Of Reunions and Life Ch. 01

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This is a sequel to “Home By Eight” authored by Lothario the Great it is with his permission that I submit Part 2, and Part 3, which will follow. Any readers unfamiliar with the original work should read that first before reading the second or third parts. The second and third parts of this story are rooted in a real situation that took place in the early 1970’s slight modification for adaptation to the original storyline were of course necessary.

Of Reunions and Life Part 1: Sequel

The Monday after the prom, Martin found there consequences that developed from his five hours spent, with and around Cindy Le Smythe, that prior Friday afternoon and early evening. , Cindy had apparently confided to her friends, who in turn confided to theirs and so on that he, Martin Floyd, was not only nice and considerate date, but also cute and a damn good piece of ass. Although Martin denied that the two of them had been intimate in all but holding hands and a good-bye kiss, dozens of different people asked him about ‘his prom date’ with Cindy.

The major problem was Doug was now openly saying he was going beat Martin’s ass for touching his woman. Which to Martin’s way of thinking meant Doug and five or six of his friends pounding on him?

Cindy for her part would now acknowledge him openly in the hallways between periods, when she wasn’t with Doug, on the other hand her cheerleader girlfriends still wouldn’t give him the time of day. Jack Lowery however made sure everyone saw him drive to and from school with his new best buddy Martin Floyd. The popularity his momentary encounter with Cindy had bestowed on him was weird to his way of thinking. For the most part, Martin still kept to himself and was able; to move forward with his ‘life’ not that anyone else would want his.

Six weeks after the prom Martin along with 300, other seniors graduated. He looked forward to getting away from this town, as the University he would be attending would be eight states away in Massachusetts. There would be new people, a new life, and the same old Martin (His own propensity for self pity sometimes amazed even him). After everyone tossed their mortar boards the whole class celebrated, after the good-byes and good luck hugs and kisses, Martin dutifully shook hands and hugged everyone who came up to him as he carefully made his way towards the door to head for the bus stop. Amazing he thought about his parents, “they won’t give up their parties even to see their only child graduate.’

He felt a tug on his gown, turning he gazed into the beautiful blue eyes of Cindy Le Smythe, he felt weak in the knees as she spoke,” I couldn’t let you leave without a good-bye hug and kiss, and congratulations, could I.”

“No I guess not, by the way congratulations yourself, I hear your going to University of Miami, Florida, sun, beaches.”

“Yep!” she smiled excitedly.

“Martin, I also want to tell you I have thought about the prom situation and I want to say I’m sorry I didn’t…for what I put you through.”

“It was a sucky evening overall,” he nodded, “However it had one unbelievable high point, that I won’t forget the rest of my life.”

Cindy pulled on his robe until he bent down to her, then kissed him, more than a peck but nothing like prom night,” I’ve never had anyone do to me what you did that night,” She whispered, “Thank you for not bragging about it, even though I told you it would be Ok, that’s a first also.”

He nodded, and kissed her again, “ I’ve got to go, good luck with the rest of your life, and I hope to see you around sometime, even if it’s just at our reunions.”

“Me too and good luck to you Martin…and I still think you’re cute.” She released him and stepped back as he left the building.

Cindy watched him head outside to…‘the bus stop?’ She noticed he was wiping his eyes.

Four years later

Martin opened his eyes and blinked he tried to sit up but quickly lay back down moaning, “Oooh, what did I drink last night, my god my head hurts.”

He felt a body rustle next to him, a soft low sexy voice floated by he ears, “Martin, last night was amazing you must have loved me for 4 hours, I am still worn out, sore… and horny,” She smiled.

Martin smiled back, ‘he had been at the frat house Graduation party and this beautiful little 20 year old sophomore Chinese international exchange student had shown up. Her name was Xia He, her name meant pure and something, she had proven to be pure delight. When he had come in from saying last minute good-byes and thank you’s to Professors, he went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer and a shot of whiskey, nothing like a boilermaker to set the tone he reflected. As he lowered the beer chaser, his eyes met the most alluring dark brown eyes, offset by her face with her classic Asian features, cute upturned nose and mid neck length pixie style hair. With out thinking Martin stammered out, “your beautiful.”

The woman blushed, and responded, “Thank you, what anadolu yakası escort is that you are drinking,” she pointed to the shot glass in his hand.

Martin looked at his hand, replying as he shook himself from his dream, “Uh, it’s called a boilermaker…. Would you like to try one?”

“Yes, please, I would like that very much.”

Over the next hour, Martin talked with the beguiling young woman, as they partook of three of the potent drink combinations each.

Martin had lusted for her tight body from the moment he laid eyes on her. Her lithe body outlined in the Emerald green dress that fell from a small collar around her neck to her ankles, and never moved more than a centimeter or two from her skin. Wondering if it was made of silk and there were red flowers embroidered from her chest to her waist. He thought he could put his hands around her waist or hips and his fingers would still touch, and her ass looked like two halves of a grapefruit moving inside the tight fabric, on independent missions to drive him crazy with lust.

Feeling as if he was under control, he kept stealing glances at her full pouty lips, her small tongue keeping them constantly wet, and him in a frenzied state of arousal. They were the most tempting, most kissable set of lips he had ever seen.

“Martin, why do you keep staring at my mouth?” she giggled as he looked at her in horror.

Busted he thought, “Xia, your lips are just about the most perfect set I’ve ever seen and are just begging for me to kiss them.”

“Oh,” she replied in a dangerous tone.

“I didn’t mean to upset you.” Martin gulped.

She placed her hand behind his neck, her whole countenance changed; it was as if he suddenly was looking into the eyes of a hungry tigress. “I’m glad you finally noticed my lips, now kiss them, and don’t stop until they are completely submissive to you.”

Martin took her in his arms, and gently, ever so slightly pressed his lips to hers, tasting the top, then the bottom then the corners. “My lord she is so sweet,’ he felt her shiver, as his mouth opened, and enveloped her mouth with a full sensual embrace, sliding his tongue into her open waiting, mouth. For the briefest of moments, her body stiffened, he felt the conflict within her, almost as if deciding whether or not to continue. The moment passed, as passion erupted deep in both of them they gave them selves over to the other, searching, touching, exploring the hot wet sensations that were exploding between them.

It was as if he had never kissed a woman before in his life, the gentle touch of her lips was in sharp contrast to the desire she broadcast to him with her tongue moving, pulling, fighting, tasting. A deep guttural moaning had overshadowed the earlier mewing from her throat that spoke plainly of her now overwhelming desire. Her mouth savagely pressed over his, as time seemed to stop, as neither of them wished to break the spell they woven, slowly Martin withdrew his mouth from hers, a low whimper escaped her throat in protest.

With practiced grace, he continued, his tongue and lips moved in an intricate ballet, along her face, her skin flushed with desire as he nibbled and licked here. Her body shook with his kisses and when he sucked on her delicate skin, here or there, her body already willing, was now demanding that she accept his ministrations. She had never been with a man other than her ex- boyfriend and he had never coaxed her body into such feelings, such heights of raw pleasure, only in her dreams had it ever been like this. She had already broken so many taboos of her upbringing; she knew this was wrong so very wrong, her body, which was now in a tremor yelled back at her I don’t care it, feels so very right. The guilt and fear now swept away in a tingle of new sensations along the nape of her neck and a rush of wet fiery hot contractions between her legs. Her own giggles, moans, and sighs were all she could hear, as he continued his onslaught.

The scent of her feminine arousal wafting from her loose fitting collar, mixed with perfumes, body oils, and shampoo, played on Martin’s senses as he willing drank in her unique cocktail of love, she enthralled him.

Her tongue moved up his neck touching and teasing, sending chills along his spine, her movements were tentative, but as she felt him respond to each new touch she became bolder, as the tip of her tongue swirled around the outside of his ear, the touch and wetness spoke of promises yet unfulfilled.

Unable to contain herself any longer she deftly moved her tiny hand between his legs, moving her finger tips along his full length with feather light touches, as she whispered, “I see I’m having the same effect on you, that you already have had on me. Can we find somewhere a little bit more private, because if not there are a whole lot of people who are going to get a free show.”

Cradling her in his arms, she reached behind her, ataşehir escort grabbed her purse, and then Martin took her upstairs to his bedroom. Once in the room, he closed and locked the door. They freshened up in the bathroom, then willingly went to each other’s arms and began to slowly sway and dance to a CD Martin had put on a few moments earlier.

Xia seemed a bit apprehensive, Martin, didn’t hurry her holding her close she softly swayed with the rhythm of the music eliciting small sighs of pleasure from her paramour. As her movements across his growing bulge sent jolts of pleasure and the anticipation of pleasure to come surging through his body.

Looking up into his face Xia sighed, “I am yours tonight, please don’t hurt me, I am not a virgin, but neither am I accustomed to these things,” she said as she looked away almost as if embarrassed.

Martin smiled as he lifted her face to his and kissed her, “I will not force you to do anything, we will take our time and learn of each other.”

She nodded in a cute little movement, then took a step back away from Martin, reached up behind her neck and unhooked her collar lowering her arms to her side she looked away.

Martin understood the gesture she was giving herself to him, he pulled her close to him lifted her head and kissed her.

She felt his hot mouth close down on hers, his lips parted as his tongue moved deep into her waiting mouth, she loved his taste, strong and clean, his hands and fingers, running up and down her arms then on to her back. She almost jumped as the little prickles of fire ran down her back ahead of his fingers to her now soaked panties, “Oh Yeesss! She moaned into his mouth.

Feeling the gentle caress of cool air on her dew covered back told her he had unzipped her dress, moving her shoulders slightly the garment fell off her shoulders to his hands which were at her waist. Removing her arms from the dress, she draped her hands on his shoulders as she demurely stepped out of the dress.

Martin was in a daze as he placed the now discarded garment over a chair next to him. His breath caught, eyes roaming her almost nude body for the first time the subdued red of Xia’s bra and panties contrasted perfectly against her beautiful cinnamon skin. The small pert mounds of her breasts rising and falling in time with her shallow gasps of air. Her bra fell silently to the floor and he felt her shiver as his fingers traced an invisible line to the small elastic band of her thong. His touch felt electric as he traced the silky band around each side of her body and he deftly caused a smile to run across her face as he ever so lightly tickled the area of her stomach below the navel on both sides.

Releasing her grip on his shoulders, Xia unbuttoned his oxford shirt and let it fall to the ground, as she did he kicked off his shoes. He felt a surge of sexual energy as a tongue drew a circle around his nipple then felt the jerk deep in his stomach as she sucked it into her mouth, then did the same for the left nipple. Her fingers worked his belt, followed by the zipper, she gasp a bit as the pants went to his ankles as first one then both hands cupped his balls and now aching cock.

Looking up she said, “You promised,” More as a reminder than a question. He nodded, seconds later he gasped as his briefs hit his ankles and she licked his balls then licked the underside of his cock up to the very tip and took the head in her mouth. Gasping at the sensations of her tongue moving in rapid circles around the now hypersensitive bead then almost loses him self when she flicks the end with her tongue, “Oh God yes,” he moans. He can feel her smile as she continues to apply her art, licking, kissing sucking she worships at his cock, then as if she knows his body better than he himself she wraps a hand around the lower half and begins to slowly move it in and out of her mouth. Building speed he feels her adjusting pressure on his cock slowly opening and closing her mouth as she goes, now her hand is moving, as the exquisite torture is at a peak. Again he moans, “Oh God Xia, watch out baby I’m cumming.”

Her answer is simple she pumps on his cock faster and faster, the first gob of his cum slamming into the back of her throat scares her, and she swallows out of self defense, then a second throb of his cock and he pumps yet another gob of his baby juice into her throat followed by two more. Xia gasps, choking as she swallows and dribbles all over her chin, “Sorry,” she blushes, “there was just too much,” as she scrapes the escaping jism off her neck, licking it from the side of her hand, as she stares up at him in wonder.

She realizes just what she has done, out of willingness, and desire for the man in front of her. It is something her boyfriend back in China has begged her to do, and she has steadfastly refused, he is an uncultured pig who cares nothing for me. In just the few short hours we have been ümraniye escort together, this man has touched my core my very being, tender and kind he is still preparing me when my ex would have been finished and asleep.

Xia felt Martin lift her and cradle her in his arms; shuddering as fingers slid down her back over her ass, down her legs, over her feet, dragging her panties behind them. Martin laid her on the bed, arching her back and tensing as hot lips brushed first over one then the other of her rock hard nipples. Gasping and moaning as a soft gentle moist flick of a tongue sends unchecked bolts of electricity through her body, her moaning fills his ears as he pulls her whole breast into his mouth, and circles her nipple with his tongue.

Her body is aflame as he continues his attention on her beautiful mouthfuls of breasts, caressing her arms, and underarms, she giggles excitedly as goose bumps run down her body ahead of his touch. He kisses and licks down her torso, as his hands now massage her buttocks, the multiple sensation work on her ability to concentrate, she is in heaven. Her eyes jolt open; she is suddenly sitting up on her elbows as she looks down at him, “Martin! What are you doing, why are you doing that.” She almost screams with surprise and pleasure as his tongue plunges between her moist very aroused outer lips.

Martin lets her taste linger on his tongue and her scent fill his nose with her body’s perfume. He lifts his head as she stares, and smiles at her, “Never has anyone go down on you, lover?”

Shaking her head side-to-side, unsure how to respond as the barest tip of his talented tongue traced the length of her pussy.

“Oh boy are you in for a treat,” he made an almost hissing like sound as he licked her tight wet needy opening to her inner most desires. She closed her eyes and layback giving her body over to these new and gloriously exciting sensations. Using his tongue like a little cock he moved in and out of her pussy, causing her to buck her hips up for more, moving his head up he licked her clit uncovering it from it’s hooded hiding place.

Xia moaned and squirmed as her torturer, moved in and around her clit and then gently pushed first one then two fingers deep into her waiting canal. Moving in sync with his thrusts her body a willing instrument for his every movement, she began to feel strange as if her body would soon burst, “Oh god, oh, god, what are you doing to me please Martin I am going to die,” she moaned, her breathing ragged and shallow.

Martin continued his assault on his lovers clit as he outlined the alphabet forwards and backwards, on around and over her most sensitive spot, he noticed she liked the ‘M, N, W, O, and Q’s the best. She began to mumble and jerk involuntarily as her climax drew near; her legs drew back and she pressed her feet on his shoulders he began licking and sucking on her now engorged button. As his fingers pressed upwards and to the back of her now slick vaginal canal, she drew in a long breath, his fingers found her elusive G-spot and her body stiffened as she screamed in pleasure unknown to her before.

Xia’s body was on fire her mind saw small bursts of color as she felt herself stiffen, “Oh yes lover don’t stop, please don’t ever stop, Ohhhh…..” Suddenly as if something inside of her snapped. Starting deep inside her body, traveling down into her vaginal canal and rectum came the explosion of pulsating waves, waves of pure mind numbing pleasure that spread out to engulf her whole being. Her engorged lips, which were already drenched, flooded as her body released a torrent of her love juices soaking the bed. She jerked and stiffened again, as this time his mouth drove her to the edge of a huge howling vortex of fulfilled lust and desire, and she gladly let herself fall in, babbling incoherently in Chinese.

By this time, Martin had regained his full erection but he waited as he moved into position for Xia to recover herself from the effects of her first two orgasms, for permission to enter her body.

Xia opened her eyes and licked her lips; she was looking up into Martin’s eyes, “I never knew it could be like that, please be careful and slow, you are so much bigger than I am used to.”

Martin smiled and tenderly pushed the head of his cock up into her opening, then using a slow easy back and forth motion he began easing his cock up inside Xia’ warm wet and extremely tight pussy. It took some minutes but soon he was fully sheathed by well muscled canal and Martin was in heaven, she urged him to increase his tempo, and soon was pounding Xia like a jackhammer, “Yea, oh yea, that’s so good baby, soo tight, it’s like a second skin, this is so amazing,” he moaned.

Xia’s body was in overload first the two orgasms and now this, this is the kind of man she needed, that she wanted, moaning out, “So big, so good, yes my lord give me all of yourself, deep and hard, oh yes your in so deep, please faster, I am yours, Martin,” she shrieked. Her body moved in the frantic rhythm of lovers in heat, her mind lost to animal lust, her body was his, and she felt the tension begin to build again.

As he quickened his pace and slamming into her, he drove deep in side and as he hit bottom, he groaned. “Yea baby I’m filling you up I cummming.”

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