Peaches and the Poolboy


Peaches and the PoolboyPeaches and the Poolboy“Karma is a bitch” No truer words were ever spoken. Here I am, in my early sixties at an age that a few years ago I looked forward to. If anyone thought they were immortal, it was me. Now I’m an expert on amyotrotrphic lateral sclerosis, ALS, or more commonly known as “Lou Gehrig’s disease” It began about three years ago when I would trip on insignificant things. A crack in the sidewalk, a twig. It initially would be no more than a nuisance and would piss me off. As things progressively got worse, I would notice weakness in my hands when I would pick up everyday objects. When I began to slur some words, I went to my personal physician. After diagnosing my condition over a few weeks he told me I had ALS. “What the hell is that, and how can you fix it” I arrogantly accosted him. He explained there’s no “Fixing it” Well, I fired his dumb ass on the spot, stormed out of his office and was determined to find a real doctor, not some “Quack” that doesn’t know his shit and can’t “Fix me” After ten more doctors, and my conditioning worsening, I had to face mortality straight in the face and accept my fate. I’m an arrogant bastard, that’s how I’ve been all my life. I always got my way no matter what it takes, or who I hurt, I always got my way. I grew up in a sheltered life, everything I wanted was handed to me, I was a spoiled brat, but I was so suave and charismatic. I found out I could talk most people into anything. Hell, I’m a psychopath. I’m not rare in that respect, just look up the characteristics of a psychopath, there all around you, politicians and religious leaders come to mind?I made my fortune as a real estate developer, mostly in foreign countries where I would go in, see an opportunity, seize on it and then bull shit local developers into funding the idea. If it paid off, we all, (especially me) made tons of money, if it didn’t the local developers lost their asses, but me, nah, it was their money, tough shit. I was on to my next opportunity and new suckers.I had it all then, I was in my early forties, was wealthy beyond most peoples dreams, had a beautiful wife and two k**s, a sprawling mansion home, and a very successful real estate development business. It was at my wife Elisabeth’s fortieth birthday party bas that the seeds of discontent were sown. I had thrown an elaborate birthday party for her and invited a lot of friends, mostly business associates, to network with, not so much for Elisabeth and her party. “A toast to my wife “Lizzy” on her fortieth birthday. I think I’ll trade her in for two twenties” I boasted. Everybody laughed. I love being the center of attention, even at my wife’s expense. “You’re not wired for two twenty, and quit calling me “Lizzy” my grampa had an old car and he called it his tin-lizzy, you make me feel like an old car” She quipped back. Everybody roared, she had one-upped me. No one does that, not even my wife. I was seething inside, but dare not show it.At that moment my eyes focused on a cute young thing in the audience, she was a beautiful young thing. A stunning red-headed girl in her late teens. Slender, tall, with cute freckles. She reminded me of my youth when I saw the movie, “Sixteen Candles” with Molly Ringwald. Every young guy back then, me included, would give his left nut to be able to be with her. Here before me was my Molly Ringwald and I’m going to have her. Hell, why should I be driving a “Tin-Lizzy” when I could have a Maserati?I, being the piece of shit that I was, handed my wife my drink and said, “here, hold this” and I wended my way through the crowd to find “my” stunning redhead. When I caught up to her, I found out she was here with her dad, who happened to handle my insurance needs. “Hey Fred, how’s it going, are you enjoying yourself, and who is this gorgeous young thing with you?” I asked. “This is my daughter, Amanda, but I call her Peaches” He said. I turned away from Fred and gave all of my attention and charm to his daughter. I found out she was barely nineteen and gaziemir escort had just started college. I could give a shit less what she was taking in college, but I had a place for her as an intern in my business. “What a lucky coincidence, I need someone just like you in my business, what a lucky guy I am to have found a diamond like you. My business really needs you, can you come by next week and I’ll put you right to work? Ahh, my charm and charisma worked so well on this naive, young thing. She giddily agreed.I began plotting how I’m going to dump my “Tin-Lizzy” so I can have my stunning little red-head, and how can I pull this off without losing half of my wealth. I’m slow, and cunning when it comes to business, and as far as I was concerned, this was just a sensible business transaction. Out with the old, in with the new. After all, most of my business transactions involved mature men, and they love eye candy, Peaches would fit that bill quite well.Slowly over the course of a couple of years, I was able to dump my wife and retain most of my wealth, giving her very little. Our two k**s now hated my guts for dumping their mom, but oh well, their loss, I’ll just cut them out of my will and told them so. At the same time, I was grooming Peaches to be the next “Mrs Smith” I had convinced her naive little mind what an evil bitch my ex was, anf played on her heart strings to agree with me.Peaches and I had a magnificent wedding, inviting a host of movers and shakers in the international real estate development arena. (Hey, why pass up an opportunity like a wedding to make more money) Peaches was an awesome wife, even though many people, mostly women, looked on her as a gold digger, she was none of that. She loved me deeply, and adored me even though I was an arrogant, conniving bastard.Fast forward to today, and here I am, a mere shadow of a man who can barely walk and talk. Some days I can’t even get out of bed, but Peaches is right there. She is my rock when I’m sure the other people that attend my needs could give a shit less about me as a person if it weren’t for my wealth.I found my heart has softened due to this damned disease that can’t be cured. I find myself digging deep within my soul trying to find a way to repay Peaches for her loyalty to me, but here I am, a broken, crippled man that has no way of repaying her, or worse yet, satisfying her sexual needs. She is a woman now that just turned forty and I know she has desires that I can’t fulfill. “How do I know you ask” Well, I may have cheated and stole my way to attain wealth, but by god, nobody is going to steal it from me. I’ve turned into a Howard Hughs, I’ve become paranoid and trust no one except Peaches. I have security cameras everywhere including our bedroom and I’ve watched Peaches several times lying on our bed pleasuring herself to climax and there’s not a damned thing I can do about it. That’s when my conniving mind began to hatch a new plan. I would find her a lover, not just any lover, but an Adonis. Someone to satisfy her mentally, and sexually. My precious Peaches deserves that.I have a business associate in Brazil that has a son who is twenty this year, In our conversations he was bragging about how his son was growing up to be a very handsome guy, and he’d even attached pictures to his email of him. I started a dialog with him and offered his son a job and a fast track to US citizenship. (Yeah, money is the lubricant of life, most people can be bought, and politicians are no exception)Eduardo was everything I hoped he would be. He was polite, gracious and what one thinks of as a Brazilian. He was tall, slender, with an athletic build, and tanned to perfection. He reminded of the male version of the song, “Girl from Ipanema” where one of the verses goes;“Tall and tan and young and lovelyThe girl from Ipanema goes walkingAnd when she passesEach one she passes goes “ah!”When she walks she’s like a samba thatSwings so cool and sways so gentlyThat when she passesEach one she gaziemir escort bayan passes goes “ah!”Only this was a guy. Hell, if I was younger, healthy and gay, I would be attracted to him. I sat Eduardo down and explained his duties as a pool boy go way farther than that. He was to attend to Peaches every need, no matter what. I asked him if he understood. He nodded and said he understood. As he got up to leave, I grabbed his arm, looked him in the eye and said, “Every need, do I make myself clear?” He looked at me quizzically, but I think I got my point across. Guys just kinda know what is meant sometimes and this was one of those, “Sometimes”Peaches loved lounging by the pool. The landscaping around the pool consisted of a lot of trees and shrubs that attracted birds and butterflies. I had the landscaping specifically designed to please Peaches, and her love of the pool area reassured me that she loved it.Eduardo picked up on my cue, because every time Peaches was by the pool, he had some sort of busy work to attend to. He usually wore only loose fitting swimming trunks, and no shirt. His body flexed his bronzed, tanned muscles as he worked at various tasks around the pool. His activity didn’t go unnoticed by Peaches. Casually at first, more of an interruption to her train of thought, then she’d dismiss him and go back to her reading or whatever she happened to be doing at the time.More and more she would dwell on his physique. Casually noticing at first, then studying him. I could tell she was beginning to savor his appearance and when they would talk, she was fascinated by his accent and worldly knowledge. They began to spend more and more time together and I reassured Eduardo that I was pleased with him and the attention he was giving Peaches.Sometimes the two of them would stroll around the landscaping and he would explain to her about how the birds loved to nest in the trees, and he would reach up into the branches and show her the baby birdies there. She was admiring his butt more than the birdies but nodded her approval as he spoke.Once, Peaches went to reach into the bushes for a look at a bird and Eduardo grabbed her hand as the bush was thorny an he didn’t want her to get hurt. She turned and faced him, her hand in his, and when they made eye contact, I could tell there was a spark that had been ignited, a sexual tension if you will between this young twenty year old man and my forty year old wife.Karma has a way of kicking a guy in the nuts. I remembered back when I joking said I was going to trade my first wife in for two twenties, and here was my present forty year old wife falling for a twenty year old.I could tell Peaches was feeling guilty about her feelings toward Eduardo, so I knew it was time to “Have the talk” with her. I sat her down and explained that I was pleased for her and I felt no jealousy, only happiness for her. I felt what polyamorous people call, “Compersion” It’s the opposite of “jealousy;” it is a positive emotional reaction to a loved one’s other relationship, and I was more than . OK with the relationship her and Eduardo were building. She listened, but appeared confused because in the past I was a possessive arrogant asshole that wouldn’t have tolerated someone showing affection to my Peaches.I nodded for her to go on and said, “Enjoy yourself sweetheart, you never know what life will deal you in the future” She got up and as she was leaving turned to me and said, “But I feel like I’m cheating” God I love this woman” I thought to myself. “Come back and sit down, we’re not done talking sweetheart” I said and motioned for her come sit on the bed with me.“Let me rephrase what I’m trying to tell you. If I’m in Berlin and call you on my cell phone and you pick up your cell phone and I tell you “I love you” Do you think it’s me telling you that” I quizzed her. She said, “Of course silly, I recognize your voice” “Well, you’re only partly right” I said. She cocked her head for me to clarify. “When I say “I love escort gaziemir you” on my end of the phone, my voice is chopped up into millions of pieces, turned into a series of ones and zeros, the language of computers, then all those ones and zeros are send over wire, through the air, over fiber optic cable, or bounced off a satellite orbiting the earth. Then on your end, all of those ones and zeros are turned back into my voice and you hear me say, “I love you” on your cell phone”I saw that little light bulb light up over her head. I continued, “You see your cell phone is like Eduardo, my love is flowing through him much like my voice is flowing through your cell phone, and when you say, “I love you” back, “Or when you love me through Eduardo” the message of our love flows back and forth irregardless of whether it’s a cell phone, or Eduardo. Understand now sweetheart?” I nodded to her, and she smiled and nodded back. “Now run off and play” I told her and patted her on her butt as she got up to leave.For the next few weeks Peaches and Eduardo became more intimate. There was lots of hugging, kissing, and laughing, but it never progressed to a deeper intimate level and I could see by watching Peaches expression that she would like it to go to the next level of intimacy and she was sexually frustrated.The next day when they were walking by, I said, “follow me” I had them follow me into the house and into our bedroom. It was a slow process as my ALS had worsened over the past few weeks. I got on top of our bed and motioned for them to do the same. They had looks on their faces like school k**s do when they been caught and sent to the principles office. I mentally chuckled to myself and grinned.I explained the whole cell phone thing to Eduardo, and it was a refresher course for Peaches, but they both listened intently and when I was done, I said, “Now, I want all three of us to lie here in bed, and I want you two to make love. They both started to protest, and I said, “Tut, tut, tut, I have a call I’m making to Peaches from Berlin to tell her, I love you” and you, Eduardo are her cell phone, do you understand?” As I looked at him intently. “And you, Peaches, are going to tell me, “I love you” back through Eduardo, your cell phone. OK, sweetheart?” I gently told her.They both sheepishly nodded in agreement and the three of lay on that bed for hours and the love was passed around, me to her through Eduardo, and her love back to me through Eduardo. It was a beautiful experience. Eduardo even took her to new heights that I never could and I ask you dear readers, would I be selfish knowing that there was untouched sexual feelings that I couldn’t tap into that Eduardo could? And would Peaches be selfish not to show me that she had untapped sexual feelings that Eduardo released? Perhaps he has something more that I couldn’t give her over the years. (I’ll let your imaginations go to that place and draw your own conclusions) What if she had fantasies that Eduardo couldn’t satisfy, say perhaps, she had always fantasized about making love to an Asian man. I’m Caucasian and Eduardo is Latin American, neither of us could change our beings. Would Eduardo be selfish not allowing her to “Buy” a different cell phone?You see where I’m going with this? Our petty jealousies and possessiveness stop us s human beings from reaching our highest potentials on an intimate level. We explore all our other options in life to make us feel good, why not on the deeper intimate/sexual level?When Peaches and Eduardo finished making love, he rolled over to the far side of Peaches and soon fell asleep. I mused to myself that I once was in his place for she seemed insatiable. Peaches rolled over and lay there facing me and without actually speaking said, “Thank you” I reached over and gently caressed her face with my hand and she closed her eyes. I outlined her lips, her forehead, I ran my fingers through her beautiful red hair. I used my hand and fingers, not my penis, but no matter what the body part, my love passed from me to her.There are so many ways to say “I love you” to a person whether it be by physical touching, words, gestures. We get so hung up on the two body parts, the penis and the vagina thinking that these are the ultimate pieces to transmit love and we’ve been so wrong, so wrong my friends.

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