Pavitra Incest Saga – Part 3


Pavitra Incest Saga – Part 3deleteddeleteddeletedRead the parts to understand the story line readers…Once her son Rohit started to fuck her, Sujata’s sex life transformed over night. Prior to that her brother and husbands of few friends’ used to fuck her.Now suddenly flood gates seemed to have opened and almost drowning her in a sea of cocks, sperm and cunt juices .It all started on the second day Rohit started fucking her. She was riding his cock as Prema, her daughter sat on Rohit’s face and was getting her cunt licked.Sujata’s mobile phone rang, She asked k**s to be quiet and answered.“Hi, dear, how are you?” it was Ragini, her college friend. She was widowed two years back when her husband died in a tragic accident. Sujata and her friends were getting her fucked whenever she desired.“Hi, dear. I am fine, tell me” Sujata said, slowing down her riding speed so that her voice didn’t break.“I want to thank you. The cook, Santosh, you sent is amazing…superb….”Ragini was gushing.“Ohh, is he cooking so well? In my house, he was just ordinary” Sujata asked, surprised.“Who is talking about cooking? His fucking is terrific..he is an anal expert…I can’t describe…I am calling you as he is fucking me… ahhhh” Ragini moaned.“Ohh, I am so glad. Now you have fucking on demand. I wondered why your voice was breaking. But with me, he was always well behaved. Even when I showed lot of cleavage and lot of flesh through see- through nighties, he just would look the other way” Sujata also started to increase speed as she was getting excited. Rohit was also getting hornier, listening to his Mom talking so freely.“Yes, he would look other way and masturbate in bathroom. He told me that he was scared of you. Anyway, shall I bring him to your house, he is crazy about you, he wants to fuck you.He imagines you while fucking me….he has been begging me to ask you….. ahhhh … I am cummingg” Ragini screamed so loudly even Sujata’s k**s could hear.“Ok, bring him in the afternoon after k**s go to college” Sujata told her and disconnected.Rohit turned her over and fucked in doggy and filled her cunt. Then they got dressed up, kissed her, had breakfast and left for college.Sujata was busy with her daily chores and by the time she finished all work and freshened up, door bell chimed. Ragini and Santosh were there.“Namaste, Memsaheb” Santosh folded hands and wished her in a low voice.“Come. Come. Why, Santosh? Why were you scared of me? Do I look like a demon?” Sujata asked him, laughing.“No, Memsaheb, you look so beautiful and sexy, it scared me, why would you get fucked by a cook? I thought you would bash me up and kick me out.” Santosh said.Sujata hugged and kissed him and gripped the bulge in his pants. He was all over her like an angry a****l, squeezing her tits and buttocks and sucking her tongue. As she was leading him into bedroom, Ragini shyly asked “Dear, can I watch? I wanted to discuss something else also”Sujata laughed and said “You require an invitation? Come and join”, as Santosh removed her nighty and pushed her on bed. He pulled her roughly by ankles to the edge of bed, disrobed impatiently and buried face in her cunt and started squeezing tits roughly. Sujata moaned, spread her cunt lips with her fingers, giving him better access and clutched his hair and pushed his head more firmly to her cunt.Ragini asked her in Punjabi “No. I can’t join. I have trouble sitting also, he fucked me so hard, can we talk in Punjabi? Do you think he understands?”Sujata was in seventh heaven, his licking was driving her crazy and he was lightly biting clit also.“Hmmm …. ohhh .. push tongue deeper.. and lick sides also….. ahhhhh … Ragini… I don’t think he knows Punjabi, even his Hindi is broken,,, he is from South… Santosh, do you understand Punjabi?” Sujata asked him in between her moans.He didn’t want to speak.. he shook his head without stopping licking…“Well….Sujata…you told me some time back about seducing Rohit. Did you do it?” Ragini asked hesitantly as she watched her friend climaxing…rising her buttocks.. clenching thighs and ejecting juice spurts in Santosh’s mouth.Sujata didn’t reply until Santosh buried his cock in her cunt and started fucking steadily.“Why do you ask?” she asked Ragini.“In our college days, if we cheated in exams, we felt better if others also cheated, So I will feel better if you also seduced your son” pendik escort Ragini told her shyly. Sujata stared at her.Is she the same shy, virgin girl who used to lecture others about morality, ethics?“Wow, tell me… when .. and how?” now Santosh was pushing cock in her ass in doggy after licking and fingering.“No, you tell me first. Did you seduce Rohit?” Ragini was adamant.Ragini was not lying. Santosh had special skills. While ramming her ass, his fingers were playing like on a piano, on her waist, spinal cord, shoulder blades, arm pits and buttocks. He was driving her crazy with ecstasy, he would catch her by surprise by slapping her buttocks hard….it was a roller coaster ride…Sujata was screaming, shouting, moaning… “Hmm.. fuck me harder….. deeper… bury in your bitch…tear my ass….. ahhhh” and was giving back thrusts meeting him with equal force.Finally he moaned loudly, clutched her buttocks tight and filled her ass with loads of hot cum.“Santosh, where did you learn to fuck like this and show heaven with fingers?” she asked him as he buried his cock and was pumping warm wads of juice.“Memsaheb, I learnt Acupressure and my Guru taught me the sensitive nerve points and how to fuck” Santosh told as he withdrew his cock.Ragini clamped her mouth on her ass and licked all the juices as they flowed out. As Sujata lay on her back later, exhausted and panting, both sucking her tits, she remembered about what Ragini asked.“Ragini, I am sorry I was completely absorbed, you asked if I seduced Rohit. Yes, in fact, I was riding him when you called me in the morning. Is Ajay also fucking you?” Sujata asked her, patting her hair.“Almost.. “ Ragini replied.“Almost? Either he fucks or he doesn’t.. what do you mean… almost?” Sujata asked, puzzled.“Well… I seduced him, we got undressed.. and then I saw his huge cock…. My God, it is like an Anaconda. .. I was scared…I said No” Ragini said, twirling Sujata’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger.“Wow. You lucky Mom…did you measure his cock?” Sujata asked, after she recovered from shock.“Yes, 10.5 inch and this thick … and I am not lucky Mom..I would trade places with you. A normal cock would have been fine. I am scared that it will ruin my cunt forever.” Ragini said, laughing bitterly.“What is there to be scared? He came out through that hole only. His cock surely won’t be as thick as a baby’s head?.. or as long..” Sujata dismissed lightly.Suddenly Ragini left Sujata’s boob and got up and shook her excitedly” Really? Do you mean it? Will you get fucked by that monster cock? If I know it won’t tear my cunt beyond repair, I would love to get fucked.” Ragini was smiling ear to ear.“Sure, why not?’ Send me his cock pics after you go home” Sujata said lightly.“Wait a minute. I have pics in my mobile” Ragini said, got up and brought her mobile and showed pics.Sujata’s jaw dropped as she saw the monster cock’s pics. Suddenly she was also scared. More than the length, the thickness was scaring her.“Poor boy, he remains a virgin… all ladies seduce him, want to get fucked until they see his cock…and then they run away. My poor little darling, he is so frustrated. Thanks dear.Tomorrow come to my home after k**s leave for college. Bye” Ragini kissed her on both cheeks and left with Santosh.Santosh wanted to have one more session but Ragini told him that guests were coming for dinner and he had lot of work. He reluctantly left her.Sujata cursed her bravado. She should have agreed to get fucked after seeing the cock pic. She cursed her over confidence and called all her fuck friends. None of them had been fucked by a huge cock.She started computer and was looking at mail when suddenly Raj’s message popped up.Raj: Hi, dear. How are you?Sujata: Fine. Listen, I am caught up in a dilemma. I agreed to get fucked by my friend’s son. Later she showed me her son’s cock pic. It is huge, now I am scared.Raj: Why should you be scared? He is fucking his Mom. So it must be ok.Sujata: No, that is the problem. She is also scared of size. So I volunteered.Raj: You volunteered before seeing? But he must have fucked many ladies, so don’t worry.Sujata: No, he is a virgin. All ladies are running away after seeing his cock.Raj: Hmmm, yes, I can understand. When is the schedule for your fuck?Sujata: Tomorrow afternoon. I asked all my friends, they told me they had only seen pics of such cocks. escort pendik They have not seen in real life, let alone get fucked.Raj: Hey, wait a minute. Now Swati is on line, you remember? She is the heroine of “Bang bang with monstrous cock”. She was fucked by 14 inch cock of a South African. I will ask her if she wants to chat with you.Sujata: Thanks, dear. I will wait.After few minutes, he gave Swati’s mail ID and asked her to share her fuck details later and logged out. Sujata sent friend request and Swati promptly accepted.Sujata: Hi, Swati, how are you?Swati: I am fine dear. Raj told me about the big cock boy. Do you have pic of his cock?Sujata: No, his Mom showed me on her mobile. Tell me, did you enjoy getting fucked by such a big cock?Swati: Yes, but my cunt pained for next 3 days. I had tough time explaining to my hubby why I was not allowing him to fuck.Sujata: ohh, there is no danger of permanent damage to my cunt?Swati: Hahahaha, No, dear, our cunts are very elastic. David was very considerate and loving. He did not fuck me roughly. Since your big cock boy is a virgin, I think you can handle him easily. He will follow your instructions.Sujata: What is your advice?Swati: Don’t be in a hurry. Get to know him, have few drinks, relax. Play with his cock and balls and suck and slowly you will overcome fear. Ask him to lick you and once you are fully wet and completely relaxed, apply little gel and ask him to push slowly. I am sure it will go smoothly…. and enjoy fucking.Sujata: Thanks Swati.Swati: I read your story, your fucking son, did it happen exactly as he has written?Sujata: Hahaha, yes, almost. You know Raj. He adds lot of masala.. but with my consent only. After David, were you fucked by such cocks again?Swati: No, but once I and hubby went to a massage salon. I was attended by a stud and he by a lady in same room. We had a nice group session. After few days, I called Massage salon and asked them to send a stud. You know I was very disappointed when I saw the Masseur. He was tall, thin, not my type. I called them, they assured me that I would be so happy with his services and to give a try.You know what, his cock was normal but dick head was like a tennis ball. It was almost as thick as David’s. So don’t worry, your cunt can take.OK,dear. Have to go, my son has come back from school. Byee……..and she logged out.Sujata invited Ragini and her son Ajit to her home for lunch next day. She had to tell Rohit and Prema about her plans since both overheard her conversation and both were worried. They pleaded with her that they will stay back and ensure she was not injured or harmed. She laughed and pushed them away.Whenever doubts loomed, she reminded herself that her father’s was also a 9 inch cock and when he fucked her she was in her teens. Now she had two k**s and was fucked countless times, so her cunt should easily take Ajit’s massive cock.Door bell chimed and Sujata opened the door and invited Ragini and Ajit. Sujata wore a sleeveless transparent nighty with nothing underneath and a light make-up and splashed perfume her hubby brought from Paris. The heady fragrance never failed to arouse him.Ragini hugged Sujata and complimented her on her beauty and fitness. Ajit wished her and touched her feet. Ajit was tall, lanky and … horny.“My… Ajit, you have become a Hulk.. I still thought you were a small boy…” Sujata exclaimed and hugged him, pressing her boobs on his hard chest and felt his cock give a jump.They were all seated in the hall, Sujata brought Scotch, soda and water and snacks. She poured two stiff drinks and gave one to Ragini. Ajit refused, he would have beer.Ragini was seated in a single sofa, Sujata sat next to Ajit, her thigh and naked arm pressing against his.“Cheers” Sujata lifted her glass.“Cheers and may my darling son’s car find a garage today. ‘ Ragini gave a toast.Sujata laughed. “ Don’t worry, from today he will daily park in your garage” and sipped. Slowly Ajit was getting bolder, he encircled his arm round Sujata’s shoulders and was pushing his hand in her nighty. She snuggled closer, giving him more access and talking normally to his Mom.Ajit was wearing shorts and Sujata could make out from the increasing size of tent that indeed his cock was huge. By the time they finished two stiff drinks, Sujata’s cunt was flowing like a tap, Ajit overcame his shyness pendik escort bayan and was mauling her tits and nipples and rubbing her cunt mound.“Would you like to have lunch first?” Sujata asked them.“No” they said in unison.“…..Unless you are hungry, Aunty” chipped in Ajit.Sujata laughed, stood up and pulled him up and kissed him.“Yes, I am hungry…. but not for food” she told him and pulled him by his cock into their bedroom. Ragini followed them and sat on the bed.Sujata removed his T shirt and shorts and gasped. His rigid steel rod like was frightfully long and thick. The nerves were like coiled ropes and throbbing.She was still staring at it as Ajit removed her nighty and pushed her on her back on bed. He buried his head in her crotch and started slurping her juices and squeezing her tits.Within minutes she screamed, lifted her crotch and spurted juice in his mouth, as her thighs and buttocks quivered.“Mmmm .. darling.. fuck me now..” she pulled him by his hair and kissed him, licking her juices….. it made her hornier.“Aunty.. should I put on a condom?’ he asked shyly.“No. But put that gel liberally on your cock and apply in my cunt….and push it slowly…stop when I tell you to stop…then … fuck me… but don’t push more than I can take…..I think about 2 inches will be outside..ok?’ she said and parted her thighs and placed a small pillow below her buttocks.Ragini got up and was looking anxiously as her son rubbed his thick cock head on Sujata’s wet cunt lips and entrance.Sujata was totally relaxed, eagerly awaiting the steaming hot cock to enter her wet and salivating cunt. Ajit spread her cunt lips and slowly inserted his thick cock head. Ragini was anxiously watching Sujata’s face and cunt. Sujata knew that if she screamed, Ragini will forever seal her cunt to her son.So she forced a smile as her cunt walls were yielding to the invader, protesting and stretching out. Slowly his cock entered and once cunt lips and walls expanded to receive, pain subsided and rubbing hot cock was sending pulses of pleasure.She moaned “Hmmm… Ajit darling, this is heaven… push some more…..”Now Ragini’s eyes were riveted on Sujata’s cunt.“Oh, Sujata, it is awesome …. amazing …. your cunt is expanding to take it.. you know, it is like they show in discovery channel, snake swallowing a big a****l ….wowww… dear” Ragini was gushing, fascinated.“Hmmm …. Ajit, dear … stop now ..I think you reached the end point. Ragini, how many inches are left out?” Sujata asked.Ragini measured with her forefinger and told” About 2 inches…My god, you did take it in…”“Now, you fuck slowly to this length. When I tell you increase speed, slowly increase.. ok?” Sujata told Ajit who nodded. He was very happy and thrilled. He never expected such joy was there in cunt fucking. His Mom and few girls gave him blow job… they were even scared to do it.He pulled out cock half way and pushed again. Within 3 strokes, he gritted his teeth to control but failed and his hot cum filled her cunt in jets. He was crestfallen.‘I am sorry, Aunty….” he was apologizing as he was withdrawing.Sujata hugged him and told him” Ajit, that was fantastic…. you are and will be a champion fucker. You are born to give pleasure and show heaven to cunts. Next round, see how you will fuck” she told him as Ragini wiped her juices, his cum and gel and started licking his balls and cock.He was sucking Sujata’s tits and fingering her cunt and within minutes he was ready. This time, Sujata’s cunt knew what to expect and was ready. Ragini was thrilled as her son fucked her friend expertly and Sujata guided him how to slow down when to stop and when to increase pace. Ragini was constantly cautioning Ajit not to get carried away and tear Sujata’s cunt.Finally, after 10 minutes, he again filled her hole as Sujata also peaked and kept cumming…..They had lunch later and Ragini thanked Sujata for her help. Ragini and her son hugged and kissed and promised Sujata they would tell all details of their fucking.Rohit and Prema bunked classes and came home early. They were scared if their Mom and her holes were all in one piece.“Wow, Mom. Your cunt is all red and swollen.. is it paining?” Prema asked as she parted her Mom’s cunt lips and peeped in.“No, darling. Little burning sensation. Rohit, darling. I think your Mom’s cunt needs rest for a day or two” Sujata told them smiling.‘Don’t worry, Mom. You just relax and take rest. I will fuck Prema and her friends” Rohit kissed her and assured her.That day evening, Ragini told Sujata that Ajit started fucking her and she thanked her profusely…End of part III

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