Payment in tow for flat tire repair….

Groping Breasts

Payment in tow for flat tire repair….<< Okay, these are all fiction stories,... but things like them have happened to me or friends of mine. If you have ever gotten laid like this, I'd love to hear about it!! The only thing I ask for this story is that you take the time to rate it and maybe comment on it or on my site!! Thanks, and I hope it is a pleasant ending for you!!!>>When my father threw his back out a couple weeks ago, I had to become a responsible adult and I learned very quickly that it sucks. Dad runs a wrecker service and usually I take a few shifts a week and Jimmy, his other employee takes the daytime stuff. Well, Jimmy could not take on anymore hours because his wife was expecting their second baby any time, so I was stuck covering 16 hours a day for 10 straight days!!Granted, there is a lot of time where we do not have any runs, so I can catch some naps here and there or grab a bite, but for the most part, as I closed in on two weeks of working nearly non-stop, I was exhausted.With that in mind, I was just pulling out of a gas station when a call came for a woman with a flat tire and she was just a mile from where I was. Inwardly, I groaned, but I had just picked up everything I needed for just such a situation so I had no excuse.I pulled up in front of the Tanned To Perfection store when I saw her. She was just locking up the store dressed in yoga pants and a sloppy sweatshirt. From the back all I could see was that she was thin, with a nice shape and a lot of long straight blonde hair. I jumped out of the truck and walked toward the only car in the lot, which was positioned between me and the woman. Sure enough, the back driver’s side tire was a pancake.I reached in and felt the tread and it all felt better than normal, almost new, when I heard her say, “I cannot believe it!! I just bought those tires last week and already one of them is flat!” I looked up and I knew my jaw hit the ground. She was beautiful.The sun was just setting behind her, so she had a halo kind of effect on her blonde hair. She had blue eyes, full red lips, and a light tan (not over cooked). She looked to be maybe 40 or 45 years old, but in fabulous shape. But from where I squatted, the most impressive asset was her tits! I mean, on any woman they would have been nice, but on a woman who was so thin, they jutted out like a glacier on a flat sea!!! Her sweat shirt had one of those oversized necklines and she had cut it down so that it showed a lot of her chest… a lot even from where I was at!!I finally collected my wits enough to say, “My guess is you have a nail or something in the tire. Did you come down Sycamore Street this morning?”She looked at me for a moment before saying, “Yes, I did, but how did you know and what does that have to do with my tire?”“There was a wreck there last night and the guy lost a load of scrap lumber. My guess is, when they cleaned up the wreck, they missed a nail or a screw or something and your tire found it.” I turned back to the tire and ran my fingers over the tread more carefully. I was about to declare that the offending object had to be on the bottom when my finger felt the smooth round shape of a nail head near the ground. “Yep, here it is. You picked up a nail.”Before I knew what was happening, she was squatting down next to me, leaning forward and reaching to feel the same things I was. She smelled heavenly. Her hair had the scent of strawberry and yet there was also the scent of the coconut oils and tropical tanning güvenilir bahis şirketleri oils she handled and sol. I turned to ask her if she could feel it when I found myself staring down her top and her tits were there on full display! I mean, they were in her sweatshirt, but I could see all of them because she had no bra on and she was bent over and…. Damn!Anyhow, it was about then that she touched the nail, swore and looked at me. I tried to look away, but I knew I was busted. I started to get up and apologize when her hand moved to my forearm. “You found more than a nail in my tire. I apologize, but after having had that damn underwire bra on all day, I had to take it off.”I just mumbled and looked back into her face. She smiled at me with a smile that would melt steel and harden any cock. “I will tell you what. I am running short on cash tonight, mainly because I just bought these damn tires and I don’t get paid for three more days. If you fix my tire, I think you will be pleased with how I can pay you back. You have already shown interest.” Then she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. As she did, my eyes traced down the length of her throat across her chest, down to the valley of her breasts and then up their mountainous swell to see her nipples had already hardened into cherry sized suck latches and my mouth started watering!! “Deal?” she asked as she moved back a few inches to look into my eyes.“Deal” I responded and turned to the truck.I moved the truck to lift her car up and as soon as it was in position, I grabbed the air gun, pried off her wheel cover, loosened the lug nuts and was raising her car the rest of the way off of the ground in record time. With the tire free, I started to roll the tire over to my truck and looked up to see her leaning back against the driver seat of my truck. I had left the door open, so no one driving by on the busy street could see that she had lifted the hem of her sweat shirt to the top of her breasts and was now running first one long, manicured finger over the puckered flesh of her breast and then the other!!“I just wanted to give you a little installment incentive.” She said when she saw me stop in my tracks. I swore again, rolled the tire over to the side of the truck where I had a light that I could aim at the nail, and with a pair of pliers ripped out the nail while I watched this hotter than hell milf stick the middle finger of her left hand all the way into her mouth and brought it back out glistening wet with her spit, while the other arm supported one big breast while her fingers rolled and pinched the nipple of the other!!I opened the panel where the rubber cement and plugs were kept and quickly coated the plug with the cement and began working it into the hole left by the nail. “Mmmm. I can’t wait for you to work your cock into the hole that I have for you.” She said. I looked over and about shit She had her hand down the front of her yoga pants and in so doing had nearly pulled the material down far enough for me to see her cunt! She rotated her hips a little as I watched and I felt my cock leap to full erection as it urged me on.Five minutes later, the tire was mounted and the car was on the ground. “So, what do I owe you, my young stud of a hero?” She asked as I approached her, cleaning my hands off with a towel and some degreaser.“I want to watch you suck me before I fuck that hot pussy you keep teasing me with.” I said. Then I pulled her to me and out of the truck canlı bahis and crushed her hot body against my own. She kissed like a woman who was every bit as hot and wanting it as I was, with her hands on my ass and in my hair and then moving to the bulge in the front of my pants. My hands were no less frantic in their exploration of her breasts, and ass. I turned her and climbed up into the cab of the truck and turned off the flashing light as I felt her working the belt buckle and zipper on my pants. With my legs hanging out of the cab, she pulled the pants off of my right leg and then stepped up onto the running board and flopped forward. I say flopped, because what she really did was heave her huge tits up onto my hips and either side of my now raging cock and she began to rub my cock up and down through her cleavage that she held in place. She looked up into my eyes with a lust that said it all. Then I could not believe my ears. “Don’t you dare blow on my tits. I want to swallow every drop of young sperm in you!!”I groaned and grabbed for a handful of her hair and pushed her down, face first into my crotch! She took my head in her mouth and ran her tongue around it a few times nearly making me cum then and there, but then she slid her lips down my shaft and the sensation was just different enough that I was able to hold on. That is to say, I was able to hold on for about a minute more. Then she took a deep breath and then, while purring, she rammed my cock head into the back of her throat and the vibrations sent me into orbit!! Now I have had my share of girls blow me, but this woman knew how to milk a man and I could swear I felt my balls being sucked up and through my cock and down her throat!! On and on she went and I found myself lying back in the truck thrashing like a man possessed. I thought I was surely going to die, when she finally pulled back and drew a deep breath and coughed. “God, I had forgotten how good a young cock can taste!” she finally managed. “How long before you can have your cock ready to fuck me right?”I leaned up on an elbow and asked somewhat deliriously, “What?”“That was for the tire change. But I want you to fuck my pussy for me! I haven’t had a cock in my pussy in over two years since I divorced my husband. I need you to fuck me hard!”My mind was just starting to reassemble itself into a cogent identity and I came within a hair of asking her if she was nuts. Instead, I reached down, cupped her chin in my hand and pulled her up across my body and kissed her deeply. I could taste my cum in her throat and feel her breasts resting on my chest. She straddled my hips, yoga pants still on and began humping my hips as if she were a bitch in heatIt did not take long before we both felt the stirring of my cock coming back to life, and she broke of our kiss and said, “Already? Damn I had almost forgotten what it was like to have a young stud!I told her to get off of me and she did. As she stood in the door to my cab, she looked at me a little dumbfounded as I pulled my pants back up on both legs and then up to my knees. I hopped down out of the cab and stood in front of her. As an explanation I said, “I can’t be standing out her bare assed while I fuck you from behind” With that I kissed her hard and began pushing her pants down over her hips.She broke our embrace, rolled her yoga pans down and off of her long, toned and shapely legs and then climbed part way back up into the cab. I started to climb up to güvenilir bahis fuck her, but instead, feasted my eyes on her pussy. She did not shave, but there was not a lot of hair down there, and the flesh barely peaked out of her swollen Mons. I grabbed her ass cheeks with my hands, and parted and lifter her firm bottom um and stuck my tongue as far into her wet cunt as I could.Now I do not know if all older women taste this clean, but her sex was boiling hot with some of the sweetest sex juice I have ever had! She was startled at first, but when my tongue flicked down toward her clit, she raised her hips higher and thrust back into me. I sucked and kissed her little clit and the folds of flesh that were around it for all I was worth I she rode my nose. It did not take very long at all before I heard her cum and I pulled my face back and jammed two fingers all the way into her, as my thumb took over giving her clit the friction it needed.I was amazed at how tight she was and the muscles deep in her almost pulled my hand into her! My cock was fully up and ready by now, so she began to stop her violent shaking and just tremble, I pulled my fingers out of her and covered my cock with her juices. Then without saying anything, I got up on the running board, aimed my cock at her wet slit and began to push.She turned and looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Oh my God. Are you trying to kill me?” I laughed and as I slid deeper in, she raised that ass of hers up to let me fill her up. Just as I was bottoming out, she threw her head back with primeval growl and I felt the rippling roll of an orgasm cause her pussy to grip and release my cock like I have never felt before. I just held myself still there for a moment and let the sensations roll through us both. Then as the tumult subsided, I pulled back a little and slammed back into her ass. Then again, and again. The strokes lengthened and the energy built as she began saying things like “Oh God, Yes. Fuck me. Make me cum hard, you young stud. God Damn you feel so big. Make me cum. Make me cum like a whore….” My hands kept opening her ass cheeks as I would draw her into me, and I became mesmerized by the idea of sticking my thumb up her ass. My hands started working closer and closer together as we continued to build our tempo of thrusts and then I had the flat of my right thumb pressing flat on her anus. I heard her say, “Oh God. Oh God, no. Not my asshole. Not there!” and then she shuddered and a huge orgasm ripped through her whole body.It was such a huge moment that I could not hold back any longer either and I fell across her ass, my hands falling from her puckered hole but we continued to cause each other to twitch with orgasmic sensations for probably five minutes after that.I finally rolled off of her and nearly fell out of the truck. The front of my pants were soaked as was the seat of the truck from where she had erupted pussy juice over and over again, as well as my own cum.. She sat up in the driver’s seat, legs splayed apart to let her pussy air dry. I started to help put her yoga pants on, but they were soaked too. She asked me to hand them to her and instead of trying to put them back on, she wiped up the seat of the cab and her hips with it.She then hopped down out of the cab, and asked me for a receipt. I was dumbfounded at first, but then grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote down her cell phone number and name and said,Please feel free to give me a call if you ever have another emergency repair that I can help you with!”She pulled her sweatshirt back down and it conveniently fell to just below her ass. She leaned up, kissed me and got into her car and drove away. I put the air hammer and the other supplies I used away and pulled away.

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