Office Procedures

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One late autumn evening, Kathy turned the swivel chair around to look out the big window from her boss’s office. She could see how dark it had become; the days were getting shorter and shorter. The cool wind blew colourful leaves around haphazardly under the light of the streetlamps. Looking down at her watch, she saw that it was 7:30 P.M. She had been working with Richard, her boss, on this project for weeks now; tonight with a little luck they would finish.

Looking up at Richard, she heard him say, “Kathy, are you alright?”

She hadn’t realized how long she had drifted off in her little daydream.

“Yes, Richard, I am fine. Thanks. Why do you ask?”

Richard grinned, “Only because I said I think we are finally done here and you never even blinked an eye! Here I thought you would be jumping up and down at not having to spend your evenings in the office.”

“Sorry, Richard.” she smiled at him, and a very lovely smile it was too. “I was just looking out the window thinking how quickly the days turn to dusk now.”

Richard looked over at Kathy; he saw shiny hair that she always kept neatly pinned up into a french roll. Her large framed glasses seemed to hide her pretty face and eyes. Behind the lenses her eyes were big and brown; her face with skin an olive tone; the colour most women try to achieve with make up or tanning. Kathy wore a white blouse buttoned to her throat with long sleeves and a black skirt that came just above her knee. A watch on her left wrist was her only adornment. Richard suddenly realized that Kathy was really very pretty. Unconsciously, Richard knew she was lovely when he hired her, but he never really let those thoughts or feelings take flight.

Richard leaned back in his big chair and closed his eyes with a big contented sigh of a job well done. This time Kathy took the time to look her boss over without him being aware of it. He was really quite handsome, she thought, with his black hair and his beautiful brown eyes. Being of Italian blood, his skin always looked tanned even in the middle of winter. He had had a meeting with a client that morning, so he was still dressed in his white shirt and black and red striped tie. She knew that beneath the desk, if memory served, her wore black dress pants that fit him perfectly.

Richard opened his eyes to see Kathy looking at him as though she were studying every feature on his face. He smiled at her and she self consciously, smiled in return. Richard asked if she wanted something to eat now their day was finally done, it was long passed the dinner hour. Kathy said that would be great and got up to walk behind her boss’s chair and stood at the window to look out again at the beautiful night. Richard rose from his chair and stood behind her. He looked at her from behind and saw a most delicious figure hidden beneath those clothes and as he breathed he realized that the air was scented with her familiar perfume. Richard inhaled deeply taking in as much of the fragrance into his lungs as he could. Kathy heard his intake of breath and turned around and was face to face with her boss.

Looking deep into his eyes, she was surprised to see the intensity of his gaze. Richard raised his hands to remove her glasses and she did not stop him. She just watched as he turned to place them on the desk. Kathy shivered in anticipation of what was to come because she certainly was not cold. Richard leaned forward and lightly kissed her lips. It was not a long kiss, nor a passionate one; just a kiss so he could taste her lips and to judge her reaction to his advances. This time she smiled at him and stepped closer into his arms kissing him back and with more passion this time. Her tongue bakırköy escort slipped out from between her soft pink lips to delve deep into his waiting mouth. His strong arms went around her body to hold her close as he explored her mouth just as vigorously as she was exploring his.

As their kiss ended, Kathy placed her hands on Richard’s warm chest and pushed him back until the backs of his knees hit his chair and he was forced to sit down. Placing both her hands on the arms of his chair she swiveled him side ways. Stepping back from her boss as he sat comfortably in his chair. She just smiled at the confusion wrinkling his brow. Raising her hands behind her head, she releases her hair from the pins confining it. Brunette curls cascaded down her shoulders as she rakes her fingers through it like a comb, trying to fix the probable disorder, but only succeeded in leaving it in seductive disarray.

Richard watched as Kathy unbuttoned her blouse one button at a time, beginning at her long slender neck and slowly pulling it out from her skirt to unbutton the last one. Her blouse undone but still closed only offered Richard a quick glimpse of the pretty skin on her bare midriff. Slowly, seductively Kathy opened her blouse letting it slide off her shoulders and down her lovely arms, letting it drop to the floor. Standing before him with the white lace of her bra barely covering the little brown rings of her nipples; his eyes straining impatiently to see more. Her fingers reached behind her to unbutton her skirt, the sound of her zipper being slowly lowered was loud in the quiet room. It slid from her hips in a whisper and puddled at her feet and she kicked it behind her to lay in a heap with her discarded blouse.

Richard began to feel the strain of blood rushing to his manhood making it swell beneath his dress pants. He found he needed to move in his chair to adjust and relieve his discomfort. He looked up to see Kathy standing before him in a white lace bra with matching bikini panties and black stay up stockings; the ones with the very pretty lace ring at the top to flatter her thighs; black pumps gracing her small feet. This vision did nothing to help with the discomfort he was feeling. Grinning, Kathy lifted one pretty foot and placed it into his lap, holding onto the edge of the desk for balance. Richard slipped the black shoe from her foot; tossing it to the floor. Kathy placed her other foot in his lap for him to remove that shoe as well.

Turning her back to Richard, he got the chance to view and enjoy that side of her every bit as much as the one when she faced him. Slowly, Kathy lowered her stockings, one by one, making sure she bent over from the waist to give Richard an enticing view of her lovely ass. She could not see his face but she certainly heard the intake of breath as he sucked it in when he saw her ass raised high in the air. Kathy tossed her stockings in the clothes pile, and then reached between her breasts. Unhooking her bra with her back still to Richard, she tossed it too over her bare shoulder and onto the pile. Placing both hands over her pert little breasts to cover them from his eyes, Kathy turned and saw the smoldering passion in his smoky eyes. She lowered her gaze to the large bulge in his pants, and let out a gasp herself. Dropping her hands so Richard could see her breasts, her nipples puckered almost immediately from the heat of his look.

Kathy went to Richard and kneeled down between his knees as he still sat in the swivel chair. Her manicured fingertips slowly went to his belt. Opening the belt, she then unbuttoned the button. She looked up to his face to silently plead with him to move beşiktaş escort a little so she could lower his zipper over the bulge that was making his pants so tight. Long pink nailed fingers slipped into the opening beneath his underwear to wrap her warm hand around his swollen manhood. The feel of her touch along with the view of her cute breasts and their puckered nipples caused him to moan.

Pulling his cock from his pants, Kathy leaned forward to allow her warm breath to caress the tip. She felt it bounce beneath her fingers in reflex, she just gripped it tighter. Looking up to his face, she saw his head go back against his chair as he closed his eyes.

Kathy slipped her tongue out to lick the soft spongy tip of his cock, hearing his breath whistle from his lips at that very moment. Kneeling up higher, Kathy placed the entire mushroomed head of his cock into her mouth to suck only the tip. Her mouth slid down the shaft to bring her lips to the very base of him. His curly black hair tickled them. Her hand still gripping his cock tightly moved up and down in unison with her mouth. She could feel the purple vein pulsating with every thrust against her tongue. Her mouth came up to suck hard on the tip, enjoying the taste of precum with suck. Moaning in abandon, Richard, unconsciously lifted his hips to thrust deeper into her mouth. Oh God, he thought, this is heaven! He could feel that he was close to coming and not wanting this wonderful sexual interlude to end, he gently placed his hands on either side of her face and reluctantly pulled his swollen cock from her greedy mouth.

Kathy realized what he was doing and raised up from her knees to slip off her panties. Richard could see that Kathy was almost completely shaven; only a small dark patch of hair graced her pubis. Climbing into Richard’s lap, she faced him with her legs opened placing her moist cunt lips upon his hot cock. She leaned forward to kiss him. Richard could feel that her tasty lips had swollen from sucking him and that knowledge heightened his arousal. He bent his head to take one pebbled nipple into his mouth, sucking on it hard. This time, it was Kathy who moaned aloud and so deliciously. He made sure that he tasted her other nipple, not wanting that tasty morsel to feel left out. His hands gripped her slim waist as he slid his cock along her warm smooth slit. Lifting her slightly, he aimed the hard tip of his cock to the damp opening of her cunt. With his hands still tightly holding her hips, he pushes her down onto him. Air sucking through her teeth, but this time they both moan aloud.

She felt Richard fill her deeply. Moving up and down, slowly at first, to get a rhythm. He wanted to allow her wetness to lubricate his shaft easing the long smooth strokes and to heighten his smooth piston like thrusts. Once they both were soaked in her juices, Kathy moved with increased speed. Bouncing in his lap feeling each and every thrust. Her breasts bouncing up and down as her passion mounted. Slapping sounds and moans echoed in the room.

Richard again knowing he was close to coming gripped Kathy so tightly by the waist she could not lower herself onto his shaft. Surprised, she looked into his eyes to see what was wrong. He lifted her right off his lap to stand naked before him. She watched as Richard’s strong arm pushed everything from the desk, letting the papers and folders fall to the floor.

Quickly, his arm hooked out to catch Kathy by the waist as he pulled her to his desk between him and his chair. Standing up he lifted her onto his desk and gently laid her back. Richard pulled his chair up to her and sat down. Taking her legs, he bent them at beylikdüzü escort the knees and rested her feet on the edge of the desk, her legs spread wide apart. She was positioned in the classic pose for a medical exam.

For a moment, Kathy thought something was wrong because Richard did nothing. She raised her head from the desk to look up at him from between her legs. She could see Richard just looking down at her wet cunt. The hairless lips slightly opened from their recent fucking and shiny from the wetness of their lovemaking. She shivered and felt another flood of moisture fill her womanhood and that was what he was waiting for. Richard lowered his head to inhale her scent deeply into his lungs.

His tongue slipped out to flick at the little bud peeking out from its protective hood. The impact was tremendous. Kathy’s hips rose from the desk. Richard waited. Placing his tongue flat and hard against her opening, her inner and outer lips were held fast by his tongue. Her warm silky juices poured onto the center of his tongue. His taste buds savouring the wonderful taste of her. His tongue folded up at the sides to dip between those inner lips, scooping all the wetness he could find deep inside her.

“Ohhhh”, she moaned, this was wonderful.

Raising his head he placed his thumbs on either side of her labia, opening the fatty tissue wide before again dipping his tongue deep inside. His tongue brushes over her clit before he allows his lips capture the sensitive bud tightly. His tongue flickers with great speed over the most sensitive part of her. Kathy felt her ass begin to tremble from the impending orgasm. Unconsciously, she allows her knees to open and close on his head as he buries it deep between her legs. Her hands grip his hair, trying to push him away in one instant but pulling him even closer to her the next. Kathy orgasms so sweetly, drenching his face and lips with her fragrant juices.

Quickly, Richard lifts her from the desk and turns her to bend over it. His fingers slide lightly down the bumps of her spine causing little goose-bumps to pimple her skin. Taking his cock, he thrusts it into her from behind. Kathy’s hips hit the desk as he pushes himself deep inside her but there is no pain, only pleasure as his hard rod lubricated from her passion slips in and out of her with increasing speed. Her pretty face rests on the desk as Richard stands over her pummeling her wet cunt fast and furious. The cold desk feels good beneath her breasts as beads of sweat begin to cover both their bodies, making them glisten and shine in the florescent lighting of the office. Faster and faster Richard pumps, hearing her moaning and groaning, and it fires his passion.

She yells out, ” Ohhh God, I am cumming!”

That is all it took to push Richard over the edge. Feeling his seed build deep in his sac before slipping through his shaft to spurt deep into her waiting cunt. He timed it perfectly with her orgasm. Firm hands gripped her hips tight to him as he throws his back head and groans. Filling her cunt with his seed he yells into the room, both of them cumming simultaneously.

Collapsing onto the desk in a sweaty heap, Richard pulls himself from it’s hot little home and falls carelessly into his chair. Slowly, with their chests heaving from their exertion, Kathy stands up and looks at him. His strong arms reach out to pull her into his lap and she brings her knees up to curl like a baby naked in his arms. Absently, Richard caresses her bare arm and kisses her shiny, fragrant hair. Enjoying being in each other’s arms, they revel in the quiet aftermath of their lovemaking.

A few moments later, Kathy raises her head to kiss him softly on his lips and he smiles down at her.

Whispering softly in her ear, Richard says, “I think I like this new office procedure and maybe it should become a more frequent occurrence.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Kathy whispers back, “You ARE the boss!”

(c) 1998 Misty’s Erotic Stories

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