Pixie, Katie and Me Ch. 03

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A Few Weeks Later At Thanksgiving

Mel and I arrived in Austin on Tuesday afternoon before Thanksgiving. My parents had taken the kids for the long weekend so that we could spend time with my sister and party all weekend.

Less than an hour after we got to their home, Ally and Kara had Mel in pool without her top on. Not that Mel would ever have minded; she loved to show off her ‘puppies’ as she sometimes called them.

Mel had had an image of my sis and Carl as being staid and conservative up until we found they were making porn films and my subsequent fact-finding visit there a few weeks earlier. Mel, my Pixie, had of course met Kara and Carl on many occasions including our respective weddings, but due to distance we just didn’t get together all that often. I could see that would change.

Mel had never met Ally, the gorgeous twenty-five year old and newest member of my sister’s extended family, and a woman I was rather drawn towards. They all ‘clicked’ and the long weekend was off to a great start. I could watch everyone’s perceptions change as that first afternoon progressed.

Carl, my sister Kara’s husband, became rather enamored with Mel. Like me, he towered above her, however, I got a kick out of watching the two of them flirting together in the pool and of Carl’s advances. Shortly after bathing suit tops were tossed aside and everyone stood in awe of the Pixie’s fantastic boobs, Mel let Carl briefly fondle and suck on her orbs. Of course, the move was a harbinger of things to come.

The others in the filmmaking business came and went. I’d met them all on my earlier visit and we had a joyful reunion that first afternoon. June especially flirted with me and got me all horny even though she and her husband later headed for home. Sy and Nancy also put in a brief appearance. Mel impressed everyone and by the end of the first afternoon it was clear that we had joined this growing mutual admiration society.

We did another cookout for those of us at the house: Mel and me, and Carl, Kara and Ally. No one dressed from our half-nude state in the pool. After we cleaned up, I cuddled up with Kara and Ally. The feelings of love and arousal that I’d experienced with them a few weeks earlier returned in full force. The Pixie and Carl snuggled into each other on one of the other poolside loungers.

Mel spoke to me at that point in the evening, “You look very comfortable over there with Kara and Ally. Are you comfortable with my being with Carl – for the evening?”

I told her quite openly, “Yes. I want you to experience the love and passion that exists in this family. It’s why we’re here. We’ve talked about it. No boundaries except what you make.”

Mel turned to Carl and said softly, “Kiss me and then make love to me. I can hardly wait.”

I wondered how well Carl would do with the Pixie. I mean she’s small, and, well, Carl was pretty big. The three of us nestled on one lounger, feeling and stroking each other and watched as Mel and Carl on the other lounger slid out of their virtually non-existent swimsuits and embraced.

Carl already looked huge next to Mel. I thought how his cock appeared to be the size of her forearm. I muttered to my cohorts, “Oh she’s going to like this. I can tell.”

Carl slid down Mel’s body and buried his face in her pussy. She had a small stripe of hair that was pure decoration. Carl’s tongue immediately went wild in her pussy, an area of expertise he had built up over the years I was informed. Mel pulled her legs up and opened them to afford him full access.

We heard Mel climax almost immediately as Carl thrust his tongue in and out of her pussy. I thought aloud, “So nice. So nice that he can do that for her.”

Kara said, “That’s just the beginning, Brother. Carl’s very talented.” I found myself glad that Mel had a knowledgeable lover. In that instant, I recalled her buying me the book the Joy of Sex early in our relationship so I would meet her high standards for loving.

Kara slithered down my body almost like a snake, her tongue leaving a trail of dampness down my torso. She left my upper body to Ally. Kara worked my swim trunks down my legs until I stepped out of them and immediately my partially inflated rod got sucked into my sister’s mouth. I moaned into the kiss I shared with Ally. When we parted, Ally smiled at me before we kissed again.

As I fingered Ally and Kara rocked my world with a great blowjob, I occasionally watched Mel and Carl. I had to admit, watching Mel with another guy was an awesome and arousing experience. I found myself participating in Mel’s loving, even though I was a dozen feet away and otherwise occupied. Carl and Mel did a classic “69” and she demonstrated her deep throat capabilities. I heard Carl moan several times. About ten minutes later I watched her administer the best tit fucking Carl would probably ever enjoy, in large measure thanks to the gifts that nature had endowed the Pixie with.

Finally, about the time Kara slithered back up my body and mounted me, I briefly watched Mel mount Carl, ataşehir escort his mammoth rod totally disappearing into her small body. Then I sort of forgot about Mel as Ally lowered pussy onto my mouth. The serious activities of the evening had started.

I hadn’t been thrusting into Kara very long before I heard Mel and Carl both climax. Neither had lasted very long, not a surprising fact given how enthralled they seemed to have been with each other since we’d arrived. I had no doubt but that Mel had driven them rapidly to their ecstatic crescendo. Now she would orchestrate a more leisurely fuck and love session.

Ally and Kara changed places about that time, Kara lowering her moist pussy to my lips as Ally worked my cock into her pussy and then slowly rode me. Then suddenly, Kara was gone – I could see; the sexy body that had covered my face had lifted away, taking with it one of the sweetest pussies I had ever tasted. I looked beside me and there was my sister preparing to start cunnilingus on my wife. I muttered to Ally, “My God I love incest!”

The Sapphic pair kissed passionately briefly before Kara sucked briefly on Mel’s breasts and then ran her tongue right into the Pixie’s pussy. I got harder than ice in that instant; even Ally could feel it and commented.

Kara lapped and licked Mel for quite a while as Carl held the Pixie sprawled across his body and watched the Sapphic pair. I finally lost it the scene was so hot. I jetted a full load of cum into Ally. She’d been right at a peak too and we came to our zeniths together, our backs arching into each other as our groins pushed into one another.

Mel and Kara shifted into a “69” position, their tongues still lapping and fingers now in play. I heard Mel say to Kara, “You haven’t cum, yet. I have, thanks to Carl. Let me bring you pleasure.” I saw Kara nod acceptance of the indecent proposal.

Kara rolled into Carl’s arms as Mel went down on her. Then I watched as I saw her right hand start to vibrate in a blur into Kara’s pussy. Mel stopped suddenly and I saw her slowly work her entire folded hand into Kara’s cunt, fisting my sister until her hand disappeared. Once inside I watched as she twisted and turned her hand, obviously raking her knuckles across Kara’s G-spot. Kara was moaning and twisting in exquisite pleasure. Finally, she allowed her first climax of the evening, her back arching off the lounger as she flooded the union of hand and vagina with a torrent of feminine ejaculate. Mel looked very satisfied as she pushed herself up Carl’s body until she could kiss the two of them.

As we all lay on the pool loungers in the dim light coming from the house, we now were all in some state of after glow. I heard Kara say to Mel, even through her gasps for air after her climax, “I love you. Thank you for coming and for sharing yourself and your husband with us. I love you both dearly.”

Mel looked at Kara still with that air of disbelief that she’d had frequently that day, “I love you too. Moreover, I can’t believe I’ve just had a lesbian fuck with my sister-in-law and that I enjoyed every precious second of it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat and hope we do it over and over again.” Turning to Carl, Mel said, “Right now, however, I would love to have some more cock. If I suck you back to life are you up to the challenge.” Carl nodded eagerly and they were off again.

Kara came back to join Ally and me. “Doug,” she whispered with a nod to Ally, “It’s time for you to fuck your sister.” She gave me an evil grin of conspiracy and I returned the same to her. I thought how far we’d come from a traditional brother-sister relationship, how many rules we’d broken, and how I didn’t want any of it to change back to the old way. In one sense, I’d lost my sister and gained a lover – several, in fact.

My two lovers brought me back to hardness and then Kara had me come over her. Ally lay beside us and made loving sounds and gestures to the two of us, providing us some ‘dirty talk’ as we fucked. Kara implored me to be fast and furious with her. “Do it. Do me – fast – hard.” I did. We did. I flooded into her body a few minutes later, exhilarated by the sights and sounds around me.

On the other lounger, we heard the unmistakable slapping together of bodies driving to a climax. I heard Mel come not once or twice but several times, urged on by Carl who apparently had found the key to her secret door. Then the sounds stopped for a half a minute and all we heard was the absence of sound, followed by the gasping of two lovers who’d peaked. I heard Mel say, “I’ve never cum so many times in one night. Oh my God, this is fantastic.” I watched as Carl pulled her small body into his.

A while later, Ally and I took the guest room and Kara, Carl and Mel disappeared into the master suite. Apparently all of us sought further activity during the night, and by morning no one appeared disappointed.

Thanksgiving consisted of the entire large extended family: Mel and me, my sister Kara and Carl, Ally, Sy and Nancy, and Mike and June. The women kadıköy escort bayan dressed up very chic, however, we guys discovered soon enough they’d conveniently omitted underwear or bras, the later most evident on Mel who received considerable attention every time one of us would pass near her.

Friday evening we had a screening of Ally’s remarkable film, Love Strokes. The close friend of the entire group from the film company sponsoring the films into the Sundance Film Festival, Ed Mellick, had arrived that morning and joined the group as a fully participating and loving member. While Mel and I had watched porn as we screwed, this was the first time I’d been in a room with ten people watching a porn film while everyone enjoyed intercourse with another partner.

I found it exciting to watch my sister getting screwed by the newcomer. They had a thing about each other, as did Ed and Ally. I coupled with June again and we reestablished the budding relationship we’d formed on my last visit. Mel and Sy coupled up for the first time; Sy devoted himself to Mel for the evening, proving to be a warm and competent lover. We showed the film twice and there were many, many more orgasms than that per capita.

By the end of Mel’s and my short visit, I’d been introduced to each of the female members of the cast on exceptionally intimate terms. I remained amazed about how free everyone felt around everyone else in this tight circle, not to mention how readily they accepted us into their group. We hated to leave and were enticed by Kara’s suggestion that Mel and I move down to their Texas neighborhood.

A Surprise Ending For The Richard Saga

Two important things happened right after Thanksgiving. One involved Richard and the other Katie.

Mel hosted a dinner at our house the first weekend in December for Richard and his wife, Lisa. I’d met Richard briefly before that evening in connection with some architecture work his firm did for SPT where we work; he was at least twenty years older and much more debonair than I was, a fact I no longer let bother me. He had a relaxed air about him, a keen intellect, and a mature sex appeal that noticeably appealed to women – particularly my wife who more recently had been working with him on several projects and even more recently had enjoyed a couple of intimate sessions with him stopping just shy of intercourse.

Lisa was a little past forty, yet the passage of time appeared to have only made her more beautiful. A lawyer by training and profession, she now also ran two not-for-profits in her spare time. I was surprised to find she’d mothered two grown children. When we first met, Lisa flowed into my arms in a graceful way, accepting my kiss and welcome to our house. She held my arm close to her breasts as I gave her a tour of our unusual home. Less than five minutes after her arrival I felt like I’d known her for years and looked forward to wherever the evening would go.

According to Mel, one purpose of the evening was to check out our ‘chemistry’ together as a foursome. We huddled around hors d’oeuvres and then Mel’s spectacular lamb roast dinner. Conversation flowed easily and focused mostly on each of our work, as well as the rising success of the software product Mel and Katie had launched just before Katie departed.

Mel’s meal consumed, clean up completed, and things quickly tucked away, the four of us briefly reconvened in our family room. Almost by unspoken agreement, Mel took Richard away to her study for ‘a look at some plans and sketches’. Lisa and I were left together at opposite ends of the couch. I realized that I did not have an instruction book for how to proceed from this point forward.

After a polite silence that I did not feel compelled to fill, Lisa said to me, “You know they’re not really looking at ‘plans and sketches’.”

I nodded and said, “I kinda guessed. Mel’s very taken with Richard.” I was trying to read Lisa. She seemed submissive and willing to go along in whatever direction things were ‘supposed’ to go, yet now that we were alone I felt a barrier that hadn’t been there before.

She said. “I think we’re supposed to get to know each other better too – a lot better.” There was an edge to her voice as she said the words. They were too mechanical, like an invitation to an experience she was supposed to perform, not wanted to perform.

I moved closer to her on the sofa, and said, “But you feel rushed, don’t you?” I took her hand in mine in a gesture of friendship and comfort. She nodded slowly. I asked, “Does it bother you that Richard and Mel have gone off together?”

She said, “No, not really. When we met and later married, there was always an unspoken agreement that there would be no boundaries like that. We can each do whatever we want.”

“But you don’t ‘play’ the way he does, do you? You’re more conservative.”

“You’re right,” she admitted softly.

I asked, “Do you just go along with what Richard wants to do?” I felt there was something there that I needed to know, something important escort maltepe that would impact our relationship – our almost forced pairing.

“Richard likes Mel. I know he’d like to have an affair with her. She’s safe because she’s married – less risky I imagine. Plus, you apparently have a similar agreement with Mel to give her freedom to have any kind of relationships she wants.”

I probed further, “But you disagree? You’re just going along with this.”

“Doug,” she started. “When I met Richard seven years ago I had two failed marriages behind me and two young teenagers. I was only halfway through my law degree and working two jobs to support us all. Richard was a knight in shining armor, even to the kids.”

“And?” I asked.

“And, I saw him more as a rescuer than a lover. He can have a heart of stone at times, and sometimes he gets in such a dark mood that it’s scary. I wanted the financial security; he wanted someone that would add an air of respectability to his persona and work. I cut a deal with the devil. Sometimes I know I’m a trophy wife – or at least I was when we got married, but they usually don’t come with teenagers nor are they only fifteen years younger.”

I laughed at her last comment, but recognized that she had indeed been serious.

After a silence, I asked, “Have you had relationships with other couples?” My implication was clear. Were they into swinging? Were we just one more couple?

“Yes,” she answered softly. “A few. Two others that we’ve been intimate with recently.”

“And you override your common sense and go along with it, or do you really enjoy it?”

Lisa thought a long time then said, “I guess I pretend I like it. I lie to Richard.”

“What’s missing for you in those pairings?”

She said quickly, “Lots of things. Love, trust, intimacy, and would you believe physical contact – something other than sex – touching, caressing, you know; just being held in a loving embrace.” She gestured with her head to where I was stroking her hand and smiled. She liked that I’d reached out to her in a non-sexual way.

I nodded acceptance of her answer.

She asked me, “Does it bother you that Mel and Richard may be fucking right now?”

“No,” I said. “I had some time to get used to the idea. If it brings her pleasure in some way I wish her well at it.”

“We’re supposed to do the same thing, you know?”

I said, “So let’s just pretend we did and enjoy each other’s company instead.” I shifted so I could look Lisa in the eye, “That way you don’t end up feeling compelled to ‘go along’ with the agenda for the evening,” I paused and added, “And I get to have some time with a very pretty woman.”

Lisa smiled at me, then leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. “You are a very special and sensitive person. Sometime, under other conditions, perhaps we will make love. Thank you for my release.”

We had another long silence until I said, “So Richard did most of the talking over dinner. Why don’t you tell me about your law practice? What do you specialize in? Who’s your most interesting client?”

Lisa and I chatted away for half an hour before Richard and Mel reappeared. Mel looked a little rumpled, almost like she hadn’t quite gotten her clothing back on in the right order. Richard looked content.

I just smiled at them and continued my conversation with Lisa. A few minutes later they did their goodnight dance, thanked us for dinner, and left amidst kisses and hugs.

As the front door shut I turned to Mel and raised an eyebrow. I did smile at her so she knew I wasn’t alarmed by anything that might have happened.

Mel grinned and said, “Everything but!”

“Care to elaborate?” I said smiling at her

“We did everything but fuck,” Mel said as she came up and wrapped her arms around me. “In fact, that omission was quite intentional as it turns out. My choice.” She paused and asked, “Did you and Lisa do anything?”

“Nothing. We just talked. She’s not into the same game Richard’s playing – swinging and all. She said they’ve swung with two other couples, but she really isn’t into it the way he is.”

The Pixie said, “Over dinner I got the feeling I was going to be one of his conquests. I didn’t like that so I changed my mind about how far I’d go. He may lie about it but I’m only a small notch on his gun.” She thought for a minute and said, “You know, I had fun but it was missing something.”

“Love?” I volunteered.

Mel processed the thought then said, “Yes. Yes, exactly. All the other times I ever had sex – going all the way back to the beginning of my sex life – male or female – I’ve felt some degree of love for the other person and I knew they felt that way about me. Isn’t that wild? I never thought of it that way.”

“My sister? Ally? Carl and the group in Texas?” I offered up names for her to test. “And what about Dan?”

“I loved each of them – the whole crew, everyone you just mentioned,” she shot me a shy glance. “I felt an immediate and loving connection with each and they embraced me with that love as well. Richard never gave off that feeling; I wonder if he loves Lisa? With him it felt more animalistic, not that I haven’t done animalistic things with some of the folks you mentioned, but we always felt some caring and love for each other beforehand.”

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