Party of 3 Pt. 01

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“Harder, Dylan… Please… Harder” I beg… But I know it’s no use. Dylan Conners, or as I like to call him, Fuck Buddy

, has certainly lost his touch. Did he ever have it? I question it now, as I’m bent over on all fours in the middle of my bed. I know pretty quickly that I will not be achieving orgasm tonight. That’ll take a quick round with my battery operated friend and a nice dirty video when Dylan finally leaves.

“Yeah, I’ll fuck you harder. You like that? Mmmm I bet you do”… His voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Should I fake it? I’m going to have to fake it.

“Oh YES YES!! GOD YES IT’S SO GOOD!”… I deserve a goddamn Academy Award. His hands sear into my waist as he pounds with everything he has. He even gives my long, curly blonde hair a sharp tug. Poor guy. A for effort.

“Come with me Bella… Come all over my cock”. I feel his dick swell and begin to pulse. That’s my cue. I squeeze my own muscles to mimic orgasmic contractions… Add in some shutters for effect.. and the final touch…


“Shit yeah, babe… Come for me” he says with a harsh groan before he pulls out of me… Collapsing onto the bed beside me. I don’t lay down However. I’d like him to go soon and I don’t want to give him the impression that I want him to stay the casino siteleri night.

“I’m going to shower. You can just toss the condom in the trash on your way out.. thank you for the distraction” I say genuinely. While the sex was average… Well let’s face it… It was terrible… The distraction was nice. Sometimes a girl just needs one.

“The old brush off huh?” He laughs, “I get it. You have a lot to do…” He disposes of the condom and begins to dress before cupping my face, kissing my lips softly. “Call me again sometime”… I simply smile and nod. He kisses me again before bolting out of the apartment, leaving me alone.

I take a deep breath… My body still thrumming with unsated need to climax. I won’t be able to focus on anything else until I do. Call me a slut, call me a nympho, call me whatever you want. Point is, I love sex. All sex. With men, with women, with myself, with toys, without toys… I. Just. Love. Sex. It’s harder than you’d think to temper that need here in Nashville.

I check the time… It’s only 7:30. Perfect. I still have my entire night off free to do anything I want… Which, for starters… Orgasm.

I climb back into bed, still naked… Rolling to my side to retrieve Rabbit vibrator from my drawer. It’s dark blue with a thick tip that undulates accompanied canlı casino by clitoral stimulating “rabbit ears”. It’s tried and true. Never lets me down.

Settling back into bed, my legs spread open shamelessly… Knees bent, heels pressed into the mattress. My large C cup breasts setting nicely on my chest, dusty rose nipples hard as the cool air from the A/C caresses them. I leave my toy on the mattress, opting to use my hands first. Trailing my fingertips across my throat… Tickling lightly. I suck my index finger into my mouth, wetting the tip before circling my left nipple with it. Goosebumps erupt over my flesh. I repeat the process on my other breast, my hips beginning to move. My clit is protesting… Like it has a mind of its own, looking for something to rub up against.

I have mercy on my raging hormones and softly slide my index fingers across my bare sex and I cannot stop the sigh that escapes my lips. My two middle fingers find their sweet spot on my clit and begin slow circles. My wetness making everything slick… and hot. My bottom lip caught between my teeth, my free hand teasing my breasts. God this is exactly what I needed. Who needs a booty call when you know yourself better than anyone?

I pick up my vibrator, flipping the switch to bring it to life… I like my lips as I press it to my kaçak casino nipple… The vibration sending shockwaves to my clit. I can’t wait any longer. I ease the toy between my legs, not inserting it, but holding it against myself. My back arches off the bed and I cry out. Slipping it downward… It sinks into my warmth easily and I nearly come instantly.

“Holy Fuuuuuuck”… My moans are loud and throaty. I begin to ever so slowly fuck myself. In… Out… In… Out… The circling tip rocking against my sensitive walls. My pink painted toes curl into the sheets… I’m shaking… My release is so close.

The tingling begins in my fingertips… The tale tell sign that I’m going to come… *RING RING*… I still, trying to ignore the sound of my ringing phone. *RING RING* I squeeze my eyes shut… Focus Bella. Fuck that stupid phone. I begin to climb the peak again when the ringtone I have designated for work breaks through my thoughts.

“Not.. happening”… I groan angrily as I climb from bed, answering the phone, sex toy still in hand. “Hello?”…

“Bella… It’s Bryan. Look Leslie called in sick and we are slammed down here tonight. We really need you”… I instantly want to decline but his next words stop me “I’ll pay you double time”…

“Fine. Yeah. I’ll be there, but Bryan… You really owe me one.”

With a chuckle, he replies “You’re a doll. See ya soon” and just like that, the call is over.

I toss my vibrator back into my drawer and stomp off to get dressed… Even more sexually frustrated now than I was two hours ago.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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