On Her Knees Ch. 08

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***All characters are over 18 and are fictional. Any resemblance to any real-life persons is purely coincidental.

***Special thanks to MarriedHeat for helping me edit this story.

Rosa had been working for 10 days straight, a few of them double shifts. It was hard for the hotel to get new maids during the pandemic, which gave Rosa extra shifts to work. Rosa didn’t mind, she needed the money. She had a lot of bills to catch up on, so she liked whatever extra pay she could get.

It wasn’t always this way. Before working as a maid, she made bank as a stripper. She started dancing at age 22. She interviewed for a bartender gig at a strip club, but as a young, attractive Dominican with a perfect hourglass figure and big natural breasts, the owner asked her to audition as a dancer. Skeptical at first, she auditioned and found she loved it and took the job.

For the next few years, she danced at the club under the stage name Caliente. She made a lot of money from tips on stage and more from couch dances. She also got tips for sitting with guys at the bar who enjoyed her company. She was incredibly sexy, very friendly and her couch dances were amazing, so a lot of men came to see her.

Best of all, she made her money resorting to prostitution like some of the other dancers. They weren’t all prostituting but she knew a few of them were doing it on the side. She was propositioned many times and for a lot of money. One customer offered her $5,000; it was the closest she ever considered doing it.

The problem was, she was always spending the money on new clothes, jewelry or expensive trips, so she made so she barely had any savings. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, all non-essential businesses closed, including strip clubs, her income source was gone.

In the first couple of months, she ran through her remaining savings very quickly. She tried to find a good-paying regular job until the club reopened, but nobody good was hiring. She did start using apps to make food deliveries for extra cash like many people were doing during the pandemic, but it was barely enough to pay her rent or her excessive credit card bills.

After a while, her cousin, Rita, who worked as a maid at a prestigious hotel offered to help her get a job with her. In the beginning of the pandemic, people were canceling hotel reservations left and right. It got so bad, management had no choice but to start cutting back hours for most employees, especially the maids since most of the rooms were now empty. Rita had been working for the hotel for years, so her job was safe.

When travel started to pick up slightly and the hotels needed more help, some of the original employees moved on to other jobs, while others still didn’t think it was safe to come back just yet. This created several open positions and Rosa’s cousin made sure she got one of them.

Rosa hated the idea of being a Hispanic hotel maid, it was too much of a cliché for her. But she needed the money, so she took it. Originally, she thought it would only be temporary until the club reopened or until she could find something better. But it had now been nearly six months since she began working at the hotel and she realized she was stuck there.

Rosa cut back on her expenses and sold some clothes and jewelry. She thought about ABBA’s song, “Money, Money, Money” and the line, ‘All the things I could do if I had a little money. It’s a rich man’s world.’. She now understood the meaning.

Business had been picking up in recent weeks so she got some extra shifts, but it still wasn’t enough. She noticed other companies were hiring again and sent out new resumes but it could take some time before she could find a better paying job. So, for now, she was stuck being a hotel maid until things start to get better.

Recently, the hotel got a bunch of wealthy wedding guests for a few days, which meant bigger tips for Rosa. She didn’t expect to make a fortune, but she was hoping to have a little extra to pay her rent. Her landlord had been lenient for everyone during the pandemic when he got some covid relief from the government, but it wasn’t going to last long and he suggested he could start evicting people soon.

In the first couple days, they left some very good tips which made Rosa very happy. But it was starting to get to her, seeing all these rich people spending money while she had to work hard every day for low wages. She didn’t blame them for her situation, halkalı escort she knew it was more jealousy than anything else she was feeling.

On the third day when the wedding guests had left, Rosa and the other maids were each designated a series of rooms to work on. Before the pandemic, the maids just had to make the beds, wiped down some places and cleaned up any problematic areas. Now they had to go in wearing masks and gloves and their cleaning carts were packed with disinfectants which they had to use thoroughly to clean each room to be ready for the next guests.

Between the first few rooms she had to clean, there were two clogged toilets, vomit on the floor, spilled food, and someone had used hair dye in the bathroom sink that was all over the counter and floor. By the time she finished those rooms, she felt dirty and exhausted. Those guests did leave her some good tips, but she didn’t think it was worth all the work she had to do.

In the next room, Rosa took some time to clean herself up in the bathroom. The maids were allowed to use the bathrooms in the rooms when there were no guests around so they didn’t have to leave their work areas. She also decided to take an extra ten minute break by sitting on a cushioned chair and watching some TV before she went back to work. She sat there thinking how much she missed having a job where she got paid to be sexy.

She promised herself that when she starts good money again, she would handle her finances better. She would stop overspending and start saving and investing. She knows a few of dancers who have invested the money they earned and were doing alright during the pandemic. She realized she was still in her twenties; she could still have some fun but need to make some smart decisions to be more prepared for her future.

She had to force herself to get back up and get back to work. The room she was in wasn’t too bad; she just made the bed and did some mild cleanup in the bathroom. The previous guest left her a $20 tip, which was very good for the little work she had to do for the room.

While she was disinfecting the room, she went into the closet found a small black bag the previous guest left behind. Whenever this happens, she was required to let the front desk know about it so they could hold it for when the guest came back for it.

She was about to call the front desk when she noticed one of the bag’s side pockets was opened and she could clearly see a wad of cash in it. She took out the money and counted it out to an even $300 and suddenly found herself thinking about taking the money. She knew it was a bad idea but all she could think about was the rent and bills she had to pay.

She decided to take the money; if someone asked about it, it was hotel policy for the hotel to pay back money up to a certain amount. If she did get questioned about it, she felt she had enough good will with management to get away with it. Despite how much she hated working at the hotel, she always did a good job and never had any complaints against her.

She didn’t want to risk having that much money found in her cleaning cart where she kept her tips just in case someone reported the money was missing and management had to check her cart. She folded up the money and stuck it down her shirt and into her bra.

“That’s a good hiding place,” said a male voice from behind her.

Rosa was startled and turned around to find a man standing behind her. He was tall and handsome, in his late 30’s, with dark hair and had a good build.

“Oh, hello, can I help you?” she said, trying to act cool.

“You can start by giving back the money you stole from the bag I left here,” he told her. “And don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about.”

Rosa nervously reached into her bra again and pulled out the money and handed it to him and he took it.

“Please don’t tell the manager,” she said pleadingly. “I know it was wrong, but I was desperate.”

“What? You’re about to be evicted?” the guy said jokingly.

“Actually, yes,” she replied.

The guy looked at her and realized she wasn’t kidding. “Oh, I was being sarcastic, but you are being serious.”

“I’m so sorry, please don’t tell anyone, I can’t find another job during this stupid pandemic.”

The guy thought for a moment, considering the situation that presented him.

“Ok, taksim escort don’t worry about it, I won’t say anything,” he assured her. “My name is Simon, by the way.”

“Thank you, Simon,” she said feeling relieved.

“Don’t ever do this again. Some people aren’t as forgiving as me,” he warned.

“I promise I won’t. And after what I just did, I think I should give you your tip back,” she told him.

“No, don’t do that,” said Simon. “It was just one mistake.”

“Thank you, very much.”

Simon was about to leave with his bag when he stopped and looked back a t Rosa. He had idea, a risky one, but he thought he might as well try.

“If you want to make some extra cash, perhaps there’s something we could work out for you to earn it,” he told her.

Rosa recognized that kind of talk and behavior form several back at the club.

“I think I know what you’re talking about,” she said with her arms folded in front of her and giving him a hateful look. “And if I don’t agree, then you will tell my manager, is that right?”

“No, I promised I wouldn’t say anything and I keep my promises,” he assured her. “I’m just offering you a different way to earn this money. If you say no, I’ll just leave and you’ll never see me again”

“Forget it,” she told him. “I may be a little desperate right now, but I’m not going to start fucking for money.”

“How about a blowjob?” he asked.


“A blowjob. It’s not sex, but something a little different. You were going to take the three hundred from my bag, I’ll add on another hundred to make it four. Trust me, on average this is twice as much as what some hookers get to give a blowjob.

Simon dropped his bag and pulled out a big roll of cash from his pocket and took out four one-hundred-dollar bills from it.

Rosa thought about it for a moment. “No way, I can’t.”

“How about five-hundred then?” he asked as he took out another hundred-dollar bill. “I think it’s a good offer. Before you say no again, just think about it for a moment.”

Rosa was starting to get interested, but wasn’t entirely sure if she should do it. She had never done this stuff when she was stripping despite how much she was always being offered. But she was getting desperate in her situation, and was thinking this one-time thing may not be a bad idea.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked. “I’m not saying yes just yet, I’m just asking.”

“No, but I’ll give you an extra hundred to make up for it,” he told her and again took out another hundred from his cash to add on to the money he was offering her. “That’s six-hundred now.”

It was starting to get more tempting for her, Simon was offering a lot of money.

“Where will you cum?” she asked. “I’m not swallowing anything.”

“I’ll do it on your tits,” he said. “I’ll give you an extra hundred to let me see you topless and cum on you. Now I’m offering you seven-hundred, all just for a blowjob.”

“This is crazy. Why are you offering this much money for a blowjob?”

“Because I’m an eccentric rich guy and I’m kind of dumb with my money,” he told her. “I have actually done crazier stuff than this.”

Rosa thought about it some more. She had no problem getting naked for money, and she had let guys cum on her tits before, but those were by ex-boyfriends. It was a lot of money she was being offered and she figured just one time wouldn’t hurt her.

“Ok, I’ll do it,” she said. “But I want the money up front.”

“Sounds reasonable.”

“And if you try any crazy shit with me, I swear I’ll bite your dick off,” she warned him.

“That also sounds reasonable, and very scary.”

Rosa locked the hotel room door while Simon counted out seven-hundred dollars. He gave her the money and she put it away in her cleaning cart. Simon dropped his pants and boxers to his ankles and sat on the edge of the bed. Rosa was impressed by the size of his dick but tried not to show it.

Rosa undid the front buttons of her uniform and let the uniform fall to the ground. She was now wearing a black lacey bra and matching panties which Simon was surprised to see. Rosa enjoyed wearing sexy underwear under her uniform, it was a little rebellious thrill she does to make her happy.

“Just one more thing,” he began to say. “If you do an excellent job, I’ll throw in an extra three-hundred for you”

“Are you serious,” said Rosa who seemed very shocked şişli escort by how much she was now being offered.

“I told you, I’m eccentric,” he told her. It was all true about Simon, but the real reason was that he was afraid she was going to intentionally give him a bad blowjob now, so he thought he’d give her some incentive to make sure it would be a good one.

Rosa gave him a big smile as she took off her bra and threw it at him. Simon eyes widened in excitement. It was the first time in months since Rosa got naked for a man; she missed that look in a man’s eyes when they see her naked.

She got down on her knees in front of Simon and grabbed his dick. She began stroking the shaft while she suckled on the head. Rosa wasn’t like the other dancers who she used to work with who sucked dick on the side, but she had enough experience with previous boyfriends to know how to give a fantastic blowjob.

She opened her mouth wide and slipped the dick into her mouth. She left it in her mouth for a moment, she wanted him to enjoy the feeling of her warm mouth engulfing his dick. She began bobbing her head up and down, slowly at first to get him slightly warmed up. She then slowly increased her speed as she grabbed his balls with one hand and began massaging them.

After a few minutes, Rosa decided to change things up as moved her head down to take his balls into her mouth. She played with the balls with her tongue while her hand was stroking his shaft again. Simon began moaning slightly, he never had a woman work her mouth on his dick with such intensity as he was getting now.

When she was done licking his balls, she decided it was time to give him a real show. She put his dick between her tits and began moving them up and down on it. She saw how much Simon was enjoying this, men always liked a good titty-fucking. She never understood why men liked it, she felt it was more of a visual thing to get off on than anything else.

She went back to sucking his dick again, her lips firmly sealed around the shaft as she bounced her head on it even more vigorously than she did before. Simon grabbed the back of her head with his right hand and guided her to go faster.

The blowjob was intense and getting too much for Simon to hold back. He warned Rosa that he was about to cum, she sucked on the dick a little more before pulling it out of her mouth. She angled the dick the way she wanted the cum to hit her and stroked him harder than she was before. Several streams of cum shot out from the dick and hit the top are of her breasts before falling down over them in streaks.

“That was amazing,” he told her.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Rosa. Despite the unusual and financial aspects of it all, she realized how much she liked doing it.

Rosa grabbed a clean towel from her cart and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. In the mirror she could see how much of her tits were covered in cum and liked what she saw. She cleaned herself up and went back to see Simon who was already dressed back up. She put her clothes back on then Simon handed her three-hundred-dollar bonus he promised. She happily took the bonus and thanked him for it.

“You earned every dollar,” Simon told her.

“Thank you,” she said and gave him a smile. “I’m glad you had a good time.”

“Yes, I have to say it was very, as some might say… Caliente,” he said with a wicked looking smile on her face.

Rosa said nothing but smiled back at him. She wondered why he chose to use that word in that manner. Was he just using general Spanish word that some used to describe how something was sexy or hot? Or was he was suggesting that he knew about her previous profession? if that was the case, it suggested he was playing a game with her and she didn’t want the game to continue anymore.

“I have to get back to work,” she said and grabbed her cleaning cart. “I hope you enjoyed your stay.”

“Definitely the best hotel I ever stayed in,” he told her.

Rosa went on to the rest of the rooms she had to clean. When she realized how much time she had lost, she didn’t want the managers to question what was taking her so long so she worked faster to clean them.

When her shift was over, she received a text message on her phone from the club she used to work at. The state has allowed them to open up again with limited capacity and wanted her to come back part time. It meant she had to keep her hotel job for now, but she was ok with it. Rosa was excited, she felt that her luck was starting to come back to her.

She continued to wonder if Simon knew she used to be a stripper or not; but she didn’t care, she still got paid and had a lot of fun doing it. And for first time since she worked there, she was finally enjoying herself.


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