perfect fit


perfect fit
I cant believe it happen
He had been joking about my cute girly ass since i got in the condo and met him at the monthly condos owner meeting

Iam in my condo , still in the panty he made me wear , the taste of cock in my mouth , a fat cum load in my belly

trying to understand how i let an older black married guy put me in panty and teach me to suck on his big dark cock

how humiliating it was to stand in front of him , his big hands helping my smaller little cock and girly ass in the smooth panty

fitting perfectly on my small little girly frame

looking at a real man cock bulging in his white boxer , so big and hard i could see how big it was , while he rub mine inside tight smooth panty

”i told you it would fit you pefectly”

”you look happy in these”

refering to my lil cock bulging in the panty

”my wife is always sleeping early, i could spent time here teaching you to ”

”touch it, here dont be shy touch it”

rubbing his big cock over the boxer

”dont be shy take it out if you want ”

”i bet you want to try sucking on my big cock”

”its alright , we are alone , yes thats it take it out cute boy”

i pull on the boxer, releasing it like a spring , sprung up and beautifull hard big black cock

the sigh was so powerfull
feeling my small cock twitch in the panty
my small bahis firmaları nervous hands getting a drasp on cock

up and down my little hands
not believing how bigger he was than mine

a real big black cock

”i told you , you would like my cock”

”its ok , no one will know”

”here suck on the tip , if you dont like it you stop”

”yes dont be scared , thats it mmmmmmmmm ohhh yes like this , so good”

not really myself anymore, mouth on the black head slurping it in and out

”ohhh keep doing it, in and out, sooo good ”

”my wife never sucks , i love it so much, yes boy. suck my cock, its yours tonight”

on my couch over him, mouth now trying to get him all inside, sucking his powerfull cock like i needed it in my mouth more and more

”you are so cute, you like my black cock ”

”yes i do, its so big”

”yes my sexy white boy feel good in cute panty sucking on a nice black cock”

”yes i do”

sucking and talking about me sucking on my first cock
in cute panty of his wife , doing what she doesnt

i was teached to suck by him , worshipping his fat cock with my wet mouth
making him feel good , trying to be a good cock sucker

i will always remember how sensual it felt , when he stood up and grunt at me to swallow it all

literally drinking cum from the tip , just kaçak iddaa the big head pouring cum trying to swallow all of it

surprised at the amount, i had never cum myself that much

”my god boy, you love cum, this was so good , keep the panty as a gift, ill be back tomorrow”

and he got his pants up, calling me a good boy, before leaving

my mind racing , I was feeling weird getting up looking at me only wearing the cute red panty in my bathroom mirror

before going to take a shower

my face glittering with cock juice , my lil panty wet from my precum, making it obvious i liked sucking on his bbc

i looked like a slut who just had suck a cock in her cute red panty

i washed myself, the taste of cock still present as i look at my lil cock

there is no word to describe the helpless feeling of waking up a cock deep pumping in your hole

still dreaming until the full realisation someone his fucking in me

eyes open , legs spead up the married black guy fucking his way in me

”morning sweetheart”

wanting to say no and push him off, but his cock sliding in and out with so much ease while he kiss me , his tingue owning mine

moaning under the cock pounding in my tight boy pussy

no more a virgin, looking at the older black daddy hump in me

”i toyed you during your sleep. your hole kaçak bahis is mine now”

looking at him fuck in my open wet hole, wondering how much time he had been having fun with my white ass

”you slept in panty , i knew youd love being my girl”

remembering at me putting it back on to sleep. because it was true o felt good in it

realising he was right about me loving wearing panty

”you like how perfect it fits your lil cock in , daddy knows , dont worry i will buy you more to wear if you want”

”i love to fuck that cute ass”

pounding deeper

”that cute boy pussy takes my cock so good now”

moaning . so wet and open feeling lost, mind broken

”that cute pussy is mine , i spent an hour toying it with my wife toy , i cant believe im all in you and you moan for more”

”you love my black cock in that white cunt”
moaning on my bed ass up fucked up deep , mounted like a kitten

”thats my hole, look at you slut, you can take it all, all in that cute ass, yessssss boy, back on it, fuck yourself, show daddy you love his big black cock”

i didnt knew he was filming with his fone the whole scene

how sexy it would be on the screen

me just ass up in red panty backing my pussy wet hole on his cock

moaning like a sissy boy on his black owner

swinging back my lil bubble butt whjite ass on the fat black pole
stretching up with wet noise the cute boy

taping the making of a sissy white boy in secret , so horny to know there were no going back from this for me

”you dont know i much i love this”

”you are mine boy,

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