One Night of Passion

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You’ve had a great night with your friends and now it’s getting late. You’re in a bar and the music is playing, you’re feeling a bit tipsy, not completely drunk, but enough to make you feel more confident and sexy. You go to the bar to get a drink and you notice a hot guy next to you. He notices you looking and smiles back at you. He starts to talk to you and he tells you he is staying at a hotel in town. The music is loud and you’re conscious of how close you are standing to each other. When he leans in to talk to you his lips brush your ear and you feel a shiver of excitement.

He invites you back for a drink. You smile at the thought and say you’ll think about it and walk back to your pals.

It’s really late now, and you are all leaving to head home, you walk alone towards the bus stop and you see the same guy again. He asks you again if you want to come back for a drink. You pause for a moment, then tell him you’d love to. Before you know what you are doing you are walking sarıyer escort back to his hotel with him. You get into the lift and he stands close to you, the tension is unbearable. You walk to his room and he opens the door, smiling. As soon as the door closes, he grabs you and kisses you passionately, he pulls your coat off, you’ve got a little dress on and his hands are all over you, he puts his hands on your bum and pulls you close into him, kissing you all the time. You can feel that he is turned on and your heart is racing with excitement. Your hands are all over him now and you feel yourself getting more and more turned on. The passion is unbelievable. He reaches round and unzips your dress, letting it fall to the floor. You can’t believe this is happening. He takes his shirt and jeans off and you admire his body just as he picks you up effortlessly and carries you over to the bed, still kissing you passionately. esenyurt escort He feels strong and masculine and very definitely in control.

As you hit the bed, you feel him starting to take your underwear off and he begins to kiss down your neck, onto your breasts, teasing your nipples with his tongue as his hands move up your legs. You’re really turned on now and something in your head is telling you this is really naughty. This just turns you on even more.

As his fingers start to explore you, you gasp with pleasure. You slide your hands down his body you’re amazed at how good this feels, and you just want more. You realise that you are both naked now and the warmth of his body on yours feels good. You move your hands further down until you brush against his cock, and there’s no doubt that he is turned on as well. You take it in your hand and now you know there’s no going back.

All you can think about is what it would feel like avrupa yakası escort inside you. As if he read your mind he moves on top of you, still kissing you passionately as you feel him start to slide inside you. You can’t believe how good this feels and you don’t resist. You wrap your legs around him and pull him deeper inside. It feels amazing. You are completely overcome with desire and can’t believe how out of control this feels but right now it’s all you want. He turns you over and pushes himself deep inside you. He knows what he’s doing. Just when you thought it couldn’t feel any better, he reaches around and uses his fingers to pleasure you even more – this is driving you crazy. You can feel yourself starting to come, your breathing gets faster and faster. He senses this and uses his other hand to tease your nipples. You can’t take any more and neither can he, and just as his cock is deep inside you, you come harder and stronger than you have ever come before. You’re aware of him cumming at the same time, he holds you firmly and pulls you closer and deep inside you. Your heart is still beating and you can’t believe what just happened. It felt very naughty, but there’s no doubt that you would do it again. You can’t wait to get home and tell your husband how you finally fulfilled your hotwife fantasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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