Perfect 10

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I want to acknowledge fellow writer, Nyissa for an assist on this story. Much like her stories, her suggestions and contributions were sexy and made for a better reading experience. Thank you!

Heidi sat across from her lawyer. She was fuming. It had not been a week since a video tape was released that showed her sucking and fucking a guy she had met at a bar. The reason this was an issue was because she was unaware she was being filmed. A couple of hotel employees found out she was staying there and set it up to spy on her. They thought they could make some easy cash by distributing an unauthorized porno of her. Now, she was hellbent on making the hotel pay.

“Things are looking really good,” Stanley said. Stanley Heinrich had been her entertainment lawyer since she became a professional. “We should expect an answer from Hyton Resorts before the weekend. They are going to want to keep this from going to court.”

Heidi looked at him. It was obvious she was still vexed about the ordeal. It wasn’t so much a video of her in a compromising situation was made public, but the fact that her privacy was invaded and the fallout from it had led to her losing her job on a popular television show. Of course, offers came in from upstart adult film companies that needed a recognizable name to promote and carry the brand. Posing nude was one thing. Fucking on film was something else.

She wasn’t interested in appearing in videos or magazine publications where she was having cum dumped on her tits, ass and face. She liked showing off her body but she wasn’t a slut that could be exploited on film and wasn’t going to let an unauthorized video jump start that career path.

Acting was a way for her to steer her career in a different direction after starting out in the publication, Perfect 10. Everything she had was natural and standing at 5’8″ with 36C breasts and the perfect hourglass figure, she was an easy choice to grace the magazine in its first year. Her long brown hair and seductive green eyes made her look so enchanting, some guys were afraid to talk to her. Except the television executives which were eager to sign her to a network deal for a new show.

It wasn’t a lead role but one that would give her considerable time on camera and a casting credit among the leading stars. She was in heaven. Suddenly, everything that was going well for her became unraveled because of the tape and her image was irreparably tarnished.

A week later, Heidi was informed that Hyton Resorts would agree to her demands and settle out of court. The settlement saw Hyton give up a 70 percent share in stock to her which gave her controlling interest of the company. Additionally, she was awarded $10M in damages from the fallout of the video being released. Perhaps her career change had come around, just not in the traditional sense.

25 Years Later

Heidi stood at her balcony taking in the morning sun. She drank her coffee and contemplated the upcoming merger that would make her resort, now called Cool Breeze Resorts, a global powerhouse with attractions in Europe, South America and Asia. It was a very exciting time for her. Yet, she felt something was missing.

Despite her career success, designing a gorgeous home and raising a son, she felt alone. Her husband had died over a year before in a car crash. He was a good man, but he was always working. She missed the kind of connection he provided when he interacted with her and it seemed that men still had a problem approaching her.

Except for Clint.

Clint was the maintenance contractor for her estate. He was 20 years younger than her, direct and carried a swagger about him she had not seen in a lot of men. Furthermore, he was not intimidated by her and the two always seemed to have very good conversations.

Clint maintained the grounds not only at her Los Angeles home but would make checks in advance to her homes in Colorado and Florida before she visited them. It was a great job. Not only did it pay well, travel and expenses were always covered. Clint loved everything about the job; well except for his boss’ mouthy little shit of a son.

Daniel was the most entitled little brat that Clint had encountered and for the kind of clients he worked for, that was saying a lot. When he was away at college, he could do his work in relative peace. It was not the case when he was home in between semesters.

His mom apologized for his behavior on numerous occasions; citing the death of his father as the root of her son’s problems. Regardless, Clint still viewed him as a rude little bastard hiding behind his mother’s fortune and influence.

“Hey, repair man! The cable is out. I need you to fix it!” Daniel yelled from the back patio. Heidi had heard it since she was above him and just rolled her eyes.

Clint looked at him in annoyance. “Pick up the phone and call the cable company,” he said in response. Daniel appeared offended. How dare the help tell him what to do?

“But…”, Daniel began.

His mother finally interjected, “Daniel, just call pendik escort the company. Stop asking Clint to do things that you know are outside his job description.”

The spoiled teenager rolled his eyes and retreated back inside the house. Clint looked up from his work on the pool to meet Heidi’s gaze. She gave him a wink. She watched as he returned to his work. She marveled at his chiseled physique while he continued working on the pool’s cleaning system. Heidi sat back in one of her patio chairs and opened up her satin robe. She found herself kneading her mound and stimulating her clit through her panties thinking about him working in the yard.

Heidi caressed her breasts as she furiously rubbed herself, imagining what it would be like to have Clint inside her. The thought of his seed being released inside her tight pussy drove her to climax. She bit her lip to stifle the moan from her session. She collected herself and went to the bathroom to get showered and ready for the day.

The day went by very quickly. The meeting and contract signing to make the merger official came and went as people who had helped make it happen congratulated her on a job well done. Heidi entered her office to gather her things and go home when Stanley stepped inside.

“Congratulations, Heidi!” he said as the two embraced.

Beaming with pride, she flashed a smile at him. “Thank you for helping me make this happen,” she said.

Stanley pulled out a folder from his briefcase. “I wasn’t too sure if you were interested, but representatives from Perfect 10 reached out to me today,” he said handing her the folder.

Heidi reviewed the contract that was enclosed as she listened to Stanley continue with his pitch.

“Perfect 10 is doing a spread featuring the best of their models. You were selected from Year One.” Stanley stopped speaking so he could get a read on what his longtime client was thinking.

“This number is too low,” Heidi said as she handed the contract back to him. She picked up her handbag and walked towards the door. “The only way I will agree to it is if they include a percentage of the sales revenue from the spread.”

Stanley stood there and nodded in agreement. “I will let them know before the end of the day,” he said.

Heidi walked to the end of the hall where she had her private elevator. As she got in, she wondered if she had what it took to be back in front of the camera again. She still looked good at 45 and her body was in excellent shape. Aside from a few gray hairs on her head, she didn’t look much different than the last time she stripped down for the magazine.

When the elevator reached the garage level, she stepped out and got into her ’69 Shelby GT500. She had that car ever since she won the lawsuit against Hyton. Something about the power of the engine and the classic look appealed to her. It had a silver paint job and was the envy of many car collectors across the world. No matter how nice a car was with its modern features, she preferred old school American muscle. She absolutely loved that car. She got in and drove back to her house.

The next morning started early for Heidi. She got up and put on a pair of black workout shorts and a black sports bra. She went to the pool house which was her private facility to work out. After two hours of lifting weights and running on the treadmill, she decided to cool off. She changed into her string bikini and stepped outside to the pool.

When she stepped out, she was startled to see Clint who had shown up to complete the repair on the pool cleaning system. “Good morning,” Clint said as Heidi stepped out of the door.

Heidi nodded and smiled in his direction. “I thought you fixed this already,” she said.

“Almost. I needed a part but it didn’t get to me until late so I made it a priority to get the job done today,” Clint responded. “You can get in the pool now if you like. I’ll have this done in five minutes.”

Heidi decided to wait for her swim. She sat on a nearby chaise lounge and applied sunscreen to her body. She looked over at Clint. She took every bit of him in. He looked hot in his form-fitting t-shirt and tight jeans. She was not looking at him as a contract employee at the moment.

“Hey, could you help me out here?” she asked holding up the bottle of sunscreen.

Clint walked over and took the bottle as she laid on her stomach. He applied the sunscreen to her back and massaged it into her skin. Heidi couldn’t believe how good it felt. He knew what he was doing and she didn’t want him to stop. Unfortunately, it did stop as Clint finished her back and went back to finish the job he was there to complete.

Heidi continued laying there thinking about his hands on her body. Clint’s abrupt swearing snapped her out of her daydream. “Fucking shit!” he yelled out.

“Are you okay? What happened?” Heidi asked in a concerned voice.

“My hand got caught in the pump. It’s going to be fine. Probably some bruising.” Clint said looking over it.

“Here, let me get kağıthane escort you something for the pain,” Heidi offered. “Daniel, go get some aspirin for Clint! Hurry!”

Daniel who happened to be walking nearby looked at her and rolled his eyes as he headed towards the house. He went to the main bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. His attention shifted from the aspirin to the bottle of Viagra on the other side. The bottle belonged to his father. It was assumed that with his dad being considerably older than his mom, he would need a little assistance in the bedroom. Daniel smiled. He was going to make Clint’s day just a little more interesting. He dropped two of the pills in his hand and headed back outside.

“Here you go,” he said to his mom as he handed her the pills. Heidi took them and gave it to Clint. Daniel watched closely. He hoped his prank wouldn’t be discovered before the pills were downed. Much to Daniel’s delight, Clint popped both pills in his mouth and washed them down with a glass of water.

Daniel hurriedly walked away, snickering.

“I hope your hand feels better,” Heidi said.

“I’m sure it will,” Clint replied. “The good news is, the system is good to go!”

Heidi clapped her hands in delight and waded into the pool to get a few laps in. Clint began cleaning up the area so he could leave; 20 minutes later, he was ready to go.

“Hey, before you leave, can you put some of this on the back of my legs?” Heidi asked. She handed him the sunscreen. She didn’t need any help with it; she just wanted to feel his hands again. She felt a little guilty since his hand was sore.

Clint massaged the sunscreen in just like he did before. His strong hands worked it into the skin and even worked the thighs and calves. Heidi put her head down to hide her low moaning. Clint looked her over and applied some sunscreen to her ass which was only covered by a thong. He had excellent self-control but for some reason he felt his heart rate rise and his cock becoming erect.

The Viagra had kicked in.

“What the hell did that little bastard give me?” he thought. His dick got harder and he knew he couldn’t hide it in his jeans. Attempting to hide his erection was not viable as he was very well-endowed. His cock measured out to 10 inches and he had been encouraged to try his luck in the porn industry. He just felt that wasn’t for him.

Heidi sensed something was wrong behind her and turned to face Clint. She immediately saw the huge bulge in his pants.

“Are…are you alright?” she asked trying to take her eyes off his package.

“Ummm…I…uh…don’t think that was aspirin I took,” Clint said, his eyes focused on the bulge.

Heidi felt herself getting wet. She needed to make the most of this opportunity. She stood up and took Clint’s hand, leading him to the pool house. When they stepped inside, she closed the door and dropped down to her knees. She undid his pants to release the raging monster within. She was not disappointed.

Her eyes became wider just looking at the massive amount of hard cock in front of her. She had not seen anything that big before. She took Clint’s meaty member into her hand and began stroking it. Then, she licked the shaft with her tongue. She followed that up by taking his balls into her mouth as she increased her hand-jerking.

Clint looked down at her. He couldn’t believe how fast the chain of events had unfolded. Here was his employer, on her knees blowing him and jerking him off. It had been awhile since he been laid and based on Heidi’s eagerness to handle the situation, he assumed she had been in a bit of a dry spell herself.

The two locked eyes as she continued bobbing up and down his shaft. The sucking and licking noises she was making were incredible. Heidi knew how to suck a cock. They maintained their eye contact as she undid her bikini string and pulled it off, revealing her perfect 36C breasts to him.

Heidi pulled back as Clint’s cock vibrated from the release. She stood up and took hold of it. Clint followed her to a couch that was against the wall in the back of the pool house. She pulled off the bottoms of her bikini and laid on the couch.

“Fuck me,” she gently pleaded.

Clint positioned himself on top of her and slid his cock inside her waiting, wet pussy. She was tight but, then again, he was huge. Heidi moaned in aroused pleasure as he slipped himself deeper inside her. He soon found himself deep inside her pussy; it was then he propped her right leg on his left shoulder and began the long, rhythmic pounding of her wet hole.

Heidi’s breasts bounced back and forth from his thrusting. Her moaning made it no secret as to what was going inside the pool house and she didn’t care who knew it. It had been too long since she felt a man inside her and she was relishing the feel of the massive cock within at the moment. Her body trembled as she felt the orgasmic wave of climax come over her.

Then, another one.

“Holy fuck,” maltepe escort she thought. Never had she came like that before.

Clint pulled her closer; his hands gripping her ass firmly as he brought her in. The euphoric feeling swept over her as she felt his cock filling her void and his balls slapping against her ass. He pulled out to allow for a new position. Heidi sat up and looked at Clint as he stroked his cock, keeping it ready for her. She leaned in and took it into her mouth, tasting her juices all over it.

She felt Clint grab her head as he began to fuck her face hard. The pool house became filled with muffled moans and gasps of air as he took advantage of her blowjob prowess. Heidi took his cock into her hand and began stroking it again before moving to face the couch and bending over.

She stuck her ass up in the air and Clint took that as his cue to slide it inside her. He placed his hands on her waist and began pounding his cock deep inside. Heidi’s eyes rolled back into her head. “Oh, my fucking God! YES!” she screamed.

Clint used her response as a suggestion to go harder and faster. He felt the sweat began to drip off his body and her juices drip off his cock. He pulled out and shot his load on her ass…well, that was the intent anyway.

The first blast shot up halfway on her back. The next one found its mark and coated her ass with his hot, sticky cum. Heidi felt her legs get very weak. She had another orgasm and thought she was having another one as she felt Clint’s cum land all over her.

“That was amazing,” she said. She was still bent over on the couch, trying to catch her breath and regain her composure. She slid down to sit on the couch as Clint picked up the workout towel to wipe off his man juice from her back. Heidi appreciated the assistance and was amazed that he was still hard.

Even Clint was surprised. He had a good recovery time but this was something else.

“Sit back against the arm of the chair and face me,” Heidi instructed.

Clint did as he was told and Heidi sat on the side facing him. She began rubbing her mound and sliding a finger inside herself as she watched Clint stroke his cock to her. She still couldn’t get over how hung he was and that he was still rock hard.

“Move your hands,” Heidi said as she brought her feet in on his erect member. She decided to engage in a little kink that she had been deprived of longer than the feel of a cock inside her. She turned around to retrieve a bottle of lube in the drawer of the end table. Then, she poured it on Clint’s cock and on her feet.

Clint watched as Heidi rubbed her small feet against his dick. This experience was new to him, but he decided to take it in stride. He moaned as her feet continued to jerk him off. Lube dripped down from his shaft onto the couch. Heidi was sweating a little from the workout she was getting using her feet to massage his large unit. Her efforts began paying off. She watched as his cock became more erect and then, released a geyser of cum onto her feet and the couch.

She leaned back into the couch, taking it all in. Clint looked at her, impressed with what she had just accomplished. “That would be a first for me,” he said. Heidi smiled at his approval. A lot of guys she had been with weren’t really into the foot job kink, so it was gratifying having someone who not only welcomed it but enjoyed it as well.

“I need to get in the shower,” Heidi said as she got up. Clint watched as she strolled into the bathroom to the left of them, wiggling her ass before disappearing into the bathroom. Sitting back, he took a breath. The day had been incredible. He closed his eyes as he tried to cool off. His mind began to wander and he began to wonder if he should have joined her in the shower or just wait. He looked down at his cock which began to slowly rise again.

“She is something else to have me acting like this,” he thought to himself. The bathroom door opened and Heidi emerged from it; she was wearing a red satin kimono.

“I can see you’re ready for more,” Heidi said as she straddled his lap. She wasn’t wearing anything under the kimono and her pussy was still wet from earlier that he entered her with ease. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began riding him.

Clint opened up her robe as she continued riding him. She leaned in close to him. She smelled so good. Heidi felt Clint grip her ass as she rode him. She increased the speed. Her breasts heaved up and down as she made his cock her own personal ride. She pulled off of him and sat down with his cock pressed up against her mound. She began to jerk him off.

“Fuck, that feels good,” he said.

Heidi kissed him in response. With all of the sex taking place in the pool house, that was the first real show of affection from either one of them. She broke off from the kiss and took hold of his left ear lobe with her teeth. She held on as she arched her ass up so he could slide back inside of her.

Clint felt her breath on his ear as she resumed riding him. It was long and heavy. Heidi embraced the moment as she held onto him tightly. She had no problem letting the rest of the day go on like this. When the thought of letting him cum inside her cross her mind, Heidi stopped and dismounted from his lap. Cumming inside her was not an option. She removed the robe and let it drop to the floor.

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