Our Story Ch. 03

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By popular request…a follow-up from my first two stories. It would be helpful to read those prior to reading this story. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Stacy, my sexy 40 year old divorced neighbor, called me several days after I “tried to fix her phone”. My wife Anna, who is 37, 5’5″, with the same great figure she had 12 years ago, had answered the phone, and when Stacy asked for me, handed me the phone. Stacy asked if my wife was listening and I nervously said yes. My wife wasn’t aware of my two sexual episodes with regards to Stacy and Heather. Stacy said her phone was now working fine, and asked me if I enjoyed her daughter Heather the other day. Blushing, I replied that I was glad her phone was working. Stacy laughed into the phone, and said that Heather wanted another performance and I was to meet her at her back door in 10 minutes. She said I could tell my wife anything but she wanted me there in 10 minutes. She hung up.

My wife asked me what our neighbor had wanted. She had called my wife before but never asked specifically for me. I told her about her phone being out of order(but not a word of our sexual actions-of course) and that she was calling to thank me for helping her get it fixed.

With my wife home, I wasn’t sure how, or even if, I would go over to Stacy’s. I didn’t want to get my wife’s suspicions going, but I certainly didn’t mind my encounters with my sexy neighbor and her sexy daughter Heather.

After 10 minutes or so, my inner voice won out. I didn’t go over. Kicking myself, I went in to take a cold shower. Figuring on some quick self-enjoyment, I began stroking my now hard penis. I then heard my wife outside in the bathroom, saying that Stacy had come over and was down in the kitchen.

Panic took over immediately. I dressed and was downstairs in a flash. I walked into the kitchen and was again surprised to see not only Stacy but her daughter Heather sitting around our kitchen table. Stacy was wearing a light blue summer dress which came just above her knees. Heather was also wearing a summer dress, but hers being quite a bit shorter. She was sitting with her legs crossed, and was showing quite a bit of tanned thigh. I thought to my self how soft her legs were and how sweet her pussy was from our previous encounter.

My wife was seated across from Heather, so I sat down at the remaining chair next to bostancı escort bayan Stacy. My wife said that Stacy had brought over cookies as her way of thanking me for fixing her phone. My wife had poured coffee for the four of us, and was asking Stacy something about a block party that some of the women in condo were planning. I took a sip of coffee when I felt a warm hand on my thigh. Thinking my wife was playfully grabbing me, I ignored the quick feel, which was now under my shorts and nearing my cock.

Just then, my wife got up to get more milk, and the hand remained on my now growing member. To my surprise, and shock, I know knew it was Heather’s hand that was now slowly stroking my penis. Looking over at Heather, I saw her smiling at her mom. She gave no sign of what she was doing to me under the table. Apparently no one else was the wiser, including my wife, who had now returned to her seat at the table.

Some more small talk between my wife and Stacy, and I trying to maintain my composure as Heather continued to jerk me off under the table. I squirmed as my pre-cum began to lubricate Heather’s hand. My orgasm was seconds away.

My wife had suddenly become quiet, and I noticed she had started to blush. Nervously thinking my wife had figured out what was happening, or had seen Heather’s hand on my lap, I figured I was busted. My wife turned towards Stacy, and instead of getting up from her chair, I noticed she put her head back, closing her eyes.

I have seen the expression on my wife’s face enough to know what was happening. She makes this certain face when she is about to orgasm. She closes her eyes, tilts her head back, and usually starts moaning and bites her finger. Her head was back, her eyes were closed, and she had her finger in her mouth. Looking over between my wife and Stacy, I could see my wife’s dress was bunched up on her waist, and Stacy’s hands between my wife’s lovely thighs.

In our twelve years of marriage, my wife had never indicated any desire or inkling of wanted to be with another woman. I then saw Stacy, now openly turn towards my wife, and spread both of my wife’s legs wide open. Stacy then got off of her chair, knelt between my wife’s legs, and began tonguing her pussy.

The shocked look on my face must have been very evident, as Heather took that moment and, also rising from ümraniye escort her chair, very openly continued to stroke my cock. I heard Stacy say to my wife “cum on my face, you know you want to.” My wife moaned again, and began to spasm severely. I could see Stacy’s tongue and finger now poking in and out of my wife’s pussy, and the wetness on Stacy’s face evidence of my wife’s continuing orgasms.

Meanwhile, Heather had pulled off my shorts, exposing my rock solid cock, still between now both of her hands. She next took my cock slowly into her mouth, and slowly began licking and sucking my cock. My sensitive tip, shaft and balls were expertly tongued and licked by my young seductress. Heather then said to me exactly what her mother had said to my wife a minute earlier- “cum on my face, you know you want to”.

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that and began shooting my thick load onto Heather’s waiting face. As I continued shooting my sperm, Heather placed my cock into her mouth and swallowed my remaining fluids. Once I finished, I looked over to find my wife and Stacy lip locking each other.

Both women had removed their clothes, and were fondling each others breasts. My wife then got up, placed Stacy in her chair, and began licking Stacy’s breasts, circling around each nipple. My wife worked her way down Stacy’s body, finally stopping at her pussy. My wife began licking at Stacy’s pussy like she had done this for years. She placed one finger inside of Stacy, who was now also beginning to orgasm.

Not to be outdone, Heather led me next to her mom. While my wife was satisfying her mom, Heather began stroking my softened cock back to life. Seeing my wife on her knees, eating out my neighbor, and Heather stroking my penis, needless to say it didn’t take long before I was hard again. Heather led me right next to her mom, and placed my cock in her mom’s mouth. Stacy began sucking me off. As I was getting ready to cum, Heather pulled my wife out from between Stacy’s legs. Heather pulled me and led me where my wife had just been. She grabbed my cock, stroked me a few times for good measure, and placed my cock outside of her mom’s pussy lips. Heather then thrust my cock inside her mothers pussy.

She grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed me deeper into her mother’s slick pussy. It was incredibly tight, and thinking that my wife kartal escort had generously help lubricate Stacy made this even more erotic. Heather continued pushing and pulling my ass cheeks to assist in my fucking her mom. After a minute, her help wasn’t needed, as I my own rhythm was matching Stacy’s. Seconds later, I ejaculated deeply into Stacy’s pussy.

I gently exited Stacy’s pussy and collapsed on the floor. I had lost track of my wife, only to see her now walking up to Stacy. She had apparently left the kitchen, and retrieved one of her vibrators. She placed one end into Stacy’s mouth. Stacy took the vibrator as if it was the real thing and began deep throating it. My wife worked it in and out of Stacy’s mouth, then after being satisfied it was properly wet, removed it and sat on the edge of the kitchen table. She placed it inside her own pussy and began masturbating herself to another orgasm.

Heather walked over to her mom, stood in front of her, and knelt down between her legs. She began licking at her mom’s pussy lips. I could see my sperm along with her mom’s love juices dripping down her leg. Heather eagerly lapped up everything she could. My wife, seeing Heather eating out her own mom, continued her orgasms on the table side. As my wife finished with her last orgasm, Heather suddenly reached up, grabbed the vibrator from my wife’s pussy, and offered it to her mom, who eagerly lapped and licked my wife’s cum from it.

Heather, being the only one who hadn’t had an orgasm, figured it was her turn. She placed the dildo between her sweet lips and started masturbating herself off. Figuring one favor deserves another, I moved over next to her and placed my hand over hers, aiding her in her self pleasuring efforts. To my surprise, I began getting hard yet again, and not wanting to waste the moment, pulled out her rubber wannabe and placed my cock inside of her. I felt several hands behind me, again helping me thrust deeply into Heather. I saw both my wife and Stacy’s hands, two palms each on each of my butt cheeks, helping me to get Heather off.

After a few moments, I saw Heather finger above her own pussy, and then felt her contractions as her orgasms started. The squeezing effect I felt from her tight 20 year old pussy was unbelievable. I came again, not as forcibly as before, but enough to know I shot a small load into her pussy. I collapsed next to Heather on the kitchen floor, and saw that Stacy and my wife had done the same thing. They were kissing each other like long lost lovers.

I looked over to Heather who was smiling seductively and said “by the way, our cable isn’t working either”…

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