Pantyhose Tease – Dinner Date

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Big Tits

Hello there again. Here is another memorable moment with Pete that I’d like to share with you. Enjoy!

If you read the last two stories, you will know that the internship with Pete turned out to be quite an interesting one which Ironically, taught more about the depth and breadth of men’s fetishes for hosieries and stilettos than the practical knowledge of the chosen field of study. It was no brainer men loved nicely shaped and well dressed legs, but only with true fetishist like Pete, the hidden sophistication and specialty of the fetishes were truly explored and learn new things.

Despite workplace formalities, the home office atmosphere at Pete’s place just couldn’t administer the same level of office etiquettes or professionalism that were expected at proper corporate offices. The casual and laidback vibes rather encouraged us to misbehave during work.

During the peak period, the office used to literally look and smell sex. Our clothes were everywhere including many pairs of my worn, torn and Pete’s semen drenched hosieries and stiletto heels, and the deep scents of our bodily fluids mixes like the sweat, his sperm and my pussy nectar, filled the whole office space.

On a good side, we became very efficient at what we were doing! We often worked naked except me of course, still having layers of hosieries (typically shiny dark tan or black STW or seamless pantyhose with either shiny dark black stockings with or without back seam and attached to garter belt or black fishnet pantyhose over the first layer of pantyhose) and stiletto pumps or sandals, to save the effort of undressing and dressing.

The only times when the place was clean and we acted professional were when Pete had client visits. It all felt so surreal, and to some I’m sure it might be considered disgusting and out of control behavior. But back then, all we cared about was the fulfilment of our lust for the fetishes and it always triumphed over any doubts or troubled feelings we had. Have you ever lost your self control this much? Love to hear about it!

Just like that many month had gone by and what had started as just an internship with sex on the side, matured into something more caring and meaningful friendship. I guess such emotional connection was inevitable in such circumstance, especially when you are at your early 20s and inexperienced with men. Without realizing, I was falling for Pete and rather than fucking, I began to make love with Pete. And that was the same for Pete as well. I could tell by the way he touched me and responded to my touches, I could tell he had feelings for me, too.

Well, here is a spoiler alert for you guys! We date exclusively during the internship but sadly, there were some changes in the circumstance and the relationship rapidly deteriorated. Let’s just say, I thought he was a gentleman and Prince charming in shining armor or should I say pantyhose, but instead he really hurt my feelings when he reacted to the changes quite badly, by becoming baselessly jealous then worsen by being obsessive, controlling and quite confronting. Shame how it ended but I was happy enough that I could finish my internship with him, and the fun and loving memories of the hosiery and stiletto intimacies. Sorry, I digressed! Now, back to the story!

So, it was just another typical evening at Pete’s office. After finished having our last steam pantyhose play for the day, we were having coffee together before I left his place. There in the kitchen, Pete was sitting at the table naked and I was sitting on his lap, wearing only a pair of shiny seamless pantyhose in dark tan with crotch ripped wide open and over the pantyhose, another pair of shiny crotch high stockings with nylon top in black and attached to black leather garter belts, with 6 inch stiletto pumps in patent black. Just like many other days, Pete was kissing me on the lip and my breasts while caressing my nylon clad legs with his hands.

Then unexpectedly, he asked if I had any plans for the weekend and if I didn’t, would I like to have dinner with him. The question really got me by surprise but it was one of those nice surprises so I didn’t mind. Plus, by then I already had feelings for Pete so I was very happy and excited that Pete asked me out. But Pete was nervous and asked carefully to hide his feelings. Obviously, it didn’t work because I could tell. So, to help him out, told him that I would love to go on the dinner date with him and gave him a big kiss!

Then came the Saturday! I was already in the mood for the dinner date from the morning. I was so impatient and each hour of wait felt like days and started to feel frustrated. To easy the anxiety, I ended up went out to do some shopping to distract myself, and let’s just say it worked remarkably well. Yes, I know what you’re thinking and yeah don’t laugh please!

After some great shopping and late lunch, I returned to my place with two hours to spare before Pete was to pick me up. So, after putting the shopping away, I jumped maraş escort bayan in the shower to get ready.

Interestingly, I was immensely aroused. As I rubbed the body wash over my body with my hands, I noticed the goosebumps, erected nipples and distinct honey like thick and gooey pussy nectar. As my hands rubbed over my sensitive parts, the arousal pushed me to the edge of sudden intense orgasm. I tried very hard to regain my self control but it was a losing battle. I leaned my back against the shower wall with my legs spread open, with one hand cupped my breasts and pinched my nipple, and the other hand massaging my labia and clit. In seconds, I screamed out my supercharged orgasm so loudly twice, one after the other, under the shower! It was so intense that my knees felt weak and the whole body spasms violently! Where did that come from, I wondered.

Realizing that I had spent too much time in the shower with the unplanned climaxes, I rushed to finish the shower and dried myself. Once I was back in my room, I walked up to the wardrobe and picked the wears for the evening, starting with the outfit followed by underwear and shoes.

For the outfit, I picked a cowl neck velvet cami minidress in burgundy color which had low cut at the front which generously showed off my cleavage of 42D breasts and even lower cut at the back which went all the way down to the dimples of Venus, and the bottom of the dress just below the butt curve with the front that had cross wrap finish in inverted V-shape cut that teased with the hint of a view of my crotch.

For the underwear, because of the dress I chose, I decided to go braless and picked two pairs of shiny pantyhose, one was a shiny sheer to waist and sheer toe pantyhose in dark tan and the other was the same shiny and sheer to waist and sheer toe pantyhose but in dark black with black seam running from the waist all the way down to the soles of the feet. To spicy up the night, I got a pair of scissors and cut out the cotton gussets of both pairs of pantyhose. And at the last minute, I also picked a pair of red thin g-string to wear over the pantyhose.

Lastly, I picked the shoes which was a pair of 5 inch stiletto sandals with ankle strap in patent leather and in burgundy colour to match the dress.

As the wears were laid on top of my bed, I sat next to them on the edge of the bed, and firstly grabbed the dark tan STW & ST pantyhose and placed my legs in it one after the other. As I pulled it up to my waist and adjusted for alignment, I was reminded of my mischievous and lustful intention by the crotch opening that was cut out earlier. I quickly looked at myself in the mirror, checking the front, sides and back to make sure the first pair was fitted perfectly. Then I grabbed the second pair which was the black shiny STW & ST pantyhose with the back seam and again with the crotch already cut open. In the same manner, I placed myself into the pantyhose and checked myself in the mirror for alignment. I gave the hosieries the final touch and gave it another big pull up to waist high for the perfect fit. As I did that, I could see my fat labia lips squeezed through the gusset hole and showed off a seductive and eager looking camel toe. The view made me feel very sexy but also very slutty, and I was starting to feel aroused again.

Next, the red g-string. I placed both feet into the g-string and gently pulled it all the way up to my waist over both pairs of pantyhose until the g-string waist line sat and rested over my hips. Again, a quick check in the mirror for a perfect alignment. The front of the g-string barely covered the squeezed out camel toe, and the back string pressed both layers of pantyhose firmly into my thick butt between the butt cheeks.

Next, the stiletto sandals. After putting on the sandals and adjusted the ankle straps, I stood up straight and checked myself in the mirror again.

Despite not wearing a bra, my 42D breasts were held nicely on their own, firm and perky. The dual layer of pantyhose not only made the waist and legs shine spectacularly, but it also exhibited the gorgeous and curvaceous outline of the body figure from 36 waist to 46 thick booty, then keep going down to long and luscious legs, especially as the black back seam ran along the back of the legs, from the waist down to the feet which accentuated the sharp and toned calves and ankles. Do you think I looked hot?

Next, the burgundy cami minidress. It fitted perfectly. And just as I expected, the dress looked very elegant and stylish on me but it did show off my cleavage and upper thighs rather too generously. It was perfect! If you saw me in the dress, how would you have reacted? Perhaps drool all over it?

Almost ready! As the last step, I did my hair which I decided to go with natural. So I let my hair down with light curl, and then, I did my make ups including the finishing touch of dark red lip stick that matched my dress and shoes. And lastly, I picked a cute small leather maraş escort handbag in the matching burgundy colour. Ready to go out!

Perfect timing! I was ready with just about 5 minutes to spare before Pete picked me up from my place. What a gentleman Pete was then, he was right on time, at 7pm Pete rang my intercom from the guest parking entrance so I buzzed him into the parking area, and made my way down to meet him.

As I walked out of the elevator at the underground guest parking level, there he was, dressed sharp in a semi-formal attire in casual suit (which I wasn’t custom to seeing) and a bundle of roses, He rushed over to me and greeted me very excitedly and sweetly with a big hug and a kiss. I must admit, I was instantly attracted to him even more at that moment. And when Pete told me how the beautiful roses were and matched well what I wore but the flower’s beauty was no match for me. I was like oh my, he really melted me. Needlessly to say, I became so aroused and just wanted to jump on him and forget about the dinner date, but I suppressed my urges and remained lady.

As we walked to his car, Pete was me plenty of sweet compliments, how beautiful I looked, how he felt so lucky to be out on a dinner date with me, and he also told me about this very nice restaurant he booked for our dinner and wanted to treat me well.

When we reached his car, he opened the door for me and held my hand to help me into his car, especially because of the short and tight minidress and the stilettos. Despite the help, as I sat down my minidress bottom slid all the way up and exposed the entire bottom half covered in the pantyhose, from waist down. Luckily there was no one around to witness the embarrassing moment. We both laughed and jokingly said if we should go straight to ‘pantyhose dessert’. I quickly pulled my dress down, Pete closed the door for me and got in the car, and we were on our way to our date venue.

As we were driving to the restaurant, I noticed that he wanted to caress my legs like he did back at the office. But the naughty side of me wanted to tease him and make him more desperate by denying him and making it difficult for him. Plus, it was supposed to be date so considering the occasion, I really wanted it to be different and decided to hold up high, the lady’s virtues. So instead, I extend my hand and held his hesitant hand and conversated normally. Pete looked bit disappointed but it didn’t take long before we chatted away happily like a real couple. Personally I liked that more than if he would’ve touched my legs because then, it wouldn’t have felt like a proper date, instead just another sleazy pantyhose play.

When we arrived at the restaurant, just like Pete said, the place looked amazing, very classy and romantic atmosphere. We were greeted at the reception then handed over to the seating manager to guide us to our table. We were sat in a semi-private booth by the window, overlooking at the city. The night view of the city looked incredible!

What was more incredible and somewhat confronting was the level of attention I got from other dinners as we walked past their tables. They all appeared to there with their girlfriends or wives, but that didn’t stop them from checking me out. And I definitely could tell the difference between when a guy was just innocently looked at me compared to checked me out, and it was clearly latter. I could tell by looking at how their lady partners dressed, I surely stood out. It was no way near as modest as what their lady partners wore. Of course, it also attracted some evil stares from unhappy girlfriends and wives as their significant the others were drooling over me.

It wasn’t anything that I couldn’t cope with. I had it happened to me plenty of times before that so I just brushed it off and focused on our date. Sadly, Pete was quite bothered by the attention drawn to us and I could see him struggling with the embarrassment. To help him better, I held his hands and told him how handsome he looked and what a great place he had chosen for our date. I thanked him and reached over to him over the table and kissed him. Pete was happy again in no time. But when I tried to sit back down, I realized my dress was pulled up again when I bent over and again, unintentionally flashed my pantyhose clad butt to those dinners who were in the line of view from where they were sitting. Opps! Oh well, too bad for those girlfriends and wives. But I had no doubt their male significant other had the time of their lives!

As we eased into the course meal, starting with some bubblies and appetizers, our conversations really kicked off. Sure, there were some mix of flirtatious and sexual remarks but overall, we were having a fantastic time! You tell me if this was a good thing or bad thing but the more bubblies I had, the stronger the naughtiness within me wanted to surface, basically I was getting horny and the mischievous side of me was slowly emerging. And so it began with playing footsie escort maraş under the dinning table. With my pantyhose clad feet with the 5 inch stilettos sandals on, I reached over and rubbed Pete’s feet and legs. Pete’s reaction was instant with his eyes wide open! It was quite a sight!

Pete’s look only fueled my lust. I gazed upon Pete’s eyes with slutty look which got dirtier and naughtier by the minute. To heat things up a little, I reached down to my left foot and unbuckled the ankle strap to take the shoe off. Then, with my pantyhose clad feet, I directly reached for Pete’s groin, and firmly pressed on his penis and ball. Pete chocked on his meal with a facial expression of ‘what the hack are you doing?’

It was so fun and I didn’t want to stop there, I wanted to go further! So I seductively told Pete that I wanted a foot rub with a wink. He obeyed like a good man he was. He grabbed my left foot and placed it in front of his groin and started to massage the pantyhose clad feet. I asked how he felt and he told me how silky and smooth the pantyhose felt over the foot and asked me if it was the usual pair I wore at the office. I replied, I was wearing two pairs of pantyhose and they were from more quality brand, specially prepared for the special night with a very special guy. He melted!

Being Pete, it didn’t take long before he started to rub his groin with my pantyhose clad foot and became hard again. So I told him to unzip his pants and let his dick out and rub it with my foot. Again, he obeyed immediately. By this time, I was wondering if anyone could see us. After all, it was in a dim setting so I didn’t think others could see what was happening under the table, but at the least the through got me aroused even more.

In minutes, I could feel Pete’s surge of precum running all over my pantyhose clad sole and toes. The wet and sticky feel got me wild. We were expecting the main to be served any moment, but the way it was going, Pete was also going to climax any moment. It was a fun race. The competitive side of me took over the control. So I started to dirty talk to Pete as he was making love to my foot. Still being mindful of the surrounding other dinners, I quietly told Pete some seductive yet very naughty things, and bingo! Pete lost the control, with his eyes closed and heavy breathing, just short of squealing, he exploded his hot and sticky spunk all over my pantyhose clad foot. As his jet of semen hit against the foot and the feel of the warm semen fluid sliding down over the pantyhose got me so wet.

As Pete was calming down, I told him to rub his spunk goo all over my foot and up to the shin. Just as Pete did what he was told, rubbing his creamy semen into the nylon and the skin beneath, the main arrived and served. The kinky part of it was that, as the server was setting up the main on the table, he politely engaged us with a light conversation, asking how we were and if we were enjoying the food and overall experience, and the whole time, the server had no idea about what was happening under the table, my cum drenched foot resting over Pete’s dick which was still hanging out of his pants. I wondered if he could smell Pete’s spunk because I could. But then again, I guessed, he wouldn’t have known that, even the slightest as it was just impossible expectation!

After the server left the table, we began the main and so did our naughty adventure under the table. I continued to flirt with Pete both above and under the table. I made oral gestures like licking and sucking on the food off the fork, like asparagus, and footjob under the table. Shortly after we finished the main and waited for the desserts to come through, I wiggled my soaked g-string off my butt and passed it over to Pete on my ankle under the table. Pete looked even more shock than before. Then I quietly told him to take it from the ankle and place the wet g-string in his both hands, and place both hands over his face to sniff the g-string over the table. Pete was reluctant about it but with bit of encouragement of quick flash of my left boob, got him going.

Pete placed his both hands with my soaked g-string in his palm, covered his face and sniffed it. Pete was getting really turned on again, and loving the scent of my thick creamy nectar from my horny pussy. As he was enjoying my wet and sexy g-string, I asked him if he wanted to taste me. So I told him to place the g-string in his mouth, and he obeyed as he was told. I asked how it tasted but obviously he couldn’t talk with the g-string stuffed in his mouth, so I told him not to answer and instead moan quietly if he loved the taste or spit the g-string out on the table if he didn’t like it. Obviously, he moaned.

Just as he was moaning and the play was keep escalating, the same server returned to our table with the first dessert. Again, the server politely engaged in a short conversation, how we enjoyed the main and explaining the dessert. I teased Pete by also redirecting the question to him but obviously he couldn’t answer, and I jokingly told the server, Pete couldn’t talk because he was still trying to digest the heavy main. It was rather very funny. And again, the kinky part was that all that time, the server had no idea that Pete had my g-string stuffed in his mouth.

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