Older Guys

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What really excites me changes from time to time. I have been watching the guys on the internet. Getting their cocks out and wanking. So many beautiful cocks. Cut, uncut, Big, small.

Somewhere it feels like the hot ones should be the young guys with the muscles and the big cocks and the tight bottoms.

But its not them. They dont work for me. If I’m going to fuck a guy, or be fucked by a man, I need it to be really dirty. I like the old guys with big bellies. Hairy too. Big ball sacks. I like their red and angry cocks. Curved and wanting. I don’t want perfect. These older guys are really wanking. They are not just showing off. Their cocks are sticky. They have done bad things. They are hungry for the chance to slide their hard cocks up a willing bum hole thats been stretched by other men. And objects. Dildos, cucumbers, all kinds. They want to taste a sackful of cum. They have a kind of need, a desperation. They don’t have too many limits either. They know about a bit of pain too. To give it or to receive. It makes for more intensity. Kink. The cane. Fingering. The craving, the slow penetration, the taste and smell of real and dirty sex.

I am going round to this mans house. We have exchanged a few messages. I want him to take me over and really use me for his pleasure. I want to suck his cock first, taste his juices. I want to smell his desire. I want him to smell of sex. And then I need to be taken to the bedroom and be fucked pendik escort hard and long. I want to know that this guy in his 60s will use the power from his big belly to really push into me. Punish me.

Geoff meets me at the door. He is just wearing one of those short dressing gowns. Bare and hairy legs. As soon as the door is shut I kneel down on the carpet and pull the gown open. He is semi hard. Uncut. I like uncut. I love the way the foreskin slides. When he is full he will be six and a half inches. I lick him and take the head into my mouth and roll my tongue around. Geoff has got a big belly. I rub my hand up and down his soft fur. Geoff smells of sex already. I bet he has been playing with his cock, even before I got here. His balls are big too. I feel my way around his balls. His heavy sac. Full of sperm. Geoff doesn’t shave either. I like it like this. Raw. Like animals.

Geoff takes off his robe. I ask him to turn around and bend him over. I spread his bottom open and push my tongue up inside him. I want him to know this is not going to be vanilla.

I strip off now and he takes hold of my cock. I am really horned up. He comes in close and our bodies press together. Then he lets me know. “I want your sweet little bottom. I’m going to take you again and again until your bumhole is red and raw. I’m going to push into you and fuck you senseless. I am going to wank you off too and use your juice to make my tool wet and slippery. escort pendik I am going to make you my bitch.”

Geoff turns me around and pushes me against the wall. He kicks my legs open and then he rams a finger straight up inside me. All the way in. Then he fingers me gently. He takes his finger out and pushes his cock against my crack. Teasing my bumhole. He has got some wetness there now. He has oiled up his cock. He just slides it up and down my crack, driving me crazy. Then he pushes his finger into my mouth so I can taste my own musk.

Geoff steps back a bit and smacks my bottom with his open hand. He does both cheeks four or five times till my bum is red and excited. Then he finger fucks me some more. Two fingers this time, just to open me out. Getting me ready.

“Geoff” I say, “Stick it up inside me. I need your cock right up inside me now.” I am talking like a sex fiend. Like some kind of raging whore. I need his hot red cock up inside me. I want him to pull out all the way and then push in again. I want the head of his cock to rake across my entrance until it starts to burn. I want to feel that kind of sticky intensity when its not too slippery. Viscous. You get that with cunts sometimes.

He splits me open now. He goes right up inside me. No mercy. Nothing gentle here. I have fucked my bottom with all kinds of things. So I am not a virgin. It still hurts to be taken like this, so violently. But I want this sensation pendik escort bayan too. I can feel his desperation. I can feel his balls against my bum cheeks now. His cock is deep inside me. All the way in. The feeling is incredible. The fullness.

I start to move on him. Pressing back. I am panting and sweating. I move up and down a bit altering the pressure. I want to be screwed. Impaled. I can hear his cock sliding into me. I can smell his armpits. His sweat. And my own too. I am starting to pant. “Fuck me harder Geoff. I need your cum inside me.”

He gets harder and faster until he is ramming his cock into me like a horse. He wont last long now. Nor will I. When he cums I will cum too, without even touching. He pushes right up inside me as deep as he can go. And then he holds it there. Rammed right up inside. Still and steady. While he pumps his sticky white juice deep inside me. Like jelly my insides go liquid. Then I cum myself. The kind of climax that nearly makes you pass out. My cum shooting up the wall and down onto the floor. It lasts forever.

Geoff gets soft and his cock pops out of me. Straight away he kneels down and starts to lick my bottom. I can sense his liquid oozing out of my swollen opening. His tongue is sweet and calms my raw nerves. Then its my turn. I take his soft cock in my mouth and lick the cum mixed with my own juices.

Nothing will be wasted.

Geoff takes me upstairs to a bedroom and I lie face down. I lift my bottom up a bit and slide my own finger inside me. I want to tempt him. My bottom hole is raw and slippery. I want him to take me again. Its going to take a lot more before either of us are satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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