On Night In The Midlands


On Night In The MidlandsI had been working in the Midlands for some time, stopping away from home in a B&B and spending more time than is good for me in the local pub. During this time I found out that my girlfriend back home had been fucking the milkman (yes, the milkman!!) and was a little despondent.One night, after a few pints, I got chatting to two older ladies (I was in my thirties, not sure how much older the ladies were) and the conversation started to get thick with innuendo, then just damn right rude. Joyce was an older, bleech blonde and Jane was a busty brunette. I could see her nipples poking through her green vest top, and it was arousing me. And then she left!!!In hindsight, she looked over her shoulder seductively and asked if anyone needed a ride home. Sometimes I am very stupid, but on this occasion it didn’t turn out too bad.I continued talking to Joyce, she sat on a bar stool and me stood next to her. She moved around, her thighs parting slightly as her plaid skirt rode up her tights. My hand fell to her knee, then shifted up her leg, stroking her thigh. I even ran my hand all the way to the gusset, running my hand over canlı kaçak iddaa the red hot mound beneath.She questioned whether I really fancied her. I pulled her hand to my hard cock, through my trousers and asked what she thought.We got a taxi back to hers, devouring each other in the back seat. Hands everywhere, tongues in mouths. The taxi driver was looking on, and that turned me on even more.Once inside her house, she started to open a bottle of wine. I asked her why, and pointed out that that was NOT what we were there for. She smiled, almost coyly, and led me up to the master bedroom. She stripped off my shirt, kissing my chest, then sat on the side of the bed to start undressing. I dropped my trousers and boxers, cock springing to attention as I did. Then dropped to my knees on the floor in front of her, pulling her tights completely off, and then her panties. I buried my head between her legs, revelling in the warm wet pussy that greeted me. My tongue worked into her pussy, and flicked across her clit as she lay back moaning.”Stick your fingers in my cunt.” she said. Well, what was I to do? I slid two fingers in while tipobet I kept on licking. Her juices were flowing thick and fast, my hand getting wetter and wetter, down to the wrist. “Stand up,” she said, “I want to suck your gorgeous cock.” I stood, and her mouth closed over the engorged head sucking hard. “You’re cock is lovely.” she said, slurping it back down. I have no doubt that my cock is as ugly as the next guy’s, but it was nice to hear.I pushed her back on the bed, stuck two fingers up her cunt, then, spreading the lips, rammed my hard cock inside nice and hard and deep. I thrust into her as she lay back on the bed moaning, her tits bouncing with each thrust; faster and faster. One of my hands working on her clit, and she moaned some more.”Let me go on top.” she said, so I lay on the bed and she mounted me, grabbing my shaft and stuffing it back inside jer dripping cunt. She rocked back and forth, her bouncing tits in my face. I grabbed first one then the other, sucking the delightfully erect nipples, nibbling them a little. She was talking all the time. “Yes, that’s it, fuck me hard.” or “I want your hard cock tipobet giriş to cum inside me.” or simply “fuck me, fuck me.” as she rode to her orgasm.I reached around and grabbed her by the buttocks, shuffling her forward, so that I could start to ram my cock in and out of her cunt. Getting closer to my own orgasm, I spasmed, ramming my cock deep into her cunt. My cum seemed to spurt for ever as I unloaded a weeks worth of cum into her dripping gash.As she pulled up off me, I felt our combined juices oozing down my waning cock. She lay back for a second, then asked me to sit across her chest so she could suck my cock some more. I fed my now limp cock into her mouth, but to no avail. I think I even said “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is week.” Which at least got a chuckle from her.He flopped back in the bed, and I dropped off until morning.I awoke to a warm hand gently wanking my cock, getting it nice and hard. I responded by putting my hand between her legs, massaging her pussy until it was dripping once more, then I rolled over onto her. She guided my hard cock into her pussy and I started thrusting. The warm, wet pussy felt so good against my naked cock. I thrust harder, faster, bringing myself to an inevitable, gushing orgasm. Filling her pussy with my semen once again.Shortly after, I dressed. Said my goodbyes, and headed back to the B&B. Satisfied and content.

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