Oh Happy Day

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What a bad fucking day this has been for me nothing I’ve done has turned out the way I wanted it too. First I wrecked my dad’s car, then I got in trouble at school and last but not least I loose my job at the hardware store. What the hell else could go wrong for me today?

I’m just about ready to graduate from Sherman High School in two weeks that is if the sky doesn’t fall on my head first. I have a date tonight with Judy Rankin, which I’ve been trying to get with her for almost a year and now I have no car to take her out with.

She is one hot babe and I have a great chance of getting into her pants and fucking her brains out. Oh how I’d love to get my mouth around those nipples of hers there always sticking straight out. I guess I better call her and just cancel the date because I sure as hell can’t take her out on my bike.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself my name is Jack Wilson and I live in a small town of Wasco, California and I will be graduating from Sherman in two weeks. I’m 6’3” and weight 220 pounds with dark brown hair and green eyes and I have a scholarship to play football San Jose State. I live with my mom and dad who I love but I will be glad to get away from them so I can come and go as I please. I don’t have a steady girl because I’ve always been busy with sports and I love the variety of different girls.

I had to walk home from the hardware store since I didn’t have the car. And when I get to the house I see my mom car parked in the driveway beside the rental car that my dad had to get until his car is fixed. I tried to tell him the accident wasn’t my fault but he wouldn’t listen to my excuses.

Mom was at the sink washing the dishes and dad was upstairs in the shower I could hear the water running. Two minutes later my dad comes walking into the kitchen and I ask who’s in the shower. My mom tells me it’s her younger sister Susan and she’s going to spend at least two weeks with us. Then she informs me that I’ll be loosing my bed and I will be sleeping on the couch and Aunt Susan will sleep in my room during her stay with us. Shit now I’ve even been thrown out of my own room.

My dad looks at me and shrugs his shoulder as if to say he’s sorry but what the hell can he say to mom to change her mind on the sleeping arrangements!

“Jack you better make some room in the closet for Susan so she can put her clothes away.”

“Okay mom I’ll do it now,” no use arguing with her I’d loose anyway.

As I’m walking up the stairs and I hear the water stop in the shower and I walk into my room to clear some of my closet space for her and I see a pair of blue panties and bra lying on my bed. I go over to get a closer look and the bra has very large cups I never though Susan had big tits before. I pick up the bra and see that they’re “D” cups I put it up to my nose and take a whiff of her smell. Then I reach down and pick up her panties and they feel damp and I bring them up to my nose and I can smell her scent and my cock gets hard as steel. I’m Just about to lick her panties to see what she would taste like I hear someone speak.

“What are you doing with my panties squirt?”

Oh shit I spin around and there’s Susan standing in the doorway wearing a towel around her body and one on her head. I stand there frozen with her panties in my hands near my mouth not knowing what to do or say. The towel she was wearing was tucked into her boobs and it barely covered then, they sure looked big and that towel just barley reaches down to cover her pussy.

“I’m sorry aunt Susan don’t tell my mom and dad they’ll kill me! Honest I’m sorry. It’ll never happen again I promise!

I threw her panties back down on the bed and turned to look at her. She got this big smile on her face as she looked down and could see I had a hard on trying to rip through my jeans.

“I guess I can’t call you squirt anymore you’re too big for that. What are you staring at haven’t you ever seen a women wearing a towel before.”

“Ah, sure I have I’ve seen plenty!”

“I’ll bet you have, what that in your pocket a jack knife or you just glad to see me.”

I got as red as a beet and tried to hide the fact that I had a hard on but it wasn’t working because all I could think about was seeing her naked.

“You better get out of her and let me finish drying off I want to get in a swim before it’s too late.

“Okay I’m going and please don’t tell the folks!”

“If you like you sweetie can keep those panties for a souvenir!”

I got out the room as fast as I could and was glad that she didn’t make a big fuss about the whole thing!

I go down stairs still thanking my lucky stars that istanbul rus escort she didn’t tell my folks about catching me smelling her panties. They did smell real nice I wonder what it would taste like to lick her pussy and then suck on her tits. Then I tried to imagine how it would feel to slide my cock into her pussy and fuck her. I’ve always had day dreams about fucking Susan since I was twelve years old. I shifted my cock in my jeans so my folks couldn’t see my hard on. I walked into the kitchen and sat the table hiding my blood filled tool from them waiting for the thing to get back to normal before I would stand up.

Dad told me he and mom were going to the Sommer’s house for a barbeque and that mom had dinner prepared for me and Aunt Susan for tonight. Their friends live in Bakersfield which is a twenty minute drive. Dad told me that I could not use the car and I had to stay home since I was grounded for wrecking the car. I told them I had a date and he told me that’s tough shit and that I better call her and cancel it because I wasn’t going anyplace but the backyard.

I went into the den steamed at his decision and I was really pissed at him but I called Judy to break the news to her that I was not able to keep our date. She blew her top when I told her and she was really pissed off at me and told not to ever call her again. I tried to explain to her but she slammed the phone down in my ear. Is this bad luck ever going to stop as I was hanging up the phone when my mom and dad were leaving for their barbeque? Shit I knew I just blew getting laid tonight because Judy almost came right out and told me! I’m so damn bummed out that I want to cry.

Then I heard Susan upstairs and I tried to visualize her naked with my cock sliding in and out of her. She look’s like my mom in the face, blonde hair short and big blue eyes but that’s as far as it goes. Susan is taller than mom about 5’7” slender with 36D tits and a great tight ass. She has long shapely legs that end at that gorgeous ass of hers. Come to think of it now you can always see her nipples sticking through her shirt they’re always hard. I saw her naked when I was younger and never got over it.

I’m sitting in the den day dreaming about fucking Susan and feeling sorry for myself watching the boob tube and I her coming down the stairs. I look up and almost fall out of the chair when I see the tiny yellow bikini that she wearing. She looks amazing her boobs were standing straight out the size of softballs with her nipples poking through the light material which did not cover anything but her areola. I looked down between her thighs and she had a little strip of yellow coving her pussy lips which were showing through the material. She turned around and showed me her ass and it was magnificently hard and her cheeks looked as round as balls.

By this time I my cock was as hard as steel again and I could only think of playing with her tits and that sweet ass. I didn’t care if she saw my hardon or not.

“Well do you like my new bikini squirt?”

“Yeah I love your suit it looks great on you it really shows off your body especially your boobs!”

“Go put your suit on and join me in the pool.”

I bound up the stairs into my room and get my suit and throw it on the bed and then I undress. I looked in the mirror surveying my body and my cock is sticking straight out like a telephone pole. I grab the shaft and stroke it down and then back up wishing that it was Susan stroking my cock. I flex my muscles and I look damn good a result of the hours spent in the weight room. My cock looks huge and I can’t ever remember it being this hard before I stroke it a couple more times.

I put the suit on and it looks like I’m wearing a tent because of my hard on so I push the shaft down to the side of my thigh and head out to the pool.

Susan is lying on here back with those beautiful tits pointing to the sky her legs are spread a little and I can see right up her crack of her ass. I know for sure that she shaves her pussy because I don’t see a single pubic curl. I can’t take much of this I’m ready to explode as my cock gets harder and I think she knows it as her eyes follow me.

There’s still three hours of sun left and it’s pretty hot so I run and dive into the pool to cool off my raging hard on. After being in the pool for maybe five minutes I’m still hard as a rock.

“Come up her and put some suntan lotion on my back!”

I pull my self out of the pool as she rolls over on her stomach and undoes the tie on her top and puts it on the deck beside the lounge.

I can see her marvelous tits as the hang kadıköy escort there majestically swaying from side to side. Her nipples are as hard as rocks and sticking straight out calling to me. She smiles at me and then she turns and hands me the lotion and sees my cock standing at attention. I start rubbing the lotion on her back her shoulders first and I move down to her ass where I linger for a while applying a lot of lotion to those marvelous cheeks. Her ass is as hard and yet soft and smooth and I’m in heaven playing with it.

“Do my legs too sweetie.”

I’m really coating her ass with lotion and I start at her thigh rubbing on the lotion barley touching her pussy with my hands and then I go down to her ankle and back up and stop and rub her inner thigh again occasionally touching her pussy. I let my hand rest on her pussy as the other one rubs more lotion on her and she starts gyrating. She tells me to get her sides too and as I move my hand from her pussy I let my finger move up her crack and she moans softly. I go back up to her shoulders I rub her sides my hands are rubbing against the side of her globes. She doesn’t say anything so I get brave and keep rubbing her tits and she still doesn’t say a word so I get even bolder and cup her breast and squeeze her nipples. Now I have a boob in each hand playing and squeezing her nipples. I hear a low moan coming from her and I continue to maul her tits and I kiss the small of her back just above her ass crack.

“That feels nice honey!”

I’m in heaven playing with her tits and she rolls over on her back and I gasp at the sight of those gorgeous nipple capped mountains. I suck the right one into my mouth and bite it lightly then I move to the other one sucking and biting. I go from nipple to nipple for what seemed like an hour. I want to play with her pussy but I’m afraid she might get mad so I suck and suck her nipples forever.

Finally she sits up and turns to look at me her nipples are covered in my saliva and she put her hand on my stomach and runs it down to my trunks and over my cock.

“Come closer and let me see what we have here!”

She grabs my trunks and pulls then down and as she does my cock pops out of my trunks pointing right at her face. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth is agape as she surveyed my raging blood engorged manhood.

“Oh my now that is a beautiful sight to behold I can’t believe how big you are sweetie. My god that looks good enough to eat!”

She wrapped her hand around the shaft and strokes it up and down then she slid her hand over the head and squeezed it and smiled. The feeling is unbelievable and I moan with delight as she fondles my mushroom.

“Honey you have the thickest and most beautiful cock that I’ve ever seen!”

She leaned forward and kisses the tip of the bulbous head and licks across the crown and sucks me into her mouth. She releases my cock from her mouth and kisses it again. It’s like a bolt of lightning shooting through my body and I though I was going to cum. Then she sucked the whole head back into her mouth and worked her tongue back and forth across the crown and my knees started to buckle and I grabbed her head and helped her fuck my cock with her mouth. I could feel myself starting to cum and I just as was about to tell her I exploded into her mouth with a river of cum, shot after short and she didn’t miss a beat and I fall back on the deck and I popped out of her mouth. She followed me down to he deck grabbing for me shaft.

I was so excited and aroused that I was still as hard as a rock and the sight of my cock still hard delighted her all the more. She stood slowly taking off her bottoms teasing me with every movement and the wait was worth it. Her labia were swollen with blood and protruding and I could see juices seeping from her lips down her inner thighs.

She got back down on her knees and sucked the head of my cock back into her mouth moving up and down on my shaft like a piston. Then she turned her body around so her cunt was right over my head and the juice was dripping into my mouth and on my face. She sat down on my face and kissed my lips with her pussy. What a wonderful taste as I licked and sucked on her juicy cunt. I couldn’t take any more and I pushed my tongue deep into hot wet pussy and I could feel her tremble as I licked and sucked on her clit. She jerked violently when I got her clit between my teeth and starting nibbling on her little gun.

I could feel her teeth raking the head of my cock and all of a sudden her whole body stiffened and exploded she was moaning as she bobbed up and down on my knob until it squirted streams kartal escort of cum into her mouth for the second time in about twenty minutes. She continued to suck and lick my cock making sure she got every drop of my nectar.

She then rolls off me lying there looking at me and smiling. I just lay there in a daze wondering if I was dreaming or did Aunt Susan really suck my cock two times? Then I realize it really did happen as I licked my lips and tasted her juices lingering on my face. Now that what I call a sweet taste and I could do that all day!

Susan sprang up and picked up her towel and her suit and raced into the house and I was right behind her with my cock bouncing with every step I took. The only thing that I could think of was fucking her and I was starting to get hard again. When we got into the kitchen she stopped by the kitchen table and watched my cock dancing all the way into the house.

“Mmmmm I can’t believe you’re hard again so quickly after cumming twice!”

She reached down and grabbed my shaft and stroked it. I grabbed her and pushed her down on the table face first and stroked her ass and kissed her pussy from behind. She was wet and her lips were secreting large amounts of her cum. I could see her clit and so I licked and sucked it hard and she began squirming and moaning.

I took hold of my cock and rubbed the knob up and down her wet hungry lips she was pushing back trying to help my dick into her pussy! I took her cheeks one in each hand and then pushed my finger into her lips separating them and I finger fucked her for a while until she came again. Then I kissed her ass and licked her pussy till she was begging me to fuck her.

“Take me upstairs and fuck me sweetie, please! I need your horse cock in me bad!”

We hurried up the stairs into my bedroom she laid on the bed spread eagle open and waiting for me to fuck her. Her labia were open and pulsing waiting to be filled with my cock. I crawled up between her white silk thighs and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy covering it with her nectar. She reached down and grabbed my cock then guided it to her pussy and pushed just the tip went in and I could see her lips part and open to make room for my cock and they sucked tightly around the tip of my head holding it tightly. It was a very tight fit and she was moaning I was trying to get it in deeper and finally the head was devoured. She was so tight I couldn’t get it into her pussy any further finally she said, “Let me work it in its too damn big!”

She was moving and pushing trying to get it in deeper she wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me in a little further. I was getting inpatient and pushed the shaft half the way in to her scalding pussy and she screamed for me to stop. It felt like my cock was caught in a vise of liquid heat. Then I could feel her vaginal muscles flexing and releasing on my cock over and over. She wrapped her legs around my ass one more time and pulled me in almost all the way into her and I started biting her nipples and sucking as hard as I could as I watched my cock disappear in between her labia.

I pulled all the way out of her cunt looking down at her as she smiled at me with lust in her eyes. I could see her lips gripping on my cock as I rammed it back in as hard as I could and I felt it slide all the way into the back of her tunnel and hit her cervix, my balls were resting on her ass. I pulled out again and rammed it home one more time and she thrusted her ass up meeting my cock with furious speed.

“Just keep fucking me like you are and don’t stop!”

“I love fucking you like this!”

“Oohhh you’re touching places that have never been touched before!”

“I think I’m going to cum!”

“Fill my pussy with your cum baby!”

“Oh shit her I cum!”

We were fucking like two wild animals she arched her back a foot of the bed meeting my cock with every thrust. She was moaning and screaming and I could feel her body start to stiffen just as I was starting to cum. We exploded with a bang at the same time and it was like I was in a whirlpool being sucked into a black hole. I shot stream after stream of cum into her ravenous.

I exploded a tidal wave of cum and she was telling me to keep fucking her as she was gyrating and bouncing her pussy into my cock. I loved watching her tits bounce and move as she fucked my with every ounce of energy she had. I was getting tired and started to slow down but I was still stroking her and finally I rolled off of her exhausted.

“If we rest a little sweetie do you think you could fuck me again?”

“Sure I can fuck you all night but mom and dad will be home soon.”

“Damn I forgot about them!”

“We’ll see what tomorrow brings!”

I took a shower and went down stairs and fixed bed and just as I laid my head on the pillow I heard the car.

What a lucky guy I am this started out as the worst day of my life and ends up the best day I’ve ever had!!

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