Pills Ch. 02

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For three in the afternoon on a Monday the club was pretty busy. It was a large club with several stages and bars. She estimated that there were about a hundred men scattered throughout the club. There were four girls on four different stages, another ten to fifteen working the floor, and who knew how many were in the VIP rooms degrading themselves. Emma was behind a bar watching her bartenders and trading dirty jokes with the patrons. If she noticed Cornelia she didn’t show it.

Cornelia stepped out of the dark club into the afternoon brightness and shaded her eyes until she spotted her car and driver. It was the latest year Lincoln Towncar they ever made and Jesse made his staff keep it immaculate. She went to the back door and opened it and slid into the cool interior. The driver was asleep.

“Oh hey baby,” he said when the closing door woke him up. “I’m sorry. I took a little nap.”

“It’s okay dad,” she replied. “I wish I could have let you sleep longer.”

“So how’d it go in there?”

“Just about as I expected it would – it was awful. I’ll spare you the details.”

“Please do. I am sorry about all this. I meant better for you.”

“I know dad. Please stop saying that. There’s nothing you could have done then and there’s nothing you can do now.”

“Well I love you. And this is not what I had planned for your eighteenth birthday.”

“I love you too. What did you have planned?” She handed him the card for Dr. Patel.

He took the card and started the car. “The billion times I imagined it as you grew up there were graduation parties involved, and college scholarships, and your mom and I talked about buying you a new car to send you off in.”

“That would have been nice. I miss mom.”

“I do too,” her father replied as he pulled through the ten foot gates and out of the club parking lot onto the main road. He looked at the address on the card and pointed the Lincoln in the right direction and picked up the phone.

“This is Big Puss Mr. Jesse,” he said when the call he made was answered. She hated that Jesse made her father refer to himself that way but it was just one more injustice they were all powerless to and had to endure. “Yes Sir Mr. Jesse. She appears unharmed. No Sir Mr Jesse I didn’t ask. Yes Sir Mr Jesse.” Her father spoke over his shoulder to her. She sat directly behind him so he didn’t have to see her in the slut whore outfit Keisha made her wear. “Honey did you suck some dick today? Did you get your pussy – excuse me Mr. Jesse Sir – your sweet little pussy fucked?”

“I did.”

“She did,” her father replied. She could see the shame on his face in the rear view mirror. She knew that Jesse had him on speaker phone back at the house and he and Keisha were laughing at him because they just made him ask his daughter such a crass and personal question. After several seconds her father spoke again. “No Sir Mr. Jesse. We are going to the offices of a Dr. Patel. No Sir Mr. Jesse, I didn’t ask. Yes Sir Mr. Jesse.” He turned and spoke over his shoulder to her again. “Why are we going to this doctor’s office?”

“To work there I have to be tested for VD.”

“Not only no but hell to the fuck no!” She could hear every word in the back seat as Jesse obviously screamed it into the phone and her father held it away from his ear. “You two dumb motherfuckers get your asses back here right fucking now!” The line went dead and her father lowered the phone. She could see him tremble with fear and she felt it too. She was not sure what they did wrong but Jesse was pissed at them and that was the most dangerous position to be in in the whole world. Her father spun the car around and pointed it back toward the estate.

They didn’t speak the entire way back to Jesse’s estate. Both were speculating about what might be about to happen. Neither wasted any thought about what might be done to avoid it. They knew from past experience that sharing the thoughts would be terrible for both of them.

Her father drove through the high iron gates to the estate and sped up the long drive to the massive home as the gates closed behind them. He parked it out front and they both exited the car and trotted for the door. Upon entering Cornelia stripped off all of her clothes and upon spotting Jesse storming into the reception hall of the house, Keisha close behind him, she fell naked to her knees and pressed her forehead to the floor. Her father did the same but remained in his chauffer suit.

“Just to clarify,” Jesse started angrily. “Nobody went to a doctor and nobody gave any blood samples. Is that correct?”

“Correct,” Cornelia and her father said in unison into the marble floor.

“Good,” Jesse said. “Now up on your feet.”

They both rose to their feet but kept their eyes pointed to the ground.

“You are both now in a world of shit. I am going to clearly explain to you why because as you writhe in agony tonight it is crucial that you both understand exactly why you are in pain.”

“Please Mr. Jesse Sir,” her father said quickly. “She didn’t do anything wrong. I was driving us there.”

She ataşehir escort was horrified for her father. What he did was foolish. He spoke without being prompted and that was day one shit. She could see the reflection of Jesse’s face in the polished marble floor she kept her eyes on and he too was shocked by her father’s words. She could smell urine and she knew that her father lost control and pissed himself like a scolded puppy. His shame was hers. She saw Keisha’s grinning face chuckle over Jesse’s shoulder in the polished floor.

“Holy fucking shit,” Jesse said with a glance back at Keisha. She was naked and twisting one of her chocolate colored nipples. Jesse wore a Japanese silk robe over his bulk. His bare feet were dirty and Cornelia knew they were in the gardens this morning. “Big Puss may have just signed his death warrant. I can’t believe this shit. As good as I have been to them?”

“I know bae,” Keisha said soothingly. “He always been hard headed though. Maybe he changed his mind and he wants some a his baby girl pussy now.”

“You think?”

Cornelia prayed her father kept his mouth shut. Since the beginning one of Jesse’s favorite threats was to make Cornelia fuck her own father if she or him fucked up. In five years he never made them go through with it but two years ago, after he made them watch her mother die in front of them in the most horrible way, Jesse put Cornelia on her knees in front of her naked father and made her stare at his bare cock. He left them there for hours, watched over by others, to make sure neither of them moved. They were only allowed to leave their positions when her father finally couldn’t hold it any longer and urinated directly into his daughter’s face.

“Look at him now,” Keisha said with that maddening grin. “He want to talk again. He just itching to say some dumb shit and get his little dick up in his baby girl.” Keisha finished with raucous laughter and did a little dance. Jesse looked at her father and chuckled and looked confused.

“Is she right? You sick fuck? You want to fuck your own daughter?”

“No Sir Mr. Jesse Sir.”

“Then what’s with the talking out of turn? What am I supposed to do with that?”

“I know it was wrong Mr. Jesse Sir, and I apologize for losing my head. Whatever punishment you deem appropriate I will gladly endure if it will sooth your anger.”

“Good answer,” Jesse snapped at him angrily.

“I’m impressed,” Keisha said with a chuckle.

“Now, back to what I was saying to you two stupid ass fuckwits before I was interrupted. As you feel the demons from hell feasting on your guts tonight it is important to me that you understand why this punishment is so harsh so that you never, ever, ever, make this mistake in the future.” Jesse paused and looked around several of the estate’s forty residents were within earshot. This pleased him. “Now I know that none of you truly loves me for me.”

“I love you Big Daddy,” Keisha said and Jesse grinned at her briefly then put his angry scowl back on.

“You all use me for my pills. I got them, you need them, you do what the fuck I tell you to when I tell you to do it, and I give you my pills. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Hey Big Puss do you remember when your stupid piece of shit wife pissed me off so I didn’t give her any pills?”

“Yes Sir Mr. Jesse Sir.”

“How many days did she flop around screaming in the worst pain anybody has ever felt before she finally died?”

“Six days, fourteen hours, twenty-two minutes Mr. Jesse Sir.”

“Six whole days?” Jesse turned to Cornelia. “Is that right? Did it really take your scumbag dog shit eating fat fuck mom six days and change to finally die?”

“Yes Jesse.” Cornelia forced the words out and felt another tear roll down her face. Jesse wiped it off her cheek and licked it off his finger.

“Did it ever occur to any of you why that happens? She wasn’t the first to go through it, and she definitely wasn’t the last. I mean you’ve all seen free thinkers take that ride over the years, right?”

“We sure have bae,” Keisha said and she wrapped an arm around Jesse’s massive gut from behind him and rubbed it lovingly.

“But no guesses as to why?” Jesse turned and looked through the crowd of onlookers and found who he was looking for halfway up the stairs. “Dr. Nguyen! How about you? Any idea why?”

“I believe that you synthesized a chemical compound that makes the body dependent upon it after even a minute amount is introduced into the body. Once in the body the body cannot function without it. Not having the compound repeatedly added causes the body to rapidly and painfully break down on a molecular level until death occurs.”

“Pretty close, not bad for a gook doctor with a Cracker Jack medical license.”

“Now do you think that if a lab did a blood test on any of you that traces of that compound might show up?”

“Yes Sir Mr. Jesse Sir,” was heard from several of the onlookers.

“Well guess where Cornelia’s dumbass father was driving her dumbass this afternoon?”

“To kadıköy escort bayan get her blood tested?” Keisha asked with mock surprise. There was a shocked murmur that rolled throughout the crowd.

“Ding ding ding,” Jesse said and kissed her on the cheek. He then turned back to stand in front of Cornelia and her father. “Do you two now understand how bad you just fucked up?”

“Yes Jesse,” Cornelia said and she heard her father sob and saw him nodding his head in the reflection on the polished floor.

“So here’s where we are then. You two are chambered separately under watch. I’m done fucking around with you. Neither of you get pills tonight.” Her father sobbed again loudly. “In the morning you will have been riding the lightning for about ten solid hours and then we will chamber you together. You two fuck right away and your punishment is over. Every hour that you two try to fight it after you are put in the same chamber is a day added before you get a pill once you give in and fuck. Do you understand?”

“I don’t even understand Big Daddy,” Keisha said and Cornelia envied her for her freedom to speak her mind like that.

“Okay, so they go the whole night in motherfucking pain,” Jesse explained impatiently. “At the end of the night we put them in a room together to fuck but they don’t do it because they are father and daughter and that is some depraved motherfucking shit. But it’s the only way to end the pain. For every hour they put it off I add a day without pills. So if after three hours they buckle and fuck then right after they fuck they still wait three days in agony before they get relief.”

“May I ask a question?” Cornelia asked quietly and Jesse turned on her quickly and grabbed her by the face and drove her backwards until her head was pressed up against the door behind her.

“What?” he screamed at her while pressing her harder against the door.

“How is my father supposed to get hard much less get off while experiencing the amount of pain he will be feeling after ten hours without a pill?” Cornelia forced herself to speak calmly and sound submissive. If he wanted to, Jesse could just kill her now and there would never be any ramifications to him. He had seen him do it to others in the past, her mom for one, and the fear coursed through her.

“Not my fucking problem,” Jesse replied with a snarl and gave her face one last push and turned away from her. “How’s the sick fuck supposed to get hard while trying to fuck his own daughter? It’s a daunting task all the way around. You might rest up your dick sucker for the ordeal instead of wearing it out asking me irrelevant questions.”

“I am very aware now of how foolish I was to even entertain the idea of a blood test,” Cornelia said. “I was so focused on getting the job like you ordered me to that I accepted it as another task I must complete in order to make you happy.” Jesse spun around to face her again and she could see in his eyes that his mind was broken. He had lost it.

“It’s my fault then?”

“Of course not Jesse,” Cornelia said quickly. “This is entirely my fault. I am only trying to point out that my intentions were pure. I was fixated on achieving the goal you set for me so hard that common sense left me.”

“Whatever, so?”

“So I am begging you to find it within you to be more lenient with us.”

“Make them fuck right now,” Keisha suggested with a throaty giggle. Her eyes flashed from Jesse to Cornelia and back with excitement.

“No,” Jesse barked then paused. “You know what? Fuck it … yes. You two get it done right now and I put you back in the pill line tonight. I believe you. It’s not your fault you were born and bred stupid and I think you were sincere in your desire to please me.”

Cornelia wasted no time and jumped at the opportunity. She rushed to her father and knelt before him. She avoided looking up and seeing what she knew would be a horrified expression on his face. She quickly undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. The front of his pants were wet with piss but she ignored it and yanked his pants down quickly. Her father’s cock was soft and damp but she closed her eyes and quickly slurped it into her mouth.

Keisha laughed loudly and knelt down next to Cornelia to get a closer look. In front of Keisha, Jesse, and most of the household Cornelia bent to the task of sucking her father’s dick hard. She knew his thoughts were torturing him and prayed he would sort them out quickly. They could deal with the shame of it later. They were skilled at dealing with shame by now.

The piss taste passed quickly as she slobbered on her father’s knob. His dick was bigger than Jesse’s but not as big as fucker’s so Cornelia knew she could get it all in. That would help. As it turned out the third dick she ever put in her mouth was her father’s but if she could judge by her experience with the first two, as a man, her father would enjoy what she was doing to him if he let himself. She prayed he would and soon.

“Oh baby,” he muttered and still she didn’t look up at him. It wasn’t said sensually escort maltepe but sadly and on the verge of tears.

“Maybe we was wrong Big Daddy,” Keisha said from where she knelt next to Cornelia. “Maybe it was baby girl who wanted some a her daddy’s dick this whole time.”

“This is some deplorable shit,” Jesse said with a chuckle as he looked on.

Cornelia tried to ignore the comments and everybody else in the room and hoped her father was doing the same. She detected a slight increase in the weight of the cock in her mouth. She tried to use her right hand to massage blood from the base of his cock up toward the head. She used her left hand to cradle her father’s balls. She sucked hard and tugged on it as she jacked the base.

“Your dick is in your daughter’s mouth you sick fuck,” Jesse said to her father.

“Yes Sir Mr. Jesse Sir,” her father sobbed in reply.

“He being kind of a selfish lover,” Keisha pointed out. “She on her knees and doing all the work. How she supposed to get off?”

“That’s a great question. What do you suggest?”

“Shit, I don’t know. Maybe she should sit on her daddy face while she sucking him off. Might help him get his little dick hard enough to fuck her.”

“You know? It’s just crazy enough to work.” Jesse laughed loudly. “Sixty-nine you reprobates.”

Cornelia immediately rose to her feet and did what her father might hesitate to do. Cornelia had been sucking Jesse’s dick, off and on for five years now, and felt she knew his moods and inclinations much better than her father. Hesitation was dangerous. Cornelia quickly stripped away her father’s tie and undid the buttons on his vest and then his shirt.

“Come on Dad, kick your shoes and pants off, let’s get this done,” she whispered to him while avoiding looking at his face She knew his tortured expression would destroy her.

She pushed his shirt and vest back off his shoulders then tugged them off his arms. The tee shirt came up over his head. By then he had his shoes off and she knelt and tugged his pants free of his feet then took his socks off. Now he was as naked as she was. She laid him on his back on the cold tile floor and straddled his face. She settled her pussy over her father’s mouth and bent forward and took his cock into hers. Keisha was laughing steadily now.

She wondered how long it was since her father had sex. For a while she knew that he was given to Keisha as a play thing but Cornelia doubted she fucked him. More than likely the mean bitch amused herself by humiliating him on the heels of his wife’s, Cornelia’s mother’s, torturous murder. She eventually grew bored with him and discarded him. Jesse put him in charge of transportation and thankfully managed to mostly stay out of the sight and minds of their captors. They were in the spotlight now though.

This was happening whether they liked it or not. She needed her father to throw himself into the task and get it done. Hesitation was dangerous, refusal to participate was deadly. She needed him to get into fucking his daughter. She rubbed her bald pussy on her father’s pursed lips as she gripped his cock and balls in her right hand and sucked on the head of his still soft cock. She let out a moan like rubbing her pussy on her father’s tightly closed mouth was turning her on. It was partly to make Jesse and Keisha think things were going well and partly to encourage her father to adopt the right attitude about the situation and quickly.

Cornelia writhed over her father. His pasty white skin was fairly covered in black hairs and he had a full bush surrounding his dick. She spit out a couple and slid backwards and sucked on each of his nipples briefly while she pressed her breasts down onto his face. She then slid back further and kissed her own father. She forced her tongue into his mouth and searched his out. While kissing him she continuously caressed his body and allowed her hair to fall over their faces.

“We have to do this dad. Stop fighting it, please,” she whispered into his ear. She felt his tears on her cheeks. She kissed him again and then moved back down his body with her mouth. She spent time on his nipples again and squeezed her tits on each side of his face. She licked a trail all the way down his belly to his cock and took it back in her mouth. She reached down with her left hand and split her labia right in front of her father’s eyes. She tapped her clit with her middle finger while her index and ring fingers held her cunt open so he was looking at her pinkness. She tapped again more insistently and finally felt his tongue on her. She thanked God as she felt her father reach up with his hands and grip her firm ass cheeks and squeeze them then spread them and pull her down harder onto his face.

“There it is!” Jesse bellowed and laughed maniacally and Keisha joined him. “You sick incestuous pieces of shit. You disgust me!” He cackled triumphantly.

Cornelia prayed her father stayed on task while trying to ignore the wonderful sensations her father was making her feel with his tongue. She focused on his dick and was rewarded with a slight thickening of it in her mouth. She buried it in her mouth and squeezed his scrotum gently. It stiffened a little more and she continued to bob her head up and down on her father’s cock. Her efforts were eventually rewarded and his cock grew rigid in her mouth.

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