Now Serving Ch. 05

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This work of fiction features incest combined with hard BDSM, so please stop reading right here if you don’t like the juxtaposition. There’s plenty of both. To phrase it differently, this story contains harsh BDSM with incest and incest with harsh BDSM, so please don’t read and submit an irate comment(s) if you object to the mix of these two genres.

Otherwise, these chapters contain many of the physical attributes, mental characteristics, toys and devices to be found in my previous pieces. All characters are of legal age.

In the past, many enthusiastic readers have contributed positive and creative ideas. However, it’s my custom to complete an entire story before submission, so I won’t be returning to Now Serving to make changes.

I welcome your non-irate, non-flaming comments and will try to respond to your questions.


Justine’s modest apartment was small and simple, warm and stuffy. He unzipped her skirt, pulled it off and pushed down on her shoulders till she sat on the living room sofa. He called the club where they’d met and spoke to the bartender, who agreed to ask the club’s parking valet to drive Matt’s car from the club and to Justine’s apartment as soon as the car jockey could get away.

When Matt returned to the living room, Justine, sweating, looked at me beseechingly and with new respect. “You look too hot,” he said, kneeling at her feet and roughly pulling the tight panties over her stockings and off her legs. Freed of the tight material, her labia looked even larger, longer and thicker. He thrust three fingers into her slit, confirming that she was sopping.

“Yes, I’m hot,” she admitted, biting her lip. He stood in front of her and pushed her feet far apart so he could lean over and unbutton her jacket. He drew the jacket down over her shoulders, imprisoning her arms again. Perspiration had made the lightweight blouse all the more see-through. Judging from the enormous nipples, the largest and darkest he’d ever seen, she was excited again. He unbuttoned the blouse, pulled it down to the same place as her jacket, and yanked down the bra, exposing her luscious tits and massive nipples.

“Why don’t you release my arms?” she whispered.

“When I told you not to drive at the restaurant you disobeyed me and acted like an irresponsible teenager. Not to mention it’s a serious crime to drive drunk. I intend to make sure you never do it, especially since you’re a teacher.”

He opened the balcony door and several windows, then walked back to the sofa and stood directly in front of her, his groin at eye level. She didn’t need a road map. Awkwardly, she raised her forearms, unzipped him, pulled out his cock and performed the most amazing blowjob he’d ever had, staring as the crown was engulfed inside her wide mouth, the thick lips bulging around the head, her tongue swirling.

She obviously loved to suck cock. She must have had an advanced degree, since within a couple of minutes he was about to shoot. He leaned over and said into her ear, “Don’t swallow.” She nodded, not breaking her rhythm. When he erupted, she cried out from the force and quantity as his dick pulsed for about 60 seconds into her receptive cavity.

But she was alarmed at the huge load, flailing her arms, her brows knitted in concentration, cheeks bulging. “Open up.” She looked at him, fear in her eyes, and for good reason. Despite her best efforts, when she slowly, carefully opened her mouth, two streams of hot cum immediately poured out of the corners and splashed onto her tits.

She kept maneuvering her head to get the exact, precarious angle between losing the load and swallowing it. “You’ll be punished for losing my cum,” he warned her. He waited several more seconds, relishing her humiliation before telling her she could swallow. Gratefully she gulped several times, the huge discharge flowing heavily down her esophagus. She gasped when finished, cum covering her lips and chin, dripping off the obscenely protuberant nipples.

The doorbell rang. Justine started, having assumed that he would meet the valet in the street. Perfect timing. “Please!” she begged, but it was too late. He shoved the coffee table away from the sofa, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the couch till she was kneeling on the black carpet, spotting it with clumps of off-white cum.

“Don’t move,” he ordered. She groaned but made no move to hide in her bedroom. She didn’t even close her legs. He opened the door and the valet walked in. He was a gangly redheaded teen no older than her daughter. The apartment was so small that the boy saw Justine immediately, brazenly staring at her from the tiny entranceway, ogling her tits and the wet labia bunched against the front of her panties. By now enough cum had dripped off her nipples to flood her slit, a shiny white sheen failing to hide the aroused red lips.

“Justine, this is. . . .”

“Kenny,” he stammered, approaching her more closely, staring at the spectacular, kneeling, cum-besotted MILF in amazement. In return, Justine stared imploringly taksim grup yapan escort at Matt, ignoring Kenny. When that did no good, she stared at the floor, flooded with humiliation and fully aware of how turned on she was by the lewd scene. She was breathing deeply, scandalized and also excited to be seen this way in her apartment, by a gawky 18-year-old. Matthew had been correct: among other things, she was an exhibitionist who responded to humiliation. Her nipples had clearly grown and Matthew noticed that her legs were still spread wide. “Justine, look at Kenny and say hello.”

Defiantly, she raised her head and looked at the boy. “Hello, Kenny.”

“Kenny, have a seat,” Matt ordered. Awkwardly, Kenny walked to the low chair next to the sofa and sat, his knee brushing hers. “Something to drink?” Matt offered.

Thankful for any distraction, Kenny said, “A beer please?”

“Right away.” Matt found a beer in the refrigerator and made two very strong vodkas on the rocks for Janette and himself. Back in the living room, they all drank, Janette so greedily that she finished the entire cocktail.

“Ken, how much in tips are you losing by coming all the way out here?”

Ken figured for a moment. “Well sir, it is Friday night, prime time. So I guess I’d be making between $100 and $200 an hour.”

“Janette, we don’t want to deprive Kenny of his livelihood because of your drunken behavior, do we?” She shook her head, knowing exactly where this was going, even though Kenny was still clueless. But not for long.

“Ken, how much does a blowjob cost these days?” Kenny squirmed in his seat, his hard-on growing.

“I don’t know, sir.”


“I guess $25 to $75, depending on the woman.”

“Okay, let’s say $50. Mmmm, not even near $200. But a fuck would be way too much. Have you ever spanked a girl, Kenny?” He shook his head. “Well, everybody should try it at least once. You might really like it, especially with a hot slut like this one. Why don’t you try. . . a dozen hits?” Kenny nodded enthusiastically.

“Still, it doesn’t seem like quite enough. Kenny, would you mind terribly if I joined in the action as well?”

“Uh, I guess not.”

“Good. Janette, do you have a paddle or tawse?” Her eyes were blazing at his brazen question.

“Yes,” she acidly replied, “there’s a leather tawse in the bedroom closet, inside a leather box on the shelf.”

“Good.” He threw a couple of pillows on the coffee table. “Ken, why don’t you put her kneeling against the coffee table while I get the toys?”

“Yes sir,” Ken said. He turned to Janette. “Is that the way you tease the boys in your classes? I know that you’re a teacher. Crawl over to the table.” When she didn’t move fast enough, he grabbed her short black hair and pulled. She cried out and scrambled faster.

When Matt returned from the bedroom, he held a tawse, which he handed to Ken. Janette was in position, still on the floor, her legs spread so wide that her knees touched the feet of the coffee table. She looked magnificent. “Hit her hard,” Matt advised.

Ken was a natural. He struck slowly and forcefully as Janette wriggled in pain, growing in excitement. Her ass immediately showed long red blotches from the tawse. “See how hot you’re making her?” Matt asked.

After a dozen strikes, he said, “Ken, now sit across the table in front of her face and let her take care of you.” Eagerly, Ken stripped, showing a 7″ long but thin and bony cock. He straddled the table and Janette took his prick and started blowing him.

Matt kneeled behind her and fed his dick into her cunt, quickly embedding himself as she welcomed the fuck and began sucking Ken more aggressively. The teenager grabbed her ears and started face-fucking. In less than five minutes both guys blew their loads, leaving Janette sprawled on the table.

The males put their clothes back together. “Ken, call yourself a taxi. I’m staying here.”

“Yes sir. And thank you, that was the best BJ I’ve ever had.”

He looked down at Justine’s sweaty face, a thin stream of pale cum trailing off her chin. He slapped her cheek.

“How should I address you?” she asked her new Master groggily, barely awake.

“Matthew is fine, for now.”

“Matthew, thank you for preventing me from driving.”

“You’ll be able to express your appreciation tomorrow.” There was silence while she imagined what form her appreciation was likely to take. “Now it’s time to see Ken off.” He took her arm, pulled her up from the table and led her over to the floor-to-ceiling living room window, pressing her nude front against the cold glass. She whined, knowing that passersby had only to glance up to see her nipples and tits thrust against the window, bulging lewdly. “Stay like this until he drives off. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Matthew.”

Kenny had found a parking space across the street, almost directly across from Justine’s apartment. He was standing next to Matt’s car and taksim masöz escort lifted his eyes to look at her window, where the ravaged beauty was standing, legs spread, pressed against the glass, eyes downcast, the jizz on her mound making a big sticky splotch on the glass while his cum smeared off her chin and tits. Kenny expelled some air in excitement and admiration. “What a slut, to expose herself like that for anybody to see.”

Large drops of thick cum dripped from her cunt lips to the carpet. The taxi arrived and Ken regretfully left to start work. Justine sank in a heap onto the carpet and slept.

~ ~ ~

While his new sub lay passed out in the living room, Matt explored the small apartment, inspecting Angie’s pink, teen bedroom and an even smaller third bedroom with room for only a twin bed, chest and armoire. It looked like a male teenager’s room, but with unusual décor. The walls were filled with posters from old sexploitation and B movies, ranging from westerns to medieval dungeons. They showed women in bondage, their big cleavages on display, fastened with chains or leather straps.

An old laptop lay on the desk, covered with dust. Curious, he opened it and pressed the power button. Once it had booted, he scanned the Desktop and noticed a folder called Home Movies. He opened the folder and saw several files with interesting titles. He clicked on one called Graduation Gift.

There was no title sequence. The video opened with a closeup of a woman’s naked chest. She appeared to be kneeling, the background blurry. Her body was beautifully lit in warm, subtle light. The top of the frame ended above her gorgeous, heavy tits, crowned by massive aureoles and nipples, all dark-hued. The woman’s torso certainly looked like Justine’s, although Matt couldn’t be positive.

The background was dark, but the audio indicated that somebody was moving around. The woman’s toned arms and shoulders strained upward and slightly back, lifting her tits up and out. She grunted with the new tension and it appeared as though her arms were being bound above her. Apparently there was some sort of shelf directly in front of and below the lens, for a few seconds later, a hand wearing a kitchen mitt set down a bowl containing a thick off-white substance. Such a cum slut! Matt thought. A number of clamps of different sizes and styles rested in the goo.

“You can’t do this. It’s not right,” the woman said hoarsely. The voice sounded like Justine’s.

The other person just laughed. “That’s the best you can do? He authorized me to do this and said we’d all watch it together the day after Thanksgiving. He also said that the four of us would be disciplining you in some new ways.” The bound beauty squirmed but had no retort.

Young male hands appeared, holding a large spoon and a large black penis gag with straps. The Dom, his face still unseen, loaded the gag right in front of her face with the viscous liquid – it sure looked like semen, thick and lumpy – until the gag was filled to capacity and overflowed, clumps falling onto the floor, or perhaps her thighs. As he sealed the opening, more gunk dripped off, but this time onto her cleavage. The middle of the fake cock had a series of expandable ridges, like the accordion section in a double bus that connected the two halves.

“He always has new toys and new techniques,” she said.

“Yes, the new stuff is one reason why it excites you so much. There’s always a challenge in how much you can do, whether it’s deep-throating, or a cropping, or taking on all four of us at the same time.”

The camera rose up until the sub’s strong chin, thick lips and pretty nose were visible, but her eyes were hidden behind a black goggles, like the ones worn at tanning salons. The wide mouth and meaty, cocksucking lips reinforced Matt’s belief that this must be Justine. But who was the guy, a boyfriend? A neighbor? And who were the four others he was talking about?

“Anything else to say?” She shook her head. “We both know you’ve wanted this for a long time, since I’ve been away at prep for college.” He held a frosted glass filled with a clear liquid to her lips and she took several gulps.

He set down the half empty glass. “After he congratulated me for graduating high school, he said that once college starts, he wants you to travel there and. . . make yourself available to my three roommates.” Justine flushed and lowered her head with humiliation at this demeaning news. She wondered what his roommates would be like. Would they all get shitfaced on beer and do her all at once? Had they ever done anal? Had they ever dominated a sub before? Or an MILF? Would they be repulsed by BDSM, or awkward, or eventually get into it, or be naturals?

“I’ve already talked to one of them about BDSM in general. He said he doesn’t have any personal experience but he’s been thinking about it and he’d like to learn. So I sent him several videos and a couple dozen photos of you from the July 4th weekend with the family.”

“Wha—” she taksim otele gelen escort protested, her head twisting up to him, but he shoved in the gag. Her generous lips ballooned to encircle the thick device and he strapped it into place. “My roommate said you’re unbelievably hot and that in your case, ‘MILF’ means ‘Mother I’d Like to Flog.’ I thought that was clever!” He pressed a button in the base and the gag began to move. She grunted.

Matt realized that the gag was a dildo that grew from its basic length of four inches. When it must have reached its longest length, Justine moaned, trying to accommodate the big cock. The same white substance appeared in each corner of the woman’s mouth and began inching down her chin.

“But I don’t know whether my other two roommates will be into any lifestyle stuff. Yup, I can read your perverted mind. I don’t even know if they’re into anal. You may just have to blow them and fuck them. I know, vanilla is not what you want or need, but I don’t make all the rules in this family.”

The camera didn’t linger. It moved back down to her tits. Each of the young guy’s hands picked up a fearsome clamp from the tray, heavy spunk dripping from the serrated jaws. He closed each clamp at the base of a huge nipple, jism forced out from the sharp ridges and along the charcoal stalks of her nipples. The bound captive seized up, her body going rigid and emitting a muffled cry of pain.

The camera sank down further, past the sub’s tight belly (also covered with horizontal marks) to her shaved mound. This sub was definitely Justine. A big clit came into view, as oversized as her lewd nipples. It was surrounded by a thick, darkly colored hood. Sure enough, the labia were just as thick, long and dark like the rest of her sex parts. Suddenly a crop smacked into both inner thighs and she spread her knees widely apart, her outer lips opening.

The guy removed a two-inch labia clamp from the hot tray, pulled one of her fleshy cunt lips out and to the side, and clamped it as she jolted and hissed, repeating the process on the other side. He attached a black nylon cord to each clamp and forced the lips down about 1½ inches, appearing to fasten the cords to something out of camera range on her thighs, such as the tops of stockings, or bands around her thighs, or perhaps eyebolts in the floor. Justine uttered a rasping sound of arousal. “Whoo, whoo whoo. . . ” she said breathily, trying to control the excitement she felt from the subjugation to this guy, the bondage and clamping.

Matt noticed that the guy had unusually broad thumbs, just like Justine herself.

The tautness on her arms slackened considerably. The guy held a black anal plug within sight of the lens, coated it thoroughly in the hot tray, and pushed on what was presumably Justine’s back, bending her forward and down till her entire head first appeared and then moved completely below the frame. It was in fact Justine, due to another feature – her cropped, glossy black pageboy hair. She must have been resting her head against the floor so that her ass was in a convenient position to take the plug. The guy’s arms appeared with the plug, jism dripping off it, and she grunted loudly as he shoved it in.

He pulled the bound, clamped, gagged and plugged beauty back up by her hair and re-stretched her toned arms, her meaty lips now covered with cum from the penis gag.

The camera returned to its original position, focusing on her magnificent tits, which were now sweating from the pain of the clamps. The nipples had clearly swollen in excitement. The tormentor rested a willow switch across the top of them as he prepared himself. Matt noticed faint striations covering the flesh, from a previous punishment session. Drops of cum fell from the top of the frame onto her tits. The switch was lifted away.

Suddenly the movie changed into slow-motion and the switch struck both cum-smeared tits across the top with a loud “Thwack!” in such force that the impacted flesh indented. Cum sprayed into the air from the impact and the striped globes bulged outward, the flesh rippling. “Hunnhh!” she uttered, an extended, low-pitched utterance.

The movie changed back from slo-mo to real time. The switch was lifted for another blow, revealing a dark red mark. The woman must have clenched her jaw in pain around the penis gag, because the flow of cum fell more heavily onto the inflamed tit flesh.

There was another sudden switch to slo-mo and the switch struck the tits on the outside and underside, the tit flesh swaying, shaking and rippling, the metal nipple clamps reflecting the light as they moved from the severe blows. After a half dozen hits, the camera sank again to her groin, where the stretched lips glistened with juices that had dripped onto her inner thighs.

The slo-mo continued as the Dom whipped her cunt, drops of pussy juice flying off the swollen inner and outer lips as she came closer to cumming, the inner lips a vibrant red compared to the dusky outer ones. Real time resumed when he pushed a six-inch, accordion-sided dildo into her exposed hole, fastened it with leather straps that went through her legs and came up each side of her ass cheeks to tie around her waist. Once he turned on the dildo, the slut’s hips began bucking back and forth wildly, occasionally shouting into the penis gag. Matt guessed the dildo extended to at least nine inches.

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