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I followed him as he carried his son on his shoulders. I could not pull my eyes from his tall athletic figure. The little boy kept turning back to call at me. We had become friends in the few weeks since his mother, estranged from the tall man ahead of me, had employed me to look after her two children.

Then, out of the blue, the children’s father had appeared as if by magic. The moment I laid eyes on him my body rioted against me. True, he was no longer living with my mistress, but legally he was her husband. So I should have zero interest in him, yet my heart was racing, my breathing had become irregular, and all my internal organs were in a riot. I had to stop these feelings before they ruined many lives!

Only a week later an event changed the course of all our lives. The younger child, a girl had an accident. Falling from some height, she suffered a broken femur and was hospitalised. Of course the mother had to be there. I was left with the young boy at home. I prayed and prayed that their father would come to see his son. And late one afternoon, just after dark there was a knock on the door. With dry throat I croaked a welcome. It was he!

He poked his head inside and smiled at his son then came in. He greeted me by a loose hug, which nevertheless excited me all through. He asked me for a glass of water as he sat down. I tried to behave well during his short stay but found myself passing close to where he sat so that he would be tempted to touch me somewhere, even a brush against my hand. Twice his hand touched mine but I felt it was by accident.

The meal I was preparing for my little charge and myself was nearly ready. I said to the boy, “After we eat daddy will sleep here, won’t he?”

“Daddy won’t you spend the night here?” patting the sofa.

“I can’t fit onto that, Nyoiks!”

“Please daddy, do not leave us alone. We get very scared at night without mummy!” implored the little angel, pushing for my cause unwittingly.

Quickly I served the meal. I caught Daddy staring at the backs of my thighs as I was bent over at my tasks.

“Good, he likes something about me!” I thought to myself. I sat next to the boy, but opposite Daddy. I kept changing position so that he would catch a flash of flesh once in a while.

I have no idea why he accepted the invitation to stay the night apart from the boy’s plea, but stay he did. As usual I shared the bed with the boy while he stretched his long figure halkalı escort on the sofa. It was necessary that we climb into bed first as the sofa was next to the bed in the small house. So Daddy was last to undress, put off the light and go to sleep.

I waited until the young man was snoring, fast asleep. I crawled as silently as I could out of the bed, placed a foot where it felt like Daddy’s body was not, so as to get out to pee. But as fate would have it, I slipped and fell over his legs. As I tried to extricate myself he came to my aid, and in the darkness his hand touched my breast. I heard his intake of breath at the same time as I heard my own. Without prior agreement he started to fondle me, and I was powerless to stop him. I found my tongue completely unable to form a protest. He then pulled me and kissed me hungrily. I could feel the need of a man who had been missing his wife. I gave in willingly. His hand strayed to my legs and then the thighs. They parted of their own accord. He found my pussy, wet and hot with desire. At this point I was no longer in control of myself, but in the firm grip of my own long bottled-up emotions.

He pinched both nipples and I almost screamed. His hand pulled my panty down as he pulled his own partly down, leaving it at his knees. He arranged us so that he could invade my sanctity with his fucking tool. I felt the cockhead pushing at my entrance and parted my legs the more. He made a few shallow moves before getting past my lips. He was so fired up he almost shot his load right there! But master lover that he is, he slowed down and let his emotions simmer down.

Then he began insistent strokes that caused me some discomfort as he pushed deeper and deeper. Again he must have been close to coming because he stopped all movement, almost as if he were listening for an intruder. Then long slow strokes from my depths almost to coming out, then back all the way in. Before I realised it I had screamed out loud. Not only was I in danger of waking up Nyoix, I would alert the neighbours on either side! I covered my mouth as waves of fiery pleasure attacked my entire body. He kept his tool at the entrance of my cervix, intensifying the pleasure twofold. I had to bite the blanket to keep myself quiet. I did not return to the bed immediately as we continued pleasuring each other by touching, fondling and caressing. He entered taksim escort me a second time, drawing out the pleasure to almost 90min. I had never been fucked for such a long time, or climaxed as many times. Indeed I had no idea that a woman can have more than one climax. Finally a real need to pee did come. I crawled out and let out such a stream that I was surprised at how much I had been holding. I came back in, but went straight over the sofa and into bed, after giving him a thank you kiss. It almost turned into something else!

He left very early in the morning, giving me a hard time with Nyoix, who wanted his daddy. I explained that he had to go to work. All that day my pussy was buzzing with memories of what soon turned into the only fuck I had ever had. Everything before that paled into insignificance.

Over the Easter weekend, Daddy came over again. He threw a temptation our way.

“Let us go and have chips!”

We both made haste to change and together left the house. He took us to the matatu stage where we took one. I kept wondering where we were headed, but could not ask him; there was no pressing need as I felt myself in good hands. We got off and he told us the place was called Eighty-seven. He bought three packets of chips, but instead of taking a matatu back we started walking.

On and on we walked, until I felt unable to keep his pace. After what felt to me like five kilometres, we finally stopped at a gate which he unlocked.

“Welcome home,” he said.

“Thank you,” I replied breathlessly.

Inside the house which looked so large, he took us from room to room, explaining the function of each. I was awed. Then he asked me to go to the kitchen and serve the chips into plates. We ate an enjoyable meal. He then showed me to a room with a large bed, covered in a white bedspread. He said Nyoix and he were going to sleep in Daddy’s bedroom. I wished we could all sleep in the same bed, tho I knew Nyoix had to be kept away from our games. My bond to this man had only grown stronger and I had to wonder what happened to the pang of conscience I had felt at our first meeting. It now did not seem to matter that I was sleeping with a man whose wife was laid up in hospital!

I must have dozed for I felt him touching me and quietly asking me to move over. Of course I did so with alacrity. I was shocked to find he was not wearing underwear with the T-shirt he had on. şişli escort We fell to fondling and caressing each other hungrily. He peeled off my panty with expert ease and both of us were now naked from the waist down. Lying sideways facing each other we kissed for long minutes while our sexual fires continued to grow. He moved his hand down to find my pussy wet and inviting. He gasped.

He lifted himself onto one elbow and threw off his t-shirt. He worked me up and got mine off too. Still on our sides he lifted his torso and pulled my leg under him so that he was lying on it with the soft part of his body. He pulled my other leg over the side of his tummy and using his hand, worked his cock over my pussy lips driving me yet higher. I was desperate to be entered by that delicious cock. He removed his hand but left the cockhead against my lips. I thrust forward with my hips to push him into me. In answer, he gave me several shallow strokes, as if trying to punish me.

“Please fuck me now!” I pleaded with him. He increased the amplitude of his strokes entering deeper into my cunt, yet not giving me his full length. To encourage deeper penetration I met him on his inward stroke. Still he managed not to get all the way in. He angled himself so that the cock was touching the upper walls of my channel. He must have been looking for my G-spot for suddenly he touched something in there that felt like I had been speared. A familiar heat rose up in my body, engulfing my whole in its flames. My legs squeezed him between them as I came in an explosion of stars all around me. I felt my body trembling and realised that my mouth had been open in a silent scream for I don’t know how long. My tongue was as dry as sandpaper.

Gradually I became aware of him making gentle shallow strokes in me, which felt so good! He increased their amplitude while holding me gently. I had never felt so loved in my life. I felt my excitement begin to build again as he fucked me with his lovely machine. Suddenly he bottomed out, tickling my cervical entrance. He changed to shallow strokes each of which ended by headbutting my cervix. I felt the frequency changing; the shallow strokes were coming in faster. One hand was between my shoulder blades and the other on my lower buttocks holding me firmly in place. Soon I discovered his reason for pinioning me like that. He increased the force of the butting causing me to heat up again. I lost control of my body again as a huge orgasm overtook me.

As I felt my pussy clench and unclench, I was shocked to find him still hard inside me! It was so sweet to feel the waves of orgasm recede while his cock continued its ravages inside my cunt. He did not seem to be anywhere nearer his climax. I was in erotic heaven! I did not even want all this to end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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