Each Monday morning I reviewed the incoming inventory looking for Karen Smith’s Camaro. Finally, after three weeks her Dad’s name appeared on a list which indicated the car was due to arrive within the next three to five days. I reviewed my schedule to see if I was scheduled to work. I was scheduled for evenings that week which I was happy about since Mr. Smith would most likely take delivery of the car after he got off from work. The car arrived to the dealership on a Friday morning. We had to inspect it and prepare it for delivery. Jim called Mr. Smith to inform him that the car had arrived and was ready. Mr. Smith said he and Karen would be in later that evening around 6:00 p.m. Jim got the paperwork ready to make the delivery a quick and seamless experience. I was excited that I was working that night and would get the opportunity to see Karen again.

It seemed like 6:00 p.m. would not arrive fast enough. I kept fantasizing about what Karen might be wearing and naturally I hoped she would be in a dress, heels and pantyhose. At around 5:30 I had myself so worked up with anticipation I had decided I didn’t care what shade of pantyhose Karen may be wearing. If she were wearing those nearly invisible nude super sheer pantyhose again I resigned myself to accept it because at least she was wearing nylon. Six finally came and then it went and no Smiths. Jim received a call from Mr. Smith at 6:10 p.m. Mr. Smith said they had an unexpected family emergency and would not be able to make it but would like to come in tomorrow afternoon. Jim informed Mr. Smith that he would not be working but he would get someone to deliver the car and asked Mr. Smith if that was acceptable. Mr. Smith agreed and informed Jim that he and Karen would be in at 3:00 p.m.

Jim explained the situation to our Sales Manager, Ted and I could see a lot of head shaking “yes” going on. Then Ted called me over. He told me he wanted me to handle the delivery of the Camaro to the Smith’s tomorrow and that everything had to go well as Mr. Smith was more than just an employee at GM. I assured him I would make the experience smooth and easy for the Smiths. My demeanor was calm, cool and collected but inside I was elated. Not only would I see Karen Smith tomorrow but I would have her full attention for a period of time.

When I arrived home I headed straight for my dresser and retrieved the plastic bag containing Karen’s pantyhose. After four weeks the hose still retained her lovely scent and my cock jumped each time I took a deep whiff of them. I spread the pantyhose out on my bed with the feet near the side of the bed. Quickly, I got out of my clothes as I stood over the pantyhose. I fantasized that Karen was there with me, wearing the pantyhose and her feet only inches from my hard cock. I took hold of each stocking foot and began rubbing them over my stiff cock and along my nuts. The cool, soft nylon felt so good against my skin. I was beginning to leak precum pretty well so I dropped the feet of the pantyhose and began lubing my cock with it. Looking back and forth at the pantyhose on my bed as I imagined Karen’s sweet pussy and ass beneath that thin nylon was really turning me on. I suddenly had the thought “What if she doesn’t wear panties under her pantyhose?” The idea of Karen’s pussy and ass “naked” in her pantyhose was getting me hot as fuck.

“Damn! If her skirt blows up I could catch a glimpse of her pussy and ass in her hose!” I fantasized. I could no longer hold off from cumming after that image ran through my head. I nutted hard before I was ready. Quickly, I grabbed my under shirt to catch my eruption. My cum poured out of my cock as if I hadn’t cum in days which was not the case. I wiped my cock with my t-shirt then headed into the bathroom to shower. Once I was dressed I picked up the pantyhose from my bed and gave them another good sniff. I looked down to my groin and grinned at the tent in my briefs. I carefully folded Karen’s pantyhose and dropped them in the bag.

That night, as I drifted off to sleep I fantasized repeatedly about Karen. I knew I had to have her. Yes, I wanted to fuck her. There was no doubt about that, but I actually began thinking I would like to have her as a girlfriend and not just as a sexual conquest. I also imagined she would be happy to wear pantyhose for me all the time and would relish being fucked in her pantyhose. I fell asleep with a boner and woke Saturday morning with a sticky cock and balls. I barely remembered cumming during the night. I recalled having the thought “Just let it go, it feels so good.”
I took my time getting ready for work since I wasn’t due in until noon.

Once at the dealership I went over Karen’s Camaro myself. It had already been inspected but I wanted to do it again to ensure everything was perfect. The day was a little slow, which only increased my anxiety about seeing Karen again. At 2:58 p.m. Mr. Smith’s Ninety Eight Regency pulled into the lot. Mr. Smith stepped from the wheel as Karen did from the front passenger seat. All of us guys watched her as everyone knew she was coming to pickup her car. She was dressed up as was Mr. Smith. They had been somewhere nice previously güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri or perhaps were going somewhere later. Karen wore a slim black skirt that ended just above her knees, a light gray sheer blouse, black three inch strappy heels with a half-inch platform and super sexy off-black pantyhose. Damn her legs looked good enough to eat in those pantyhose.

I was at the door before they were and held it open for them as I introduced myself. I told them I was very happy to be delivering their new vehicle to them and that I would have them out as quickly as possible. I escorted them to my cubicle and offered them seats and something to drink. I’m sure you are excited to see the car so allow me a moment to check with our car jockey to make sure he has finished washing and drying the car and then we will bring it around for you. As I walked back to the Service Center the thought “She is wearing black pantyhose, she is wearing black pantyhose!” kept racing through my mind. Scotty said the car was ready and I told him to bring it around front.

I returned to my cubicle to find Karen sitting with her legs crossed. Her skirt had ridden up some and she now provided anyone who walked by with a clear view of her hosed clad right leg from upper thigh down to her toes. Had she been wearing nylon stockings one would have seen the stocking welt and garter! I wanted to fall to my knees and begin worshipping her leg there in the showroom. I remained standing and invited them outside to look at the car.

The Smiths looked it over and it was easy to see Karen was excited and pleased. I opened the door for her to slip behind the wheel. Mr. Smith was standing next to the rear left wheel so I had to act as a gentleman and turn my head away as she entered in case Karen showed more than she had intended. Mr. Smith said “Well, go take if for a drive. I’ll wait here.” Suddenly I remembered what Ted has said. Karen could not drive the car due to her age. It would have to be titled and delivered. Our insurance would not cover her as the car still belonged to GM. I informed the Smiths of this and Mr. Smith immediately concurred, stating he had forgotten about that. “Not a big deal. You want the car right?” he asked Karen. Karen replied “Of course I want it.” “Let’s go in and complete the paperwork, put the temp tag on it and then Bryan here can take you out for a demo ride” Mr. Smith declared.

We went back inside and sat around my desk. Mr. Smith signed all of the paperwork as Scotty put a 30 day tag on the car. Once the paperwork was completed we went back out to the car. Mr. Smith said he would stay back while Karen and I took a demo drive. I couldn’t decide if I would help Karen into the car or get in the passenger seat. I decided to just get in the car. I was seated before Karen had her legs in the car. She was seated and trying to lift her right leg but couldn’t get it in due to her skirt being to tight for her to spread her legs. Finally, she slipped her skirt up a little and she was able to swing her legs inside. I watched intently and thoroughly enjoyed the show. I was not about to be chivalrous now that I had her all to myself. Karen was showing a lot of thigh and I liked it.

She leaned forward slightly to place the key in the ignition and as she did her skirt moved up ever so slightly along the bottom of her thighs. I said nothing but watched the wonderful show. After she started the car I began going over the options and how to operate them. She turned the AC on, adjusted the mirrors then put the car into drive and we slowly pulled out of the lot. We travelled about six blocks down the road while I basically just watched her drive and checked out her incredible legs. Suddenly, she announced “I can’t do this, I have to pull over!” I couldn’t imagine what was going on as we pulled into the grocery parking lot. Karen leaned forward and slipped her shoes off. “I don’t feel confident behind the wheel with these shoes on. I don’t usually wear heels when I drive” she said. “Really, why is that?” I asked. “Well, heels can put a hole in the floor mat and carpet for one, but for me they also make the pedals feel odd. I keep a cheap pair of flats in my parent’s cars.” Karen picked up her shoes and reached between our seats and dropped them on the floor behind my seat. For a few seconds our faces were inches from each other and it was all I could do to not lean in and kiss her.

As Karen put the Camaro in drive I sat there trying to keep my now hardening cock at bay. It was difficult as I found it erotic that she was driving in her pantyhose feet and by now showing much more thigh than I believe she was aware of. As we came to a stop at a traffic light I glanced her way. I tried to catch a glimpse of the dark panty of her pantyhose but could not see any of it. “Please, please, let it be, let her be wearing all sheer pantyhose” I thought. “What are they again? Oh yeah, sheer to waist. Please be wearing sheer to waist pantyhose Karen!” popped into my head. We talked about the car during our drive and how much she liked it and how happy she was that she ordered the 350 V8.

When I felt she was comfortable with me I asked “So, I bet your boyfriend güvenilir bahis şirketleri is going to be excited to see the car?” Karen replied “Yeah, if I had one, I guess he would be” she laughed. “What? She’s single? How can that be?” I thought. “Come on now, you must be beating them off with a stick then?” I replied back. “No, not really. I had a boyfriend until last June but we broke up.” “Oh that’s too bad” I said as I lied through my teeth. “Not really, he cheated and I ended it.” I decided it best not to continue discussing her love life and decided to talk about school and her interests. I quickly learned that Karen was far more mature than most ladies her age and was in fact studying classical piano and was considered a virtuoso. She informed me that she had come from a recital before coming to the dealership. “So you’re not good but really good” I said. Karen laughed and said “Well, it’s embarrassing but I can play the hell out of a Steinway!” then she laughed again. Now was my opportunity I thought. “You know I would love to see you perform. I think it’s awesome that someone is so gifted and I enjoy all types of music.” She said well I’m not performing again until the week before Christmas when I will be part of a big pageant. You are welcome to attend but it’s sold out already. I can arrange for you to attend as a guest if you would like but you must attend. If you back out I’ll get grief for arranging for a seat that goes unfilled. “Oh Baby, don’t you worry your pretty head over that, I’ll be there. Believe me, I’ll be there” I said to myself.

By now we were only five minutes or so from the dealership. I had been watching Karen’s stocking feet caress the pedals and loving the great view of her sheer legs. I kept noticing that her pantyhose were incredibly super sheer and the toes were sheer as well. I wanted to know what she was wearing but could not think of a polite way to ask and if I did she may think I had a girlfriend and then why would I want to attend her concert. We stopped at a light two blocks from the dealership when she glanced down and let out a little yelp “Oh my gosh, I’m showing a lot of leg here” she stammered. “Yeap, you sure are” I quipped. To help her relax I joked “Hey now, it certainly isn’t hurting my feelings. No need to be embarrassed” I said half laughing.

Karen regained her composure then said “It’s just… these pantyhose don’t hide anything. They are sheer to waist and I didn’t realize my skirt had hiked up so high.” “Well if you don’t mind me saying so, you look incredible in them. Your pantyhose are so sheer. Is it too much if I ask what brand they are?” By now the light was green and we began to slowly roll forward. Looking straight ahead a sly smile began to take shape on Karen’s lips. “They are Hanes Ultra Sheer” she said. Playing dumb I replied back “Huh, oh your pantyhose, Hanes, yes, I’ve seen them on television. They are very nice. I think this is the first I’ve seen them in person. At least that I know of. Well, I must agree with the commercial. This gentleman prefers Hanes.” Karen laughed out loud as we pulled into the lot.

I quickly exited the car to allow her room to retrieve her shoes. I walked around to the driver’s door to offer her assistance out of the car. By this time she had spun around and had her legs protruding from the car. She gently rested her feet on the asphalt then raised her left foot and slipped her heel on. When she raised her right foot it provided me a view straight up her skirt. I got a great view of the gusset of her pantyhose and what made my day is that no panties were visible. “I’ve died and gone to heaven! This chick doesn’t wear panties with her pantyhose!” I thought. Karen lowered her left foot to the pavement and I offered my right hand to her for assistance. As she stood she began to discreetly pull her skirt down. While doing so the amethyst ring on her right hand caught on her pantyhose at her right knee. She was immediately aware of it and cautiously worked to unhook the nylon threads. Softly she let “damn it” escape from her lips. I stood watching not sure what to do. I wondered if I should offer assistance but decided against it as it occurred to me that she could very well run her pantyhose while I had the pleasure of watching. If I was lucky she would have another pair with her and would change into them before leaving. “Oh no! That is too bad! They are such nice pantyhose too! Careful now” I whispered.

Karen had successfully managed to unhook her ring from her hose without running or ripping them. I must confess I was disappointed as I wanted them. I wanted to lick and sniff the pussy panel and ass so bad. Especially so since I now knew she didn’t wear panties. I glanced at her knee. Her pantyhose were no longer pristine. If one really took notice it was obvious she had snagged them but they had not run so sadly for me they would serve her for at least the remainder of the day.

We walked to my cubicle and she took the seat next to her father. “So how do you like it?” her father asked. “I love it! I made the right decision” she said. Mr. Smith asked “So is that everything then? We are all done?” I told him that he would receive a call to pick canlı bahis şirketleri up their permanent plates once we received them but other than that, business was concluded. As we were speaking, out of the corner of my eye I noticed Karen had raised her right leg and crossed it over her left. Instantaneously a small hole popped open on her knee and a half-inch wide run quickly zipped up and down her leg. I was mesmerized by what I had just witnessed and found it quite erotic. “Well crap!” Karen puffed. “I’ll be a minute Dad” she said as she stood. As I had remained standing I could see that the run had gone under Karen’s skirt and down her shin ending a few inches above the top of her foot.

Karen proceeded toward the restroom. No way was she going to wear a pantyhose with such a noticeable run. Nope, not this girl. She returned only minutes later with pristine legs. Her pantyhose were no different than the pair she had just ruined. Well, that’s not fair, she didn’t ruin them, life happened to them. Mr. Smith headed over to his car as I escorted Karen to her car. I handed her my business card and told her if there was anything she needed to let me know and I would take care of it. She told me she would be in touch soon regarding the pageant. As she walked around toward the driver’s door I checked her legs out. She definitely had changed her pantyhose. I first thought she may have turned them around so no one would see the run coming but that was not the case. They were pristine. “Wow, she is so hot! This girl carries spare pantyhose!” I thought. As soon as her car pulled onto the road I made a dash for the restroom.

By now we were moments from locking the doors to the showroom. I popped my head in the ladies’ room. It was empty. I looked inside the wastebasket and as I had hoped, Karen’s pantyhose were sitting inside. They lay in a nylon puddle as if she had dropped them inside while holding them by the waistband and letting the toes go in first then a little more pantyhose until she finally let go of the waistband. I scooped them up and brought them to my face. Heaven, her pantyhose smelled like heaven to me. I noticed the scent of her lovely and delicate perfume but this pair had a much stronger aroma of her pussy. I held the pantyhose up in front of me and brought the crotch to my nose. It smelled so sweet and my cock was bulging to burst from my slacks. I suddenly realized the crotch panel was damp! I examined it closely. Surely, it was damp with her feminine juices. I stuffed the hose in my pocket then deposited them in my locker as I had with her previous pair.

As soon as I walked through the door I began ripping my clothes off. I stood in front of the coffee table nude and sporting a proud rock hard seven inch boner. I held Karen’s pantyhose up in front of me. I liked the Hanes because they retained the silhouette of her body better than the other pair. I re-examined the pussy panel. It was still damp and smelled delightful. I let myself fantasize that Karen had become aroused when I asked her about her pantyhose on our drive. Why else would her lady juice have dampened the crotch panel?

I sniffed the ass of the panty. It too smelled feminine. I loosely scrunched the hose and brought them to my face again. I inhaled deeply as I slowly thrust my hips forward a few times. I really liked the feel of this pair. They were incredibly sheer and the fabric was so silky. I slipped each stocking over my hands and arms being extra careful not to make the run in them any worse. I brought the feet to my face and rubbed them over it. My five o’clock shadow made scratching sounds against the fabric. “Oh no, I don’t want to ruin them!” I thought. I checked for snags or holes. My heavy beard had made a few minor abrasions but thankfully no real damaged. I made a mental note to myself not to do that again.

I began to stroke my aching cock with my silky clad hands. The sheer Hanes hose felt incredible on my lusty cock. As I slowly stroked I relived the scene that had occurred in my cubicle and outside with Karen. Had she been a naughty little bitch and run her pantyhose on purpose to get a rise out of me? Did she think deliberately making her exquisite pantyhose run would “crush” me or turn me on? I continued to let different pantyhose fantasies run through my mind as I gently teased my cock. I could feel my balls tighten and knew I would have to release soon. I quickly slipped the pantyhose from my arms and placed them over my shoulders with the feet hanging down just above my cock. The hose were so sheer they freely moved about while I stroked and I loved it. “Mmmph, arrrg ugh, ugh” I grunted deeply as the hot cum spurted from my cock and landed on the coffee table. I came so hard that for a second I thought I might pass out.

Like the first pair of pantyhose this pair too went into a plastic bag for future worship. While showering I nutted a second time as I fantasized about eating Karen’s sweet and precious pussy through he pantyhose. It is going to happen I told myself. I will do it. I will drive her crazy with lust for my cock too. I’ll munch her love muffin through the crotch panel until she begs me to tear it open. Then I will bring her to orgasm with my oral skills. Only after that will I give her my cock. I fell asleep dreaming about Karen’s concert and how much I was looking forward to her call. Slow and easy I reassured myself. She is nobody’s fool. I’m going to have to be on my best behavior if I’m going to get this pantyhose princess to see me as her prince.

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