Our Bedroom


Our BedroomElle moved into the bedroom with a soft smile, blue eyes glancing to her handsome husband. Just watching him smile made her belly do a somersault and she absolutely melted as he took her in his strong arms. Her blue eyes twinkled as she moved into his arms, moist lips tilting reflexively up to his.Vince kissed his beautiful wife deeply, his hand moving up to cup her rounded breast. He could feel her shiver deliciously in response, an aching nipple hardening beneath his expert hand as her tongue darted out for a taste of his mouth. She moved him more than any woman had ever been able to before. The first time he had ever been with her had triggered something within him and he knew that she would become his wife.Elle moaned softly as her body arched towards his hand for more. Her tongue slid out to intertwine with hi, drawing in more of his nectar as his fingers grasped one of her nipples, pulling on it gently. She trembled beneath the caress of his hand as his other one slid over her belly to the smooth mound that was presented to him between shifting silken thighs that moved apart in welcome invitation. His tug on her nipple sent a jolt of electricity downwards straight to her throbbing clit.And then Vince gently, tenderly laying his beautiful bride back on the soft comforter of their bed, his mouth covering hers in a searing kiss as his hand began to search through her moist folds to find her clit hard and throbbing. He could hear the purr rumble from her throat as she stretched beneath him, thighs parting for his seeking fingers and he moaned as her own slid over the expanse of his shoulders. He smiled against her lips as her hips pushed up wantonly and he answered with a definite pinch to her clit, pulling on it.Elle writhed beneath him, her head pushing back into the plush comforter as his lips clamped down on a hard nipple, sucking hard. The exquisite sensations of both his mouth and fingers were working wondrous magic on her pulsing body and arched up hungrily even more as her aching points of desire screamed in relief. As her sexy husband slowly began to kiss down her belly, she squirmed beneath him, a soft giggle erupting as his warm tongue laved over the sensitive flesh, playing in her belly button. She couldn’t help but shudder in appreciation of where his mouth might traverse to next.Kissing down over kaçak iddaa her smooth mound, Vince’s tongue licked slowly over the lips of her cunt, reveling in the sharp intake of his wife’s breath as it made contact with the throbbing moist flesh. He noted the way her eyes slowly closed as her hips thrust up wantonly, silently begging him for more. Using his fingers to open her lips and exposing her hard clit, his tongue fluttered over it before clamping down to suck it between his teeth and bit down.Elle cried out, her eyes flying wide open as she began to writhe beneath him. Sweet juices began to flow freely as he played her clit like a well-tuned instrument, making it throb and sing to the thumping of her heart. Her nails scored his shoulders in wanton display as she instinctively pressed him closer. “Oh Vince, god yes,” she whispered into the night air of their bedroom.Licking down, Vince’s tongue stiffened and plunged between the swollen lips of his wife’s succulent cunt, fucking it deep as she arched up wantonly. He could feel her walls clamping down, stiffening as his tongue pressed deep, and driving her wild with lust that he could feel in the claim of her fingernails digging into his strong shoulders. He growled as her raking nails made him instinctively plunge his tongue deeper into her sweet flesh, hungry for more of her honey as she shivered beneath him.Shivering helplessly, crying out as his tongue ****d her willing flesh, Elle only wanted more … aching to be filled as only he can do. Raking her nails up his shoulders to his neck, she cried out in blatant need. She could hear him growl at the feel of her nails on his flesh causing him to plunge his tongue deeper. Elle shivers, crying out in aching want, needing to feel him within her as her nails traveled up his shoulders to his neck.Vince wet a finger to slip into his wife’s tight ass as his tongue fucked her rapidly, loving the way she moaned deeply, stiffening a bit and then relaxing as his digit made contact with her tight rose-hued hole. He could feel her walls try to clamp down on his tongue slipping in and out of her shudder flesh as he pushed the finger deeper, biting at the lips of her cunt and then moving up a bit to suck on her clit.Elle shuddered as his finger pushed within her tight ass, crying out in delicious want as both his teeth and lips tipobet güvenilir mi drive her close to the edge of nirvana. She clung to him with biting nails as her body arched up hard, begging with soft whimpers and trembling flesh as the fire in her belly began to grow. She couldn’t help but cry out softly as he lifted up from her to untie the belt of his robe, her dark blue eyes falling upon the massive cock that sprung free. A sultry smile curved upwards on moist berry-stained lips as the promise of what was to come caused her to moan upon the bed.Moving between her sweet thighs, Vince slowly slid his cock in, the head spreading her tight cunt. He could feel her arms reach out to him reflexively as his beautiful bride trembles in delectable want, arching upwards as the head pushed past moist walls. He pushed it deeper, leaning down to kiss her as his cock sunk into her tight cunt that sucked him even more in as if she couldn’t get nearly enough.Elle’s moans filled their bedroom as she arched upwards to bury him completely within trembling walls that pulsed around his thick shaft. Her tongue thrust deeply into his mouth as her nails bit into his hips, pulling her wantonly to her. She could feel Vince bite down on her bottom lip, the coppery taste of her blood slipping onto her tongue as he rammed his cock hard into her. She cried out into the dark recesses of his mouth as his teeth marked her as his lover, feeling her blood swell and pound beneath his ravaging flesh. Her hips wantonly thrust up for more as her legs slid up his hips to lock around his waist in an attempt to push her deep into her cervix.This only encouraged her husband to fuck her hard and deep, the shaft of his cock rubbing her clit with every thrust. Elle’s cries reverberated in the room as his cock head sunk deep into her shuddering flesh, begging him with every movement to take her harder. The friction of his flesh against hers sent her spiraling upwards to that cliff that beckoned her freefall to the abyss beyond.Vince grabbed her curvy legs, pulling her dainty feet to his shoulders as his hips pumped furiously, sinking his cock deeper and deeper with each savage thrust. Her screams only fueled his need to fuck her harder as he rammed his cock straight down her tunnel and into her cervix. He could feel her walls shuddering tipobet giriş around him, uncontrollably as that first wave of pleasure hit her full force causing her walls to suck on his throbbing shaft, covering him in the sweetest of hot nectar. He began to pump harder as her nails raked his pistoning ass, leaning down to kiss her deeply as he felt the head bang against her cervix.Elle could feel the waves begin to swell within, threatening to crash through her body. Crying out into his mouth, she arched up into her husband’s body, slamming her hips into his as her walls clamped down over his throbbing cock. Milking out the impending release that she can feel swelling in his balls as they rammed against her ass, her mouth drank deeply of his in a passionate kiss of both longing and immeasurable love.Vince could feel his balls tight and his cock pulse right before thick ropes of hot cum spilled out into his wife’s tight cunt. He heard her cries echo in his ears as his seed erupting in thick spurs of pearly cum; splashing against the walls of her cervix as she he drove her over the edge, the need to teeter on the cliff gone. Spiraling downwards, she screamed out in ecstasy, begging, “Oh god baby, please!!!”Slamming his cock harder into her willing body, his growled out against her lips, “Cum Elle, come all over my cock!” He continued to fuck her hard as he felt her juices suddenly flood his flesh.Elle cried out in relief, silver tears spilling down her flushed cheeks as blonde curls spilled around them like a halo of honey. Her walls shuddered around him, covering him in hot sweet nectar as she came deliciously hard over him, rocking against his spasming body. Her arms reached out reflexively to enfold him close as he collapsed on top of her, his breath coming in short pants. She could feel his heart thundering against her heaving chest and gasped for breath as long lashes fluttered down to kiss her flushed cheeks.Vince looked into his wife’s flushed face, noting the part of her sweet lips, now swollen from his bruising kisses. He pulled her close with a grin, kissing her as his fingers swept back the clinging curls from her damp forehead. She shivered in delight as her lips were captured beneath his as her own fingers ran gently down his back. He smiled lovingly as he whispered against her lips, “You are so amazing, baby.”Her soft smile melted his heart once more, glancing up to him with dancing blue eyes. “I love you, Vince.”“I love you too, baby,” he whispered in return, enfolding her close in his strong arms as he rolled off of her, taking her with him, “so fucking much.”

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