ON DISPLAY PART 2On Display Part 2 [email protected] the end of the row of desks, she had to turn with her backto the windows briefly to turn a corner to the elevators. Thepeople on the last row got a full backlight frontal view of hersupple curves, and perhaps even a glimpse of pussy hair between herlegs as she walked. She knew the image she presented oozed sex! Kim had never felt so embarrassed and out of control. The elevatoropened, and Kim entered. She was thankful that no one else was inthe elevator. It gave her a chance to compose herself. She openedher purse, took out a kleenex, and wiped her moist cunt with it sothe juices would not run down her leg. The kleenex wiping acrossher clit suddenly sprang her senses into reality. She had no ideashe was so excited. One or two passes with the kleenex, and shealmost came in the elevator. She quickly put the kleenex back intoher purse just before the elevator stopped on the ground floor. Kim walked out of the building and onto the street. She felttotally naked and unprotected. Her tits continued to bouncesuggestively. There was a light breeze, but no real wind. However, chiffon does strange things. A light breeze may be ahurricane in disguise when it hits chiffon. As Kim stood on thestreet hailing a taxi, the breeze caught her skirt and blew it upalmost to her crotch. She instinctively caught it and held itdown. Then she remembered her instructions, gritted her teeth,took a deep breath, and slowly moved her hands away from her skirt. Again the breeze flirted with her hem, and Kim again began to feelthe excitement of her exhibitionism build. Suddenly, just as she stretched on tiptoe to hail a cab, thewind hit her skirt and blew it to her waist. She realized thatthose behind had a clear view of the curves of her magnificent assand pussy hair between her legs as she stretched, legs slightlyapart, batman escort as she went up on tiptoe, one arm out to her side and theother straight up in the air to hail the taxi. She was totally ondisplay and unable physically or mentally to cover herself. Shewas even more aware that those in front had a clear frontal view ofher blonde patch, pink pussy lips, and clit which was now totallyerect with excitement. Although mortified, Kim obeyed herinstructions and did nothing to reduce the extent of her display. The wind seemed to hold her skirt there for an eternity, but it wasonly for a few brief seconds. She felt as if she were all nakedlegs, tits, ass, and pussy on display for all to see. She wasright!! A cab screeched to a halt, and Kim quickly got in,remembering to lift her skirt. She let out a small cry as her bareass touched the cold leather seat of the cab. The cabbie seemedunduly interested in his passenger until they finally reached theMuseum of Art. Kim paid the cabbie and got out. Although the wind had dieddown, she had to climb the three flights of stairs to the entranceof the museum. She felt the stares of everyone climbing the stairs. behind her. She was sure that the cheeks of her ass, if not herHer entire pussy, was on display to those climbing after her. Sheentered the building and had to climb another, steeper flight ofstairs to the second floor of the south wing of the building wherethe Havermeyer collection was on display. Funny, she thought. Here I am on display with some of the greatest art works of thepast two hundred years!! As she was instructed, she bought anaudio tape at the entrance to the collection. She thought it odd that the man at the tape counter seemed topull out a special tape just for her. She plugged it in and beganto listen to the explanation of the collection as she walked aroundthe exhibit. escort batman As she walked, she noticed many people taking aspecial interest in her. She seemed to always find herself nearthe same group of interested men and a few women. Suddenly, thetape changed.”Kim, I have been observing you. I am observing you now. Youhave done well. You have put your magnificent on full publicdisplay. Your lessons in obedience will continue. Now you willleave the exhibit. Before you leave, you will drop your purse inthe gift shop and squat down to pick it up. You will face the exitof the exhibit as you do, and will part your legs slightly as youpick up the purse. Your pussy will be on full view to whomevercomes out of the exhibit at the time. You will pick up your purseas if nothing had happened and exit the exhibit and the museum. You will walk along Central Park East until 72nd Street, where youwill hail a cab. You will take the cab to the New York HiltonHotel. You will go to the registration desk and introduce yourselfby your real name, produce identification, and ask for the key toroom 1501. You will place the key in your purse, and open theenvelope that will accompany the key. Further instructions will bein the envelope. Leave now, and don’t forget the purse incidentbefore you leave.”Kim looked around nervously, trying to pick out a likelysuspect as her “observer.” She noticed several possibilities, butshe really had no idea. She proceeded to the exit into the giftarea and looked around. There were many people around, and peoplewere coming out of the display area constantly. There were simplytoo many people to do what was asked of her! But she know she hadno choice. Anyway, hadn’t she already made a display of her charmson a public street? What difference would one more make? She dropped her purse. As it hit the floor, it made a terrible batman escort bayan crashing sound, andeveryone looked her way. Now not only would she have to putherself on display, everyone was noticing her at the time! She wasbeet-red with embarrassment. She slowly squatted down, parted herlegs, giving the exiting men a full view of her pink pussy lips,pouting clit, and slightly open vaginal entrance. She, picked upher purse, and slowly got up. As she exited the exhibit, she heardapplause from the men. She quickly exited the building. As she went back out on the street, she was quickly awareagain of the breeze flowing between her legs, and the stares of thepeople as the sight of her scantily clad body strolled down thestreet. Her 3″ heels made her legs appear longer that reality, andher strides were wide and graceful. Her hips swung widely, causingher chiffon skirt to sway gracefully with each step, riding high onher hips, even without the aid of the wind. The street was full ofthe usual strollers, tourists, and derelicts, all gaping in awe ather beauty and brazenness. In the bright sunlight, all her charmswere not quite hidden, but not quite visible. There was always asuggestion of nipple, and pussy, but only on those rare occasionswhen the wind would catch her skirt and whisk it to her waist wouldthe viewers truly get a view which would last them a lifetime. Itwas during these brief minutes that Kim turned red withembarrassment, and her clit grew fuller with excitement. Sheapproached 72nd Street, and hailed a cab. It was only a short timebefore she reached the New York Hilton. There was something about the hotel that bothered her, but shecould not remember just what it was. She entered the lobby,thankful to be out of the wind. However, the guests in the hotelpaid her an equal amount of admiring stares as she approached theregistration desk. She announced her real name and asked for thekey to 1501. The desk clerk handed her the key and an envelope. She placed the key in her purse, as instructed, and opened theenvelope on the way to the elevator: Continued in Part III

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