Party Fantasy.


Party Fantasy.
This fantasy is a stretch of what really happened. THe part with me engaging in sex with others didnt happen on that night – but I wish it had.

My ex gf was a hair dresser. on night she was dressed super hot and we stopped in at a party hosted by a fellow gay hair dresser. THe guys all had those Italian looking shoes with super long toe area. Everyone was dressed really nice except me. In the living room there was a very nice custom bar set up. I could tell it was made years ago and had traveded from house to house. We brought a botton of vodka for the party. Stopped at the bar to say hello and get a couple drinks.

There were quite a few people there. Even a couple women. Just friends I’d imagine. We talked for quite a while. People were occassionaly coming and going from the bahis şirketleri basement. There was music playing downstairs. Didn’t think much of it.. At one point a guy a guy came up half dressed and had to go. My girlfriend really wanted to go down to check out what was happening. I felt out of place but went with her.

The lower level was dark and had some good music playing. There were two couches – on on each side of the room. In the middle there were about 5-6 guys.. Being serviced by two guys on the floor. A bit of a surprise, but my girlfriend didn’t mind at all . SHe sought a place on the couch to sit and watch. We watched and the givers moved from person to person. We may have sat there all of 30 seconds when she told me “Go ahead”.


“Go ahead”.

So I got up and tipobet güvenilir mi stood beside the guy on the end. In time it was my turn. I could see by the look on her face she was very pleased. Then it wasn’t my turn. THen one of the guys had to take a break and left to get a drink upstairs. I saw the look on her face. I was impatient. I wanted. more. I took his place ont he other side and started tugging a couple guys. Licked head. Both of them. Sucked. Sucked each one. THere were 3 guys waiting for me. I remember her mouth was open as she watched. I swear she was masturbating. I became frenzied and sucked like an a****l. My one goal was to get them to cum in my mouth while she watched. Didn’t care what they thought or did. It was magical … In the frenzy perabet I do remember the guy I was sucking grabbing my head and stiffening up. Thrusts. Beautiful thrusts. Violently pounding the back of my throat. A glorious noisy orgasm deep in my mouth… Fucking incredible.

It’s true how one guy cumming will trigger another to cum. I was abruptly handed off to the guy beside hime for yet another mouth full. A very impressive load – or maybe I was getting overwhelmed with cum. He let me keep sucking and cleaning. One more. THe last guy actuall took quite a while more. I did look over at my girlfriend and she was staring intently. No idea what she was thinking but she seemed really fascinated by the whole scene.

In time I did get the third guy to cum. When I finished swallowing that thrid load I found my way to the couch. She was speachless. At first. THen “Well. That was special!”

We found our way upstairs. I wanted to get another drink. They were already aware of what heppened. I got some smiles. Grins. She thanked the host and escorted me out.

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