Our Distinctive Family Pt. 10

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Part 10


The ride started smoothly with light traffic. The drive was going to take four hours to get to our destination, so we made sure to pack snacks. Manny decided to lay his head in my lap, stating he didn’t get much sleep last night. I kissed him on his temple as he dozed off a minute later. I’m such a perv that all I could see was the curve of his plump ass in these shorts. Damn, I don’t know what it was about them, but they just made Manny’s ass look so big and soft. I ran my hand over his ass a few times, gave it some squeezes then I let it rest against his hip. Manny didn’t move an inch, completely dead to the world.

I expected the twins, especially Kole, to complain about the long ride since we didn’t stop at all. But they surprisingly handled it with ease.

Once we made it a mile from the campsite, we stopped at a rest spot to relieve ourselves. Dad almost punched a guy when he wouldn’t stop pestering the twins. I’m glad he backed off because my dad packed a powerful punch. I learned of this when we went to a kickboxing class and he punched my pads. I thought my wrist would break for the impact. And he stated he was holding back!

We finally made it to our destination and said our goodbyes to our driver. He wouldn’t be back until 2 days from now. Dad really wanted us to experience real camping, well close to it as possible.

“Okay boys, lets get the tent put up first. It’s pretty big so it’ll take all of us,” Dad said. We did as we were told and got the tent together a lot faster than I expected. The thing was huge and could easily hold 10-12 people comfortably.

“Oh! Dad look. That section can be the kitchen…” Kole pointed to the left wing of the tent, “and that side can be the living area with this being the sleeping quarters.” Kole stated excitedly.

Dad chuckled. “You’re right K. Lets get all the supplies in the kitchen. Thankfully, it has its own entrance.”

“Good because I need a snack.” We got everything situated then brought out our folded mattresses.

Manny came from inside the tent. “Dad. The cot isn’t big enough to go under the entire mattress. I thought we got a king size but its queen.” The mattress was what would be consider a California king size. “Well put the cot in the living room for now. We’ll just sleep on the mattress. You have two of those?”

“Yeah. I didn’t know if we would all fit on one mattress, so I bought two,” Manny said.

“I’m sure we’ll fit. We can use the second one for extra cushion,” Dad said but Manny didn’t look convinced. I wasn’t entirely convinced either. There were five of us and three being large men.


Once we all ate lunch, dad proposed we go on a short hike. We all agreed, although the twins were reluctant. We headed down a trailed then headed up the incline. Dad led the way, then Carson, Kole, Manny then me. Kole must’ve slipped on a rock because suddenly, he lost his footing, almost falling down. Thankfully, Manny was there to right him but the motion completely exposed Kole’s juicy ass. Revealing he was only wearing a thong under his skirt with a…Fuck! A large butt plug.

“Kole. Since when do you walk around with butt plugs in?” I asked with a grin. He turned to me, “Since I wanted to be prepared. You guys stay horny and I don’t want prepping to get in the way. Plus, I plan to get everyone’s load on this trip.” He said this with finality and continued up the inclined. We approached steeper land masses that required us to climb up. I’m glad I told the twins to change their shoes or else they would be complaining. Dad and Manny helped the twins climb up, giving us perfect views of their behind. Kole completely mooned us, but who was complaining? No one. It was Manny’s turn next with the guidance of both my hands on his ass. The back of the thin shorts were buried in the crevice of his ass, emphasizing his plump cheeks. I could see his large balls from the back also and the sight sent spikes of pleasure straight to my dick.

I pulled on my balls to stave off my erection as I followed behind my family.

“Dad! How much further?” Kole asked.

“We’re going to get to that peak for today.” Dad pointed to a spot not far away. “We’ll try the higher one tomorrow.” We trudged along until we made it to the top.

“Finally!” Kole said. We took in the view and it was beautiful. We could see everything, including our campsite, somewhat. We took pictures of the scenery and of each other, goofing around.

“This is nice, right boys?” Dad asked. We all agreed. I stood beside Manny, resting my hand on his ass. “Has this gotten bigger?” I asked with a squeeze.

“No. Why?”

“It looks bigger. Your ass is eating these fucking shorts.”

Manny chuckled, “I always had ass Dawson.”

“Yeah, but it looks bigger now. I can’t…” Just then, I crotched down and buried my face between Manny’s cheeks and shook, taking a deep whiff of his scent. Damn I needed to get in there again. Manny chuckled again. “Quit it.” Manny pulled away, bodrum escort or tried but I held on to his hips, mouthing at his covered hole and balls. He let out a small moan.

“Geez guys. You can’t wait until we get back to the camp?” Carson asked.

“Come on twins, lets head back down,” Dad said.

I couldn’t fuck Manny here. No matter how much I wanted to, but I didn’t have lube. We followed behind our family.


The hike wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. The beautiful view made up for it completely. Even though I was scared, I was excited to see what type of animals we would run into. When we almost made it to the bottom of the trail, I saw something crawling on the ground. “An iguana!” I pointed in its direction. I’ve always wanted to see one in person. I wondered if I could have it as a pet.

I went after it and heard my dad’s voice telling me to come back. I ignored him and continued to chase after the reptile until I lost it. Searching around, I didn’t see any signs of it. Dejected, I turned to head back and ran straight into a brick wall. I looked up, peering at my dad’s frowning face. “Hey Daddy.”

“Don’t Daddy me. You heard me call after you. It could be dangerous to just go off by yourself K.” I wasn’t used to dad reprimanding me, so I wanted to fix it right away…by putting on the puppy eyes. “Sorry Daddy. I just got excited. I always wanted an iguana.” Dad’s face softened, “Since when baby?”

“Always. Only Carson knows. I figured you would say no.”

“You should never assume things baby.”

“I know. Still…” I looked pass dad’s frame and noticed no one was behind him. “Where are the others?”

“I told them to go ahead. Come on, I know you’re tired.” Before dad turned away, I grabbed his hand. “So Daddy. Can I have an iguana when we get back?”


“Oh daddy thank you!” I wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug. “Can I get a kiss?”

Dad chuckled, “Of course baby.” I grabbed Dad’s face in a searing kiss. Dad’s large hands traveled down my back, down to my ass and grabbed both cheeks tightly. I moaned between our lips as we kiss.

I pulled back, panting “Can I show my thanks?”

“I thought that was your thanks, sweetheart.”

“No daddy,” I dropped down into a squat, “I want to thank you in another way.” Dad just smirked as I unzipped his shorts and pull them down along with his underwear. I admired his huge cock for a second, wondering if I could take him all in.

I was going to try.

I grabbed the base of dad’s cock and began sucking on his engorged head. Dad let out a groan as I sucked hard while stroking him. I only got halfway when my throat began to convulse.

“You don’t have to take all of me in sweetie,” Dad said.

“But I want to,” I said with a whine. Dad had the prettiest cock, well all my brothers did, but compared to others I’ve seen, his was the prettiest. It only increased my desire to have it in my mouth. I wanted to choke on it, literally.

Minutes later, Dad pulled me up abruptly, “Come here.” He picked me up effortlessly, holding me up by my ass and walked over to a nearby tree. He placed me down and turned me around.

“Yeah daddy! I want you first! You’re the number 1 man in my life! Ah!” Dad bit me in the juncture of my neck, “Number 1 huh?” Dad said into my ear as he pressed against me. “Yes! I was yours before anyone else. I was just…waiting on you to want me.”

“Funny, sweetheart, because I was waiting on you. I figured you didn’t want your old man.”

I peered over my shoulder in shock, “What? Are you serious daddy? You’re not old at all. You’re the sexiest man alive and I love you.” I said in a sexier tone, “And I want your huge dick in me.”

Dad growled, which surprised me since he always was so calmed. He pulled the plug out, ripped my thong, and wasted no time entering me. “Ah!” I yelled out at the intrusion. Fuck dad was massive, even with me being stretched already.

“You okay sweetie?” Dad’s usual concerned tone came back. “Yes! Yes. I’m perfect dad. Fuck me please,” I whined. Dad plowed into my ass instantly and my mind exploded with pleasure and welcomed pain. I was beginning to learn that I didn’t mind a little pain here and there.

Dad sat a fast pace, fucking my hungry hole. I couldn’t wait to take his load.


“What’s wrong daddy,” I heard myself ask.

“You’re too short K.” Before I could say another word, dad lifted me and fucked me senseless while my feet dangled. I grabbed hold on the small tree as much as I could so I wouldn’t fall forward. I could feel the ripples in my skin from the impact of my dad’s thrusts. “Yes! Daddy. Fuck me! Fuck your Babyboy! Feel so…so good.” I could barely get the words out since dad was making me feel so good. I felt like I was floating in sex space, not knowing where anything was because my eyes were closed. I could only feel dads massive rod destroying my hole.

Something crawled onto my bodrum escort bayan hand and I yelped. Dad didn’t waste a moment, tugging me away and flipping me around. Once his arm was under my leg, he lifted me so that both his arms were under my thighs and fucked me back into oblivion. There we stood in the middle of the wooded area. All you could here is the wind, small animals and the ‘plop plop plop’ sound coming from the impact of skin to skin.

I couldn’t even moan anymore. I was gone. Daddy’s huge dick fucked me into a silent sex trance. All I could do was take it and enjoy it.

“I’m coming baby, fuck! You feel so good.” Dad growled, as he pumped his hips, fucking me relentlessly until he came inside me. The warm sensation was welcome as dad slowed his pace, ensuring every drop was inside me.

Panting, dad gave me a peck and slowly let me down. My legs gave out immediately and dad quickly caught me. “Here baby, lay against this tree so I can put my shorts back on. I was slowly coming back. Looking down, I saw a trail of cum on my stomach.

I didn’t even know I came.

Dad retrieved my plug and turned me over to inserted back into my hole. “There you go. Come on sweetie. I’ll carry you back.”

That was fine with me. Dad lifted me up, bridal style and headed back towards the campsite.

**Meanwhile, 35 minutes earlier.


We arrived at the camp minutes after leaving dad with Kole. I’d gotten horny since Dawson decided to stick his face in my ass. He’d said he would get a fire started for dinner and went to get wood. I wanted him to fuck me right there so that anything and anyone could see.

Carson didn’t help matters either, wearing those damn shorts. They’d all but rode up his ass, exposing his cheeks.

Once inside the tent, we took our shoes off and I watched Carson crawl over to our ‘bed’. I followed, leaning to whisper in his ear. “Give me that ass kitty.” I could see the shiver go through Carson at my words. Without saying anything, Carson stood and removed his shorts and thong seductively as well as his shirt and vest.

“How do you want me?”

“Put your ass in the air and spread your legs,” I said. Carson did as I said, opening his cheeks a little. His ass was so fat that I still couldn’t see his hole all the way, but I didn’t care. I like to eat hands free anyway.

I buried my face in his warm cavern, licking a trailed from the top of his crack down to his balls, sucking on each one. Carson let out a soft moan that was so cute.

My tongue licked back up until I was at my destination, getting my first taste in a while. I never played around when I ate out my brothers, referring to dive right in. I speared my tongue inside, tasting Carson and his natural goodness. I licked, bit, and sucked around his entrance, causing crazy moans to escape Carson mouth before plunging my long tongue back in. Carson jumped forward, “Manny, ah!”

“Push back on my face,” I commanded, and he obliged. Surrounding me in those big mounds, I ate Carson’s ass like a starved caveman.

Suddenly, I felt hands on my own ass. I peered back and saw Dawson pulling my shorts down and moved towards my ass.

I pulled away, “Wait Dawson. I’m all sweaty and…”

“I don’t care. It adds to the flavor,” was all Dawson said before his face was in my ass. The man had a talented tongue, causing me to almost forget about Carson. It was difficult to stay focus as he sent spikes of pleasure through my body as I felt his capable tongue do circles around my rim.

“Fuck! Yes baby. Eat my ass,” I moaned. I went back to work on Carson, grabbing his dick to suck from behind while inserting two fingers in his hole. Moans and groans were the only sounds drifting in the tent right now.

Flipping Carson over, I continued sucking his dick while Dawson continued with my hole.

Carson moaned in frustration, “Fuck me Manny! I feel so empty.” I moved to obliged, causing Dawson to grab my hips as a way to say ‘where you going?’

I knew Dawson was being obsessive over my ass but I really wanted to get inside Carson. I laid on my back. “Get on top Carson.” Carson waisted no time lowering himself on my cock. I didn’t prep him fully, but he took my cock like a champ. This was probably a cake walk compared to dad’s massive dick.

Carson placed his hands on his knees and began bouncing on my dick. “Fuck. Your hole is choking my dick right now,” I said in a hoarse voice. Carson was going wild on me and his dick leaked everywhere. I grabbed his hips, enjoying the view of his beautiful face as I thrusted up each time he came down.

Suddenly, a leg swung in front of me, blocking my view. Dawson straddled my shoulders, peering down at me. “I was going to fuck you but you took my treat away.”

“Sorry, I…”

“Suck.” Dawson commanded and drove his dick in my mouth. Dawson fucked my mouth in a slow tempo while Carson had his way on my cock.

Dawson caressed my face escort bodrum as he fucked me. The man could be so caring and ruthless at the same time. It drove me crazy. Crazy for him.

We went like this until Carson cried out as his climax tore through him.

Dawson pulled away, help Carson get off, grabbed my ankle, flipping me over and fucked me so hard, my hair came out of its bun.

“Fuck Dawson! Too…too much,” I tried to say. He didn’t hear a word, frantically chasing his orgasm until he released another load inside me, the second today. Good thing I was still semi stretched.

Once he slowed, he wiped the sweat off his forehead and flopped down beside me.

I crawled and laid between him and Carson, my ass burning from the brutal fuck. “That was pretty rough Dawson,” I said. Dawson turned to me and deadpanned, “Who told you to remove the plug?”


I forgot I took it out when we stopped at the rest area before getting here. I wasn’t use to it so it was slightly uncomfortable. I didn’t even think that Dawson would want it to stay in.

“I forgot you wanted it to stay in. It was uncomfortable to sit with.”

“It probably wasn’t a good size. I’ll buy a different kind.” Dawson got up and headed towards the kitchen. “I’m about to cook dinner.”

**change to Narrative

Once Theo(Dad) and Kole arrive back at the camp, everyone slowly gathered to eat the food Dawson prepared.

After dinner, the family played board games and card games, enjoying each other’s company. The time without other distractions allowed them to be able to talk to each other. Kole announced he received his scholarship meaning he and Carson both would have a lot of costs paid for already for the upcoming school year. Everyone congratulated him with hugs and kisses.

Eventually, everyone got ready for bed. The twins decided to sleep naked, Theo, Manny and Dawson wore underwear.

“How are we sleeping?” Kole asked. “It doesn’t look like there’s a ton of room.” Without word, Carson laid on top of his dad, content. Manny pulled Kole in front of him, spooning from behind, as Dawson spooned him.

Everyone fell asleep easily, tired from the prior activities.

Next Morning

Kole woke first, peering around the tent. He looked up to see his twin slowly waking also. He whispered, “Hey. I’m horny. Do you think Manny would be mad if I put his dick in me?”

Carson stretched causing Theo to tighten his arm around him. “I don’t think so.” Kole thought for a second and decided he was going to go for it. He slowly turned around only to see Dawson’s hand inside of Manny’s underwear. Kole wondered if they were already fucking in their sleep. He lifted up and saw that Dawson’s dick was only resting against Manny’s ass.

‘Good,’ Kole thought and slowly leaned down to plant kisses over Manny’s face. Manny stirred, opening his eyes then grinning. “Horny baby?” Kole nodded. Manny attempted to move but Dawson’s arm tightened around him. Manny gently moved Dawson’s hand from his crotch and moved, placing Kole under him. They kissed, in no hurry but with plenty of heat. Manny was already rock hard. He searched for lube until Kole patted his arm. “I’m already slick from dad’s come.” Manny looked down and saw the plug. He grinned, pulling it out and replacing Kole’s entrance with his throbbing dick.

Manny pumped Kole’s hole with long thorough thrusts causing Kole to whine softly. “You’re always so hungry for some cock. My insatiable little brother,” Manny muttered has he gave it to his baby brother.

“Its not my fault. You guys shouldn’t have spoiled me with such good dick. You’ve ruined me for other men,” Kole said through another moan.

“Good,” Manny said.

Dawson finally got up, unable to ignore the moans coming from his brothers. He got some lube and spread it over his thick cock, ready to join the party. “Lift him up Manny.”

Manny lifted Kole in his arms, still inside as Dawson got below them.

Kole was confused, “What are you…”

“You think you can take both of us K?”

“Ah fuck yes! Yes, I want both of you at the same time,” Kole said, getting excited. Dawson thought for a second, “Flip him. I want to see his face.” Manny pulled out so Kole could lower himself onto Dawson’s awaiting cock. “Mmm, so good,” Kole said. Dawson gave him a few pumps before checking Kole’s hole. He seemed stretched enough, thanks to that plug. Dawson motioned for Manny to join.

Manny got behind his brother and nudge his dick at Kole’s stretched hole, trying to find a way in. After more prodding once Kole calmed down, Manny was able to enter alongside Dawson.

“Fuck! That feels…”

“Amazing,” Kole finished. “Move please,” he whined. Both brothers pumped their hips in sync with their thick rods. Kole was moaning so loud that Dad finally woke up, typically a hard sleeper.

Now that everyone was up, the boys didn’t care to be quiet anymore. Manny smacked Kole’s ass as he increased his pace, enjoying the skin to skin contact of Dawson’s dick. The sensation was incredible.

“You like that Kole? You got two cocks in you now.”

“Yes! I love it. I want it all the time. Feels so good!” Kole yelled out as he came untouched. “Ah! Fuck!”

Manny came not long after, holding in his moan as he filled his brother with his seed.

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