Owning Lynx


Owning LynxThis story involves acquiring fur and has a gay theme. This story/adventure is about 80% true and 20% fictional. But it is all based on real experiences in my life. Because fur tends to be very expensive. I got into trapping as a boy. Because I needed a way to gratify my overwhelming fur fetish. From day one I fell deeply in love with fur and the magical power it has over me. However, I was trapping coyotes, fox, beaver and raccoons in upstate New York near Lake Placid (Adirondack Mountains). Unfortunately, there is not much of a return for all the work and time involved in acquiring those small game pelts. One day many years back I was in the Trading Post in Keen Valley, NY (The store at that time only dealt with buying and selling pelts. He was a hide cutter and owned a tanning vat and a large drying barn behind the store.) One day while dropping off about 20 red fox, 15 coyotes and 10 beaver pelts. I saw an ad in one of the free hand out newspapers; it simply said, “Live trap lynx along with other game. A professional guide/trapper in Quebec Province close to the Saint-Ludger-De-Milot region needs help during the winter season. Call or write for a true backwoods adventure.” I thought why not apply for the job. It was only 4 hours up the road and there is a lot more money in lynx, black bear and moose skins. OMG I got so excited at the thought of trapping lynx, owning them and taking their fur coats. I shoved my hand in my dirty tight jeans and started edging with the rabbit fur lining my down underwear. I almost had an organism as I rearranged my nut sack and tool. Dreaming about the fate of some lynxes; getting lucky enough to grapple with me. Before surrendering their fur coats; for both my desires and survival. I know that fur is an inanimate object. Yet I find myself revering and admiring fur when I first take it away from its owner. I like to believe the spirit of the a****l still inhabits that fur and will come to appreciate its new reality. Now: I know technically I was not in the Arctic Circle but when the temperatures drop well below -25F (-32C) at night and only reach a high of -10F (-24C) during the day. I might as well have been in the Arctic. Perfect conditions for an a****l to grow thick, rich fur. I also have no idea why or what it is about the people in that live in the North Country: but they seem to age far better than people do in the south. I was in my 40’s at that time and my soon to be new partner was in his 70’s. When we met for the first time. Truthfully if I was one of the a****ls caught by him; I would have no problem with him stroking and brushing out my fur. I would only hope that after he worked to dress me down. That he would keep my fur for his own pleasure and gratification. He was straight and old, but I envied the furs that belonged to his body. I fell in love with his looks and smell. Truth I have yet to meet the trapper / hunter that doesn’t like the power of owning an a****ls’ fur for personal pleasure and the satisfaction of using it to jerk off>>>>. Anyway, our first meeting took place in a general store. He was easy to spot sitting at one of the tables playing checkers while sipping a cup of coffee. The description he gave me was perfect: “I will be wearing: leather boots lined in sheepskin, raccoon fur gators, blue jeans, a red and black checked flannel shirt and a buckskin pullover chemise. A nylon blue and white snow suite will be hanging close by with an oversized coyote ruff on the hood. Along with a coonskin mountain man hat.” I walked over to the table and introduced myself. He asked if he could have a few minutes to finish up the game before we talked. I said of course take your time. I would like to look around the store; if you do not mind. Go! He said with a smile! I already knew based on his demeanor I wanted to work with him. I liked the idea of being with an older guy who enjoyed this line of work. I loved the building where we met. It looked like something right out of the 1800’s an old fashion Walmart. A large 2 story building with a wide wrap around porch. There were ladder-back and rocking chairs covered in elk and deerskins with tables’ in-between and snow-covered hides (moose, deer, buffalo and bear) that hung over the porch rails to help cut down on the wind and snow. The hides were frozen stiff. But I could see where the hair on top of the rail was worn thin. I wondered how many hundreds of people had fun fondling those furry hides: while they waited to go into the store for a meal on a summer day. As you walked into the store the first thing you noticed were all the trophy heads and a****l exhibits on shelves along the walls. I never agreed with that: It just seems so disrespectful; to just take a life and turn it into a useless display. When that a****ls’ fur like the pine martin I saw up there; whose fur would be more beneficial made into a garment or used to line the crotch of long underwear. You could buy almost anything in that store: from a needle and thread, roofing, a new rifle, traps, clothing, a full meal or just an aspirin. I noticed along the back wall there were 2 sets of stairs. One went up, but it was roped off with a sign saying (privet / off limits). The other stairs went down. With a sign pointing down saying; FURS. As I went down the stairs I tripped a beam that turned on all the lights. It was a huge open room with a stone floor and large timbers supporting the upper level: (about (125’ (38M) Long) X (50’ (15.25m) Wide) with a 15’ (3.3m) ceiling). As I stepped off the last stair it felt cold. But with good reason all I could see was fur. All kinds of fur garments and rings upon rings of fur pelts. There were moose, elk and deerskins on wooden pallets piled high; shelves stacked with small game pelts. Custom made fur garments on hangers; hanging on long rails above my head. Every fur was marked with the name of the trapper or seamstress that had had stored their furs in that room. Some were marked for sale while others were marked for auction. To make it even more interesting the area was only half filled with fur. I could envision what this space would look like at the end of trapping season. It was an a****ls’ nightmare and a fur lovers’ fantasy. I couldn’t help myself my cock grew hard as I looked at and fondled all kinds of different furs (both tanned and green pelts). Too bad these a****ls didn’t know how lucky they were to end up here. All of those furs waiting just waiting for a new life; with a fur lover. I fell in love with some of the clothing. There was sheered mink and beaver hides made into shorts and undies. Fur mussel T’s and T-shirts. Then I saw pants made from sheered beaver and gray fox fur marked unisex. (For bedroom wear / use only.) I picked up a pair and held them against my waist (sheered, soft, natural beaver and fox on the other side. There was a hole stitched into the back side (ass) and two holes one above the other on the front side. I stroked the fur and I could invasion it being trapped between to people as they humped each other. God, I got hard: knowing the fate of those a****ls! Their soft seductive beauty and tantalizing softness arousing and stimulating naughty sexual desires. As they enjoyed, steamy, raunchy, hot, sweaty, dirty sex. The fur getting pounded as they humped; ruined with all kinds of human eliminations. Next to the nightwear were fur blankets hanging on racks. Both ranch raised and wilderness a****ls. The furs ranged in size from a throw to a king size bedspread. OMF-ing god I felt like I was pissing I was oozing out so much clear juice. I fell in love with one of the coyote blankets: I counted 28 pelts some still had their tails and faces. As I stood there fondling that blanket; envisioning its new existence with me in a sunny room resting on my soft bed. With me on top of it. Humping it and r****g the shit out of those coyotes; cumming in its soft hairs. When my fantasy was interrupted as two really cute, well-built guys came down the stairs both in their late 20’s both with boyish looks. One of them went straight to a ring of fox pelts and started pawing them pulling one pelt into his crotch. I could see and feel his excitement as he fondled them. The other guy quickly walked over to a shelf piled high with rex rabbit pelts; both dyed and natural. He picked up an oversized rex dyed pink holding it up; saying hey Mike illegal bahis I found the perfect cum rag for you. His friend didn’t really care he was to buzzy picking out his own victims’. I stood there holding the coyote blanket as they had fun picking out different pelts. They didn’t know I was there; because they were so caught up in caressing and fondling all the different furs. They were such beautiful hot men. I really wanted to talk to them! I saw a hand basket close to me on the floor. I picked it up and walked over to the one picking out small pelts. I frightened him as I approached and handed him the basket. He thanked me and then I walked over and started to look at the fox pelts with his friend. His friend looked at me and asked which of the fox furs I liked. There were at least 15 different variations to choose from. The two of us had fun looking though all of those soft furs. Pulling on them as they hung on the rings; looking at the overall size, color and thickness of the pelt. He wanted pelts that had a full unblemished face, deep, thick fur, long guard hairs and long thick tails. Bringing them close to his face he stated how much he loved the smell of freshly tanned furs. He took a Polish white fox off one of the rings. Without any hesitation he said I can’t wait till my cock is buried in his fur I want to **** the shit out of this guy. OMG how I wanted to trade places with that fox fur and feel his strong hands holding me. His manly sweaty scent was driving me nuts. I didn’t dare look down I could feel my cock throbbing. The rabbit pelt in my undies felt like a wet dish rag I had oozed out that much clear juice. There was little doubt as to the fate of these a****ls as they picked out the pelts they wanted. They both had on tight blue jeans and the outline of their erections was so obvious. One of them only wanted XXL ranch raised fox; picking out several: beige and pure white artic fox. Holding up one of the white pelts he smiled and said you, my partner and I will have fun together. I could not believe my ears when he said, my partner and I are really into golden water works. I can’t wait to fuck your wet ruined pure white fur won’t that be fun. Then he grabbed 6 more of the artic fox, 4 grays and 4 red fox pelts. He looked at me and smiling. Just look at these beautiful virgins. In time they will get to swallow a lot of cum and stink like my ass. Oh god I almost came in my pants fantasizing that fur getting humped by the two of them. Then his partner came over and started to fondle the ranch raised pelts. Turning toward me, he said I love the fact that these a****ls lived in perfect conditions and ate all the right food. Little did they know for all that care>>>: I just smiled and listened I felt his excitement and understood how much he wished those a****ls could know the awesome new erotic existence they were about to have with him and his partner (or not)? With that he pulled out a 180cm ranch/raised fox. Hum! It had extra heavy, silky fur, dyed pastel pink, with sparse light gray guard hairs. It was an open skin with a full face and a beautiful long tail. His partners back was turned to us. Without any hesitation he started to rub that fur on my jeans and said you just know this little lady wants you to fuck her. I smiled and said you’re probably right. I unhooked her and hung it around my neck. Looking at him I said do you think she likes the smell of my armpits? I don’t know about that fox. But I love the way you smell. I would love to be the fur that your cock fucks. He knew that he got into my head as he smiled and turned away. Then those two tall, thin, blue and green-eyed guys with their beautiful brown hair; spotted the lynx. As if on que they both walked over to the rings and selected two. Setting the basket down slowly they each took a pelt in hand and rubbed it against each other’s jeans. It was so hot as they embraced and made out with the fur caught between them. When they let go of each other I could easily see that a wet spot had appeared on both of their jeans. Both of those lynx pelts were placed in the basket. Before they left they thanked me and handed me a card with a phone number and a photo of one of their friends. I looked at the picture and almost fell over he was a tall gorgeous blond. Wearing a coyote fur coat. You could barely see the head of his cock sticking out of the fur. But you could see stings of discharge oozing out of him onto the fur. Before you return to the states give us a call: our friend is single and has an intense love for fur and I am confident that some of our new furry pets would love to be involved in a four some. OMG Yes! He stroked the fur hanging on my neck saying let this one stay virgin. So that when the four of us get together we can have fun r****g him at the same time? The thought of 8 hands pulling on that fox as four cocks ****d it. I stroked the fur as did my new friend saying it’s a shame that you will never know just how much physical fun we will have with you. I smiled and said I will call you guys in about 8 to 10 weeks. They left and started back upstairs. I really wanted a new fur coat and there it was. A beautiful, whitish, rich, thick fur timber wolf jacket. I could tell no feel those pelts were just begging for the warmth and love of my body. I tried it on. God, it felt overwhelming as all that fur engulfed my body; it weighed a ton. The pelts used to make that jacket were left full: two of the faces crossed over each of my shoulders looking down my back and chest. While a third face was hidden under the split hood with its thick dyed black fox ruff. I stood there stroking the fur and started to fantasize about the fate of the a****ls. The fur was so warm I got a whiff of my scent as it infused with that jacket. There is such an infinitesimal line between life and death. Stroking the fur and zipping the jacket up. I walked over to a mirror. I said I hope you like the look and feel of your new body; because I own you now. As I stood there admiring that timber wolf jacket. All I could think about how excited those two French boys were with their new soft lynx furs. I could tell that those one of those lynx pelts was going for a ride as soon as they sat down in their truck. No love lost on that fur. Just the sheer pleasure of owning it for the luxury of stimulating, self-indulgence. God, those boys were cute. I am also positive that one of those virgin rabbit pelts; was going to feel their cocks as they finished. Getting fully bathed in milky juice. After all, why trash a lynx; when at the peak of excitement all you want to feel is fur. Is there anything more rewarding for a lover of fur? Then the arrogance and extravagance of owning an a****l’s hide just to have the luxury of cumming in its soft hairs. r****g it and trashing it: just because they can? There were hundreds of green pelts piled high and hanging up throughout that room. Almost any a****l’s fur you can think of that lives in N. America. I couldn’t help but wonder where they would end up after being sold or auctioned off. Nevertheless, I knew the fate of this timber wolf jacket as I went back upstairs and laid it on the counter. The clerk said I see that these timber wolves found a new home. I laughed out loud and said: they did! I paid him and went across the room to find my new partner who was still playing checkers. Looking up he said are you ready to go? Yaw I bought some stuff and shipped it home. They will hold the package for me at the post office. Ok Good: let’s go then! I slung my new jacket over my back and shoulders sliding my arms into it; that fox fur lining felt heavenly. Part 2We left the store got onto his snow mobile. We drove for close to 45 minutes going deeper and deeper into the forest. By the time we reached his cabin. I was tired and ready to settle in for the night. This had been one very long day.I didn’t know what to expect as he opened the door and invited me. Upon entering the cabin had a mixture of scents about it. The strongest being his, cooking odors and burning wood. It looked so homey and inviting. It was a simple lay out. There were two small bedrooms off the main room. He offered me one of the bedrooms to use during my stay. There was a wood burning stove, two oversize comfortable chairs in front of a fireplace, a large table and benches in the center of the room of the room; a illegal bahis siteleri free-standing pantry and a lot of shelves nailed to the walls. A large unorganized desk and chair against one of the other walls; with a ham radio above it. A bookcase that was fill with reading material another one next to it with a turntable and records. The cabin had four small double hung windows he used buckskins as curtains. Next to the front door were a lot of pegs that held crudely made fur coats and pants, nylon parkas and snowsuits. A variety of boots some made from with fur while others were lined in fur. There were shelves that held all kinds of fur, leather and nylon hats and gloves. Coyote, raccoon and nylon gators hung on one of the pegs. The bedrooms looked warm and comfortable. They both had full beds, nightstands, bureaus and one window with a buckskin curtain. In my room there were pegs holding an odd assortment of fur garments I guessed to sleep in. Both bedrooms had bearskin rugs covering the floors. I took my stuff into my bedroom. There was a wool blanket and a coyote fur bedspread covering an old cotton mattress. I stroked the coyote blanket and thought to myself I can’t wait to exploit and punish you with my stiff cock. The cabin was heated by a wood burning stove and kerosene lamps that were also used for lighting. There was a generator that ran on propane, but he used that sparingly. I saw a hand pump in the kitchen, I guessed that bathing was done the old fashion way (a simple sponge bath). That didn’t bother me in the least; having spent weeks at a time hunting and hiking without modern day conveniences. Unlike a lot of people, I really like the natural scent of some male body’s the stronger the better and his scent really turned me on. He smiled and said make yourself comfortable. I will show you around in the outside in the morning. I went outside and got some logs and stoked the fire while he made our dinner. He said I hope you like the taste of wild meat? We are having moose meat pie tonight and a bear steak tomorrow. I smiled and said, excellent. That evening after dinner we read for a while and listened to the short-wave before turning in. He did not know that I was gay and got into trapping because of my physical obsession with fur. (Fetish) Some-things are better left unsaid in a situation like this. My bed took some getting used to. The mattress was old, stained and smelled musty. But per his instructions I brought a large goose down sleeping bag to sleep in (it was rated to -40c). As I closed the door; laughingly he yelled out: there is a chamber pot under the bed (that your responsible for keeping clean). By the way if you do need to go outside and use the outhouse there are a couple of heavy fur snowsuits hanging behind the bedroom door. I was alone at last after a long day. I unrolled my brand new down filled, emerald green nylon sleeping bag. It looked so tempting laying there just waiting for me to climb into. But before I did that. I wanted to look at the 2 pairs of raccoon fur trousers hanging on one of the pegs and the coyote snow suites. I could not help myself I started to stroke the furs and of course as nature would have it; I got hard. I took one snow suite off the peg and laid it on the bed. OMG it was reversible with fur on both sides. There was a large piece of fur stitched crotch used for covering the ass that two buttons held in place. I pulled the crotch close to my face. I could detect the faint odor of piss. It wasn’t the cleanest fur I had seen but it served the purpose it was intended for. I really wished that fur could have told me the story of its life from running free to getting caught, skinned and linked together with its partners to form this outfit. Its fur in the neck was worn thin and dirty. I felt my cock grow even harder as I pressed the fur against my jeans. The reality of how many different guys wore, fucked or masturbated with this snowsuit was putting my fantasy world into over drive. I got undressed and tried it on. Caressing it I said I hope you like what your feeling inside of you now! Because you’re my bitch now! The next day before heading out we had beacon, eggs and coffee. I do not know if it’s the smell of the wood burning in the stove or the food cooking on top of it. But it brought back wonderful c***dhood memories of being with my grandfather; getting ready to go fox hunting. After breakfast I went to the oversized outhouse for my morning constitutional. It was a one-seater, but the hole was surrounded in buckskin. At first the leather felt cold, but it warmed up quickly with my body heat. There was a small beaver fur blanket hanging on a peg as I walked in (fur on both sides). I sat down and covered myself with the beaver fur to stay warm as I did my business. How decadent I thought! a****ls giving up their lives so that I can shit and piss in warm luxury. I couldn’t help myself after I finished my business. I grew hard as I pet that fur covering my cock. I had already marked it with some clear juice. I smeared the fur with the head of my cock and then use it to finish off a fresh load. I hung the blanket back on the peg and cleaned myself up. I stroked the fur again and said sorry for you; it is a good thing that you can’t smell or see the world you live in now. Before leaving I dumped some lye in the hole. Stroking the beaver as I left; saying I will visit with you again tomorrow. I left and went to help and went to the shack. We loaded up the two snowmobiles with traps, rifles, other equipment and food. I wanted to go into the shack where we would remove the skins and store them. That building was bigger than his cabin. He said my friends and I built most of the buildings from the logs found this property as you can see. I will show you the inside of the shed later. I was beside myself as I looked at the shack I wondered how many pelts were in there. How many a****ls had passed through that door over the years? I wanted to ask him all kinds of questions. Then I thought better hold off until later. We were finally ready to go and spent about 2 hours going deeper and deeper into the wilderness. We went through deep bush and heavy pine forest. The empty carts in tow sounded like tin cans being dragged behind a car. There were times that we had to stop and move debris off the trail. He had marked the trail with old CD’s hanging them high in trees. Just in case a heavy snow wiped out the trail (If you F— up a snowmobile in the bush as he said you are just SOL). Finally, we came upon a beautiful sunlit valley and went across it. Into a setting that was not heavily treed. He had baited and set out, a dozen live traps. This was just one of five stops that we were going to make that day. He was adamant about protecting some a****ls’ fur a fully intact lynx pelt was worth several hundred USD. Because of that he live trapped then. After all furs that are grade 1 bring in a lot more cash in than grades 2 or 3. This time of year lynx were usually traveling in pairs. He was counting on a big harvest before the end of the season. We needed that in order to make it through the off season. We finally got to the first set of traps and they were all filled. I was beside myself looking at all those lynxes and their soft, rich fur. Fur coats that were going to belong to the two of us very shortly. He handed me a long pole with a noose on one end and a trigger to pull it tight. I approached my first lynx. He was snarling and swapping his paws trying his best to attack me anyway he could. I knew full well if he broke free within seconds I would be his dinner. There is something humbling when you look at an a****l you are about to own; I always feel both a sense of reverence and respect for them. Because in part by taking their lives they are going to help prolong mine; providing me with cash and feeding his garden with nutrients, while their meat will feed the fox and mink that he was raising. The fact of the matter is when trapping or hunting it all comes down to one thing survival; the a****ls’ or mine. I never feel any remorse when it comes to putting a****ls down; after all every living thing on earth will die at some point. But I also must admit: I love the exhilaration and excitement that comes over me when putting an a****l down for its fur coat. It all part of my fetish/obsession with fur. As canlı bahis siteleri I approached my first lynx I got caught up in the incredible excitement of that a****l’s beautiful fur coat; soon to be mine. Nevertheless, I am a predator. Standing less than 2 meters apart our eyes locked as I slipped the noose around his neck. This was so different than pulling a trigger on a rifle and seeing an a****l fall through a scope. This was up close and personal. I loved the fact that the last thing these lynxes got to see and smell was me. As we stared at each other. Little did these lynxes know they were about to surrender their fur coats for my needs. I was hard and oozing clear juice as the lynx fell. I released it from the trap. I took my glove off and ran my fingers through the soft fur. My fantasies went wild and my cock grew fucking hard wondering how many of these lynxes would end up providing sexual pleasure. in the privacy of a bedroom as people used and abused them to stimulate their physical desires. By the end of the day we had 20 lynxes between 38” (97cm) and 48” (122cm) all with heavy, thick, rich fur, bright colors and beautiful spotted bellies. He said it was the largest catch he had in one day. We also checked out one other line of (2 Coil) offset traps. He had captured 2coyotes and several smaller a****ls mink and pine martins. I never understood how an a****l whose fur is so silky and beautiful could smell as foul as a mink or beaver does. The carts in tow were now filled as the light was fading fast. All in all, it had been a very profitable day. By the time we got back to the cabin it had turned pitch black. We were cold, tired and moody. But before we could rest we had to unload the days catch. They were already frozen, so they were easier to handle now. The shack was split into two separate buildings with a breeze way between them. We stored all the a****ls in the left side. As I opened the door I could see a dozen or so a****ls already in there waiting for their turn to get dress down. He said just pile these on top of the others. We will thaw them out and undress them on the days we can’t get out or when trapping season is at a close. When finished he took me into the other side of the shack for first time. There were four lynxes and two coyotes hanging on T-bars; that hang from the ceiling. There were about 12 green hides stretched and drying. There were at least 50 hide stretchers I couldn’t wait to see them filled with fur. There were lots of rings hanging on the wall waiting to hold this season’s catch. He smiled and said by the time were finished “you ain’t gona be able to walk through this room without rubbing against fur.” I want you to understand that I was wearing nylon long underwear filled with goose down. Under my snow suit and the last thing, I needed in this cold was an orgasm in my undies. He looked at me. He could easily see how excited I was as I wondered around the room examining all the different pelts that were ready to go to the market. He smiled and said I am going over and fix our dinner. Take your time and look around or better yet start dressing down that coyote. I want to see your skill level; while I fix dinner. I caught that boy behind the cabin this morning. Just make sure the oil lamps are out when you’re ready to come over. If there is a heaven on earth this was it for me. God help me I was dealing with a steel hard cock now. I could feel the clear juice pumping out of me like a leaky faucet. The rabbit pelt in my crotch keeping my genitals warm; the wet fur felt overwhelming. It was one of those times when all I wanted to do was pull my cock out and use the pine martin I was stroking to cum on. I did my best to lose my erection and go to work. I walked over to the coyote and started to brush out its fur. For the fun of it I stroked the fur around it’s cock (would you believe that coyote got an involuntary erection). I laughed and thought to myself; how lucky is this guy to get a hand job. As I played with him for a minute as juice dribbled out. I started to think about the irony of this guy in its second life ending up getting fucked by someone and turned into a cum rag.After working for about 10 minutes I put the knife down: At that moment in time all I could think about was the fact that there is nothing worse than a leaky, cramped boner, in bulky, layered clothing. God, I got frustrated as I struggled to undo the zippers and reach in to free my tool. Finally, it was out and throbbing. As I pulled it out strings of liquid went streaming down my snowsuit. I wiped the head of my cock on a coyote pelt. OMG that was all it took. There was a pine martin (sable) pelt with heavy fur lying on the work bench. I picked it up. It was tanned and split open; but it still had its face and tail. Fully intact pelts really excite me to end. I love to fantasize that the a****l can feel my hand gripping it as I wrap it around my unbathed dirty cock. I could see some cum stains on the fur. This wasn’t the first time that fur enjoyed a rough ride. I d****d it over my right hand and smiled as I looked at it. Saying sorry little guy I am sure this is not what you expected in your afterlife. My cock was at full attention as I wrapped that sable around my raw flesh and slowly slid it back and forth. I grunted and mooned with excitement; saying you’re a lucky little fur which cock feels nicer the old mans of mine? I laughed and started to stroke myself faster. My nut-sack was full and my balls were hanging low. I lowered the fur and started to massage my nut-sack then rimed my ass with it. God, I love poking that fur into my asshole. I was smiling inside as I brought it to my face and smelled the dirty, foul odors of my sweaty crotch and ass on that fur. With that I lowered that lucky sable down and once again wrapped it around my cock for one last ride. God, it felt amazing as it embraced and stroked my cock with it. No tender ride this time I wanted to **** the shit out of that sable. I turned and looked at the coyote hanging there. Stroking it I said hold still I want to see my cum hit and run down your fur. With-in a fraction of a second a stream of cum shot out of me. It looked like I was pissing. I never had or felt anything like this before. I dropped the pelt and braced myself against the bench; I was so lite headed. I stood there for a moment panting like a dog in heat looking at that beautiful abused fur laying at my feet. The unthinking a****l in me had reared its ugly head as I looked at the cum running down the back of that coyote. I was on an incredible natural high; the pride of owning and seeing that fur with cum. I pick the sable up off the floor and without thinking I said out loud OMG TY for that you that little fur; I placed it back on the bench. Finally relieved I went back to work. Once the pelt was off; I turned off the lights and opened the door. It was snowing hard as I walked over to the cabin. I started to take off the outer layers of clothing as he set the food on the table. He looked at me with a non-judgmental face and said did you dress down one of the a****ls hanging in there? Why yes? You were over there for close to a .75 of an hour. I hope that you get faster. I was at a loss for words because he caught me off guard. The truth I was too embarrassed to tell him that I just enjoyed a wonderful moment fucking one of his pelts. But by the way he looked at me: I could tell that he knew what I had been doing in there. After all he is a single guy living alone most of the time in the middle of nowhere. You can’t tell me that he doesn’t satisfy his physical desires with fur. Before the season was over I had to find out if he was a fur fucker to. The fantasy of being the a****l sacrificed and getting owned for the pleasure of his cock. OMG! Then he said I plan to quadruple what you saw in that shed by the end of the season and 30% of it will be yours. Then accidentally he said of course if you see a few pelts that you would like to keep for personal use there yours. I knew he knew! But then again what trapper hasn’t enjoyed the pleasure of caressing their body with fur? With that we sat down to dinner. Right after washing the dishes we were off to bed. I undressed and put my sweats on. But before crawling into the sleeping bag, I grabbed the coyote snowsuit off the peg and slid into my sleeping bag. I love to cuddle with fur as I sleep. I thought about the long hard days ahead. But that was OK. Because I really liked everything there was about new friend and being around all of this fur. I poked the coyote fur in bed with me. Saying God I love fucking fur!

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