Old Family, New Loves Ch. 01

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Big Tits

This is going to eventually be a happy story, but it starts out sad. My name is Patricia, but I’m called Trish. I’m five feet two with eyes of light green. I have long dark brown hair. The contrast between my eyes and my hair is always commented on. I know I am not beautiful but everyone tells me I’m pretty so I guess I am.

I filled out late. My breasts are about a handful, my boyfriend said. And I’m not thin. I have lots of curves, which my boyfriend in high school told me was good. I believed him.

I was going to college when it happened. My mother had been suffering from a cancer of the liver. It had gone into remission but came back. Quickly. She struggled but she passed away and I was left alone. My father had left years ago when mother got sick. He was a weak man and I was glad to see him go. I thought we would be fine by ourselves.

Then six years later, when I was twenty-two years old and just finishing my last year at the university, I had to go home and bury my mom. My professors were sympathetic and I was helped to graduate with my degree in English.

There were no jobs out there for me in my field. I tried other kinds of jobs but no one was hiring and I had so many student loans to pay. Our house was paid for so I put it on the market. It wouldn’t sell. I had no idea what to do. At last my mother’s sister, Katherine, called me and we had a long talk. She had been at the funeral with all of her children.

She was older than mom and all of her kids were actually finished with college and had jobs. Most had been married at least once and most had also been divorced. Anyway, her idea was for me to come down to Georgia and stay with her while I looked for a job and let the realtor try to sell our house. I jumped at the chance. Within a week I had packed up what I wanted to keep in a rental van and was arriving at her door in Savannah.

She gave me a great big southern hug and then told me that from now on she was just Kate and her husband, my uncle, was just Pierce. I was full grown and we were sisters in our grief for mom. That was fine with me. I was given my own room because Kate was living without children at home now.

The house was huge and old. It was on a famous square in the old part of town. I won’t say exactly where. But the house had a history and apparently so did her family, here in town. Kate told me all the stories and rumors about her family that everyone in the town knew. Some were true but most weren’t. It was fun, though, being part of the history of a place like Savannah.

I soon found out that one story was very true. Kate was dressed in a lovely sundress when I arrived. After we had dined and spent the evening talking she finally broached a subject that may be a little taboo for some folks. According to Kate, she and Pierce were naturists, even at home around her children. She and Pierce had been nudists for years, and spent lots of vacations at naturist resorts, especially in Cancun.

They had introduced the life at home with them when all of the children were older than eighteen, mostly when they had gone away to college. After that they had all spent their time in the house in the nude if they felt like it. None of her children cared. Now I had to decide to join her or stay modest. But tomorrow she and Pierce would be nude in the house.

Kate had five children; my cousins. Three were boys and two were girls. They were all older than me. Presently all were single and doing well around the country. None had children of their own yet. The oldest was Forrest at thirty, then Gwendolyn at twenty-eight, Samuel at twenty-six, Chester at twenty-four, and last was Julia, a surprise baby, at twenty-three. All lived within a day’s drive and all were doing quite well. Julia was coming for a visit the coming weekend.

Sure enough the next day, Monday morning, I came downstairs and there was Kate with nothing on. Pierce was dressed because he was going to his law office but I was sure that when he got home that evening all the clothing would come off. I hadn’t decided to follow suit yet.

I was shy. I was still a virgin in fact. I had not really felt much like making love with a man while mom was ill and fighting her sickness. My boyfriend in high school had tried but I had been able to quash his hopes. He just got a few breast feels and once he had played with my pussy. I enjoyed it, but I had not had anyone close during college.

Kate looked lovely naked. She was in her early fifties ankara escort with small breasts that had large nipples. Her body was actually pretty close to mine. But she had put on some weight. It didn’t really affect her beauty though. She was a charming looking woman either fully clothed or nude. In fact she made me feel a little strange and tingly. I didn’t think I was a lesbian but I did find Kate arousing. I wondered what I would think when Pierce arrived home and we were all together for the evening.

When Pierce arrived he gave me a hug and kissed Kate. Then he went upstairs to change out of his clothes. As I helped Kate get dinner ready he came downstairs in sandals and nothing else. His penis was flaccid and I could see that he was not aroused. But I looked at it and I had feelings when I saw it too.

I didn’t think Kate had shown any arousal all day either. Perhaps I was the odd one for having sexual feelings. In any case we had a fine dinner and spent the evening playing cards and getting to really know each other. I mean, we hadn’t actually spent a lot of time together over the years, having lived so far apart.

The following day I just decided to try being a nudist. I could always stop and I knew they would not say a word. They had made it clear it was my decision. So that Tuesday I came down with a blush over my whole body and sat down to have breakfast with Kate and Pierce. They said good morning and just continued as normal, giving me hardly a glance. Well, they did glance over and look, but then just smiled and began eating the meal.

For the rest of the week I would wear nothing in the house or outside in their veranda area which was completely enclosed with a wall. If I left the house, which I did of course, I would wear my regular clothes. I was still looking for work, so I had to have the proper clothing. It was getting easier and easier. I no longer blushed when looking at them or when they looked at me. I did occasionally get hard nipples when I would become a little aroused but I hoped they didn’t notice.

Finally, when the week was over and Friday came, we were all expecting Julia to arrive around nine o’clock in the evening. She had a three hour drive to the Savannah home. She was on time. We were waiting in the den when she used her key to enter and we arose to greet her as she came into the room. She squealed when she saw me and ran to hug me. Julia and I had been the closest among my mother’s extensive friends and she was happy to see me for the first time since the funeral.

It had never occurred to me to be attracted to Julia. Her hugs were making me feel hot. She was pressed against my breasts and her hands were rubbing my back. She gave me a kiss and I returned it. I wanted more. I began to blush. But then her parents joined us and we were all hugging together.

The evening progressed to chatting and getting new information about Julia’s life and how she was doing. They asked if she was seeing anyone. She wasn’t. I don’t know why but that made me happy somehow.

After about an hour it was time for all of us to go to bed. Kate and Pierce went upstairs to their large bedroom and Julia and I went to my room. I had discovered that I was actually using her old bedroom. That was why there were twin beds there. She had once shared it with Gwendolyn when she was the baby sister. Now she would share it with me for the weekend.

She plopped her suitcases down near the bed she would use and then said she was going to take a shower. She stripped down. Her body followed her family type. Her breasts were about my size and her body had the curves that all the women in her family shared. I was getting quite excited. I was confused. I had never felt this way about a woman before. But I wanted Julia.

As she was about to leave the room I noticed her sniffing the air. Then she abruptly turned around and looked at me. I was wet but I had hoped she wouldn’t notice. And I was embarrassed.

She smiled and she reached out her hands as she walked to me and took my hands. Her face was glowing as I blushed red. She leaned forward and gave me a kiss. But this time it was not a friendly, happy, hello kiss. It was a kiss that told me she wanted me. And I wanted her.

“Trish, I do believe you like girls. I always have. That’s why I often felt left out in the family. But this is great! I always wanted you babe. I did. But I couldn’t do anything about it. I was afraid you’d reject me. And hate me. You don’t know escort ankara how hard it can be to be a lesbian. Even today.”

“I don’t know anything about it, Julia. I just know I feel good looking at you and my pussy is really hot and wet. What’re we going to do? This is wrong, isn’t it?”

“No little one. It’s great. C’mon and I’ll show you. I’ll show you lots of things Trish. Here, sit down on my bed and spread your legs. I’ll make you happy. I’ll make you feel things you’ve never felt before.”

I did sit down, and she knelt down on the carpet. I spread my legs. They were trembling, and my pussy was leaking now. I started squeezing one of my tits with a hand. I was tweaking my nipple while I watched Julia lean down and begin to lick my thighs closer and closer to my pussy. God, it was so good. I wanted to scream and beg for her to do it. But I thought Kate and Pierce would hear me. Julia’s tongue was touching my clitoris now as her fingers were exploring my pussy lips. She was rubbing up and down as I moaned and wanted more.

I took both hands and grabbed Julia’s black hair. I started rubbing my pussy on her face as her tongue entered my vulva. I creamed for her and she sucked it up. She did. Oh, god, it felt so good. I had never come like this before. She was biting my pussy lips and spreading them apart with her fingers.

Then she rammed three fingers in and began rubbing on a spot on the outer part of my vagina. I was coming and coming more and more. She had magic lips and fingers. I wanted to eat her pussy too. I didn’t know if I would like it but I wanted to try.

“Please, Julia, please let me do it to you. I want to. I want to suck your pussy. Oh it feels so good. Let me eat you now.”

She stopped and gazed up into my green eyes with her brown ones and smiled. Then she got up from her knees and kissed me with my pussy flavor on her lips and tongue. I quickly put my hand on her hairless pussy. I had noticed that before. It may have been one of the things that made me so hot for her. I stuck my finger in her pussy and felt her moisture as I continued to kiss her and nuzzle her neck. She was moaning now as I had before. Her lips were so soft. Nothing like my old boyfriend’s. Much sweeter and more tender.

I finally pushed her down on the bed and crawled between her legs. I flattened and pushed under her soft legs so I could raise them up and spread them apart. I wanted her wide and open for me. I wanted to love Julia. Her hairless pussy was wet and I could see fluid leaking out into her ass crack. I wanted to lick it clean for her and I started doing that. I began licking her harder and harder and she groaned and began humping my face, just as I had done earlier.

This was heaven. I had no idea sex would be like this with a woman. I was so hot and I could feel my pussy seeping out more juices as I ate what Julia was giving to me. I tried to do what she did. I pushed my fingers into her pussy and tried to fuck her like that. She liked it. She rammed her pussy against my fingers and suddenly she started squirting out a fluid. I had heard of this.

She was squirting her come into my face and I opened my mouth wide and swallowed it. I think I must have been turning into a female slut. I didn’t care. I was so happy. I was in paradise and my own come was gushing out onto the bed. I couldn’t swallow anymore. I was completely exhausted. I could tell that Julia had stopped coming and her moaning was letting me know she was completed. We were both used up.

With a lot of effort I crept out from her legs and then cuddled with her, placing my arms around her with one hand on a breast. I softly caressed it as she sighed and then gave me a soft kiss. I returned it. This was so sweet. I had never felt so happy, certainly not since losing my mother. I was content for the first time in a long time.

Finally we both got up. I hugged her and we went down the hall to the bathroom. We both needed to shower now. We had pussy juice all over us. We were giggling as we snuck down the hall trying not to wake Kate and Pierce. Then we showered and tickled and played with each other as we got cleaned up.

“Tomorrow we should go around town together. There must be plenty places you haven’t seen yet. I want to share what you’re sharing sweetie.”

“Actually, it’s fun here. Kate and Pierce are really cool. Your parents have been great to me.”

“I know. They’re great. Always have been. We all grew up in a happy family. ankara escort bayan I admit I was ashamed when I decided that I was gay but I don’t really think it would matter with them. I don’t know. I was afraid. You know, Trish? I’m going to come out this weekend. I am. You’re so sweet. I’m going to do it. Will you be there for me, babe?”

“Julia, I’m for you all the way. It’s going to be great. Don’t worry anymore.”

We dried off and went in to bed. I wanted to sleep with her, but she said we would be more comfortable each in our own twin bed. She was right, of course, but I really wanted to sleep with her.

Someday soon.

We both arose at the same time. We brushed our teeth together after I watched her pee and giggled at her. Then I had to pee and it was her turn to laugh. We went downstairs together happy and ticking each other. We found Kate and Pierce had slept in so we just had some cereal and watched a movie on the tube. Her parents came down about ten o’clock. We ate again with them.

“What’s got into you two girls anyway? Giggling and playing grab ass. Why so silly today?”

“Um, Mom. Dad. I told Julia something last night. I need to tell you too.”

Pierce looked at his youngest and then said, “Do you want to tell us you’re gay? Okay, go ahead. We’ll listen.”

Then they both laughed and hugged Julia. I couldn’t help laughing too, from relief. I thought we might have a silly scene or something. I didn’t want to be in the middle of that. But this was great. Julia was crying and her parents were laughing but not in a mean way. Just responding to the serious way Julia had presented her situation. It was funny I suppose because they probably had always known. They were smart people.

Anyway that was over with. We just got on with our day. Julia and I got dressed to go out shopping and sightseeing. Kate and Pierce were going to a play later in the evening but for the time being they were relaxing at home on the veranda. Julia and I had lots of time to talk and enjoy being together. During the day she finally found out I was a virgin. She giggled at that.

“Why are you laughing at me? Aren’t you a virgin too? I mean, you haven’t been with a guy have you?”

“Silly girl. I’ve never had sex with a man but I’ve lost my virginity. Just wait. Tonight while the parental unit is at the play I’ll initiate you. Just be patient little virgin girl.”

I got a little peeved with her and wouldn’t speak to her for awhile, but I forgot and started talking again. I was happy in her company too much to care.

We arrived home in time for a quick dinner with Kate and Pierce before they had to leave for the play. Then Julia grabbed my hand and we ran upstairs to our room. She got out a step ladder and scrounged around on her highest closet shelf. Finally she brought something down and grinned with triumph. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I looked like a belt thing with a penis on it.

“What is it?”

“It’s a strap on, silly. I’m going to fuck you with it.”

And she laughed with glee at the look of consternation on my face.

“Julia, that looks dangerous. It won’t hurt will it? How do I know I’ll even like it?”

“Oh, sweetie, you’ll come like the dickens with this. Promise. Now take off all of your clothes and get on your hands and knees on the bed. First I need to strip too and then I’ll strap this on. I’ll put some K-Y on the important part so it’ll slip in smooth. I know you’re already getting wet. I can see it on your pussy now.”

We planned to shave me clean soon but for now I had a hair pie. That’s what she called it. As I leaned down on my forearms I felt something cold touch my pussy. Then slowly I felt something hard and long entering my pussy. It didn’t feel bad. It felt okay.

Suddenly Julia pushed harder and something inside me felt a little painful. It hurt for a second but then I felt her fucking me and, oh, god, it felt good and she kept fucking me harder and deeper. I could hear her breathing harshly as she worked to please me. And she did. I started coming for her and for myself. It was good. I liked being fucked. I decided right then that I was not gay. I liked this too much. I wanted to feel the real thing. I wanted a man’s cock to fuck me.

But Julia was so good. I was coming and I knew she was too. I started begging for more. I loved fucking. As much as I liked eating pussy and having my pussy licked and sucked. Julia had made me feel things I had never felt before. I loved her for it.

I was very glad I was with my mother’s sister. With my family.

“Oh, god, Julia. I love fucking. Fuck me baby. I want to come more and more.”

The story had turned happy for me.

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