ONE OF THE BEST SPANKING I EVER RECIEVEDone day. alexa asked her boyfriend matt if he would like to spank her. he kind of looked at her with this strange look on his see alexa was really into things like spanking. the harder the better. the rougher the better. for as long as she could remember she was into it and she really loved matt and wanted to be put over his knee and spanked by him!he stared at her for a little to long and it was beginning to feel awkward so alexa was going to brush it off as half joking half serious. she looked down at the floor sadly and then looked back up at him and was about to speak when he interrupted her…”sure.” he said to her. “id love to spank you” and then he turned and walked over to the couch, sat down, and motioned for me to come lay across his lap.she walked over toward him her high heels echoing as she took steps across the hard wood floor toward him. she was excited but calmed down enough bursa escort not to rush over to him to fast and seem to eager. finally she got to him and lowered herself slowly down over his lap.she couldnt see the smile on his face as he began pulling her skirt up over her ass and pulling her panties down her legs but she could feel his erection come up underneath him and could tell he was enjoying what was happening and what was about to happen!and with a swoosh through the air she felt his hand touch her ass and the sound echo through the room. her pussy started tingling. he drew back and as hard as he could he smacked the opposite ass cheek that he had hit before. the sound echoing through the room my pussy was getting wet and my ass was starting to feel warm.he continued drawing back and striking my ass with his hand keeping to his pattern of left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek… feeling my ass getting warmer and warmer and my bursa escort bayan pussy getting wetter and wetter. i couldnt see it but im sure my ass was turning a really pretty shade of pink and quickly moving toward a bright red color.he continued his pattern of smacking my ass and it was actually starting to hurt. my little cries and whimpers echoing through the room now along with the echoes of his hand hitting the flesh on my ass. i started kicking my legs up and wiggling my ass subconsciously trying to avoid the next strike but his opposite arm had me pinned down. i couldnt move and had to take every hit. every smack getting harder… and harder… and harder! hurting more and more and more!my ass, which im sure was bright bright red by now and probably had hand prints on it, was stinging and hurting so so badly. i kept trying to move my ass out of the way to dodge the next strike. i tried using my upper body to wiggle out of his clutches. escort bursa i tried kicking my feet but i couldnt move. i couldnt get out of the way.”ok…” “oww”… “that’s enough”… “please…”stop” i protested. each smack echoing through the room and tears streaming down my eyes. but he wouldnt stop. he just kept going and going!”i’m not finished yet bitch.” he said smacking my ass harder and harder. “i will stop when i want to. what YOU want doesnt matter” he yelled and seemed to have gotten a second wind because the pain intensity of the spanking increased and i could barely take it anymore. i wiggled. i cried. i tried to dodge the assault on my ass but he wasnt gonna stop. no. he wasnt gonna stop till he was good and ready to stop! i had gotten what i wanted. gotten my wish. but did i really want this? did i want it like this??yes i did! because him having that control. only stopping when HE was ready to stop and ignoring what i wanted was making me even hornier and wetter! i love it when a man takes control. love to be ordered around and forced to do things to make him happy. love to be humiliated. if it made him happy then it made me happy too!

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