Our meeting with two men. Classic car showNationl


Our meeting with two men. Classic car showNationlThe NEC meeting 11-12 November 2017 Pt 1No one can really claim that finding genuine and ideal men for adult fun in the UK is really that easy but every now and then we’ve been able to come across one and communicate prior to meeting. We we’re lucky this year and received a private message from a man via UK Exhibitionists with his suggestion that he might fit in with what we had asked for on that site.Our preference is for large heavy set black guys and the add states age unimportant but must be UK, Afro or Jamaican decent. The essential request is for well-endowed men, at least 7” in length but that’s not to say any bloke would be excluded, it’s just a preference. In July 2017 I read a message from Karl.. it was articulate and polite and very informative explaining that he was a 43 year old married black guy living in the UK. Jamaican grandparents and his own parents moved from London in the 80’s. He told us that he is happily married with three teenage k**s but wanted some exciting experience without hurting anyone. He said he was open minded and certainly wanted discretion. He was specific about being clean and professional and even explaining he owned his own electrical supplies company. He’s based and lives in Keighley and has two branches the second being in Oldham.Half a dozen messages went back and forth and eventually we exchanged full length uncensored pictures of me and Jayne and more of her dressed in a variety of dresses and going out-pulling gear. Inevitably I asked if he had any friends, preferably also black that he suggest joining us should we agree to meet. He said he would ask his parts manager from his Oldham branch because he thought he was exactly what we had advertised for. In a subsequent message and on the day of our first phone conversation, Marc’s picture landed. A clothed picture but showing his face and it was immediately obvious Karl had made a good potential choice. The iphone picture clearly showed him to be a burly and very definitely black man with very African features. He’s also married, in his 30’s. We now know his family came from Uganda a couple of generations back. He has no accent obviously which was a shame but Karl does have a bit of a “Yardie” twang when he wants. That was alluring.The first conversation was between me and Karl and it was easy going. The last ten minutes was with Jayne and she told him to ring again the following day after we had discussed and decided if anything was illegal bahis going further. With previous experience of meetings we knew it had to be face to face before confirming any physical intimacy and Jayne and I agreed that we wanted to meet either one or both of them. We we’re both excited as usual and predictably I was the driving force behind the idea of her with two or more men. That is now a certain possibility and we are actively looking for more men and have asked both Marc and Karl if they know any that might want to make up a syndicate of up to eight blokes. This is also going to be advertised on XH and UKEX.The further phone conversations reviled things about both men. Karl is a petrol head and owns a classic Merc and it was his idea and invitation to arrange the meeting around the classic car and motorcycle show at Birmingham Nation exhibition centre over the weekend 11th -12th November. This was an ideal opportunity for Jayne to dress in her classic Goodwood outfit and vintage nylons etc, a look men seem to think looks good on her across the board. Also Karl offered to pay for the room over two nights at the Holiday Inn located right on the site opposite Hall 4 and the entrance. We drove down on Friday afternoon and had arranged to meet both the lads for a pre- decision meeting. My mind was made up on the drive and I was massively aroused before even meeting either. The room was very nice and bigger than expected, very clean and exactly right for what we needed it for. We christened it within minutes of the door being closed and I gave Jayne a good doggie fucking on the bed without either of us undressing. We spoke on the phone to Karl and agreed not to meet until after the evening meal. We felt the bar was the place to make the personal introductions. It’s a pleasant roomy bar at the Holiday NEC and we’d spotted a quiet four table with comfy sofas as we’d booked in. Jayne dressed gorgeous for dinner in a floral red dress with chocolate fully fashioned seamed stockings and heels. The red lipstick really set the signal tone but she didn’t look OTT, Just desirable.We had no trouble securing the quiet table and I went to get the drinks. As I was paying I heard greeting messages and turned to see in the corner Jayne standing and shaking hands with Karl. Marc waved to me and the intro went from there. As though we we’re well acquainted I asked them what they wanted and it went from there. Marc came over to the bar to help me with the beers and Jaynes wine and very illegal bahis siteleri unsuspiciously we all sat down and talked. There was nothing about sex…initially. Just talking and warming up but three pints into it I was feeling relaxed but anxious to broach the subject. I asked them what they thought of Jayne which embarrassed her a little but she loved the attention it created. She was asked if she was wearing stockings which prompted a very demure flash of the welts much to the pleasure of both of them. We talked and laughed for the best part of another hour and had a couple more beers until Marc made a suggestion of “should we make the most of it”. I was in agreement despite the plan of meeting Friday and having a romp on Saturday. The decision was made by Jayne who said “if you like”… and that was the arrangement made. We decided that they would leave us and we would stay in the bar for half an hour or so then go to our room where they would visit later. So that’s what we did.We left the bar casually and went up and let ourselves into out room. I poured two glasses of wine while Jayne was in the bathroom re touching her makeup. When she came out she sat cross legged on the bed as I watched her from the tub chair at the table. I asked her if she was excited and she said yes then I started taking pictures of the pre scene. I’d taken condoms and put them on the table but I’d previously asked her if she would have unprotected intercourse, more specifically to completion with the lads. She said it was up to them which I loved. I’d also discussed role play with Karl and he was amiable reading the notes I’d sent but Jayne wanted to leave that until the following evening, preferring to just take it as it came on the spontaneous Friday night. The knock on the door always makes my heart pound and I could hear the blood rushing in my ears. I got up as she fidgeted on the bed adjusting her dress. Opening the door they came in swiftly and walked in. Jayne stood up and there was an awkward pause until Karl held her shoulders and gave her a light kiss on the mouth then Marc did the same. I interrupted and took several pictures of the three posing with Jayne in the middle. It started when Marc cuddled her, standing taller than her even though she kept her high heels on, they entered into a soft French kissing.I loved it but still went through the do’s and don’ts which all agreed. Karl removed his shirt and joined Marc, sandwiching Jayne in the middle, caressing and groping her. canlı bahis siteleri Her dress soon came up and he was all over her stocking tops which made for great photography. I told them it was up to them if they wanted to use protection but Jayne was ok if they wanted to go without. I also found it massively thrilling to say “You can ejaculate in her if you want” There was no response to it just a continuation of the writhing. Jayne started to undo Marcs belt and pants and he sat back down on the bed while she bent and took his cock out. He’s a well-equipped man and definitely in our requirement specifications.. 8” easily and nice and thick. Jaynes lips went immediately around his cock which stimulated more camera work and she started to suck him off while Karl massaged her cunny from behind. It was only minutes before Jayne encouraged Marc up the bed and she followed on hands and knees, then she encouraged Karl to join them which he did. He dropped his pants and as she resumed sucking off Marc, Karl guided hic cock into her pussy and from there, the pair fucked her while I watched.They switched a few times doing spit roast then they got her on her back, dress up around her waist and fucked her in the missionary position. My favourite was when she wraps her legs around their backs and embraces them. It lasted perhaps 40 minutes then with Marc fucking her on her back while she sucked Karl’s dick, Marc came and ejaculated repeatedly in her. She felt it and responded crying out until the force subsided. He pulled out complimenting her while Karl took some tissue and wiped her slit before mounting her himself. He gave her pronounced, slow lunging fuck lasting maybe 3 or four minutes and then he shot his load in her. I wasn’t aware but she said he’d made her come during that intercourse. I had a painful hard on and needed little encouragement to take my turn. Although she was looser than usual the warm slippery feeling of her cunt as my cock went in her was exquisite and with her movements and encouraging it took me only a short while to unload my sperm into her.. Marc gave me a towel and we cleaned up a little as they dressed. With Jayne’s dress pulled back down and the lads clothed again I was the odd one out, stark naked in the room so I wrapped the towel around me while they kissed and said goodbye, arranging to meet at breakfast for the short trip across the plaza to the car show. After they left, we showered and discussed the sex, her performance and expectations. She is very attracted to Karl which she openly admitted despite his marital obligations. She experienced two orgasms and confirmed there would be a further romp the following night… with all my requests catered for !I’ll get around to pt 2 soon.Jon

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