Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 08

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And on the seventh day….

I love Sundays. I love simple, sunny, slow, sexy Sundays. I especially love simple, sunny, slow, sensuous, shaving sex on Sundays. So this Sunday was right up my street!

I was lying back naked on the warm crumpled bed with the sun streaming in through the window. My legs were wide apart and my handsome lover was beside me gently shaving my open cunt. After the exertions of the last week and the departure of Sue back home, it was time to enjoy and evaluate the three way relationship that Tony, Vicky and I had forged. Vicky was lying beside me slowly massaging my sensitive tits.

I had rung her about half ten and invited her down for coffee. She had asked me what we intended doing all day.

“Fuck all” I replied emphatically

“Do you mind if I do fuck all with you?”

“Not at all, but we may do it at least half a dozen times. Will you be able to cope with that?”

“Only half a dozen?”

She arrived five minutes later with a carrier bag full of stuff. Tony immediately assumed it was food!

“That’s alright, Vicky darling. We do have milk and bread in you know” he said as he opened the door.

“Pillock” she replied “I’ve just brought a few oils and creams. You can eat them if you like but I wouldn’t recommend it”

“Take no notice” I shouted from the bedroom “Come in and join me”

She did just that. She was only wearing a tee shirt and tracksuit bottoms and both came off in flash. Her fantastic body never ceases to excite me, and Tony doesn’t hang back either!

“Fuck” he commented “You get more sumptuous every day”

“Does that mean you want to suck them or fuck them?” said Vicky assuming, quite rightly, that Tony was talking about her enormous 44 inch breasts.

“All in good time” I interjected “Tony is doing his Sunday morning chores first. He is shaving my cunt. Please don’t distract him. It’s one of life’s great pleasures.”

“Will you shave my cunt after?” asked Vicky and opened her legs as if he needed reminding where it was and what it looked like.

“At you service” he said, then he mused “Do you think I could start up a new business shaving women’s cunts? Advertise in Yellow Pages? Depilations R Us: Cunts a speciality!”

“Bloody hell, you could clean up!” I wittily remarked “but don’t get any smart ideas. This service is very much for Jo and Vicky, not for the whole of West London”

“In fact for no other holes at all” laughed Vicky

Tony accepted his fate and I lay back to receive the edge of his trusty blade. I don’t believe in wet shaves. Dry shaves are perfectly okay and much easier all round. Tony had last attended to me the previous week so there was only a bit of designer stubble so it wasn’t going to take him long. I had a feeling however that he was unlikely to hurry as he didn’t mind any excuse to look between my legs.

Vicky looked into her bag and brought out some moisturiser which she started to rub into my tits.

“I hope it’s not that cream that makes them grow” I joked

“I don’t” said Tony

I soon went really dreamy as the gentle action of Tony’s shaver and the sensuous palms of Vicky’s hands relaxed me. I am lucky that despite having 38 inch tits the nipples are very sensitive. Most women I know with big tits don’t enjoy that but I soon get turned on. I closed my eyes and after a few minutes the sensation changed and I realised that Vicky was sucking my nipples now and no longer stroking them. Tony had started to lick my newly shaven cunt and the double action of the two tongues together got my juices flowing.

If you haven’t had your cunt shaved then I suggest you try it and quick. The sensation is fantastic. Not only does it look good but it feels brilliant and the feelings of the sex act are that much more acute.

I had no intention of cumming quickly. This was going to be a very slow Sunday indeed. Tony’s face was getting completely lost in my dripping twat and his tongue was curling inside me. I desperately wanted something hard in my cunt but I decided that that would only accentuate my orgasm so I would leave my demands unsatisfied – for now. In any case Tony was in control and he knew how to play me like a finely tuned instrument. I felt his fingers reach into my juicy fuck hole and they slowly penetrated me. Then he took them out and stroked them between my arse cheeks. I could tell that he was trying to make the entrance to my back passage nice and slippery.

Vicky had stopped sucking my nipples and had moved up to kiss my forehead. She kissed all of my head and then I felt her hot breath on my mouth as our lips connected in a passionate kiss.
Everything okay?” she asked me

“Everything is fine” I assured her “My man is fingering both my holes and my best friend is snogging me. What more could I need?”

“A fuck?”

“All in good time” I said and didn’t get chance to add more as her lips smothered mine again. Our tongues tangled and I could taste her sexy hot breath. She put her fingers between her own canlı bahis legs and must have discovered a very wet hole as she sighed deeply and contentedly as she did so. She then brought her fingers up to her face and put them between our two sets of lips so that we could taste her cunt cream together.

“More” I whispered, so she replaced the fingers in her hot twat and re-coated them with musky love juice. Once again we drank her nectar. She then put her fingers between her legs for a third time but on this occasion when she brought them to our lips they tasted different.

“Mmmm…” I enthused “Your arse tastes just as good”

“Do you want some more?”

“God! Yes please” she visited her holes again and came up with an especially tangy mixture of arse and cunt. I nearly came.

Tony was still licking my clit and fingering me, and as his two fingers went deep into my arsehole for the third time I finally succumbed to the inevitable orgasm. My whole body convulsed. My two lovers fell away and left me to drift back into the conscious world.

When I did so I found that Tony had started to shave Vicky.

“I wish I’d had a shaven cunt years ago” she was saying as she held her lips so that Tony could make them smooth.

“I love it” he replied “It is so much more enjoyable to eat a woman with a hairless pussy”

“I agree” I added

They turned their heads.

“Back in the land of the living then?” said Tony

“Don’t be unkind. It’s not my fault if the two of you send me to Mars and back.”

“You sure it wasn’t Uranus?” joked Vicky

“I think we stopped at someone’s anus on the way, certainly” I acknowledged.

“Talking of which madam” Tony said, referring to Vicky “Would you like to kneel on the bed so that I can shave your shaggable shithole?”

“How could a girl resist an invitation so delicately put?”

We all smiled and I watched as Vicky manoeuvred herself in order that her puckered back passage was fully accessible.

Tony opened her cheeks and smoothly ran the razor down the inside to remove the soft hairs that adorned her tight ringpiece. He repeated the exercise on both sides and then tidied up. He couldn’t resist kissing her hole before he let her go and he also gave her a playful lick.

“Right!” said Vicky “Your turn mate”

She was referring to Tony. He looked suitably surprised but I thought it was a great idea. Shave my man! Why not?

“Brilliant” I said “I’ll get another blade!

I disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared with a new Gillette in my hand. Before Tony had a chance to protest we were busy deflowering him so to speak. This was great fun. I held his prick while Vicky shaved his balls and then I took off the bulk of the wiry hair around the base of his cock. It took some time, and we had to get a third razor to complete the job, but when it was finished it looked great. Particularly as by that time he was sporting a stonker of a hard on!

“Right, my boy” I announced “now it’s your turn to have your shaggable shithole shaved, to coin a phrase”

Tony got up and knelt on the bed with his head embedded on the pillow. I took up the challenge of smoothing my man’s rear entrance. Slowly but surely his tight anal ring became more visible as the hair disappeared. Vicky decided to take his mind off the razor by diving under his body and sucking his ever ready cock.

“That is nice, really nice” muttered Tony to nobody in particular.

I was busy using a mixture of finger and tongue to clear his arse of the stray hairs that I had depilated. Vicky came up for air and asked how things were going.

“Take a look” I invited.

She complied and ran her cheek and face close to Tony’s virtually shaven rear.

“Just like a baby’s bum” I said

With a twinkle in her eye, Vicky looked at me and mouthed silently:

“Eminently fuckable”

“How? I asked silently.

“What are you two muttering about?” asked my prostrate boyfriend from the other end of the bed.

“Nothing darling” I said quickly, “You just stay there until we have finished.”

Vicky had barely started. She got off the bed and hunted in her bag for something and came up triumphantly holding her strap on. She was pretty adept at putting it on and so it took only a few seconds to get it in position. The pink six inch cock protruded gracefully from her midriff. She then returned to her bag to get some lubricant which she liberally spread over the knob end with all the loving care of someone giving a gentle hand job. She handed me the bottle and I pretended to be massaging Tony’s bum.

“Just some oil darling to make your arse even more delectable than it is already”

I misled him as I stroked his cheeks and let my fingers stray deeper into his anal cleft. I ran the tips across his crinkled hole and then pushed the same two fingers slick with baby oil into his willing anus.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” asked Vicky quietly.

“Not at all” I assured her “Tony took your anal bahis siteleri cherry, so you have every right to bugger him”

I didn’t tell her that he was fairly used to being arsefucked particularly by me with a variety of dildos. I let her think it was a new experience and to a certain extent it was, as he had never had Vicky’s strap on in his arsehole before had he?

Vicky moved into position as I moved over. Tony must have thought he was getting a new pair of hands to massage his rear. Little did he know!

The first inclination he had of anything was when the head of the rubber prick started to nuzzle into his crack.

“Huh?” he muttered.

I jumped on to bed beside him and put my face close to his.

“Hello lover” I said to put him at ease “My girlfriend would like to bugger you. Is that alright?”

He hardly had time to answer as Vicky’s rubber cock started to enter his hairless hole.

“My God” she said excitedly “this looks fantastic. I can see Tony’s arsehole opening and my knob going in. Come and see Jo!”

I bounced up from beside Tony and joined Vicky as her cock started to enter his anus. It looked really sexy. Tony was muttering under his breath:
“Fuck, fuck, fuck” he said as his arsehole dilated and he took the strap on into his rectum. “You scheming bitches! Christ, that is sooooooo good”

I moved behind Vicky so that I could nuzzle against her and play with her tits. They hang beautifully and as she started to arsefuck my man they started to sway in a very voluptuous manner. I wanted to suck them but instead I took her cherry red nipples into my fingers and tweaked hard. She started to squirm. I then took one hand away and reached down and through the belt of the strap into the top of her cunt. She was very wet. My finger slid down her vaginal crack and into her twat. I searched for her clit and started to stimulate it. That made her squirm even more. There wasn’t much room. She had penetrated Tony almost totally and the gap between the end of the dildo and her torso was negligible. In fact I thought she was going to trap my hand at one point. I pulled the wet finger out and released myself from the bear hug we were in. I ran the finger down her anal crack and started to stimulate her other hole. The thong of the strap on was wedged firmly in there and I was not going to be able to get access. However the very thought of having my finger in her arse made Vicky excited and she said so as she sodomized my boyfriend. I returned to kiss him as he thrashed around on the bed with Vicky firmly inside him.

“How’s your arse lover boy?” I asked as I let him smell the finger that I had just withdrawn from Vicky’s cunt.

“It’s full! This girl knows how to fuck” he replied.

I looked back at Vicky as she continued to gently but firmly arsefuck him. Her magnificent tits were bouncing up and down as she did so. I felt underneath and grabbed Tony’s rock hard cock. I started to masturbate him, but I didn’t want him to cum just yet. Vicky was pressing hard and stimulating herself as she buggered Tony. So much so that I was taken aback when she announced that she was coming.

“Fucking hell! I’m coming you bastards! God, I’m right up your shithole and I’m coming!”

“Fuck my arse! Fuck it harder!!”

“I’m fucking it. I’m fucking it! Shit! Shit! shit!”

And on the final shit she climaxed triumphantly. Tony collapsed exhausted and probably a little bit sore though he never admitted it. I was as horny as hell. Vicky fell on the bed on her back with her pink artificial cock sticking straight up in the air. It wasn’t entirely pink anymore. There were the inevitable flecks of brown given the intense buggering she had given out. I wasn’t going to worry about that. I positioned myself astride the head and sat firmly on it so that it filled my cunt. Vicky opened her eyes to find that she was fucking me now! She reached up and grabbed my tits and started to play with my nipples. As mine are far more sensitive than hers that only resulted in me getting wetter and more randy.

“God, I’m fucking the cock that fucked my man’s arse” I announced. Tony was obviously energised by my description as he crawled over to both of us and started to kiss us in turn. First Vicky and then me. He lingered in each of our mouths and we explored each other with our tongues. He then got off the bed and came round to the back of the bed. He pushed me forward and I found myself locked mouth to mouth with Vicky in a passionate snog. As I enjoyed that he moved behind me and started to guide his cock into my arse. The bastard always knows what I want. I was gagging for a double fuck and he was going to give it to me.

“Christ I can feel Vicky’s strap on in your cunt” he said as his cock slipped into my greasy brown hole.

“So can I!”

“Come on Tony let’s give her a really good hard dp” urged Vicky

And that’s exactly what they did. I squirmed and bucked but they never released me from their dual grip. It was an entirely new experience having bahis şirketleri a rubber cock in my cunt and a real one in my arse at one and the same time. I came once and thought that they would gave it best, but I hadn’t bargained for their stamina and they were determined to continue to fuck me until I came for a second time. I suspected that Tony had been on the verge of shooting his load for a few minutes. Finally he could wait no longer.

“I’m going to cum” he announced “Where do you want it”

“On both of us” shouted Vicky.

Tony immediately pulled out of my arsehole and held his cock between us. I could smell my arse at five feet and revelled in the aroma. Seconds later a huge string of cum shot over my face and caught me on the cheek and forehead. It kept coming. It dripped enticingly from my eyes and nose and Vicky could see that I wanted her to swallow it so she moved her head beneath the long beads and caught them as they fell. She played the spunky mixture around her mouth with her tongue and let me share in the thick white substance before she drank the last drop.

While she and I were heavily distracted, Tony, still sporting an impressive erection, had returned from whence he had recently come and while the two of us continued to delight in the pleasures of sharing his tasty cum, the bugger put his cock back into my arse.

“Fucking hell!” I exclaimed “How much more do you think I can take?”

“I’ve got one more treat” he said mysteriously and I then felt an extraordinary feeling building inside. The pervert was only pissing in my arse! He was actually giving me a piss enema. I had never experienced anything like it.

Vicky could see the expression on my face changing and asked what was going on.

“Oh God” I blurted out “He’s pissing in my arse”

“You dirty bastard” squealed Vicky in pleasure. She would dearly have loved to have got closer but I was effectively pinning her to the bed. She still had her strap on in my cunt.

“Does it feel good?” she asked

“I’ve never felt anything like it” I replied, panting with the sheer pleasure of it.

Tony then finished pissing and warned me that he was going to pull out giving me the opportunity to make sure my anal muscles tightened to keep the golden fluid tight in my rectum. Vicky playfully fucked me a couple of times but I screamed for her to stop as I was having trouble keeping control of my faculties.

Tony gingerly withdrew. I stayed exactly where I was, not daring to move. Obviously I was going to have to eventually. Vicky was still penetrating me and I had to get off her for a start!

“How does it feel?” Tony asked as his face came close to mine and he gave me a tender kiss.

“Like nothing on earth” I said in all honesty.

I carefully pulled myself up and there was an audible squelch as the dildo slipped out of my cunt. I attempted to stand up and made it after a couple of minutes.

“I can’t believe you are standing there with an arse full of piss” said a delighted Vicky. “What do you think would happen if Tony tried to fuck you now?”

“Don’t even think about it” I said very quickly. I walked slowly to the bathroom, sat on the loo and let it all rip. Tony and Vicky stood at the door and watched the whole thing. The sense of relief was orgasmic all in itself.

“That was something else” I said as I returned to the bedroom.

“I would love to feel what it was like” said Vicky.

“I think that can be arranged” chuckled Tony

We chatted and laughed for a couple of hours enjoying some strong coffee along the way. Needless to say the talk was sexy. All three of us loved to tell each other how we felt about our experiences.

“You two really are the sexiest pair of fuckers I have ever met” said Vicky.

“Wrong!” chipped in Tony “We three are the sexiest group of perverts in the world. Official!”

“I resent being called a pervert” I said “I am just above average in the need for different types of sex”
“I don’t know about being above average” said Vicky “You are off the Richter scale as far as I am concerned”

“More like the sphincter scale” joked Tony

“Talking of which, my arsehole is getting itchy” I said “You know what that means Tony darling. It needs fucking”

“Tough” said Vicky “Its my turn”

“Ladies” interjected Tony “You should know by now that my cock is big enough to share”

He got up and left the room. I assumed he was going for a piss or whatever but he returned from the kitchen with a plastic funnel – the sort that you use for cooking.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

“You’ll see” he replied enigmatically and then distracted me by kissing me full on the mouth. He started to tweak one of my nipples which is fatal. I was squirming in no time. Vicky joined in by clamping her mouth on to the other one and sucking. In no time at all we were fucking each other again. Tony’s big cock slipped into my cunt before I had time to adjust. Vicky sat on my face and smothered me with her juice.

We changed position after a while and it was her turn to feel full of cock. Tony fucked her hole relentlessly and she was well on the way to cumming when he pulled out and slipped his length into her arse.

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