillows. No doubt for me. I cleared my throat and he turned around. I could tell by the look in his face when I opened my coat that he approved. I let my coat slip down my arms and fall to the floor. He was so cute, standing there panting and trying his best not to show it. I heard the side doors open and there was Mark with another woman. At first I was a bit jealous, knowing that I would be sharing the center, but as they walked closer to me, the jealousy left me completely. I was introduced and Christie and I immediately started chatting. I pulled her behind the backdrop and filled her in on everything. She’d never done this before. I told her that I’d only done one and to follow me if she got nervous.As we waited I felt her eyes on me, piercing through my barely there lace. She was fiddling with her sweater. I slid my little hands up to help her. As I pulled tipobet güvenilir mi up her sweater I pressed my body against hers. The warmth from her body turned me on. I felt my nipples grow hard. I wanted to see more of her so I quickly unbuttoned the top of her blouse and pulled it apart. Perfect breasts were just waiting to be revealed. I couldn’t wait to play with her. The music that started playing pulled me out of my thoughts.I pulled Christie close to me and rocked my hips to the beat of the music as we steadily made our way to center court. As we reached the blankets I lowered our bodies down slowly as if we were joined. I could feel the men staring at us. I felt my body surge with excitement. I began to kiss and nibble my way down her luscious body, pulling her blouse further apart. I wanted her naked, but I could see out of the corner of my eye that a lot of the men were already hard and some were jerking. So I settled for removing her skirt. Delicious she hadn’t worn any panties! I couldn’t resist and I leaned forward. Her sweet scent filled my nose as I pressed my face into her bush and let my tongue explore her wetness. Her moans filled my ears.I felt her body tense and looked up. There was Mark with his huge cock in his hand. He was straining and grunting as he looked down at Christie and I. I couldn’t wait to feel his cum hit my skin. I slithered up Christie’s body as she poised herself under Mark’s throbbing cock. I watched tipobet giriş as his balls tightened, his grunts grew louder and then his cock exploded. Most of his cum landed on Christie, but some found its way to me and I squealed in delight. Oh how I’d missed this. I opened my eyes and Mark had been replaced with Greg. He was working the shaft of his cock like there was no tomorrow. As we waited, I decided to help him along and began to feel Christie up. Her soft moans is what got him. Hearing her moan and seeing me play with her sent him over the edge and his thick gooey cum splashed onto my tits sending tingles down my body. As I moaned and reveled in Greg’s gift to me, I felt Christie roll over to me and her tongue began to lick the warm jism off my tits. As Christie made sure she was getting all of Greg’s cum off my tits, the other men had taken their spots around us and were steadily beating their meat. I felt the wonderful sensation of their warm spunk hitting my body in different spots at the same time. Just as I felt one hit another would. Christie and I constantly licked and sucked each other as the cum came raining down on us. Our moans blended in with the grunting of men. After a while the sensation of fresh cum hitting my skin stopped. The cum that covered my body oozed along my skin. I looked at Christie and noticed the jism dripping off her chin and onto her tits. I couldn’t resist her, I rolled over and began to gather the rest of the cum off my body. We both rolled about in the blankets cleaning each other off, tasting the blend of cum.After Mark’s announcement all the men began to leave. Mark and Greg helped us up from the cum soaked blankets and pointed us to the showers. I grabbed Christie’s hand and whisked her away for more fun.

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