our little trip away..


our little trip away..the wife and i planned a trip away on a cruise which went round the Caribbean..before we set off we talked about what should happen if she seen a man she wanted or vice versa i seen 1 for her..we were finally on our way and we where just getting to know our way around the ship when 1 of the crew asked us if we were lost and needed some guidance,,no we are ok thanks,,Susan grabbed my hand and gave me the look,he was somebody she liked,i looked at her and said quietly he’s the 1st man we have seen,,then laughed..Well he said my name is Tom and if you need me just ask,,Cheers Tom..Susan said to me did you see his big black arms and them big black legs in them shorts WOW..Yes he was fit young man,now lets continue on our tour..everybody with a pulse was walking past and Susan was drooling,,did you see him,,we are on holiday love not a swinging cruise..hahaha..it was 4 days in to our cruise and she had not talking about Tom,i wonder if we see him again,well we are on this ship for 3 weeks so we just might???Susan decided to go to the gym to keep fit as the food was all inclusive and on these trips we always put a bit of weight on..Susan was 5 foot 4 size 20,huge tits and a nice tight pussy any man would love to be deep inside of and playing with her sweet tits..whilst she was in the gym i decided to play a little roulette,Susan came back to me after the gym and told me to guess who took the gym lessons?? well big legs big arms must be Tom…in 1 she said..he asked me if i wanted 1 on 1 lessons as part of our package and i said yes..we start tomorrow at 9,,are you going to make a move on him??? i will try and see if he up for it..the lessons went on four a hole week before she came back 1 day and said as we were güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri doing boxing my boob fell out and cos i had my boxing gloves on he held it in his hand and placed it back in my top,i didn’t flinch and he just looked at me and i said thanks but sorry about that i always have this problem with them being so big,,don’t worry Susan i like big tits and yours are fantastic,,thanks..your husband,,his name is Dave,,Dave is a lucky guy..yes he knows that and i am a lucky lady to have such a great husband who lets me do who i want,,don’t you mean what i want,,no who i want,,we have an open marriage..Toms eyes lit up,,would you be interested in me having some fun with you,,Yes but Dave has to be there watching and telling you what to do,,that’s fine with me,i will tell Dave and you can have a pint with him after your shift and he will bring you back to ours..Dave and Tom sat down chatting about things and the rules over a pint whilst i got ready for our little fuck..shaving and making things smell nice..Dave opened the door and shouted through are you ready love,,yes darling i am in the bedroom,,go in Tom she won’t bite,,we both looked and just laughed..Susan was laid out naked all tanned with just the white bits showing and her pussy gleaming down to the bone..Tom just dropped his shorts with no pants on underneath and released his huge bbc it was a nice size..Susan’s eyes were just focused on it,,bring it here Tom,,she sat up on the edge and placed it in her hand and pulled his foreskin right back bringing out his big pink head,,Susan put her mouth around it and slowly sucked him off,,Tom was playing with her tits rolling her nipples and all this time his cock was just getting bigger perabet and bigger,,fuck me i said how big is that,,Tom replied 11 inches mate and thick..Susan laid back down opened her legs and ask Tom if he wanted to eat out our just fuck her senseless..Tom laughing said i think i will dine down stairs today..he went down and opened her dripping wet pussy lips and started to chew her clit whilst finger fucking her G’spot,,Susan was jumping about on the bed in heaven telling me,,Dave i am going to squirt,,let it go love just relax and do it,,Tom won’t mind,,Tom said he had never had a squirter and was begging her to cover him,,BANG she let go it was all over him,,Tom went straight back down and was drinking her dry,,he was loving it,his Big Black Cock was throbbing i could see the veins pumping away..Tom pulled back and grabbed her legs pulled her towards his huge cock and started to fuck her like there was no tomorrow,Susan was shouting harder Tom,Deeper,i want it further in me and harder,,Tom was sweating now,for such a fit bloke he was really sweating he was giving it his all..Susan wanted it from behind now so i could be underneath her kissing her and playing with her tits..Tom parted her cheeks and slid it in,,She loves doggy its her Fav,,she comes a lot more and squirts if he hits the right spot..Tom was going hard and Susan was dripping like tap,Dave get under there now and eat me out whilst he’s fucking my pussy hard..what could i say she is the boss,so i slid out and tuned myself around placed my head just under his balls banging hard against my forehead,,but i didn’t mind i will do anything for my wife..i was licking her pussy and tasting his/her juices it was unreal watching his bbc pump away at my perabet giriş wife,,Tom,,yes Susan..put it in my arse i want you to cum in my arse and i want you Dave to stay there and watch it trickle down into my pussy and continue eating me out,,my cock was bursting at just the thought of it..Tom pulled his cock out and slowly popped it in to her arse,,he was being really gentle till he had it all the way in then he in one fast thrust pulled it right to the tip and just pumped away hard at it till he was about to cum,,he was ball deep in and i could see his balls getting tighter so i knew he was filling her up and as he was doing that i at the thought of what was coming filled my wife’s mouth full of mine and like a real wife she never spilt a drop..Tom slowly pulled his fat cock out and it hit me right on the forehead with his cum dripping down my cheek,,Susan tilted back just that little bit to release the cum and it was slowly dripping down into her pussy crack and i was now eating her out full of his cum,,my cock was hard again at just thought of what i was doing,,i just never stopped till she stood up and turned round placed her pussy on my face as my head was hanging over the bed and made me clean ever last drop whist she stood there kissing Tom so all i could see from my position was his now long soft but still huge cock,,Susan held his cock and started to wank him a little,,she walked forward and turned round smiled at me and said you are the best husband in the world but just one more thing suck this,,Susan held my head up and grabbed Tom’s cock and made me clean him down..Tom never flinched he just let Susan do what she wanted and the same went for me..it looks like she has us rapped round her little finger..as for the rest of the cruise we did it 3 more times with Tom and we have booked up for next year and Tom told us his little brother but not so little in the trouser department starts next year so it looks like she could be getting 2 bbc’s,,,well a happy wife is a happy life..

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