Oh Gina! I mean Mistress!


Oh Gina! I mean Mistress!I had just moved into a new neighbourhood after my divorce. We sold our home and acreage and I was able to buy this modest two-story home. I like a lot of space around me and since I’m alone now, this gave me what I wanted. I also work from home and I was fortunate to have a large study on the upper floor. My house is on a corner lot and I have only one neighbour. She lives in a very large house on a double lot. I saw her briefly as I was moving things in. We nodded to each other, but never got to speak at that time since I was quite busy and she seemed to always be on the run herself. Well, a week or so later when I was working in my study, I saw her in her backyard sunbathing. She has a high privacy fence around her yard and I guessed she often suntanned in the nude. She wore a skimpy two piece bathing suit that did nothing to hide her charms. Her large firm breasts were barely covered by her top and the bottom portion only accentuated the fullness of her pussy lips, which, even from the distance I was from her, were clearly outlined. I blatantly stared at her for several minutes. As I stood there staring like a little k**, she happened to look up and saw me in the window. She waved and gave me a great big smile. I waved back, and embarrassed that I was caught, went back to work. The very next day, about 9:00 a.m., she knocked at my door and walked right in. She extended her hand and said, “I’m Gina. I want to welcome you to the neighbourhood. Did you like what you saw yesterday?” “I’m Ken. Pleased to meet you, Gina. Yes, I did. You certainly do justice to a swimsuit.””Ken,” Gina said to me, “I’m having a few friends over tonight. I want you to join me as a sort of welcome to the neighbourhood party. About 8:00. Dress casually. You know where I live.” Then she gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Bye for now.” She walked out the door, laughing all the way across the lawn to her place. I dressed casually as she had asked and was at her door at 8 sharp. It was a man about 32 or so who opened the door. He ushered me in and asked me to stay there till he spoke to ‘Mistress’. Gina showed up immediately, threw her arms around me, grabbed the back of my head and kissed me. I don’t mean just a kiss; I mean a ‘fuck me’ kiss, with her tongue in my mouth. I eventually put my arms around her and kissed her back, with just as much fervour. Finally, she broke the kiss, welcomed me, took my arm and introduced me to all of her guests as her friend. This woman was certainly different, and full of surprises, I thought, as we went among her guests. Gina got me a drink and she excused herself for a moment. I quietly sat there watching things. I saw a lot of body flesh, both male and female. The clothing ran to leather and stuff like that. Interesting friends, I thought. At that moment, Gina appeared and called for quiet. She announced, “My friends, the first event of our show tonight is about to begin. Would you all follow me, please?” There were about twenty of us and we noisily followed Gina along a hallway and down a wide set of stairs to the lower level. I wouldn’t call it the basement, as it didn’t look like any basement I had ever seen. Before me was a large dungeon like you would see in a medieval castle. I stood for a moment, looking around, not believing my eyes. Gina came over to me and whispered, “”What do you think of it, Ken? There’s just about everything here you can think of. I have a carpenter who does the work for me.” “Gina,” I asked, “what’s all this stuff for?” “Ken this is my playroom. Come and watch.” She took me over to one side of the dungeon where everyone was gathered. There, tied to a whipping post, was a beautiful young woman with creamy smooth skin, totally naked. Beside her stood another woman in high-heeled boots and a tight black leather skirt, holding a multi-stranded whip in her right hand, occasionally running it up and down the girl’s back. Gina said to me, “Look at the girl tied to the post. Check out what’s sticking out from the post.” I looked and there was a large dildo, a small portion of which was in the girl’s pussy already. “When she gets whipped on her ass, she will jerk forward and that cock will go all the way in.” Gina whispered to me. I watched as the whipping began. They were gentle strokes at first, sort of a warm-up, and then it began in earnest. On the first hard stroke, the girl jerked forward and screamed as the large dildo was rammed into her pussy. This went on for quite awhile. She got a break from the dildo when the strokes moved to her back. I had to take a break after that, so I went upstairs for another drink, to use the bathroom and think. Gina saw me leave and it wasn’t long before she came up to talk with me. “Ken, a bit of a shock to you, eh?” She said as she laughed. “I should have told you first, but it’s so much more fun this way. What did you think?” “Gina, I’ve heard about this sort of thing, but never did I think I would ever see anything like it. Was that girl forced to take that whipping?” “Ken I am a Mistress. I am also a non-professional lifestyle Mistress. There are those in our business that charge for services like that. I have several submissive in my stable. That girl is owned by the Mistress who whipped her. She willingly took the whipping as a way of showing her submission to her Mistress. She was not really hurt. The marks look ugly but they fade fast when they are made properly. Did you find it arousing?””Gina, I did, I’m afraid.” “Ken, afraid? Afraid of what, Ken? That you might like it?” “Gina, I found it sexually arousing as you know. I don’t quite know what to think right now. That’s why I’m up here. My mind’s a bit overloaded.” Gina bent forward and kissed me on the forehead. “I thought you would like it. Most men find a naked female being whipped like that very sexual. But we can talk later. Let’s go back down the next event should be started now.” When we got back to the dungeon, the girl had been removed from the post and her Mistress was putting ointment on her back and buttocks. On a table not far away, a young man was already bound to it by cuffs around his wrists and ankles. His Mistress was in the process of binding his cock and balls with thin rope. There were rings attached to lengths of chain hanging from the ceiling and lengths of rope were run through them, stretching his cock and balls very tightly. The ball sac was already a bit blue. To me, it looked painful and I automatically reached for my crotch for some unknown reason; maybe to check that my jewels were still there. Then she proceeded to flog his cock with a penis flogger, a short soft leather multi-stranded whip. Of course, this only made his cock harder and it became more painful, as he started moaning and groaning almost right away. Then a candle was lit and she dripped hot wax all over his pubic area and right on his cock. He was screaming and twisting around by now, so his Mistress just shoved a pair of panties in his mouth. I wondered if they were hers or a slave’s. “Gina,” I whispered, “whose panties are those? Hers?” “No, Ken. They are from one of her female slaves. She saves them for just a purpose like this. She makes sure they are full of pussy cream. Her female slaves love it because that means they get to cum often.” When this event was over, everyone took a break. The slaves were allowed to use the bathroom and to have a smoke. They made sure their owners were fed and well satisfied before they had anything to eat or drink. I thought this was quite civilized considering what went on down in the dungeon. I asked Gina about this. She said to me, “Ken, these slaves are much more to their owners than someone to beat and abuse. They truly love them, as the slaves love their owners in return. They are cared for in all respects. The trust and love between owner and slave go very deep. I have many slaves that I truly care for and love. Every one of them will do anything for me. The same with all the slaves here. But hurry, back to the dungeon. The next event should make your cock hard.” She laughed as she walked away. The next event did just that; two naked female slaves this time. One was on her back on a thick pad of some sort, with her arms and legs spread-eagled and tied to rings in the floor. There was a pillow under her hips to elevate her pussy. Gina announced, “Attention, everyone. These are two of my slaves. The one on the bottom has her pussy filled with lemon slices. The other slave will try to get them out, using only her mouth and tongue for the first ten minutes. The bottom slave can use her pelvic muscles to force the slices closer to her pussy opening. After ten minutes, the slave trying to get the slices out will be allowed to use her hands. She will have one minute to get the rest of the slices out of her partner’s pussy. There is a bowl of honey beside her to cut the lemon taste and help get her tongue inside. She may also use the honey on her hand to search for the remaining slices. I have devised a most unusual punishment for failure to get all the slices in the time allotted. Nature of said punishment will remain unknown until after the event is completed. Both girls will be punished. If they succeed, they may continue playing with each other for the remainder of the night. This is something they know doesn’t happen very often. Let’s proceed!” The slave went at the other girl like she was possessed. She pulled slice after slice out of her pussy with her mouth, while the other girl pushed as hard as she could to drive kuşadası escort them down from the upper part of her vagina. After the initial 10 minutes, her hands were freed and Gina announced, “There’s still two slices in there. Sixty seconds from now! Go!” The girl dipped her whole right hand in the honey and rammed it up the other girl’s pussy. I could see her moving her hand about inside and the other girl squirming and moaning. I wasn’t sure if it was pain or pleasure or a little of both. She finally managed to bring down a slice to the entrance where she grabbed it in her teeth rather than remove her hand. It was forty seconds and ticking. She had twenty seconds to find the last slice. I didn’t think it would be so hard to find something inside a pussy, but with it being so slippery, I guess it’s not easy. With ten seconds to go, she managed to get a bite on it and bring it out. They were both a mess, but they kissed each other as the bottom one was released from her bindings. Gina sent them off to have a bath and to relish in their reward, which was each other’s body for the night. I later learned that they were lesbian lovers who had both come to Gina some time ago to be her slaves.I was dealing with sensory overload about this time and spoke to Gina. “I think I should be going now, Gina. It’s been…interesting, to say the least. Thank you for inviting me.” “Ken! So soon? I did want to talk with you after my guests leave. Won’t you stay a bit longer? You’re feeling uncomfortable now, aren’t you? Did that last one give you a hard on? I know I got one.” Then she laughed. “All right I’ll stay then, if you wish,” I replied. Damned if she didn’t kiss me. She wound her arms around my neck and slipped her thigh in between my legs to rub against my semi-hard cock. “Thank you, Ken. Hhmmm. See you later.” I went back upstairs as they were preparing to play ‘spin the slave’. Instead of a bottle, they had a female slave, naked, strapped to a horizontal wheel and she was spun around. There were squares around the circumference of the wheel that had directions as to what would happen to the slave. The Master or Mistress who spun the wheel got to enjoy the slave according to the instructions. I later learned that one of Gina’s own slaves had volunteered for the wheel. Apparently, Gina loves to reward her slaves for things like that. I wondered what the slave’s reward for this would be.One of the serving girls gave me a coffee and I sat in an armchair to think things over. Here is this very desirable woman living next-door to me. She calls me her friend, yet she kisses me like a lover. Plus, she ‘owns slaves’ whom she beats and whips for fun. I lay back in the chair, exhausted from mental overload.The next thing I knew, someone was gently shaking my shoulder. Gina was saying, “Ken, wake up.” I shook my head and said, “I’m sorry, I must have dozed off.” “Dozed off is right. Everybody is gone. You’ve been sleeping a long time. Do you feel better now?” I sat up and said. “Yes, I do, as a matter of fact. I apologize for falling asleep. You must think I’m an inconsiderate guest.” “Not at all. Come with me, Ken.” I followed her into a den that had a fire going in the fireplace and sat on a leather sofa in front of the fire. Gina turned to me and asked, “What did you think of the things that went on tonight?” “Well.” I said, “Certainly different. Very arousing.” “Would you like to try something like that?” “That stuff must hurt. How do they take it?” “There is a very fine line between pain and pleasure. They are able to walk that line and actually enjoy the pain. The slaves all have their limits, of course. All owners know the limits of everyone of their slaves. But you didn’t answer my question.” “I’m not sure. I’ve never done anything like this.” “Ken, do you find me desirable? Would you like to make love to me?” As she said this, she took my hand and put it on her thigh just under the edge of her leather skirt. I could feel the heat from her body through the stockings covering her legs. She pushed my hand up a little further on her leg and I felt the tops of her nylons and the garters that held them up. “You haven’t answered me. Do you like what you see?” There was a pause as she changed her line of thought. “Ken, I’m going to be honest with you, I like you. Very much, actually. That’s why I kissed you like I did. I have one question for you. Do you want to make love to me?” My mind finally cleared when I heard those last words and I replied, “Yes.” “Come with me, then.” I followed her up to her bedroom. As I walked behind her on the stairs, I could see the gentle swing of her buttocks, which appeared to be very tight and muscular. When we arrived in her room, she sat me down on the bed. She stood over me and grasped my face in both of her hands and said, “Ken. To make love to a Mistress is a very extraordinary privilege for a slave. Since you aren’t my slave, it’s a little different situation. But, for you to make love to me, it still has to be done my way. Are you still willing to do ahead?” “Yes.” “Stand up and take your things off. I want to watch you undress.” I did as she asked, folding my clothes and putting them on a chair. When I slipped off my shorts, my cock sprang out and stood proudly before me, leaking a little pre-cum from the tip. “Damn, I knew it would be nice and big,” Gina said as she reached for it. Her soft hand stroked me as she raised her skirt with the other hand. Then she slipped it between her thighs, right up against her panties and started moving back and forth on it, getting her panties wet with my pre-cum. She let me go after a few moments and said, “Undress me, Ken slowly and gently.” “Yes, something I would love to do,” I quietly replied. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it gently from her skirt and spread it wide to expose her breasts encased in a lacy bra that barely covered her nipples. I bent to kiss between her breasts when she raised her hand and stopped me. “No, Ken. You cannot touch me. One of my rules. You can look all you want though.” “Gina, you’re beautiful!” “Thank you, Ken. Continue, please.” “This is torture, Gina. You know that?” “Of course I do, Ken. That’s why it’s one of my rules. I have a lot of other rules too. Now please, no touching!” I continued to undress her, being very careful not to let my hands or even my fingertips touch her at all. I did take a lot of time undressing her because I was staring so much. She had creamy smooth skin. Her pussy was completely smooth. I was very careful with the stockings, slowly pulling them down her legs. I finished up on my knees before her and I just stayed there and looked at her. She looked down at me and said, “That’s the position my slaves assume when they are in my presence. Isn’t it odd you would end up there by accident? Would you like to play the part of a slave for awhile? Just to feel what a slave feels? If so, call me Mistress.” “Yes, Mistress,” I said without hesitation. That was out of my mouth before I knew it. “Get up on the bed and spread your arms and legs out to the four corners.” I did as she told me and waited. She stood there looking at me. My cock was standing straight up and the sight of Gina naked before me just made it harder and harder. She slowly climbed on the bed, ran her nails lightly up and down my chest and leaned over to kiss me. She lay on top of me, arms and legs spread with mine, holding my hands in hers. Her breasts pressed into my chest and I could feel my cock pressed up against my stomach with her weight. “Gina, I mean Mistress, I’m going to cum very soon if you stay there like that.” “Well, my dear, we can’t have that, and so soon. Just a minute.” She got off, went to the dresser and returned with a length of thin rope. She proceeded to tie up my cock and balls so that I couldn’t ejaculate. Of course, trapping the blood in my cock like that made it harder than ever. “Now, Ken, do you trust me?” “Yes, Mistress. I do.” “Fine.” Gina crawled up and sat on my chest, stretching my arms as far as they would go. Then she put a metal handcuff on one wrist and quickly did the other. Then my ankles were done in the same manner. “I’m going to fuck you now, Ken. Have you ever had a woman tie you up and literally **** you? That’s what I’m going to do. **** you. I’ve wanted your body ever since I first saw you when you moved in. You, my friend, are going to love this, and the fact that you can’t touch me only makes it harder on you. Enjoy this treat. After you become my slave this won’t happen very often. You will have to earn the next time.” “But, Gina, I don’t want to become your slave.” Suddenly, my balls were in her fist and she was squeezing them, just hard enough for me to know she could do some real damage. “Ken, you’re forgetting something now. You agreed to be my slave for awhile. I didn’t say how long that would be, and I make that decision. Also, I’m ‘Mistress’ to you now, until further notice. From me!” Then she gave me a squeeze to emphasize the last words. “Yes, Mistress! AAHH!” I cried. “My dear friend. I know people. You just haven’t admitted to yourself that you want to be my slave. You will come to that decision very soon. I’m just going to help you along that road. You see, I happen to want you too, especially that cock of yours. I’ve got a perfect view into your bedroom and you don’t close your curtains. I’ve seen a lot of you. I’ve got plans for you and your cock.” Then she sat astride me, gripped my cock at the base, and very slowly inserted it into escort kuşadası her pussy. She impaled herself on me, savouring every inch until she hit bottom and her pubic bone was riding on mine. “Ah, Oh, I knew this would be good. Now suck on my tits. Gently!” She leaned forward and pressed her breasts up against my face, rubbing them back and forth over my mouth while I tried to capture a nipple to suck on. “Ohhh, Mistress!”HHmmmmm!” Gina thrust herself up and down on my cock, going right to the root every time. She pulled her nipple from my mouth and growled at me, “Lick my tits, you bastard! Get them wet! Fuck, am I ever full! I knew you had a horse-cock on you. Fuck! Am I ever glad I’m a woman! AAAHHHH!!” I was thrusting up every time she came down on me and I hit her cervix every time. I thought I was going to go right through it at times. God, did it feel good. She was hot and tight like a virgin. And wet. Damn, she was wet. I could hear the squish every time our groins met and pulled apart. “MISTRESS I LOVE YOU!” I screamed. She ground her crotch into me and screamed, “I’M CUMMING, YOU FUCKER. I’M CUMMING. AAAAHHHOOOHHH!!” Then she leaned back and quickly untied the rope around my cock. “CUM! YOU FUCKING BASTARD! CUM!! SHOOT IT NOW!” I arched my back and my cock spasmed as jets of hot spunk were shot deep into her pussy. “AAAHHHHOOHH, FUCK! IT HURTS! OOOHHH, FUCK!” I screamed, and then slumped back on the bed, exhausted, as my cock continued to spasm. Cum continued to drain from the tip of my cock still deep inside my Mistress. Gina lay forward on me with her arms around my neck and her breasts pressed to my face. We lay there for a long time, catching our wind and regaining our senses. “You dear sweet thing. You’ve got a limp noodle now. But I’m not done with you yet. You see this pussy you just fucked? Well, now you’re going to suck it and get everything out of there that you just put in it.” “No, Gina,” I said, “I don’t eat my own cum. Even if it’s in your pussy.” “Disobedience, Ken, is not something I expect from my slaves, quite the opposite. You just committed two mistakes. You didn’t call me Mistress and you refused to obey a direct order from me. I didn’t suggest you suck on my pussy, Ken. I TOLD YOU TO! You are in no position to be disobeying any orders whatsoever, tied up as you are.” With that, she casually reached between my legs and gave my nuts a vicious squeeze. “AAAGGGHHHOH!” I screamed. “Now, what did your Mistress tell you to do?” Gina asked as she let go of my nut sack. “OH, MISTRESS! YOU TOLD ME TO SUCK ON YOUR PUSSY!” “Yes, Ken. And are you going to eat your own cum too?” “Yes, Mistress!” “That’s better. Now, let’s get on with it.” She slowly climbed from my softening cock and I could hear it plop out of her pussy and slap against my leg. She quickly repositioned herself over my face and let the cum drip onto me. “Lick it up, you fucker. Use your tongue!” Then she slowly lowered her pelvis to my face, trapping my head between her thighs. As she settled into place, she spread the lips of her pussy with her fingers, allowing more cream to ooze out. “NOW SUCK MY CUNT AND MAKE ME CUM! YOU FUCKING PUSSYLICKER!”, she yelled at me. I got my tongue into her as far as I could and sucked and licked. Damn, there was a lot up inside her. It kept oozing out and I lapped it up as fast as I could, but a lot drained out on my face. It was a funky smell and I could feel myself getting another erection. I must have made contact with her clit, because she stiffened, arched her back and grabbed the back of my head, screaming obscenities at me. Her cum poured out and bathed my face. Having gotten all of my cum earlier, this was pure Gina cream. It tasted very different without my spunk mixed in. Gina now moved off very slowly, having had an incredible climax on my face as she was pretty well wiped out, unhooked my cuffs and curled up beside me for a few minutes. She grabbed a blanket from a nearby chair and covered us. We slept in each other’s arms.It was morning when I awoke. Gina was gone, but the bed beside me was still warm, so I figured it wasn’t long since she had gotten up. I lay there, thinking of last night. The first thoughts were – what do I call her this morning? Gina or Mistress? I better go with ‘Mistress’, at least until she says something to the contrary. What the hell have I gotten into? She is one hell of a woman when she has sex. My poor cock is tender. I dressed, went down to the kitchen and there she was, pouring coffee to put on a tray, probably for me, I thought. When she saw me, she just stood there, looking at me. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking as her face was devoid of any expression. She wore a black lounging robe and I wondered if she was naked under it. I slowly walked up to her and knelt in front of her, eyes downcast, hands on my knees. She said nothing for the longest time and I was beginning to wonder if I had made a mistake. Then she stretched out her right hand, obviously for me to kiss it, which I reverently did, making sure it wasn’t a sloppy wet kiss. “You may sit and have breakfast, Ken. There is much I want to say, and I expect there are a lot of questions on your mind. But first, I commend you on remembering that I did not end the temporary period of your status as a slave. None of my male slaves get the treatment you received last night. You are special to me but you will still have to earn the next time to enjoy my body like that. I have a lot of beautiful sexy slaves. I have denied them the pleasure of having sex for a long time, except with each other. I am going to use you to change that. In other words, you are going to have the pleasure of taking each and every one to bed and fucking her brains out. Are you up for it? Maybe I should say, is your cock up for it?” Then she laughed. “Mistress, may I have some sugar for my coffee, please?” I tried to act nonchalant about this news. I wondered if I would live through this. “You bastard! Trying to act like it isn’t a big deal,” she laughingly said as she got the sugar. “Mistress, I’m flattered. Thank you very much. But why me? Surely you have male slaves who can do this for you.” “There’s something about you, Ken. You exude certain sexuality. It’s your pheromones, for sure. Also, the size of your cock plays a big part in my decision too. You should be honoured I selected you. I’m going to train you, Ken. You will become a good slave. Remember, obedience is rewarded. Disobedience is punished. I am kind and tender, but I can also be a proper bitch. Keep that in mind. I also get what I want, one way or another. Now, finish your breakfast, then shower and shave. I can smell pussy all over you. I wonder why?” She walked away laughing. I saw her right hand go between the folds of her gown, obviously to play with her pussy. I wondered what she would do to me if I grabbed her and fucked her brains out right here on the kitchen floor. I was tempted to do it regardless of the consequences. I thought better of it, at least for now. “Meet me back here in the kitchen when you are done, Ken.” “Yes, Mistress.”It took me about 45 minutes to wash and shave. Once dressed again, I returned to the kitchen and there she was, sitting and having a coffee, still dressed in the lounging robe. I noticed the folds of her robe had fallen open to reveal a lot of naked leg almost to her crotch. I was sure she was naked under it and this thought caused my cock to start to harden. “Sit down, Ken. First, get me some more coffee and get yourself one too.” “Yes, Mistress.” “Here, use a coaster.” She said this as she handed me a coaster for under my coffee. “Now, Ken. I’m going to tell you about the Domination/submission lifestyle. I have been in it for 10 years now. I have enough money and a regular income from investments that I don’t have to work, and my slaves are all willing to give me gifts whenever asked, and most of the time, they do it without being asked. I have a reward/punishment system that works very well for me. I love every one of my slaves and they are all devoted to me, willing to do anything for me. I have earned their trust and respect, just as they have earned my trust and respect. I do not abuse them, and they know it. Punished, yes, abused, no. They know the difference, and I do not punish unless it is warranted. For minor infractions, I sometimes allow them to choose their own punishment, from a list, of course. This adds a little variety. “I also choose my slaves very carefully. You are an exception. I knew right away you would work out. Besides, when I saw that cock you have, I knew you would be perfect. All you have to do, Ken, is obey my orders, regardless of what I tell you to do. I have my reasons and you DO NOT question my decisions. You will earn points for good behaviour and when you get enough points, well, you will get a nice reward. There are also deductions for poor performance, so remember that.””Mistress, how many points are required in order to enjoy your charms…like last night…?” “Ken that comes at 10,000 points, it will take you awhile to get there. But there are things that will make it easier for you. We’ll talk about that later. I want to tell you about the pleasure/pain syndrome now.” We talked for a long time. I had a lot of questions and Gina (oops, Mistress) took her time and answered them all for me. She gave me a couple of books to take home and read. After our talk, Mistress said, “Now, Ken. I want to experiment with you to see how much pain you can take. We kuşadası escort bayan will start out gently and work our way up. Your safe words are ‘RED’. This will mean ‘to stop everything.’ ‘YELLOW’ means ‘take it easy, slow down.’ Of course, ‘GREEN’ will mean ‘continue’. Are you ready for this?””Yes, Mistress.””Come, let’s go down to the dungeon. This will be fun!”When we got down to the dungeon, Mistress Gina told me to strip and put my clothes neatly on a nearby chair. “Are you warm enough, Ken?” “Yes, Mistress. Thank you.” “I’ll turn up the heat a bit anyway. I’m a bit chilly myself. Now, Ken. Come over to the cross.” She fastened me to the St. Andrew’s cross, facing out, my cock and balls totally exposed. “I’m putting this blindfold on you. It heightens the sensations when you can’t see.” When it was in place, I felt something at my mouth. “Open up, Ken, something to suck on while we play. You can easily spit them out if you need to. Okay?” It was a pair of panties, damp and crusty with cum. “They belong to one of my slaves who masturbated in them. Are they tasty?” I nodded my head as I sucked on them. “Now, relax, my dear.” Mistress Gina took a feather and slowly and gently caressed my whole body with it, paying special attention to my cock and balls and my perineum. It was sensuous and tickled in some places. I squirmed and twisted as much as I could, moaning and groaning all the time. Suddenly, nothing. Then she pressed herself up against me, arms around my neck. I realized she was naked. Her hands ran all over me, her nails sending shivers up and down my body. She twisted my nipples and sucked on them, biting them suddenly. “AAOOHH,” I cried at the unexpected pain. She reached down and gently massaged the shaft of my cock, which was pulsating and jerking about. Then came the gentle kiss of a riding crop; she ran it up and down my body, between my thighs, flipped my cock back and forth with it, then gave my cock a resounding smack with it. “AAAOOHH! MISTRESS! OOOWWW!” I screamed. “Did that hurt, dear? Do you want me to kiss it for you? HA, HA, HA!!” Then she worked over my front, making sure my cock and balls got lots of attention. The strokes weren’t hard, it’s just that I wasn’t used to being hit with a riding crop or anything else for that matter. She tenderized every inch of my front and then unfastened me and turned me around to do my back and ass. We were down there a long time, or so it seemed to me. There were many times I thought of saying my safe word to end all this, but somehow I wanted to endure it. I knew she wasn’t going to damage me, just cause me some pain. It all ended very suddenly. She untied me from the cross, had me lie down on a nearby mat, and put ointment on my marks. “I’m proud of the way you took that, Ken. You have pleased me, do you know that?””Thank you, Mistress. I wanted to please you.” “You rest for a few minutes. Let that ointment start to work. Then we’ll get you upstairs and into the tub.” I drifted off to sleep, I guess. Mistress was kneeling by my side when I opened my eyes. I felt much better. “Welcome back, sleepy head. Feeling better?” “Yes, thank you, Mistress.” “This is Michelle, Ken. She is one of my slaves too. She will help you to get upstairs and into the tub. She will bathe you so all you have to do is relax. Okay?” “Thank you, Mistress.” Together, they helped me to my feet and got me upstairs. Michelle took me the rest of the way to the bathroom. There was already a bath drawn and all I had to do was slide into it. The water was just right. I lay there as Michelle did her job. I thought she lingered over my cock a lot longer than necessary, but I loved the attention so I didn’t complain. I soaked for a long time in the tub. Michelle quietly bathed me and we didn’t say anything. I fell asleep again. The next thing I knew, Michelle was gently shaking my shoulder, trying to wake me. “Ken. Wake up! Time to get out!” I managed to climb out and she dried me off. Then she took me to a bedroom and put pyjamas on me and tucked me into bed. Whose bed, I didn’t know and at the moment, didn’t care. She climbed into bed with me and snuggled up close, putting her head on my chest. I automatically put my arm around her and nestled my nose in her hair, which smelled of flowers. I fell asleep.I had no idea what time it was when I awoke, or even what day it was. Michelle was still beside me, sound asleep. I figured Mistress Gina had instructed her to watch over me while I slept. How utterly bizarre, I thought. She beats the hell out of me, gently puts ointment on the marks she made, then has me bathed and instructs a slave to watch over me. I looked at my chest and to my surprise there was little evidence of the whipping I had received. What now? I thought. I looked at Michelle, lying there beside me. I could feel the heat of her body and the smell of a feminine scent of bath oil. I felt her full breasts pressing against me and I wanted to kiss her and make love to her right there. I wondered what would happen to me if I did, since I figured that was something I needed permission for. I figured from what Mistress Gina had said earlier, I would have all the pussy I could handle and more, soon enough. I tried to extricate myself from Michelle so as not to disturb her, but it didn’t work.”Oh no, you don’t! Get back here! I won the draw!” she said, as she grabbed me by the pyjamas. “Draw? What do you mean, Michelle?” “Mistress thought it would be fun to have a draw to see who gets your cock first. I won! Now, get back here! You’re going to fuck me. I haven’t had any cock for months and yours is absolutely yummy.” As I got back into bed, Michelle didn’t even bother to take my pyjamas off. She just yanked my bottoms down to expose my cock and threw back her thin robe to reveal that she was stark naked under it. She ran her hands up my chest under my pyjama top, pinching my nipples and scratching my skin with her nails. As I wrapped my arms around her, I asked, “How many girls are there who took part in the draw, Michelle?” “Fifteen, Ken. Some are part-time slaves, others are full-time. A lot of us live here with Mistress.” “You mean I have to satisfy fifteen horny women who have been deprived of cock for I don’t know how long?” “Yep, and I’m first. So start fucking, I’m horny.” She threw the covers to the foot of the bed, ripped my bottoms right off me, grabbed my cock and started sucking on it. When she had deep-throated it once or twice and it was wet with her saliva, she spread her pussy lips and sat down on it, driving it in to the hilt in one thrust. “AAAHHHOOOHHH!! FFUUCCCKK! IT FEELS GGGOOOOOODD!!” Then she lifted up and dropped down on it again. “AAUUUGGGHHH!! SSSHIIITT!” she screamed. “God, but you’re hot and tight!” I said, as I arched up into her pussy. She leaned forward and let her tits fall into my face. “SUCK THESE BABIES, SUCK, BITE THEM. OOHH!” I grabbed a nipple in my mouth and bit it, sucked it and licked it. I smothered my face between those pillows of flesh and licked and sucked while I thrust into her with all my strength. “AAHH! CUM WITH ME, CUM! AAAHHH!” She thrust down and ground her groin into me till our pubic bones were almost crushed. We came at the same time. I squirted what seemed like gallons into her and her cream just poured out of her, soaking both of us and the bed. She collapsed on top of me, but not for long. She wriggled up my body and sat on my face. “Get your tongue up there. I need another one!” Happy to oblige, I tongued her to another crashing orgasm which wiped her out, at least for the time being. She lay curled up in my arms, breathing heavily. Her breasts felt good rising and falling on my chest. Mistress walked in at that moment. We were tangled in each other’s arms and legs, too exhausted to really care about anything. “Some slaves you two are! You’re supposed to be down on your knees in front of me right now! Why aren’t you?” Then she laughed. “You smell the both of you. Go take a bath and deodorize yourselves. Was he good, Michelle?” “Yes, Mistress. I had two biggies and a lot of small ones. Thank you. Can I have him again?” “You greedy little bitch, you! You’ll have to wait your turn.” Then she laughed, knowing how Michelle felt at the moment. I felt kind of proud of myself for making both of them happy.Over the following months, I managed to take every one of Mistress Gina’s girls to bed and make them happy, very happy indeed. I’m now working on my second and for some, my third go-around. I have managed to earn enough points to enjoy Mistress Gina’s body several more times. There was one thing she neglected to tell me though. On every succeeding time I get the privilege, she deprives me of something. Like the sense of touch was first, then it was sight, then smell and sound. I have graduated to where my cock is the only part of me that actually feels her anymore and I expect that will soon go, until I am completely mummified, but I continue in my efforts, why, I don’t know anymore. I have learned to take pain much better, my threshold having gone up considerably, thanks to the patience of my Mistress. We are all very happy here as a family.I eventually sold my house and moved in with my Mistress. She has given me a study in which I may continue my work. Mistress started me on a regime of exercises and I’ve never felt better in my life. What the future holds, I do not know, nor do I want to know. We are happy now and that is what matters. With my income, combined with my Mistress’s, we are very well off.Thus began my life as a slave to Mistress Gina. Little did I know the night I went to a party next-door held by a neighbour named Gina that I would end up living with her and calling her ‘Mistress.’ Happiness can be found as close as next-door, if only one will look. I did.

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