Our Family Calendar Ch. 05

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In the first four Chapters I told you all about our decision to create a Family Calendar as a Christmas present to be sent to our various and many relatives.

And I brought you through the months prior to the calendar being produced, the story culminating in the actual, rather chaotic photo shoots for a calendar that was supposed to have two facets it seemed; a ‘nice family’ calendar for our relatives and a ‘nude family’ one for us.

So in this final Chapter I’ll take you through the finale of our efforts – the culmination of several evenings of ever more licentious sexual goings-on that were supposed to be photo shoots!

So much for a “nice” family calendar; all we had now were some very explicit videos and photos that were fit for very private family consumption only. Never mind, we weren’t complaining, having just had the time of our lives – with many more pleasurable times to come, it would seem.

So off we go again on my lighthearted romp, although I’ll just suggest that if you manage to read the whole story from the start of Chapter One you’ll get up to speed more easily…


Dad had spent some time trying to work out the best way to get a good shot of the whole family, the men all complete with erections at the ready, but it was quite hard to organise.

In his ignorance, Dad had neglected to buy a remote control for the camera so we’d have to make do with its built-in timer – which would give whoever pressed the trigger about ten seconds to get back into place, his penis still erect. But that actually proved hard to do; once your mind concentrated on pressing the button, so your erection would deflate. Mum offered her finger but since she’d need to settle on a cushion with her hand wrapped around her husband’s penis…and ensure that her pussy was exposed enough, that was awkward too.

In the end Dad accepted that we’d just do our best with the still camera and then set the camcorder to do the rest. I told him I’d help him grab some screen shots later on and he was happy enough.

At least we could record over an hour of action at a time – more than enough for our little scenario, so long as Dad edited out the start and finish while he got himself into position.

The evening of our previous shoot had drawn out into a pleasant relaxation with a few drinks and we opted to wait until the following evening to continue. The extra time was also good to get us used to all being nude together, not that either Tim’s cock or mine was polite enough to remain flaccid. Just the sight of one of the three ladies provocatively lounging, legs apart, lips glossy with lubricating juices and we’d rise eagerly. Nevertheless, Mum wanted us all to be fresh and fully loaded for tomorrow…although the girls just wouldn’t cooperate and kept doing things to keep our cocks hard and ready.

Doing things like coming and sitting very close beside us, their warm soft naked thighs rubbing against ours; inspecting their pussy lips for hypothetical damage; trimming their pubes (or in the case of Angie, searching for pubes she’d missed).

Things like resting their hands on our thighs or resting their tits on our shoulders as they stood behind us…they were so provocative…and so tempting!

Mum spent ages searching for and eventually finding a jockey’s whip that she’d acquired some while ago and then threatening to use it on our unruly members.

Despite all their wicked encouragement a sex-free night ensued and with ‘tomorrow’ being Saturday we were in no rush to get up but even early in the day, naked bodies were to be seen, each of us revelling in the idea of freedom from clothes, it seemed and eager to ‘get going’.

However, Dad had decided that the shoot was to be in the afternoon, much to our annoyance – because both Tim and I were very much ready to get our cocks into action! More than that, the girls were hoping to be filled before very long and kept Tim and I on edge the whole morning!

But finally the appointed hour arrived and we all gathered in the lounge, twittering happily among ourselves as we considered the forthcoming action.

Dad had already marked out the limits of our movements, so that we’d stay within the camera zone and he’d planned an itinerary for the shoot but now he suggested that once we’d got the first static ‘family’ scene photoed, we should simply “get on with it,” with whom we liked.

“Let’s start it off this way – let’s get the static shots over and done with,” he suggested, “I’ll sit in the middle with one of my daughters on each side; Mum can sit on a cushion at my feet and you two boys can sit at the girl’s feet. And then once those posed shots are done we’ll make a start on the video…and then all move around once we’ve got things warmed up.”

It seemed like a good starting point so we worked out which way round we’d face and what poses we’d strike while Dad got the still camera and the camcorder set up and ready.

“Do you want me to get the boys all nice bostancı escort and hard?” asked Mum hopefully but Dad shook his head.

“No, let the girls do that for them once the video starts running,” he suggested, “Then we can film them going from limp to erect and go right through to unloading, eh?”

“Ohhhh, spoilsport! Oh alright, I guess so,” said Mum ruefully, batting Liz’s hand away from my cock, “Ok – we’ll wait until you’re organised then.”

Shortly thereafter, Dad had us all seated where he wanted us, before he got up again and pressed the timer on the camera. Quickly he scrambled back into his appointed place at the centre and head of his family, while we all posed rigidly for a moment. There was a flash and we all unwound as Dad reset the timer for another shot which was followed by a repeat of the action. Then we relaxed and chattered while Dad removed the still camera and set the camcorder to record.

“All done,” said Dad, “We’ll hope those photos are ok – guess we can always do them again tomorrow if not.”

He returned to his place and Mum grasped his penis, his length already starting to rise as he settled down.

“Alright kids, go for it!” said Mum and us two boys turned our heads away from the camera towards two sets of delicious looking pussies; Liz’s a cute forest of curly brown pubes while Angie’s was as smooth as a baby’s bottom and twice as kissable!

Liz eased her hips forward until her legs could splay widely, allowing me complete and uninterrupted access to her fluffy moist cleft.

“Ooooh, come on Chris,” she moaned, “I’m dying – I’ve had to leave her alone for SO long! Get your tongue here right now, please!”

Her pussy looked so delicious that nothing would have held me back anyway so I simply leaned closer and swiped my tongue right up her slit, from the bottom right up to her clit. The exciting taste of her pussy juices assailed my taste buds as I swept up her perfumed slit sending my head dizzy with arousal. Liz groaned almost theatrically as I made contact with her heated and highly aroused lips, then sucked in a quick and spasmodic breath as I reached her clit.

“Yessssss!” she hissed, “Stay there for a while, will you.”

Gladly I settled over her clit, my lips now grasping the small bud of flesh, the inch long mini-penis that already held so many moments of pleasure for both of us.

I flicked my tongue over and around her clit and now brought my hands up to rest on her inner thighs, gently smoothing over her soft warm skin and causing Liz to practically purr with pleasure.

I settled to my task, now just slowly and carefully stirring Liz’s orgasmic soup, doing just enough to keep her simmering. I didn’t want her to rush into her orgasm; this wasn’t a quickie, this was all part of an ongoing orgy…of our own.

Beside me Mum was getting the action moving too, her head already rising and falling slowly up and down Dad’s fine erection while Dad in turn had each hand on one of his two daughter’s breasts and was, as I looked, tweaking their nipples between thumb and fingers. No wonder Liz’s body was jerking every so often despite my most gentle of actions.

At the other end of the settee Tim was on his knees with his mouth clamped firmly over Angie’s other breast; his mouth covering almost the entirety of her small nubile breast. Angie’s head was thrown back in pleasure, her mouth open as if to cry out, but only silence was forthcoming so far…

Back down with me, Liz was now so far gone that she, whether by accident or on purpose, just slid off the settee and into my lap, damn nearly squashing my well-aroused penis. She landing facing and astride me, her moist slit rubbing against the underside of my erection

‘That’s perfect’ I thought as I pulled Liz’s pretty mouth to mine and locked lips with her.

With a warm humming noise Liz responded, one hand behind my head and the other one now busy ensuring that my cock was all ready for action. It took her no time at all to grasp him – he was rearing his head right between her legs and with the guidance of her hand, my shaft now rubbed firmly up and down her slippery slit.

Soon Liz’s breasts were heaving as our kissing excited her and the pressure against her clit intensified, her small nipples boring into my chest as she leaned as close to me as she could, rubbing her whole self against me.

“Come on Chris,” she moaned heavily, “Put him in me, please – I can’t wait much longer!”

Eager to comply, simply by lifting her up with my hands under her buttocks – and with a little help from Liz – I raised her until she could reposition my cock in line with her eager wet hole…and then I slowly let her down again so my cock slid effortlessly into her at last.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” breathed Liz happily, “Ahhhhhhhhhh! Got him where I want him!”

Seated on the floor as we were meant that we couldn’t move around a whole lot, although we were quite happy as we were anyway. Liz had her legs splayed ümraniye escort bayan apart over mine while mine were crossed, so she was seated in a hollow at my groin, our bodies united by my shaft of steel. But we didn’t want or need to move much yet; we were both just enjoying that delicious feeling of, from my point of view, being engulfed in a warm, tight, slippery tunnel of living flesh – and from Liz’s point of view of having a rigid, throbbing, pulsating rod of hot flesh filling her empty vagina. Delightful wasn’t the word – it was more than that; there was a far deeper pleasure in knowing that we were brother and sister joined by both blood and flesh in our loving embrace.

And being content to just sit there, allowing our sex organs to meld together, we were able to watch the rest of the action without detracting from our own sublime and almost restful love-making.

Dad however was getting restless as Mum brought him nearer and nearer to his orgasm but I could tell that he wasn’t content to spray his spunk into her mouth – he wanted to empty himself into one of his two daughter’s pussies. He was eyeing us and then Tim with Angie and as luck would have it, they disengaged briefly, presumably to change places – and Dad seized his chance.

“Come here Angie darling,” he said, pushing Mum away from his groin, “Come and sit on me, please! I’ve got a big load here I want you to have!”

“What’s wrong with me then?” asked Mum almost plaintively.

“Nothing darling, but you can have my cock any night, can’t you,” replied Dad, “Let’s swap, why don’t you have Tim instead – he’s all ready!”

Always willing, Angie stretched upward and kissed Tim before turning to her father as he sat on the settee, his nine inch penis rearing energetically from his groin. She bent down and kissed the tip, bringing forth a long groan from Dad, who now pulled her down and turned her around.

Moments later and it was Angie’s turn to groan as Dad’s long pole sank into her well-prepared slick and slippery hole.

“Oooooh fuckin’ hell, that’s nice,” moaned Dad as he felt his penis being sucked inside, “You’re lovely and tight up there!”

Angie’s hips were gyrating slowly as his penis stretched the inner flesh of her vagina. She now had one hand on Dad’s knee, pushing herself or holding herself in place while the other hand was between her legs, rubbing furiously at her clit.

“Oh Dad, it’s so good!” she moaned, “I’m nearly there already! I’m gonna cum – I’m gonna cummmmmm!”

And as she spoke she began quivering and shaking all over, her hips jerking and vibrating so much that I was almost surprised that she didn’t fall off her perch.

“Oh God – that’s lovely, that’s wonderful! Oh God, I’m cumming again, still cumming!”

“Oooh yes darling, enjoy yourself,” said Dad from beneath her, his hips thrusting his penis upwards, “Get it up you! Enjoy my big cock!”

For what seemed like long minutes Angie continued to shudder and quake until her orgasm left her, then she slumped back against her Dad, her little breasts bouncing and quivering as she breathed. She twisted her head and kissed Dad, their tongues visibly intertwining as they made out.

“Did you cum yet?” she asked but Dad shook his head.

“Nah, you were too exciting; I concentrated on you and not on myself – why, do you want me to cum then?” he asked, his hips still pumping his cock up into her, “Won’t take all that long.”

There was silence for a few moments and then Angie spoke again.

“Daaaad,” she said, her word drawn out, “Daaaad, there’s two things. One is that if you cum inside me I think I could get pregnant ‘cos I’m getting very close to my fertile time.”

Dad’s eyebrows raised but he said nothing.

“So…if you can get over the idea of anal sex being nasty we can avoid that problem,” continued Angie, “cos I’d love to take your cock up my arse.”

I saw Dad glow with embarrassment; anal sex was still something of a mystery to him but Angie wasn’t to be put off.

“You’re still lovely and hard,” she said, “And we’ve got some lube, so could you try? Please – pretty please? And that would save me from getting pregnant too, wouldn’t it?”

She lifted up off his long prong as she spoke as if to imply that he’d had all he was getting of her pussy, and bent over at the waist before him.

“Come on Dad, put a bit of gel on my arsehole and you can finish off inside my bum,” she said, looking at him upside down from between her legs.

I passed the lube to Dad who somewhat reluctantly accepted it but soon he was wiping some gel on Angie’s anus, causing her to hiss with pleasure.

“Yessssss,” she said quietly, “Push your finger in – go on, try it Dad.”

A few seconds later and she hissed again as Dad slowly inserted his index finger, her gel-slippery lips accepting the intrusion into her arsehole without complaint.

“Oooh Dad, that feels good already,” she said, “Come on then please, put him in me; it’ll fit.”

With kartal escort that she backed down onto his lap once more and now Dad was holding his cock upright as her buttocks approached; the garage coming to the car, so to speak, instead of the proper way around.

“Ahhhhhh!” breathed Angie as his cock made contact with her flesh, “Ooooooh, yessssss!”

“Uuuuuhhh!” moaned Dad as she continued to sink down, “Fuck, that’s tight!”

“Lovely and tight, aren’t I and I can squeeze you even harder down there,” said Angie, “Let him sink right in Dad – I love it!”

And then she was relaxing, her buttocks firmly seated on Dad’s thighs, his lengthy penis entirely embedded in her arse, their hands all clasped together over her lap in a loving embrace.

Beside them Tim and Mum were about to make contact; they’d got off the settee after some quick oral work and Mum was now on her knees on the floor, her generous breasts swaying beneath her as she wriggled her arse for Tim to penetrate.

But he was holding back – he had similar ideas as well…

“Mum…,” he began, “You know I stuck it in your arse yesterday – well, I was already cumming when I did, so I didn’t get to fuck your arse properly, did I?”

“No darling you didn’t; and I was a bit disappointed,” said Mum, “Why, do you fancy another go?”

Dad reached out with the tube of KY.

“Guess you’ll be needing this then!” he said, “Hope there’s enough to go around!”

Tim took the tube and without further ado squeezed a blob between Mum’s well-spread cheeks, the gel clinging to her skin just above her hole. His thumbs soon spread it around and into her body, Mum gasping quickly as his digit invaded her anus.

“Come on Tim darling,” she moaned, “While I’m in the mood; get on with it!”

“Coming Mum,” replied Tim, his hand covering his hard penis with KY gel, “Here I come.”

There was silence all round as we awaited the moment that Mum’s anus received Tim’s substantial cock; we even seemed to be holding our collective breaths…

Then Mum suddenly sucked in her own short sharp breath through pursed lips.

“Uuuuuufff!” she cried, “Careful Tim – take your time.”

I could see that Tim was rigid as he slowly let his penis push into his mother’s arsehole because despite the liberal use of KY, it was still going to be a tight fit – then suddenly his cock seemed to just slide several inches into her hole.

“Oooooooo, yesssss,” Mum moaned, “You’re right in now – it’s ok now.”

“Can I start moving?” asked Tim, his thighs quivering with tension and Mum hummed her approval.

“Mmmmm, yesss,” she said, as we all began breathing again, “Ohhhhh, its good now – that’s better!”

Tim slowly but steadily leaned forward until his body met his mother’s arse, his cock now entirely embedded inside her. A look of happiness and lust spread over his face as he began to saw his cock in and out of her hole steadily while Mum was now smiling too, her breasts swaying as Tim thrust into her. The pain of entry was gone now – pleasure was the only sensation that now existed.

And now the room began to fill with the grunts and groans of two parents and their two children all contentedly anally fucking each other, as erotic a sight as any I’d ever seen.

Liz and I got back to what we’d been doing, just slowly rocking our hips together as she sat on my lap; our bodies close together, her wonderfully filled breasts squashing and rubbing up almost contentedly against my chest, her hairy pussy tangling deliciously with my own pubes.

“We’re gonna have to move, Chris, I need more movement; I need you to fuck me properly,” said Liz eventually, lifting herself off my pole, “Come on, let me lie down.”

Liz lay on her back, her head resting on a loose pillow, her hair spread seductively over the material, her breasts rising and falling, her legs spread wide before me.

And much as I wanted to stick my cock straight back into her, I also wanted to refresh my taste buds with her delicious juices so I leaned down and buried my face between Liz’s lovely lips once more, a haven that had become considerably wetter since I was there not that many minutes ago.

Liz hissed her approval as I swiped up her slot, gathering her tasty fluids on my tongue before pushing the tip of my tongue into her little tight hole.

“Ahhhhh Chris, that’s teasing! Get your tongue out; put your cock in! Get him in me!” she cried, “I want your cock now!”

“You wait,” I managed to say round a mouthful of clit, “Let me enjoy myself too.”

I wasn’t in a rush; I was quite content to arouse her further with the use of my tongue and lips on her sensitive sex organs and now I centred on her clit again, another hiss of pleasure rising from Liz as I grasped and began to explore it.

I could seemingly feel her clit quivering and pulsating between my lips; had it been a cock it would have been jerking and thrusting now and it sent strange sensations to my brain; sensations that were almost indescribable; almost as if I was sucking on a penis, of all things!

That very weird thought made me drop her clit and slide quickly up her body until my penis found and smoothly slid into her while my lips found a less controversial target, her own lips.

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