Part 10 – The next time


Part 10 – The next timeThe next day after we partied with Mike and Robin, I woke up and she was sucking my dick. She stopped when I woke. She said when she woke my dick was still hard and she could not resist. She moved up next to me and ask if I wanted to know how Mike got her in bed. I said yes if you give me a hand job while you tell. She laughed and reached for my dick.They got home before me and Robin because we had to stop at their motel room and pick up their stuff.She told me on the way home while he was driving, he reached over and pinched her hard nipples. He said he had been looking at them all night and wanted to see how hard they really were. My future wife said that really got her pussy juicy. She said while he pinched her nipples she reached down and started rubbing her own pussy. It was a short drive from the club to the house, but when they got to the house she was really hot and horny. She could see his hard dick through his pants. They went into the house. She put down her purse, but before she could turn around Mike moved up behind her, reached around her and grabbed her by the breast. He pulled her to him and kissed the back of her neck. She said she got weak in the knees and tried to away but he just held her and pressed his dick into her ass.She said she moaned and said we probably need to wait until my guy and Robin get here. Mike told her that by now Robin had me in the motel bed sucking my dick. She turned around, dropped to her knees, pulled his dick out and starting sucking it. He pulled her up and asked where the bedroom was? She said she stood up and took his hand and led him to our bedroom. She sat him on the edge of the bed. He reached under her skirt and pulled her panty hose off. She reached down and pulled him shoes and pants off. Leaned him back onto the bed and sat on his hard dick. She rode him until she came on his hard dick. He rolled her over and climbed between her legs and started fucking canlı bahis her again. She said she came again, but he just kept pounding her pussy. She said she was about to come again when me and Robin arrived. She said she was a little anxious until she say the look in my eyes and them she knew everything was going to be alright. The rest of this story is in part 9.We fucked like rabbits every chance we got, reliving the first time I got to watch her take a hard dick in her pussy, her mouth, and her ass. I also got to watch her eat pussy and come with a women’s tongue in her pussy. We got a few more responses from the ad we put in the swinger’s magazine. She would call them. She would see, if she felt chemistry or not. We hooked up with a couple of couples, but it did not work out for various reasons. Mostly because they were not how they said they were when we met in person.The next time we partied, we met a couple. Johnnie, was a tall thin cowboy type brown hair maybe 6’. Bonnie was 5’4” or so. She was not thin but not chucky either. She had nice large breast and a nice soft ass. We met at a country western club. We had a few drinks and dance a while. Then the Johnnie wanted to know if we wanted to go to their house. My future wife said sure without hesitation. So we followed them to their house. On the way my future wife was rubbing her pussy through her jeans. I ask why she seemed to be so hot. She smiled and said it has been a while since I have had a new hard dick in my pussy. She was such a nympho.We got to their house and followed them in. We sat next to each other on the couch. They sat on the floor in front of us. He asked if we smoked. We said we do on occasion. He asked is this an occasion. My future wife laughed and said “it damn sure was”. He got up and went into their bedroom. He came back with a box and rolled us a smoke. We passed it around. When we finished, we were feeling good, what with the beers and the bahis siteleri smoke. While we were smoking my future wife slid off the couch and was sitting on the floor between me and Bonnie. She had her back up against the couch. This made it easier to pass the smoke. After we finished Bonnie got up and said she needed to go to the ladies room. I slid down so I laying on the couch right behind my lady. I reached down her blouse and started rubbing her nipples. This always makes her so hot. She leaned back and started making out with me. Johnnie at first was just watching. Them I felt my lady tense up. I looked down and Johnnie was rubbing my lady’s crotch. She was lift her ass off the floor and spreading her legs so he could really rub her. This went on for a few minutes until Bonnie came back. She stood and watched for a few minutes. Johnnie told her to lay down next to my lady. She did. My lady rolled on her side away from me and started kissing Bonnie and rubbing her breast. I move up behind Bonnie. I move my lady’s head down toward Bonnie’s breast. She took the hint and started unbuttoning Bonnie’s blouse. I leaned down and started kissing Bonnie. She was kissing me back and squirming at the same time. This went on for a minute or two. I started to wonder what Johnnie as doing. I thought maybe he was just watching.Turns out he was pulling Bonnie’s jean and panties off. When he finished he took my lady’s hand and move it to Bonnie’s bare pussy. She really started to squirm. My lady finger her a few time and them moved between Bonnie’s legs and started eating her pussy. I was making out with Bonnie and taking off her blouse and bra. When I got Bonnies bra off, I started sucking her nipples. She started to buck against my ladies face and moaned really load. Through this Johnnie had his hand between my lady’s legs and all over her ass. He would also reach up and feel her breast. When Bonnie came, Johnnie started to remove bahis şirketleri my lady’s jeans. She looked back at him and said “good I really need a hard dick in my pussy.” He moved faster. When my lady’s had her jeans off she turned around and pulled Johnnies dick out and started sucking it. I pulled my dick out. Bonnie turned and look at me, kissed me and then moved down and started sucking my dick.My lady stopped after a few minutes and said she really need to be fuck. Bonnie said me too. So Johnnie stood up my lady. He then lifted her onto his hard dick. My lady let out a scream and started to hump against him. I rolled Bonnie onto her back. Got a quick taste of her pussy and climb on top of her and put my dick in her pussy. She started fucking me.Mean time my lady was on her back fucking a big hard dick. Moaning don’t stop I am going to cum. She fucked him for a few minutes more then she started ramming herself against Johnnie and screamed “I am cumming.” That started a chain reaction. Johnnie started grunting as he dropped is load into my lady’s pussy while she was cumming. I couldn’t hold off anyone with my lady ramming herself on a dick that was cumming in her pussy. So I started to cum. Bonnie went tense, her legs went straight and she kept saying yes, yes, yes. When we all settled down, Bonnie laughed and said for the record we do have a bed. We don’t always do it on the living room floor. They explained that they wanted to do more but they had to go pick up their son, so could they take a rain check. We said sure. We gave kisses all around and we left.On the way home my lady slipped her jeans off and played with her pussy. I could her how juicy her pussy was. When I would stop for a light she would say look over her. She would dig cum out of her pussy and lick it off her fingers. She would smile and wicked smile and ask me if my dick we hard enough to fuck. When we got home we fucked. She also told me that this was the first time Bonnie had been with a women. Turns out she knew that from phone conversation she had with Bonnie. That is also the reason she did not hesitate when Johnnie asked if we were ready to leave the dance club.Still more to come……….

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