Phone call interrupted Pt. 01

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Steve had enjoyed a rather extended evening pub crawl after work, and was relieved that Jill was not home when he staggered in. Rather than wait-up and watch some late night talking-heads debate on TV, he thought it more prudent, if not diplomatic, to retire to the spare bedroom.

After undressing, he retrieved his laptop from the study and lay down, or rather stumbled onto the spare bed. Powering-up, he looked up some of the early editions of the daily papers but found nothing of interest. Bored he tried to find something more entertaining, Netflix or Amazon didn’t seem to offer anything thought provoking either, although it would be a considerable overstatement to say that in his current disposition that he could maintain concentration on anything too deep intellectually.


From somewhere from the depths of his sub-conscious, the concept of Phone-sex flashed across his synapses. This morning, on his way to work, he had read a fascinating, and mildly arousing, newspaper review on the range of types, ages, shapes, education, class and preferences of women that sold their voice for telephone sex. Obviously for some it was simply for money, although the quoted limited earnings rates suggested it was a job for marathon runners rather than sprinters; for others perhaps it was a respite from loneliness and a time to recreate past sensuous realities; yet for others it was the quirkiness or even power of guiding/instructing some poor sad stranger on the other end through ever degrading wanks and sexual self-stimulation.

He typed in phone-sex and immediately a whole range of options, some of which he would have to clarify later as to what they actually entailed. He scrolled through a couple of pages, checking out prices and mentally making note of which sites intrigued him most. He eventually honed in on one in particular that he had used in the past. It offered both phone and cam services, and provided brief introductions, verbal and written as well as photos of the operators. He clicked on a number of the recorded voice messages, quickly remembering that while the photo galleries were the immediate hook, it was the voice, its tone, accent and depth that clinched the deal.

He retrieved his mobile from the mound of his clothes discarded at the end of the bed, and keyed in the 0908 number, he listened to the welcome, the legal policy and the advice that all calls were recorded.

“If you know the personal number of the girl you want to speak too, press 1; if you want to browse the list of all the available girls, press 2; if you want to talk to some of our specialist mistresses and fetish experts, press 3; or if you want to return to the main menu press zero,” the pre-recorded instructions advised.

Steve pressed 1.

“After the tone, type in the personal number of the horny slut you want to talk too, Enjoy your call.” Steve mused that it was a shame you couldn’t talk to the pre-recorded operator as she had a hot voice. The tone beeped and Steve punched in his favoured girl’s id number, waited and listened to the soporific music as he was being connected, the music stopped, and operator responded.

“We are sorry the girl you want to speak too is on another call. To hold and wait until the girl becomes available press 1; to browse the list of available sluts press 2; to return to the main menu press 3.”

Steve pressed 3 and then quickly reviewing the models on the webpage, selected another girl, pressing one. He keyed in the id code, and waited, she was on another call. He tried again and again was re-buffed with his next preference on another call. Bugger he thought as he hung-up, it’s a bit more difficult than envisaged. He scrolled down further and saw a head and shoulder shot of a beautiful model with piercing blue eyes, that he recognised. My type? Very much? As Steve recalled previous sessions, Just Jenna, reading her introduction seemed just right for tonight.

Jenna established that there was “No kink-shaming here. If you have a fantasy or fetish then I want to hear about it. In detail!

If you like the idea of filthy dirty kink mixed with class and intelligence then cum and chat to me! I adore Dom/sub roleplay, fetish, panty wankers and bum worshippers.

Sensual Female bahçelievler escort Domination is My thing! I have a very high sex drive and love to have mutual masturbation.

Caller-cam sessions now available for guided masturbation instructions.

Roleplay that takes you where you’ve always dreamed of going to, your deepest desires and fantasies.

Female Domination, BDSM, Spanking, Fetish, Cock Control, FinDom, Crossdressing, Foot Worship.”

A dominatrix, it re-kindled an interest he had only briefly sampled from Jenna a while back, he felt his cock harden at the thought. He dialled in, progressed through the menu options, finally hearing the tone he keyed in Jenna’s id. The now interminable music re-played as he contemplated hanging-up.

“Congratulations, you are now being connected to your preferred mistress, enjoy.”

The dialling tone commenced and Steve waited.

“Mistress Jenna here” a sensuous voice introduced herself, “who am I speaking too?”

Flustered, Steve stammered out his name, after the previous missed connections her had given up on ever getting through, and now this voice conjured up an erotic, lithe, sexually assertive image of willing and engaged bitch.

“So, have I spoken to you before and what are you doing now, Steve?”

Lying on my bed, he responded saying they had talked before..

“Naked, I hope?”

Yes, he replied, and asked if she could describe herself.

“Well I am about 5 foot 6, slim build, with cropped blonde hair, blue eyes and a very responsive mouth and tongue. I have perky tits, and waxed pussy, which I will demand you clean out every time we talk, and long firm legs. Sometimes I like to wear silk underwear but sometimes I like to wear nothing under my business suit, especially when I go to meetings.”

“Very nice, how big are your breasts?”


“Mmmh I remember quite perky, I usually prefer bigger ones, but it’s good to have a change. They looked very fuckable in your private pho”

“Well Steve, it seems you going to have to re-learn how to obey your Mistress. Have you forgotten; I am going to have to punish you severely? Get off the bed and kneel on the floor. Now. Quickly.”

Steve shocked knelt at the foot of the bed, waiting for the next instruction.”

“Are you playing with your cock.”


“Naughty boy, naughty boy. Its my cock now, I will tell you when you can play with it, and when you can cum. I’m going to edge you all night, and I might not even let you drain your balls, you nasty little sissy.”

Yes, mistress replied Steve as he found himself increasingly enjoying the role play.

“Squeeze your balls, are they full of spunk? Squeeze them hard, I want to hear you groan.”

“Aagh” he groaned as he harshly squeezed his balls.

“Good, now I want to hear you slap your little cock, it your little pecker firm or can you not get it up? When was the last time you came?”

Steve slapped his shaft three times.

“Fuck I’m getting hard. I came last Sunday.”

“Well I might not allow you to come for a week. Or more, I want proper blue balls for next time. How did you come last Sunday, then little one?”

“How big is that miserable excuse for a shaft and is it cut or still with a foreskin?”

“9 inches and uncut.”

“Ha-ha, I don’t believe you. So, last Sunday did you wank by yourself, cum in a pussy or up an arse?”

“I fucked my wife.”

“I hope you made her cum hard. Where is she now?”

“She is enjoying a night out with work colleagues.”

“I bet she is, I bet she is getting a good hard seeing too by her boss right now, to make-up for the disappointment you leave her after those excuses of a fuck you give her. So, if you like bigger women, does she have a decent rack. Does she keep her cunt waxed, shaven, trimmed or is it a wild hairy bush — does her boss prefer it shaven?”

“I said last time, she’s a big girl, although I mean she has a slim body but a large pair of breasts, there an F-cup on a 34 chest. I think he likes it partially shaven with a trimmed landing strip, that’s the way she dresses.”

“Fuck, I remember, there not large, there huge. She’ll have bahçeşehir escort difficulty hiding them, men must like shagging her, watching those big titties bounce up and down as she gratefully takes their full shafts further up inside her than you’ve ever been. I imagine she likes real men with proper-sized cocks who know how to use a bitch and give her a good hard pounding. Do you like easing your cock into a used sloppy twat, Steve, are you stroking that cock of yours.”

“No, you told me to stop, Mistress.”

“You good little sissy, I’m going to enjoy training you. Now grip that cock hard, and yank back your foreskin. Squeeze those balls.”

He winced as he pulled back sharply on his foreskin. His hand gripped his shaft, pumping up and down, he felt the pre-cum on the tip of his mushroom and he squeezed his laden balls. His breathing quickened as he felt his juice rise up his shaft.

“Stop” ordered Jenna, “I don’t want you to come yet. Is there pre-cum?”

Steve gasped as he released his throbbing cock, his balls beginning to throb.

“Taste the pre-cum, I want you to lick your fingers clean.”

Steve smeared the juice on his fingers, then licked them clean, experiencing, if not savouring the salty taste for the first time.

“Was it nice, you’re going to be a lovely submissive hussy. As you’ve been a good little slut, you can wank yourself till you cum and then I want you to clean it up and swallow it all.”

Steve needed no further instruction, and resumed vigorously pumping his cock, he felt depraved at being controlled by Jenna, but was starting to enjoy his submission immensely. He stretched out on his back, continuing to wank furiously.

As he started to explode his spunk over his stomach, he didn’t notice the bedroom door open.

Jill had returned, and on hearing the muffled telephone conversation upstairs, had quietly climbed the stairs, intrigued at who her husband was talking to. From the groans she could hear, it didn’t seem like a bog-standard phone call. For a moment, she paused at the door, listening to her husband taking instruction from a woman on the phone, which as it was on loudspeaker she could hear and it had helped mask her coming back into the house. She could make out Steve being instructed to lick his fingers, although Jill was unsure why.

She opened the door, peering into the spare room to see her husband almost spread-eagled on the floor, sporting one of the largest erections she’d seen from him in a number of years. She watched entranced, shocked even, as Steve spasmed and copious amounts of spunk erupted from his shaft, coating his stomach and the lower part of his chest. She didn’t think she’d ever seen him shoot four, possibly five strings of spunk, all of them seemingly larger than she’d ever swallowed from him. Steve groaned, satiated by his release. Jill was suddenly and abruptly brought back to reality, as she heard the woman on the phone issue fresh instructions.

“Well done, my little sissy slut, that cock is mine to control and own now. Clean up that spunk and swallow all of it I don’t want a shred left.”

“What the fuck are you doing? Who the fuck are you talking to?” screamed Jill.

Steve turned and saw his wife standing aggressively in the doorway, Jenna giggled as she quickly realised who had returned. Jill turned and stormed out of the room and headed down the stairs.

“Oh shit”, was all the Steve could respond.

“Oh dear, someone’s in trouble now. Was that the wife,” giggled Jenna, desperately trying not to cry with laughter. “Remember your cock is mine now, and you’re not allowed to cum in her pussy unless I say so. I forgot big tits’ name, what is it?”

“Sorry I will have to go.”

“Not before you swallow that cum, my little fuck toy. I asked you what’s mega-rack’s name. I can guess what they guy’s at work call her. Now clean yourself.”

“Her name is Jill,” responded Steve. He laughed at getting caught, turned off the phone and reached for a bathrobe, putting the mobile in the pocket. He went gingerly downstairs, Jill just glared at him as he entered the lounge.

“What exactly were you doing up there you pervert,” spat out Jill with contempt.

Steve ataşehir escort admired his wife, when she was fired up, her face flushed with anger, she looked incredibly fuckable and he felt his cock firming in response. He admired her body, her blouse clung closely to her chest, perfectly depicting her pear-shaped full breasts, her legs drawn up on the chair under her pert derriere, he guessed she was wearing black stockings and suspenders. He wondered if Jenna was correct and perhaps, she had been fucked that night. His cocked hardened further at the thought. Jill noticed his bathrobe tenting but declined to make further comment and concentrated on looking him straight in the eye.

“I was just having a laugh, it was nothing, just a flight of fancy.”

“It was more that a laugh, I watched your spunk all over yourself and then you were told to eat it. Even now, look at you, you’re hard again, extremely hard” she nodded toward his groin, we his shaft now stood proud as the bathrobe had parted to reveal to reveal his once again rampant manhood.

“If you think you’re getting anything off me tonight, you’ve got another thing coming. Fucking shit. What the bloody hell are you playing at.”

Steve made no attempt to cover himself, it added to his enjoyment of being on display.

“I find it relaxing after a day, or week, managing everyone and everything, to be taken control of by a dominatrix, even if it is via a phone. I enjoyed, enjoy being controlled, degraded and humiliated.”

He instinctively reached for his erection and began to stroke it. Jill refused to challenge him, fearing it would just add to his arousal.

“Your sick, in the head. You need to see a therapist.”

“No, I’m not. Here, why don’t we talk to Jenna and you’ll find out how vivacious, how erotic she is. She would enjoy taking control of you.”

Steve reached into the pocket and retrieved the mobile, re-dialling the 0908 number to connect to his Mistress.

“Jenna, Jenna,” Jill shouted, “I’m not interested in her name, why the hell do I want to know your prossies name, you sick fucker.”

Steve dialled 1, and a few moments a voice could be heard responding.

“Hello, Mistress Jenna here, who am I speaking too.”

“Hello, Steve here, Mistress, do you want to say hello to Jill?”

Before Jenna could reply, Jill leapt out of the chair, storming past Steve going up to her bedroom, screeching: “I don’t want to speak to that bitch, I’m not playing your sad fucking mind games.”

She slammed the door loudly and stomped upstairs and slammed the door of the bedroom, shouting expletives about her loser of a husband.

“Well that went well, anything more interesting planed,” Jenna sarcastically stated.

It was at this stage, that Steve may have, should have attempted to defuse the situation and hope he could resurrect some form of relationship tomorrow with his somewhat aggrieved (and fully justified) wife.

However rather than pursue that course of action, he was led by his cock and the prospect of Jenna taking full control of both him and Jill. He stood up, struggled to open the lounge door as it has come partly off its hinges, a woman scorned and all that, and moved up the stairs, enjoying himself slowly stroking his shaft.”

“Steve are you still there, what you doing? Your wife seems really pissed off.”

“Still here, just going upstairs to thrash this out.”

“Are you sure, are you mad, are you drunk. Are you all three?”

Jenna couldn’t believe this was happening, she has never experienced anything like this before.”

It was very erotic though, and she couldn’t help but languidly stretch out on her bed, and started to massage her clit, wondering what was likely to unfold on the other end of phone call?

She wondered what the hell was going to happen. Would it end in murder; emasculation; no-holds barred sex, she looked forward in eager anticipation to listening to that; or would she really have a telephonic threesome. She rapidly considered how she could achieve that as well as successfully taking back control, she never lost control of her clients. She literally had no idea, and it perplexed her somewhat.

Jenna languidly widened her legs and with her left hand, inserted her thumb in her anal rose and one, two, three then four fingers in her cunt, her right hand still flicking her clit as she gently rocked back and forwards on the bed, She needed to cum quickly and her vibrator was far, far to far away in the wardrobe to pause this pleasuring. Where was tonight going to end?

To be continued….

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