ORGIAIt was a warm summer evening, I left home to follow my sighs again, but what had happened over my wildest dreams …I was 16 then, I went to a parallel class in high school and … I fell in love with a newly-discovered girl. She was a lovely brunette of medium height with bright complexion and very feminine shapes, if not for the situation I met her, I would take her as a student. I was shy and did not have any special experience with girls, so I wanted to develop this knowledge cautiously because I really wanted it.One time we went to class with the movie and so it happened that I sat in the last row in the second place from the right and Agnieszka, because that’s her name, she sat in the corner. Suddenly, halfway through the film I felt a hug in my crotch, I felt like aga impulsive movements trying to put my penis upright. I had something to say but Agnieszka quickly touched my chin, pointing my eyes at her with another hand showing “ciii”. She had beautiful big brown eyes. I did not imagine our acquaintance but well, it was hard to complain. At one point she whispered:-Krzysiu, maybe you would like to unzip this ramp because I’m uncomfortable?Without unnecessary words I followed the command and my question was on top. I asked:-Why are you doing this?She replied:Do you see all the girls in our class? I’m not interested in them, like them, romance, war and other fuckers. I just love the male members and I need them.The last words she uttered with stoic calm, at the same time very quickly exploring the head of my penis, which caused intense ejaculation. Agnieszka seeing that I can not cope with wiping sperm myself offered help smiling heartily. Fortunately classmates were so absorbed in the film that they did not notice.After the incident in the cinema we did not talk much, so I was confused because I did not know what her attitude towards me. Finally I could not stand it and invited her to ice cream to the pastry shop and after a long conversation I asked:-I must ask you some question. Would you like to be my girlfriend? Judging by the event in the cinema I conclude that I like you, I understand that we still do not know each other but it is always possible to make up.”I’m sorry Krzysiek, but I’m not interested in such relationships.This answer caused me even more confusion, I did not know what to do.So it was the fact that we both belonged to the same church oasis through which I had an insight into our group on facebook.Unexpectedly, Aga added an entry:-This is how we play this time with me? About what always teddy bears:After reading this post I thought it would be another party of her parcel. Having nothing to do I decided to look at my beauty. I figured that this meeting would take place after her gymnastics at 18. So soon after that hour I tokat escort started in her garden. The gate was lifted which surprised me but without paying attention I hid behind the bushes, so that I was imperceptible to the people entering the house. After a while I saw him come home with all his parcel saying that the parents went to her uncle for the night so they can calmly “do it”. Her team included: Nicholas, her colleague, Gabi, her friend and Luke Gabi’s boyfriend. All four went down to the basement. Then everything started, fortunately the window was lifted so everything I heard perfectly.Nicholas asked the others:- good people where there is alcohol.Agnieszka said:-this is not the fun of the type you think of.Pushing him on the armchair.Luke:Do you remember the birthday present I promised you?At this moment Luke gave Agnieszka a signal that turned her back to Nicholas.-that’s him.Lukas said tearing Agi’s leggings.Nicholas was stunned not knowing what to say. At this Gabi pulled his pants in a violent motion, spitting on his cheeks, which was as hard as a stone:Take her stallAt this moment, Agnieszka sat on his lap, stuffing his lance to his own eggs. Nicholas reacted with a loud moan, clutching the five with Lukasz:- thanks old is the best gift in the world.Lukasz on it:- As we were little we always shared everything. You will not mind if Aga will do me ice cream?- take her old,What gaba:- no one thought to me, phi.In speaking, she pulled her trousers down and said to Luke,-how to share it, no?Then she swiftly sat down on Nicholas’ lips, giving him access to his wet pussy, leaning against the arm of the chair and the wall behind him.When Gaba ventured to Nicholas, he noticed an anesthetic plug placed in Gaby’s mouth and asked:-What is this?She’s on it:-the tiger’s memoirsAt that moment, I was astonished. I could not believe that the hot Catholic believer and her friends organized as if they never had an orgy. I reached out my phone and started everything ecord. Meanwhile, the action in the cellar began to gain momentum. At one point Gabriel jumped out of Nicholas and holding one hand with dripping rich pussy juices took Luke’s hand saying: “We should still practice it before we teach them. At this Luke: – go to the bathroom, we do it on the sink Agnieszka and Mikolaj had a surprised face and most probably did not know what the couple said and continued sex in the position of the rider. At the same time, in Gabi’s bathroom, the cat fanned out on the sink, leaving one foot on the tiles and the calf of the other leg resting on the edge. At this point, Luke pulled his diamond-shaped anal cap out and mouthed it aside. Then he sat down on the couch and began to masturbate intensely watching his beloved sink, playing his pussy trabzon escort and licking his mirror. Suddenly she got up, put both her legs in the tub, leaned her ass on the edge and said, “I’m ready.” After Luke lunged at his member, he grabbed her girlfriend for her dark, thick, curly hair and began to fuck her ass with all her might. Gabrysia started screaming screams, but after a while she mastered herself. Hearing all this, I could not stop myself and started masturbating myself, so I started recording with one hand. After a while I reached and flooded my boxers. Unfortunately, by accident I dropped the phone for which I was covered. All four returned to the room. Suddenly, Aga said, “I know who it is, wait here for me. I was scared, I did not know what to do, escape did not make sense because I thought I was covered. After a while, Agnieszka left the house, found me and admitted that she did not really see who it was but wanted to enlarge the circle of participants, and I was perfectly fine. As she said, I grabbed her by the neck, leaned against the wall of the house, torn her white blouse, and began to lick her nipple passionately, pierced with earrings until hard. After that I made her strong fingers to dive and when she fell to the ground she experienced an intense orgasm. The boys in the middle were amazed by the turn of events and stood as if they were dead, but Gabrielle seemed to be between them and began to beat their horses at the same time. Then Aga calm down, holding me tight enough to bring me into the room. “Good and now stop to drink, let’s relax a bit,” said the hostess. “Give me wine and glasses,” she said to Luke, showing the bar. After bringing them to the table, he began to spill the drink. I picked up one and wanted to drink but Gabriela pulled me out of my hand – so today I will do my darling Take my glass, fill it with her mouth, wide me embracing began to poured content between my mouth combining it with a passionate kiss finished with tongue. In her footsteps followed her friend and similarly she gave my colleagues. Nicholas sat back in his chair and started moving Aga to the rider, and Gaba and Luke disappeared somewhere. I said then: “I thought that orgies do not usually have much to do with religion.” God made love to his neighbor as himself, and what we do is love in the purest form, besides, we should share what we have the best, so shut up and let yourself Orally – she said, catching me smelly eggs smiling. -now I have no questions- I said sinking my swollen penis in her mouth. At the same moment our three began to fall, I threw down Agi’s throat, and Nicholas swam to shore in her vagina. At that moment Gaba and Lukas returned with a big cucumber and hot butter and ordered us to take our escort bayan plates out of Agnieszka’s holes. Nicholas began to kiss passionately with Agnieszka and I watched what he did the rest. Gabrysia licked the pussy from her friend and licked her pubic hair which was arranged in a small triangle above the pussy. Then she started to make her finger, while Lukasz started to apply warm butter to Agnieszka’s anus – what the hell are you doing? – she screamed. You are so unstoppable, you keep telling me how you dream of having sex with many men at once. Time to put this dream into life. Time to sneak out on you, Gabrysia. “” Is not Gabi too early? -Do you are a gymnast, you are 16 years old, how to play so sharply now only when your body is so strong. And remember – JOLO. She said putting the cucumber in her anus – I did not write about it, you said she was my gift Luke, I’m not bi – said Nicholas. -but I did not say that. I said taking the cucumber out of her hole. Immediately I grabbed Aga by the hair and fucked my cock into her cocoa nipple. All three of us moaned, I felt a member of Nicola gently moving in the sheath of Agi through a thin film, “You know what Krzychu, I even like this double penetration like,” said Nicholas. “If you stop, cut me to pieces,” Aga squealed, from her eyes Body tears. “All right, dear,” Gaba said, kissing her on the back of her chair. Do not wait any longer Lukasz put an anal in his girlfriend and they all muttered as they like. I have always dreamed of entering another man into a woman’s body at the same time but it seemed to me to be a fiction. “I have an idea,” Lukas said, “can we put Agnieszka’s second penis in pussy?” We are very happy with Santa Claus. I leaned up to make a place for Luke. -that’s already too much. Just do not it !! “Aga screamed as we drowned all her penis in her body. Gabrysia to silence Agnieszka put her foot into her mouth and poured champagne on her leg so that he drank to Agi’s lips. – Stronger guys, harder to fuck her, use your will. For that we increased our turnover. Unfortunately, Lukasz’s pussy fell out of his pussy, but in a moment he hit his place again and continued our wonderful fun. After a moment, Agnieszka spat out from the plane of alcohol that the one who will last in her longest will become her boyfriend. The tempo was dizzy, it was a miracle that we fit in some way but in the end Agnieszka was a gymnast. Then Lukasz and Mikolaj slipped into the center of Agnieszka and they took out their lives. I still fucking her anal. You won, said Agnieszka breaking off my cock orgasm trembling. I was in the pussy you were not the most expensive I dabbed without problems in the pussy full of my colleagues, which excites me and started slowly to put my penis into her shell. Now-face down I dropped out of strength, thankfully Gabi helped me, who passionately kissed me kissing me last drop of semen. Then smiling Aga began to play with my finger. At the very end I approached her face to her lips and gave her a passionate kiss by stroking her long hair. THE END

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