NOT YOURS’Not yours.’The words were burned into Joseph Martin’s mind, the way his wife of 17 years had callously told him.’She’s not yours.’A lifetime of memories and feelings all lies, how had he been such a fool.’She’s not yours. You’re not her father.’It was their anniversary, 17 years married, 20 together as a couple and an 18 year old daughter. Joseph had been planning on taking her to a fancy restaurant where he’d proposed, he knew their marriage had been slowing for the past few years and he was determined that this night was going to change that. Everything changed just an hour before they were supposed to leave, Joseph had been talking to their daughter Leanne when his wife Helena came into the room. Joseph never saw it then but looking back in memory he could see the sadness in her face.’Leanne, honey, do you mind leaving, I need to talk to your father.”Sure mum. Bye dad.’Leanne kissed her father’s cheek and skipped out the room, Joseph loved his daughter, she was the apple of his eye. Everything she did he was proud of, in fact the talk they just had was Leanne telling him she got an apprenticeship at a local Vet.Which made what his wife tell him next all the worse.’She’s not yours. You’re not her father.’At first Joseph thought it was a cruel joke but she was serious, so many questions, he asked as many as he could.’Who’s the father?”An old boyfriend, I had a one-night stand with him while I was seeing you.”Why didn’t you tell me?”You were so happy to be a dad, back then I loved you and I didn’t want to hurt you.”Back then? So you don’t love me anymore?”No, I don’.”Why are you telling me now?”Because our marriage is shame Joe, for years it’s been routine after routine. I’m sick of it and I want a way out, this is it.”What is?”You have no reason to stay here, I want out of this marriage and you have no connection to my daughter.’Joseph would’ve burst in anger just then but he heard Leanne jump down the stairs and come back into the room, she forgot her phone. When she left Joseph’s rage had passed, he turned to his so-called-wife.’We’ll finish this later.”No Joseph we’ll finish this now.”No. We’re not having an argument with Leanne in the house, daughter or not I still love her and I don’t want her hurt by this. You want me out fine, I’ll be back for my stuff.’As Joseph walked out towards his car he knew he should’ve stood up but he didn’t want to fight with Leanne in the house. He drove for hours, not really knowing where he was going until he found a hotel, it was owned by his close friend Samuel Entwistle so when Joseph explained his situation he got a good discount on a room. Over the next few days Joseph gathered his personal effects from his home and took them back to the hotel, he barely said two words to Helena and never saw Leanne.That was a week ago, it was now September and Joseph had been cooped in the hotel room since the confession, he only went out for food and work but he’d been performing less and less each day, his bosses knew about his problem so they gave him a holiday to get over it all. But now, with nothing to do, Joseph found himself stuck in numbness, for the past few days he had an overload of feelings.Denial – She’s mistaken, she cheated yes but Leanne is still his daughter.Anger – That bitch, how could she. Without care or feeling she just ripped it all away from him.Bargaining – Please God let her be wrong, let his family still be whole, please.Depression – He was ruined, his was a 40 year old family loving salesman and in barely a week he was losing it all.Acceptance – Leanne was not his daughter, she never was.And that’s when the emptiness hit, Joseph always considered himself a happy person, sure he had a short temper at times but 15 years as a salesman did that to him. But now there was nothing, he no longer cared about anything, when he looked in the mirror the bearded, wash-up, face wasn’t his. By day 5 the mirror somehow ended up broken, a smashed bottle lay just below it.Alcohol seemed to help ease the pain, Joseph wasn’t a big drinker but for some reason he couldn’t walk in the hotel room without tripping over a bottle so in the end he decided not move and slumped beside the fridge. The pain was disappearing with every bottle but as it did so the numbness grew, Joseph didn’t even realise he had slashed his hand badly on broken glass until he saw the blood; the way the wound looked it was a day or two old.It was 9 days after Helena’s confession that Joseph heard the knocking on his door, drums in his head they were, he curled up between the fridge and the broken mirror and drifted away. He didn’t even feel himself vomit.Leanne Martin loved her father, she always preferred him to her mother, he helped her with everything in her life from exam help to job finding to consoling her when she had fights with friends. There was one moment she’ll never forget when she was 15 and some strange woman told her and her dad she wanted her to model some school clothes for a magazine, if she had been on her own Leanne wouldn’t know what to do but her father was there and he saved her, telling the woman Leanne wasn’t interested and never would be. That was one of many moments that her father helped her, Leanne had been cursed with the three Bs, blonde hair, blue eyes, big breasts and those three aspects had held her back so much in life because most people just saw her as a dumb blonde bimbo. That simply wasn’t true, she was very smart and was studying to be a vet and she’d only slept with one guy in her whole life, a one-night stand with some boy she met at a party, he only wanted her body like so many others. With everything that happened to her because of people’s misguided perceptions Leanne was very self conscious about her body and hated the way people saw her, she blew off any guy that came near here and had gone as far to do something nobody else knew about, not even her closest friendsAnd yet despite her anxieties her father always made her feel special, she knew he would never hurt and all the little hugs and smiles brightened up her day if she was down. So when he left without a goodbye she was devastated, everyday she came home more of his stuff was gone and all she wanted to do was talk to him. Her mother was no help, she tried for days to find out where and why he went but she said nothing. It was only by pure luck she managed to find out where he was. And after 9 days of searching she found him, but had she. She had Samuel help find Joseph, Sam knew Joseph never left his room so when he didn’t answer the door he was concerned. Thinking more about his friend than hotel damage Sam kicked the door open, and entered the Hell Joseph had created for himself. Leanne saw her father lying near u*********s and in a pool of his own sick, he was dressed only in dirty underpants and his right hand was bandaged. Leanne knew there and then that her father needed out of there and quickly, with Samuel’s help they called an ambulance and got him to a hospital, Leanne rode in the back of the ambulance, holding her u*********s father’s hand and trying not to cry.When they got to the hospital Joseph was rushed inside and put on an IV drip almost immediately, Leanne stayed by his side the whole time, even sleeping in the same room so she could be there when he woke up.Joseph was u*********s for two and a half days, it was nearing 12 days since Helena’s confession when he woke up. The blinding light and the damnable headache took him by surprise.’Jesus fuck.’ He looked around the room, it was a blur but he could make out a figure sitting beside him.’Who the fuck are you?”Dad, it’s me. It’s Anne.’Joseph could hear the tearful strain in her voice, Anne, the pet name he had for his daughter, or the girl who use to be his daughter.’Anne? Wha, what am I doing here?”I found you in the hotel, you were a mess, a drunken, washed up mess. I couldn’t leave you there so I took you to the hospital. Dad what happened to you?”I’ll tell you, just, just not now.’Over the rest of the day the doctors gave Joseph every test they could to make sure there was no lasting effects from the alcohol abuse, he stayed in for a few more days to gain some more weight having not ate anything in over a week. When he was released it had been 17 days since Helena’s confession.The doctor’s recommended that Joseph be taking to a family’s place, Joseph made it clear he didn’t want to go home so Leanne offered to take him back to hers. The ride back was uncomfortable to say the least, Leanne desperately wanted to know why her father had run to self-destruction like that but Joseph remained tight lipped.Once inside her house Leanne gave her father a quick tour of the place, it was a small home, one floor, two bedrooms and one bathroom.’Don’t bother trying to find any booze in here, I don’t have any.”Probably best that way.’Neither of them could look at each other, Joseph knew Leanne wanted the truth but it would only hurt.’How’d you find me?’ He finally asked her.’Dan told me he heard his dad talking on the phone with you.’Dan was Daniel Entwistle, Samuel’s son and a close friend of the family.’Dad what’s going on?”I can’t tell you Anne, you’re so special to me and this would just hurt you.”Dad I’m 18, I’m not a k**. Mum’s not saying anything I want to know.”You sure, it’s going to change everything.”I don’t care. I just want to know.’Joseph sighed and tried to look Leanne in the eye.’Before I left, your mother told me. She told that I’m not your father.’Leanne felt her world crash down and slap her on the way to the floor. ‘What?”You’re not my daughter, we aren’t related. Your mother said she cheated on me when we were together.”Is she sure, I mean I might still be…”No she’s sure, she wouldn’t have told me otherwise.’Joseph could see the anger in Leanne, the same anger he had when he was told the same thing, only this time there was nothing to calm her down.’That bitch.”Anne. Don’t talk about your mother like that.”She’s not my mother, she’s a bitch, a whore, a lying, fucking, useless… Cunt.’Joseph had never heard Leanne swear like that, she was furious at her mother.’I mean come on dad how could she do that to you?”You’ve got to stop calling me dad.”No, blood or no blood I’m still your daughter, you raised me and cared for me more than my supposed family did. I love you dad and I know you love me and I can’t stand that bitch for what she’s done to you. Look at you, you’re a wonderful man, smart, handsome, caring.’Joseph felt Leanne’s hand lock in his. ‘Handsome you say?”Well maybe not now but all my friends tell me they fancy you, they’re jealous of my sexy dad, always asking if I’ve seen your cock.’Joseph coughed at Leanne’s use of the word cock. ‘Jesus Anne what’s happened to that sweet girl I knew back home.”She grew up daddy.’ Without a seconds hesitation Leanne bounded forward and kissed her father. Joseph was surprised to say the least, he pushed Leanne away from him, the look of a****l lust barely hidden.’Fuck Anne what was that?”That. Daddy, that was payback for years of care and love. You’ve been hurt and hurt badly and I want to care for you and love you like you love me.”But, we’re… are we still..?’Then it occurred to him, Leanne wasn’t his daughter, there was no blood relation there. Looking at her Joseph saw for the first time the beauty of Leanne. Her blonde hair was long and curly, her cute blue eyes gave her an angel’s look, her body was hidden under her shirt but he could tell her breasts were a sight worth waiting for and her jeans hugged her ass perfectly. She was gorgeous, she was willing and she wasn’t related to him anymore.’We’re not family daddy, this might be weird but we can do it now. When you told me that you weren’t my father I swear my pussy drowned because I knew I was able to do all I wanted to do with you and not fear the consequences.”What things baby?”I told you all my friends fancied you and it made me take notice, I could see what they meant and I couldn’t help myself. By finger or toy you were in my head a lot daddy.’The mere thought of this sexually primed woman using him in her fantasies was too much for Joseph, he felt his conscious betray him and his cock rose, Joseph was wearing loose trousers so his erection was near impossible to hide. Leanne’s eyes widened and a grin appeared on her face.’Oh my.’ She said in her best ‘little girl’ voice. ‘Is that because of me?”Anne please, this is, this is too weird.”Why daddy, is it because I’m your little girl?”Yes, that’s exactly why I’ve watch you grow up and I can’t escape the thought that I’m still your father despite the lack of a blood relation.”Ooh come on daddy, let your ittle wittle girl get wild.’Joseph felt Leanne’s hand getting closer to his very erect cock, he managed to grab her wrists and stop her.’No Anne. This isn’t you.’Leanne shook her hand as though coming out of a trance.’Oh dad I’m so sorry. I just, I wanted you so bad and I let myself go weak to these feelings.”It’s fine honey, it’s fine.’Joseph hid his cock and hugged Leanne as she started crying into his shoulders. He always had loved her and he knew she was beautiful but even now he wasn’t about to cross that line with her.Even if there wasn’t anything inherently wrong with it.All through the day and night Joseph and Leanne talked, at around midnight Leanne got a call from her mother.’Hello?”Leanne it’s your mother. Where are you, you said you’d be round for dinner.”I’m at home with my dad, oh and he told me everything.”Your dad? Leanne he isn’t your father come home now.”No mum, I’m going to stay here with my dad. I would rather live with him than you because you aren’t family. What sort of person are you to do that to him?”Do that..? Leanne you’ve only heard one side of this story.”And that’s all I need to hear, goodbye ‘mother’, I don’t know if I’ll return.’With that she hung up, Joseph could see Leanne was very happy with herself.’You really don’t like her do you?”No, I don’t. I said before that I can’t believe what she did to you, and if that means I have to live with you so be it but I want to further the distance between us and that bitch.”You have to stop calling her that, I don’t want to hear those words coming out of my little girl.”Sorry dad, but I’m not a c***d you know, I’m 18 so legally I am an adult plus I’ve lost my virginity so I technically a woman I should be allowed to throw around the odd bitch comment.’Joseph found himself curious about Leanne’s sexual encounters. ‘Who took your cherry?”You don’t know him.’ Leanne said it quickly, almost like she was embarrassed.’Try me.”Ok, his name’s Caleb Dawltry.”Dawltry? No I don’t know him.”Well I met him at a party, he’s – let me think – Daniel’s, cousin’s, friend’s, brother. We had a quick fuck but he wasn’t interested in going any further, he just wanted my body like all the others.”That bastard.”That’s what I thought daddy but he’s not that bad; I saw him a couple of weeks ago and he apologized.’Leanne saw the confusion on her father’s face and thought it best to explain. ‘Caleb’s got a brain disease which is going to kill him, that’s why I slept with him, I felt sorry for him. Anyway when I met him he told me he found a nice girl and was settling down and he realised his mistake, back then he was only interested in bedding as many woman as possible.”Wow, I almost feel sorry for the bastard.”I did, him saying sorry was a big help to me, you know how hard it’s been for me to do anything with these things.’Leanne pointed to her breasts, Joseph involuntarily looked down at what she was pointing at, she had a point her breasts were on the large side for a girl her size. They were a possible D cup, at least a big C, oh god why was he looking at his daughter’s breasts. His eyes shot back up to a giggling Leanne.’See, even my own father can’t help himself.”Sorry Anne.”It’s fine daddy I’ve gotten use to it. I pretty much have to. But that doesn’t mean I like it, I’ve been so self conscious about my body since Caleb that I freak whenever any boy tries to get close to me, the only boy that’s come close to seeing me naked since then is you daddy.”I’m honoured, and not just because of certain assets you have. I’ve know the real you and I know how beautiful you are inside and out.”That’s a load of hippie crap dad but I appreciate the sentiment. That’s kinda why I jumped you earlier, I told you earlier that I’ve began seeing you as more than a father, as a sexual being if you may, I never acted on these because we were related and it was wrong. So when you told me you weren’t my father I saw an opportunity, I was taking your advice for finding a job, see an opening and take it.”Yeah well that’s finding a job not seducing your father.”I know daddy but it’s like you said, you know the real me so I knew if you loved me it wouldn’t be about my body, for the first time I felt safe in my own skin because I was with you.’Joseph could see the amount of effort it took for Leanne to confess that, he wrapped an arm round her shoulder and hugged her softly. He spoke gently in her ear.’Are you upset we haven’t done it yet?’Leanne looked up. ‘Yet?”Give me a few minutes to clean up and shave and I should be ready.”You’re, you’re serious daddy.”Of course dear, I can see how much this means to you and far be it for me to deny you this, but like I said give me a few minutes.’Joseph got up and headed for the bathroom, he expected himself to wake up any minute and realise he was dreaming but no, he was wide awake and getting ready to fuck his daughter.Just outside the bathroom Leanne’s mind was racing, this was actually happening, she should feel happy, she should feel ecstatic. But she didn’t, she felt scared, she had no reason to she had wanted this for so long. Maybe it was because this was her dad, it was the same reason he had stopped her earlier and even without a blood connection they were still family. From the bathroom Leanne heard the shower turn on, there was a faint sound coming from inside so Leanne stood up and moved closer to the door, slowly opening it, the steam filled the room but Leanne could still see the figure of her naked father through the mist. She finally heard the faint sound, it was Joseph singing.’And I need a good woman, to make me feel like a good man should. I don’t say I’m a good man, oh but I would be if I could.’Leanne stood there watching this figure wash himself, she was filled with a strange mix of desire and confusion, her panties were getting soaked and yet she felt ashamed.Joseph had heard Leanne enter the bathroom but he ignored her, he remembered how terrified she looked earlier so he allowed her to make all the decisions herself. However that didn’t stop him from getting hard again from the idea his daughter was watching him.Leanne couldn’t see below her father’s waist but from the look on his face she guessed he was in some kind on pleasure, thinking of her, maybe. In a bizarre way she wished he was. Leanne turned and left the room, she decided there and then not to let her insecurities rule her life. She was going to have sex with her father.”You’re fucking your daughter?”It had been 30 days since Helena’s confession, in that time Joseph Martin had lost a wife and daughter, almost killed himself with alcohol, been saved by the girl who was once his daughter, Leanne, saved her, fell in love with her and now he was single man with a loving girlfriend. Right now he was telling his ex-wife about his new relationship with Leanne.”She’s not my daughter Hel. You made sure of that.””She was though, you sick fuck 18 years she was and as soon as you find out differently you jump at the chance.”The divorce had gone quicker and cleaner than Joseph was expecting, Helena had fallen out of love with him a long time ago and he had no desire to work things out with her. They divided things up without much arguing; Joseph would keep the house which Leanne was now moving into having sold her own and Helena would get the car and most of their savings in their joint account to pay for a new home, at the moment she was staying at a friend’s house.”I didn’t jump at any chance. Anne was there when I needed her, she was a dutiful daughter before she knew the truth and she was a caring friend after. She acted on her own accord””Bullshit Joseph, she’s an innocent little girl and you tainted her.””You took away her father, she was confused and scared but she made her own decisions, I didn’t force myself on her.”Despite how well the divorce went Helena was absolutely furious her daughter was spending more time with Joseph than her, even more the fact they were in a relationship. She assumed Joseph had twisted her mind, unaware of Leanne’s secret self-harming and how Joseph had helped her with her body issues. Joseph was in no hurry to tell Helena any of this, Leanne wanted it a secret and a secret it would be.”Like I’m going to believe anything you say you cheating fuck.””You’re in no position to talk about cheating Hel that’s how this whole thing started. Anne’s a grown woman and she can make her own choices, and if she wants to be with me instead of you I can hardly blame her.”That was the final straw for Helena, within the flurry of cursing and hate she told Joseph to leave. Joseph didn’t want to leave on such bad terms but Helena was unwilling to be civilised. He didn’t care though, he had Leanne and that was all that mattered to him. Joseph returned home not long after 4, he saw that the mail had arrived in his absence, it was mostly just bills and junk but there was one letter that was addressed to Leanne in a handwriting Joseph found very familiar. He felt guilty about invading Leanne’s privacy but he needed to know if the sender was who he thought it was. ‘Leanne, if you know where your father is please give him this. Joe, heard rumours. Got news? Come round, Fri if possible. Trent.’He was right, the sender was Joseph’s younger brother Trent, 36 to Joseph’s 40 years, Joseph was actually the middle c***d with an older sister. Obviously Trent had been told that Joseph went missing but not that he’d returned, Friday was in a few days so he made a note to visit Trent.Looking at the clock Joseph knew Leanne would be home soon so he poured himself a glass of milk – Leanne made sure there was no alcohol in the house ever – and sat down to watch a recorded football match. While watching the match Joseph, yet again, found himself looking at the once deep scar on his hand and he realised, not once did Helena ask about it. It’s not like he showed it off in front of her but he didn’t hide it either but she never made any mention of it to him or ask or he got it, she was right, they had fallen out of love.Leanne had left university half an hour ago and was getting a lift back from her good friend Rachel McCormack, there was the two of them and their other friend Samantha Wyllie, they had all been friends since primary school and even though Sam didn’t get into the same university as them they remained close due to all three of them being in an Eric Clapton tribute band. Rachel and Sam had both noticed that Leanne had more spring in her step than usual over the past few months but she wasn’t telling them anything, then Rachel heard from her cousin Daniel that Leanne’s parents were divorcing and she was moving in with her father but still nothing.”Will you guys just drop it, I’m not saying anything, that’s final.””Oh come off it Leanne, you’ve obviously got something new in your life that’s making you happy.””Or someone.””Just tell us what or who it is, your confession will be safe with us.”Leanne rolled her eyes at her friends, they pulled the religion card on her. Even though Leanne was an atheist both Rachel and Sam were practising Catholics. “Look guys I’d love to tell you but we’re keeping it a secret right now, we don’t want anyone making a big deal of it this.””Aha.” Yelled Sam triumphantly. “So it is a guy.””Or a girl, you remember my friend Heather.””This is Leanne here, I’m pretty sure she’s straight. After all she has been fucked.””Yeah once, and by your cousin.””Hello.” Leanne broke up their argument. “It is a guy but please keep that to yourselves.””Don’t worry, we promise we won’t say anything until you’re ready.”Leanne thanked her friends, she knew that a promise from them was kept. They arrived at Leanne’s house not long after wards, Leanne got out the çanakkale escort bayan car and said goodbye to her friends.”Oh Leanne.” Rachel called out to her. “Band practise on Monday, same time so if you’re going to be late make sure and phone us.””Sure thing. See ya.”Rachel waited until Leanne was safely in the house then drove away. Leanne couldn’t help but smile at the innocence of her friends. ‘If only they knew’ she thought to herself.As soon as she was inside Leanne saw her father in the living room watching telly, she didn’t know what came over her but seeing him there brought up all the feelings she had kept hidden all day, wanting to be a little flirty she unbuttoned her shirt so that her bra and midriff were uncovered and walked into the living room.”Hey daddy.”Joseph turned round and almost choked on the sight, Leanne was standing in front of him with her deep red bra on show and no apparent shame. “Jesus Anne, you trying to give me a heart attack.””Sorry daddy, I just wanted to surprise you.””Well mission accomplished.” Joseph laughed and kissed Leanne. “Regardless I’m happy to see you.””Thanks daddy. I’m going for a shower now, I’ll see you in a minute.”Leanne stood up and headed straight for the downstairs shower, taking off her shirt and bra as she walked. Joseph couldn’t help but love his daughter’s unabashed nature, he heard the shower turn on and Leanne step in, he realised the door wasn’t closed so he looked through the open door to see the silhouette of his naked daughter.”How’d your visit with mum go?” Leanne called through.”Not as well as I’d hope for Anne. We left on bad terms and I said some things I didn’t mean to, I just can’t talk to her anymore.”The silhouette soaped up her breasts, her hard nipples prominent through the curtain”I don’t blame you.””Come on Anne don’t be like that, she’s still your mother.””I know dad, and it’s not like I hate her…”The silhouette washed her hair, arching her arms back and thrusting her breasts out at Joseph, her nudity did not go unnoticed.”You called her a cunt.” Interrupted Joseph, trying to keep his cool.”But she lied to you, a massive lie that she kept for 18 years.””If your mother hadn’t lied to me, then we wouldn’t be together, be thankful for that at least.”The shower was turned off, a dripping wet Leanne stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, a cute wee smile across her face.”I know daddy, but I’m more thankful for you.”Without a second’s thought Leanne pulled the towel away and stood there naked in front of her father. Both were so surprised at how far out of her shell Leanne had come, just a month ago she was too afraid to even look twice at a boy now here she was confident in the body she’d hated for so long.Even though he’d seen her naked so many times before Joseph never stopped being surprised at her beauty, her wet blonde hair clinging tightly to her shoulders, her angelic blue eyes juxtaposing her devilish smile. Her entire body was smooth, curves flowed out of her body, an hourglass had nothing on her, her pear shaped breasts hung perfectly on her chest, topped with rosebud nipples at the end, her pussy hair once wild and untamed had been trimmed to an acceptable standard. Joseph knew that if she turned round he would be treated to a fabulous heart shaped ass but at the moment he was overjoyed to have her front and her beautiful face at the top of it all.However, despite all of Leanne’s perfections, it was her imperfections that he loved the most. The cuts on her legs, the disfiguring, horrific scars that were her secret, her secret she shared only with him. They gave him an area to focus his love on, the care and tender for.Leanne knew that Joseph was looking at her scars, strangely she wasn’t disgusted or shocked but rather she felt a warm feeling in her stomach. She loved the fact that her father cared so much about her that he wanted to make her better. The time they had together was like therapy to her, she longer feared how people looked at her, if Joseph wasn’t in front of her she would have giggled to herself.Joseph moved closer to Leanne, he moved slowly so that she would move as well, at all times she was in control, she may be braver now but Joseph knew she had to stay in control, otherwise all the work they’d done together, helping her get past her body issues, all of it would be undone. Leanne moved with him, her wet footprints were left on the floor. Joseph put one hand on the small of Leanne’s back and another on her shoulder, Leanne wrapped her arms around her father and pulled him in tight, she could feel his very hard cock against her naked and dripping cunt, her nipples were pressing into his chest.Joseph kissed his daughter softly on the lips, the hand on her shoulder slipped its way down and cupped her breast, tweaking her nipple slightly. Leanne’s hand left Joseph’s waist and placed themselves on his trousers, unbuckling and unzipping them. As they fell to the floor Leanne could see the tip of Joseph’s dick peeking out through his boxers, Leanne took hold of his cock and slowly jacked it off as his boxers slipped downwards. Joseph was still caressing Leanne’s breast with one hand, the other was grabbing her ass and not letting go, both of them felt Joseph’s boxers hit the floor. Now both naked – or half naked in Joseph’s case – Leanne edged her father’s dick towards the opening of her pussy, Joseph could feel the heat radiating from her. With just the tip poking through her Joseph used both hands to grab Leanne’s ass and, with a helpful jump from Leanne, Joseph lifted Leanne up and dropped her back down onto his cock.Leanne quickly wrapped her legs and arms around Joseph so as not to fall, likewise he never let go of her ass. This was a move they had perfected, it brought them so close together, sometimes so close their sweats of passion merged as one. They were made for each other, they had fucked countless times but Leanne was still as tight as their first time together, their love-making ranged from sensual and calming to hot and heavy. Tonight was the latter.Being so close to each other and not wanting Leanne to fall off they didn’t involve any heavy thrusting but they were quick, Leanne could feel her father’s dick attacking her clit, her nipples against his chest and his tight grip on her ass all contributed to her growing orgasm, her whole body was shivering in excitement. She was close.Joseph was also close, he was unbelievably close. He’d heard stories and knew from friends that once men get older they can’t perform as well as they use to but even time with Leanne made him feel like he was twenty years younger. She made him happy and he wanted to return the favour.Leanne held her father tighter, she whimpered in his ear as she came. Joseph loved hearing his daughter whimper in pleasure, it made her seem so innocent, but he never let her know that. She wasn’t a little girl she was a women, a confident women and she was in control. Midway through Leanne’s cum Joseph had his, he came deep and hard into Leanne’s cunt, as he’d done so many times before. They hadn’t discussed it with each other but they both knew they wanted a baby to call their own, Joseph wanted a family again and although hesitant to burden her with a c***d he knew Leanne wanted the same thing.”I love you daddy.” Came the whisper in his ear.”I love you too Anne.”Leanne lowered her legs and allowed Joseph to carry her exhausted body upstairs to bed. They just slept there all day, not caring that they missed dinner and several phone calls from Helena.It was 33 days since Helena’s confession, Friday, Joseph woke up early so as to visit his brother Trent in downtown Glasgow that afternoon. Joseph and Trent were close but not as much as they should’ve been, partly because Joseph preferred to be with his older sister Dee but mostly because at the age of 12 Trent was disowned by their parents for being a cocaine addict. As a result Trent moved out of the Martin household and starting squatting, he stayed in touch with Joseph and, to a lesser extent, Dee but now he was 36 years old, he still had no education, he still had no home – although he had moved into a vacant house and wired up a phone-line, siphoning electricity from the houses around – and he was still an addict despite the d**gs causing him to be in a terrible car accident that permanently paralysed him from the waist down.Joseph loved his brother but every time he saw Trent he was reminded of how much of his life Trent had wasted away.Arriving at Trent’s house around 1pm Joseph knocked on the door.”Open.” Yelled the strong Glaswegian voice from inside. Joseph opened the door and went inside.The whole place stunk, wet, smoky, rotten, unclean. It was a tip, Joseph walked through to the living room where he saw Trent sitting in his wheelchair in front of a glass table – mostly likely stolen – with a small pile of cocaine on the table and a cigarette in his mouth.”Joseph, motherfucker I didn’t think you were fuckin coming.””Well you told me to come round, I figured you wanted to talk.””Yeah but I thought you were still a fuckin goner, nobody heard a fuckin peep from you in days. Take a seat.”Joseph sat down on a sofa next to Trent. “So big brother, what the fucks’ going on between you and your delightful cunt of a wife?””I guess you heard about us divorcing.”Trent took a razor blade and starting cutting a line of coke. “Fuck yeah, bitch phoned me asking where you were, told me you’d fucked off without a word. Now I was pissed, I wanted to know why my big brother abandoned his family but the cunt never told me a fuckin thing.””I don’t blame her, it’s pretty bad.””What was it?””You don’t want to know.””The fuck did I ask for then?”Joseph took a deep breath, he always hated telling this story. “Helena told me that she cheated on me when we were together, before we were married. She told me that Leanne isn’t my daughter.””What a cunt.” Trent didn’t even think. “What kind of fuckin sadistic fuck do you have to fuckin be to tell a man that, fuckin cunt.””Stop calling her that Trent, I’m actually glad she told me.”Trent put out his cigarette. “Why?””I got out of a failing marriage that would’ve ended a lot worse if I let it go on. I lost a daughter yes but Leanne saved me from self-destruction and she’s become so much more important to me.””The fuck you mean?””I mean… Leanne and I, have become, far more, intimate.”Trent bent over the table and snorted his line quickly, springing back up as soon as it was gone. “You’re fuckin your daughter?””If you want to be blunt about it sure, and she’s not my daughter.””She fuckin was though.””Are we going to have an argument, cause I don’t want another one of these.””Relax Joe you’ll fuckin live longer. I don’t give a fuck really there’s no blood relation and if you make each other happy all the best to you. It’s you dick and your conscience.””You really have a knack for getting straight to the point.”Trent chuckled. “You’re fuckin lucky I’m so open minded, I can’t imagine what Dee’s going to say.””Fuck, I forgot about Dee. You heard from her at all?””Yeah, I called her up asking if you’d fucked off to New York. I had to tell her everything, she would’ve come to help find you but she’s busy. You know Dee’s getting married?”Dee Martin had been married once before, she met a young American called Patrick McNulty in University and the two of them were on/off for four years until, when they graduated, Patrick proposed. At 22 they were engaged, at 23 they were married and at 24 Dee gave birth to their son Zach. Not long after Zach’s birth Dee and Patrick moved to New York so Patrick could work with his father, Dee settled in nicely and made a life for herself in America. However, the happiness wasn’t to last; Patrick was killed along with 3000 others during the September 11th attacks, he was in the North Tower and managed to send a message to Dee before he died. That was ten years ago, all that time Dee had been so hurt by his death, she wanted to be with family in Scotland but stayed for her son’s sake. Thinking about it Joseph realised Dee would be 42 by now.”Married? When and to who?””Some time next year and get this, to motherfucking Alex Jones.””Alex, my college roommate, Alex?””Yeah.” Trent lay back and light another cigarette.”Fuck, I know he had a crush on Dee, every time she visited us he would beam bright red. But that was years ago.””Yeah but apparently his wife died on 9/11 as well, she was on one of the planes. They met at one of those fuckin support groups and shit hit off. Fuckin Princess Dee huh, one fairytale fucks up so she gets another one. I’ll have to call her, tell her your back.””Do please, I’m hoping to go to that wedding.””I was as well but I’ve got a passport issue. Ain’t fuckin got one.”Joseph laughed at his brother’s joke. “Alright Trent, thanks for having me.””No fuckin problem Joe, come round anytime you fuckin want. I’d visit you but I’m not the most mobile of motherfuckers, not that I need to talk to you about fuckin family members.””How long are you going to make jokes like that?””You think you’ll ever leave Leanne?””No, never.””Then I’ll never fuckin stop. I’ll see you around Joe.””Same, bye.”Joseph left Trent’s house and headed home, now on his own Trent did some thinking and started laughing quietly to himself.”This fuckin fairytale family; Princess Dee and her two fuckin love stories, fuckin Joe and his. And here I am, a fuckin cripple. Ha, guess I pulled the fuckin short straw, fuck.”Trent took a drag of his cigarette, sat back and fell asleep.The next day Joseph and Leanne took a walk into the town centre to kill some time, to any passerby they were a couple in love, pure and simple. They got some strange looks but the two of them ignored them. At one point in the day Joseph had to go to the toilets so he kissed Leanne and went to find one, from her left Leanne heard a women tut, normally she would’ve ignored it but being with Joseph had given her a new confidence which she planned to use.Leanne turned to the tutting woman, a stuck-up snobby type with a sour face. “Excuse me, is there a problem?”The woman was obviously not expecting that. “Well, since you’ve asked, yes there is. I find it totally appalling that a man like that could take advantage of a c***d like you.””c***d, miss I am not a c***d, I am an 18 year old woman who can make her own choices. And my boyfriend, he only takes advantage of me when I want him to.”The snob was taken aback by Leanne’s openness. “Hm, dear I hate to be the one to tell you this but your ‘boyfriend’ is only using you. You’ll thank me one day when he drops you for the next model.””You deluded bitch. Don’t you dare say a fucking word without knowing the truth, I’ve known that man my entire life; he was my father.””Y, your fa, father?””Yes, and we came together when my mother told him we weren’t related. He lost a daughter, I lost a father and we found each other in the remains of our lives. You want to judge you go ahead and judge but get the whole story first you judgemental cunt.”The snob was left with her mouth hanging open in shock, Joseph came out the toilets to a smiling Leanne who kissed him.”Hi daddy.””Hey sweetie, what you been up to?””Just making new friends.” Joseph and Leanne walked away arm in arm, Leanne waited until the snob was out of sight then let out a laugh.”What, what’s so funny?” Asked a confused Joseph.”I totally just called that snob out. She had a stick in her ass about us so I let her have it.””Wow, I’m proud of you Anne, don’t let anyone look down on you.””I don’t know what being with you is doing to me but I love it.”Leanne kissed Joseph again. They kept around the centre for a while longer, window shopping. They headed into a clothes shop and split up for a while, while she was browsing some tops Leanne spotted her friend Samantha with a boy, they were kissing.The boy looked a lot like Sam’s cousin Bryce. Sam and the boy split up as well, Sam looked up and caught eyes with Leanne, the smile on her face vanished but she put on a brace face and walked over to her friend.”Hello Leanne.””Hello Sam. Was that your cousin?”Sam looked away from Leanne. “Yes.” Looking behind Leanne Sam saw Joseph. “Is that your father?””Was, not anymore, long story.”Sam put the pieces together in her head. “Oh. I won’t tell if you don’t.””Deal.”Joseph joined them. “Hello Sam, what you and my little girl gossiping about?””Not much Mr Martin, just discussing our gig tomorrow.””A gig, Anne never told me about a gig.””Yes sir our band’s playing in a battle of the bands type thing at Dreyer’s pub. You should come.””Would you dad, I was going to invite you honest it just slipped my mind. What with all we’ve been doing lately.”Joseph caught on to what Leanne meant, he didn’t see it but so did Sam. “I would love to, I’ll even give you girls a lift there.””Thanks Mr Martin but we have a lot of gear to set up beforehand. Well I’ll see you tomorrow Leanne.””You too Sam.”The two friends hugged and went their separate ways, Joseph and Leanne finished up in the centre and returned home. Leanne took what her and Joseph bought upstairs to their room, Joseph drank some milk out the carton – they were running low so he made a note to buy more – and went upstairs to join her. Joseph found Leanne looking in their closet, thinking hard.”What you doing honey?””I’m trying to find something to wear tomorrow at the gig. I wanted to wear a skirt but the cuts on my legs are hard to hide and I don’t know how much tights would cover.””Why’d you cut them if you knew they were going to be this much trouble?””You know why dad, cause I wanted to know I was ugly underneath what the boys saw, to know they were wrong.””You haven’t cut yourself since we’ve been together have you?””Course not daddy, I know you will never make me feel bad.”Joseph’s eyes wandered down to his daughters covered legs. “Take off your trousers.””What?””Take them off, I want to see the cuts. Please Anne.”Leanne was confused as to where her father wanted to see the ugliest part of her body but she complied; she unbuttoned her trousers and stepped out of them when they hit the floor. Joseph motioned for her to lie across the bed which she did. Joseph lay with her but kept his head by the cuts, he rested himself on his shoulder. He counted nine scars, five on her left leg and four on her right.”So do these all have a story behind them or were they just random?””They have reasons behind them daddy.” Leanne pointed to the top one on her right leg. “This was my first, I did it after a girl at school, Katie, said during gym class I shouldn’t run, I might knock myself out.”Joseph kissed the scar then pointed to the second from the top on her left leg. “What about that one?””That’s when the sleazy chip shop owner wouldn’t stop looking at my tits when I went to get a fish supper.”He kissed that scar then pointed at the bottom one on her right leg. “That one?””That’s when a teacher in high school told me he could improve a test result if I slept with him. Don’t worry dad I told Rachel and Sam and they told the headmaster who got him fired.”Joseph’s anger was growing at what people had done to his daughter, he never realised how much she’d gone through. He kissed the scar and pointed at the middle scar on her left leg. “This one?””I did that when Vincent Moreno…””What did he do?” Joseph knew the Moreno’s, he and Vincent’s father Cyril were friends at school until Joseph found out how violent and abusive Cyril was. He hadn’t heard from Cyril in years until he heard he was killed by his eldest son Jonathan.Leanne was fighting back tears. “When we were walking past each other in the corridor, alone, he pushed me against the wall, grabbed my breast with one hand and cupped my pussy with the other, then he licked my face and whispered in my ear that if I gave him an opening he would take my cherry if I wanted it or not.”Joseph was furious, Vincent was obviously just like his father, after-all rumours were spread saying Jonathan killed his father when he saw Cyril r****g his daughter.Joseph’s thoughts came back to his daughter, he kissed that scar and settled his finger on the one right below it, the biggest scar on her legs. “What’s the story here?””That one, I did that the day after I lost my virginity.”That was understandable, Leanne didn’t make it a secret she regretted her first time. Joseph kissed that final scar and lay his head on Leanne’s legs, softly stroking the scars. “I love you Anne, every bit of you. When I see you like this I just want to save you, I want to protect you, I want… I just want you Anne.”Joseph heard Leanne sniff and felt her hands in his hair. Joseph kept caressing Leanne’s scars when his hand inadvertently grazed her panties and he felt a wet spot, Leanne sensed a sudden flush of heat towards her pussy from her father’s touch. Joseph also felt the heat, he slipped his fingers into her panties and pulled them down, they went down past her knees and to her ankles where Leanne kicked them off. Joseph positioned himself between Leanne’s legs and gently kissed her lips, he took a long and slow lick tasting her juices, they had a sweet but tangy taste to them, Joseph was reminded of sweet and sour chicken.God he was hungry to be thinking about Chinese food now. Joseph kept licking his daughters’ cunt, savouring every moment of the experience. The feeling was mutual with Leanne, she loved this new exciting sensation her father was giving her, a strange tingling was pulsating from her pussy all around her body, Leanne caught her toes scrunching up.Joseph decided to up the ante, he moved up slightly and sucked on her clit, that sent a shock through her body. Leanne’s eye flew open and her breath was sucked in, how had she not had Joseph do this to her earlier. Joseph sucked on her clit again, the jolt ran through her once more, Joseph’s face was buried in Leanne’s cunny so he couldn’t see anything but he heard her breathing getting long and deep, he kept licking and sucking, drinking in her wetness until he felt Leanne stopped breathing and vibrated from underneath him. Looking up Joseph saw Leanne smiling at him.”That was so nice daddy, I feel great.””Only the best for my baby.”The two of them kissed, Leanne felt something against her hip, looking down she saw her father’s erection.”What a shame dad, you helped me so how about I help you.”Joseph smiled and let Leanne do her thing.It had been 35 days since Helena’s confession, it was Sunday. Leanne had her band that night so she would be spending most of the day practising, Joseph had to go into work, something he would hate because he made the mistake of explaining to his work-friends about his divorce and origin of his new girlfriend.Joseph worked in a small sales joint, there was only ever about 6 people in at one time so it was a very personal place. The workers called the place ‘The Stop-Off’ because middle management guys were sent to the place to run it for a month or two before being promoted and the next boss arrived. As a result the workers had made created a pool as to what the new boss would be like.The day dragged on slowly, Joseph made the calls he needed to and joked around with his friends, even if he was the butt of most of them, he thanked God he was allowed to leave early. A few hours before he was suppose to leave Joseph was called to his bosses office, Joseph knocked on the door.”Come in.”Joseph went inside, he saw his boss sitting at his table and another man standing.”Martin, I want you to meet Peter Townsend. He’ll be taking over for a while when I leave next week, I want him to get to know some of the bigger players here.”Joseph shook Peter’s hand.”Nice to meet you.””Same, Martin was it.””Yeah, Joseph Martin.”Joseph’s boss interrupted them. “Alright now that’s out the way show him round the place, get some of the others to meet him.”Joseph led Peter out to the floor, he saw three of his friends at the water-cooler so he thought it best to introduce Peter to them first.”Guys, this is Peter Townsend, the new boss.””Same as the old boss?” Asked Benjamin, one of the more outspoken workers. “I k** Townsend, what brings you to ‘The Stop-Off’?””Same thing as what brought the others. It’s good to meet you, I’m Jonah, the quiet one’s Aaron.””Hey.””And the charmers’ Benjamin.” “Call me Benji. I see you’ve met Big Daddy.””Fuck Ben stop calling me escort çanakkale that.””You know the story behind this motherfucker, what’s happening with him right now? Son-of-a-bitch is told by his wife that his daughter of 18 years isn’t his.””Jesus, not yours? Who’s the father?””Don’t know, my ex-wife never told me.”Ben continued the story. “Well obviously he divorced that bitch but you know what he did next. He started fucking his daughter.””She’s not my daughter, and there’s a little more to it than that.””Who fucking cares Joe you’re fucking a girl half your age and you changed her nappies. That’s all this is.”The boss yelled from his office. “Alright that’s it, back to work.”Everyone left back to their desks, just before he left Peter got Joseph’s attention.”Hey Joseph, just to let you know you’re not the only one who’s lost a daughter, if you want to talk about it just ask.””Thanks Peter, I’ll do that.”The two of them left and went back to work until Joseph left early to meet Leanne at the pub. He managed to get home, washed, dressed and to the pub before it got too busy. He went inside and approached the bartender, a girl a few years older than Leanne. “Hey there, how can I help you?” The girl had a thick South African accent.”Uh yeah I was wondering where my daughter was, her name’s Leanne Martin she’s with one of the bands tonight.””Oh Leanne, yeah I know her. She’s round the back of the stage just go through.””Thanks.”Joseph left the bar and headed round the back of the stage. He saw Leanne and her band members practising behind a curtain, Leanne spotted Joseph coming towards them.”Dad. You made it.”Leanne ran up and hugged Joseph, he felt oddly proud that she had decided to wear a skirt albeit a long one to hide her scars. “Hello darling, you guys working hard?””Yeah, but thankfully we’re not first so we have plenty of time to practise. Dad this is Bryce Dawltry, Sam’s cousin.”Joseph shook Bryce’s hand.”And this is Rachel’s boyfriend, James Morrison.”Joseph shook James’ hand. “Morrison? You have a brother called Francis?””Ha, yeah Frankie’s my brother.””I worked with him, sorry to hear about him, suicide’s a nasty way to go.””I’ve got over it.”Just then the bartender came round. “Right Sam, that’s people arriving now you’ll need to get round the front.””Sure thing Paige. Right then, everything set up?””Yep.” Piped up Rachel.”Good, alright everyone all there is to do now is wait.”The gang left backstage and waited in the ever-growing crowd, Leanne made sure that nobody bought her father a drink. When the time got just past eight the Battle of the Bands started, every band would get to do two songs then the audience would vote for their favourite.The first few bands were quite good in Joseph’s opinion, the second band on did a version of M.I.A.’s ‘Born Free’ where they picked a group of red-headed teens and used them in a discriminating manner – it was all an act but convincing. The band on before Leanne’s started with a mechanical heartbeat and immediately almost everyone knew what it was.”What’s this?” Asked James.”Closer.” Yelled Rachel over the cheering. “Nine Inch Nails. My sister lost her virginity to this song, she sung it for a week afterwards. Drove my dad nuts.”Joseph laughed at that, Rachel’s father was a reverend so the sexual nature of the song was sure to annoy him. Joseph felt Leanne lean in close to his ear and whisper.”I’ll let you violate me. I’ll let you desecrate me. I’ll let you penetrate me. I’ll let you complicate me.”Joseph turned and faced his daughter as she kept singing, the a****l lust in her eyes in plain sight. She kissed her father hard and whispered again.”I want to fuck you like an a****l, I want to feel you from the inside. I want to fuck you like an a****l, my whole existence is flawed.””You get me closer to God.” Joseph joined in the song.The whole song Leanne and Joseph were like that, close, sexual, ready to leave and fuck in the first place they could find. When the song was over Sam and Rachel made jokes about how close the two of them came to fucking on the floor, while the band played their next song the three girls left to get ready for their set.When the girls came on Joseph, Bryce and James cheered the loudest. Rachel went on drums, Leanne took the Bass and Sam with the lead guitar approached the microphone.”Hello, we are Erin Clapton and this is one of our favourite songs. We hope you’ll love it as much as us.”Sam stepped back from the microphone, she and Leanne nodded to each other to get the timing right. Then Leanne started playing the opening tune to ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’, the crowd went wild as one by one they recognized the song. Soon Rachel and Sam had joined in, Sam returned to the microphone.”It’s getting near dawn, when lights closed their tired eyes. I’ll soon by with you my love, give you my dose of pride. I’ll be with you darling soon, I’ll be with you when the stars start falling.”Sam stepped back again and joined with the others for the break. Joseph had never heard them play as a full group before, obviously he’d heard Leanne practising and knew she was good but as a group they were brilliant. Sam took the microphone again.”I’ve been waiting so long.”Leanne joined in. “To be where I’m going. In the sunshine of your looovvvvveee.”Leanne’s eyes never Joseph’s while singing, the girls played great and got one of the loudest cheers of the night. When ‘Sunshine’ was finished Sam and Leanne put down their guitars, Sam left the stage and Leanne took the microphone.”Hey everyone, our next song is very appropriate for me because I just found out my parents are splitting up.”As one the crowd gave out a sympathetic ‘Aww’, Leanne laughed.”Don’t be like that, I don’t mind really and because of it I’ve found a great man.”Sam returned with a table and a metal pint mug, she placed them beside Leanne and picked up her guitar.”Thanks Sam, this is Elbow.”Sam and Rachel started playing, Joseph didn’t recognize the song straight away but then Leanne started singing, she began softly.”Mondays is for drinking to the seldom seen k**.” Then it all erupted. “I’ve been working on a cocktail called “Grounds For Divorce”, whoa. Polishing a compass that I hold in my sleep, whoa. Doubt comes in on sticks, but then he kicks like a horse, whoa. There’s a Chinese cigarette case and the rest you can keep, and the rest you can keep, and the rest you can keep.”Leanne’s hand reached up and ran through her hair, Joseph loved how sexual she looked on stage.”There’s a hole in my neighbourhood, down which of late I cannot help but fall. There’s a hole in my neighbourhood, down which of late I cannot help but fall.”When the riff from Sam and Rachel came in Leanne picked up the metal mug and slammed it against the table in time with the music. She looked to be having a great time and she was, when the song was finished Leanne, Sam and Rachel tidied up and returned to the boys, each one kissing their respective boyfriends – although Sam and Bryce quickly let go of each other before anyone noticed.”You guys were brilliant.” Exclaimed Joseph.”Really dad, you’re not just saying that?””I mean it.”Leanne kissed her father again, the six of them stayed at the bar until the end to find out if the girls won. They didn’t but they came a close second and got some gift vouchers for music stores, Sam and Bryce took a taxi back home, Rachel and James drove back to Rachel’s apartment leaving Joseph and Leanne to drive back to their house, Leanne took the wheel. Joseph was so engrossed by his daughter that he never noticed she had taken the back roads until she pulled into some bushes and parked the car.”Anne, what are we doing here?””I told you earlier, I want to fuck you like an a****l. I meant it Daddy.”Joseph could only watch as his daughters’ confidence burst out of her, she practically bounded over to her father and straddled him. Joseph’s hard-on was getting uncomfortable in his trousers so while Leanne was unbuttoning her shirt he unbuckled himself and pulled his pants down. Leanne flicked her skirt up and guided her father’s cock to her wet and ready pussy.”You’re not wearing any panties.””I know daddy, I took them off after our set.”Leanne closed her eyes tightly and let out a small moan as her father entered her yet again.”God Anne I love this new you.”Leanne started grinding against her father’s very hard dick. “You’re just saying that daddy. You love getting fucked.””That’s a bonus yes but this new confidence you have, the way you’ve changed so much in your mind. I love it, I love you.””Mmm, I love, uh, I love you too daddy.”Joseph pushed deeper into Leanne. “God Anne, you’re so, so…””I know daddy, God’s made me like this for us, so we will always have each other, we’ll never get bored and stray into temptation. I was made for you, for us, for our family.”Joseph stopped for a second and looked right into Leanne’s eyes. “family Anne? You really want one?”Leanne commenced the fucking once more. “Of course daddy, I hate that you’ve lost one daughter and I want to give you another.”Filled with lust and contentment Joseph pulled Leanne closer, if she wanted a family he sure as hell was going to give her one.”Fuck me daddy, God daddy, you’re going to, fuck. You’re going to make me…””I know baby, you’re doing the same to me.””Cum in me daddy, make our baby real.”That was all Joseph needed to hear, he came in her. Leanne could feel her father’s cum inside her, wishing she could feel the life created inside her.”You didn’t cum sweetheart.” Joseph sounded genuinely upset.”It’s ok daddy, just knowing we may have started our family is enough.”Joseph smiled and kissed Leanne again.It had been 42 days since Helena’s confession. Leanne wasn’t pregnant but she was determined to be, not that Joseph was complaining. For Joseph life was actually pretty good, except for Leanne work was going pretty good, Peter was one of the better bosses he’d had in a long time. Life would’ve been perfect, but then Helena called, she wanted Joseph and Leanne to come to her new house, she had important news. Leanne wanted to dismiss it, still not forgiving her mother for lying to Joseph but Joseph was adamant they were going.They arrived at Helena’s place sometime in the afternoon, Joseph rang the doorbell and Helena answered.”Hello Joseph.””Hello Helena.”The two of them hugged platonically, Helena looked at her daughter. “Hello dear.””Yeah.”Joseph lightly slapped Leanne’s arm. “I mean hello mum.” She too hugged Helena.”Just come inside.”Joseph and Leanne followed Helena to the living room, Helena sat down on the sofa but Leanne and Joseph stayed in the doorway, looking at who else was in the room.Peter Townsend, Joseph’s boss was sitting next to Helena, a look of sad worry on his face.”Pete, what are you doing here?”Peter was silent. Leanne spoke up. “Mum what’s going on?” The tone of her voice sounded like she already knew the answer.”Leanne, honey, this is Peter Townsend.”Helena took a deep breath.”This is your father.””This is your father.”Leanne looked at this stranger on her mother’s couch, there was no way he was her father. She wanted so bad to believe that but she couldn’t deny it, there was no reason for her mother to lie to her.”Why?” Leanne asked Helena after a few seconds of silence.”Excuse me?””Why did you bring him here, why now?””I thought you should get the chance to meet your real father.””Bullshit mum, you’re doing this for your own selfish reason. Did you even think that maybe I didn’t want to see my real dad, that maybe I was fine not knowing?””Leanne don’t be ridiculous.””No mum, I can’t believe you actually thought I would be happy about this. You bring this stranger to me, claiming he’s a father and what, I welcome him, forgetting he had nothing to do with my life and leave my actual father to be one happy family.””How many times, he’s not your fa…””He fucking is. He’s more family than you’ll ever be.”Joseph put his hand on Leanne’s shoulder. “Calm Anne, don’t let her get to you.””I just want to get out of here dad.””Go wait in the car.”Leanne turned to leave but Helena wasn’t having any of it. “Leanne you get back here.”Helena reached out to grab Leanne’s arm but Leanne spun round and punched her mother in the face. As Helena flew backwards holding her now bleeding lip it was impossible to say who was more surprised, Helena or Leanne, neither of them said anything until Leanne broke the silence.”G, get back. I want nothing to do with you or him.”Joseph spoke up before Helena could say anything. “Anne, go wait in the car, I’ll come out in a minute.” Leanne, now shaking with fear or anger Joseph couldn’t tell, left the house. Joseph turned to Helena.”That ungrateful brat.””Well you fucking deserved it Hel, what the hell were you thinking?””I thought that if she knew her real dad she’d stop seeing you, I miss her Joe, she’s my daughter and she hates me.”Joseph almost felt sorry for Helena but she had hurt Leanne and he couldn’t forgive that “It’s your fault that she does, you brought this upon yourself when you took her dad away from her, you’re just selfish.”Helena sat down, defeated. Peter stood up and faced Joseph. “Joe, I swear…””Shut the fuck up Pete. Just tell me, did you know?””Know what?””When we met did you know you were Leanne’s father?””I swear I didn’t.”Joseph saw no reason to believe him but then again he had no reason to lie. “Alright we’ll talk later, you know Dreyer’s Pub?””Yeah.””Meet me there in an hour.”Pete nodded in agreement, Joseph left without even looking at Helena, he didn’t need to. For all intents and purposes Helena had lost all contact with her daughter.Joseph found Leanne fighting back tears in the car, Joseph got in the driver’s side and put an arm around his daughter.”How you holding up Anne?””I don’t know, I just can’t accept that stranger in there was my father. You knew him?””We work together, he’s a temporary boss, came in a few weeks ago. He swears he didn’t know about you but I’m going to talk to him.”Leanne sniffed, she didn’t remember when she started crying but she was, Joseph held her close and kissed her head.”I hate to leave you alone Anne but I need to talk to Pete, do you want to go over to a friend’s house or your Uncle Trent’s.””I’ll phone Rachel dad, she’ll have me over even if she’s busy.”Leanne took her phone out her pocket and dialled her friend’s number. “Hello Rach, it’s Anne. Good, you? Listen can I come over to yours, I’ve just got some big news and since my dad’s going out I probably shouldn’t be alone. I’ll tell you when I get there. Oh thanks Rach I really need this, God bless you. I’m not making fun of you I really meant that, ok see you soon.”Leanne put her phone away, Joseph kissed her head once more then started the car and drove her to Rachel’s house.When Joseph arrived at Dreyer’s pub he was early but Peter was already waiting for him at the bar, Joseph sat down next to him when Paige — the bartender — arrived.”Hey Mr Martin, what can I get you?””Just a coke Paige, thanks.””What about you sir?””A pint of whatever you have on tap.”Paige got the two men their drinks, Peter insisted he pay for them and Joseph wasn’t going to argue.”So” Said Joseph after a few seconds of silence. “Start talking.””Where’d you want me to start?””Did you know about Leanne?””To an extent, Helena were together in high school but we split up before going to Uni. We met by accident one day and started talking, she had her boyfriend which was you and I had my fiancée who at that moment was pregnant. One thing led to another and we slept together, it meant nothing and we both regretted it. A month later she called me up saying she was pregnant and given the timeframe it was mine, she told me she was having the baby and saying it was her boyfriends, yours, and I was to have nothing to do with it. That worked out fine because I didn’t want to, over the years I just forgot about it.””When we met did you know I was the boyfriend?””No, I really didn’t. I admit your story did make me think about Helena and her baby but I thought it was too much of a coincidence that it’d be you.””Do you want to be a part of Leanne’s life now?””No, I don’t. I had a family, I lost one daughter then my wife then my second daughter now I have a new wife and I’m about to have a new c***d, I don’t need a third daughter in my life.””You told me about losing a daughter before, tell me about that.”Pete took a long drink of his pint. “The fiancée I told you about, she gave birth to twin girls. Amanda and Carol, we got married not long after their birth. About six years ago Carol was hit by a car when she was crossing the road, killed her instantly, after that things between my wife and I got unbearable to the point that I divorced her and left with my secretary, not my proudest moment. Amanda hated me for leaving her mother, she hasn’t talked to me since not that I blame her.”When he arrived at the pub Joseph had wanted to punch Pete in the face, now hearing his story he felt differently, not sorry for him but understanding. The two men came to an agreement not to let anyone else at The Stop-Off’ know about Leanne’s true parentage and they would continue working together, Joseph left Pete to his drinking and went to pick up Leanne.At Rachel’s house she and Leanne were catching up having not seen each other since the gig.”Where’s James?” Asked Leanne.”He’s out with his son.””Son, James is a dad?””Yeah, Christopher’s from his coke days. Lives with his mother but James still sees him every so often.” “I had no idea, God that’s two new fathers I’ve met today.””Two? Who’s the second?””It’s the reason I needed to come over here. My mother called me and my dad over to her house, inside she had a guest. My real dad.””Your real dad? Who was it?””I don’t know if you know him I didn’t, he’s some guy called Peter Townsend.””Townsend? Leanne, Amanda’s dad is called Peter.”Leanne looked at her friend as this new thought entered her head. “Are you saying that my real dad and Amanda’s dad are the same man?””It’s too much to be a coincidence, Leanne you have a sister.”This whole day was getting too much for Leanne, just two hours ago she was an only c***d with a single mother and a missing father, now she had her father and a sister.”Fuck Rach, how, what? This is fucked up, I mean what do I do with this, should I tell Amanda?””I wouldn’t just yet, Mands was almost ****d by her boyfriend a few days ago. Her roommate Hezz told me she’s very vulnerable at the moment.”Leanne put her head in her hands, determined not to cry again. “God I hate my cunt of a mother. Why the fuck couldn’t she just stay quiet, why did she have to tell my father the truth?”Rachel put her arm around Leanne. “I thought you were happy your mother told the truth, that way you were able to start a relationship with your father.””I know, but I’m starting to think I made a mistake.””Don’t talk like that Leanne, if God didn’t what you and your father to be together he wouldn’t have brought you together. Don’t drop out when it look tough, stick with it.”Leanne couldn’t help but smile at her friends’ innocence. “You and your fucking God. Thanks Rach.”The two friends continued talking until Joseph arrived a few minutes later, Leanne got in the car and kissed her father. “You better now Anne?””A little, Rach helped me quite a bit. Turns out I have a sister.””I know, Pete told me.””Did her tell you that she goes to the same uni as me, that I know her already.””You do? Are you friends with her?””Not really, she’s got a roommate who’s friends with Rachel but we haven’t really talked.””Are you going to tell her?””I don’t know, I might but not right now; Rach told me she got attacked a few days ago.””Poor girl. You wanna go home?””Please.”Joseph drove the two of them home, that night they lay together in bed, Joseph holding Leanne tight. They didn’t have sex they just slept together, holding each other to remind them they weren’t alone; this was more for Leanne’s sake than Joseph’s the whole day had worn her out and she didn’t know what to think anymore. Watching her sleep Joseph knew this was the main reason he hated Helena right now, weeks of building up Leanne’s confidence and she knocked it down with four simple words.It had been 45 days since Helena’s first confession. In the three days since her second one Joseph had taken time off work to be with his daughter, ever since finding out about her true father and his family she had been just as scared and vulnerable as before she was with Joseph. Worried that she might revert to her old ways she asked her father to hide all the sharp knives and scissors, even going as far to have Joseph shave her legs. The morning of that day Joseph got a surprise phone call.”Hello?” He asked when picking up the phone.”Joe, is that you?””Yeah. Dee?””How did you know?” Dee laughed with her younger brother.”God Dee it’s been too long.””I know, I meant to call earlier but with everything that’s been going on I completely forgot.””I don’t blame you Dee, getting married is a big thing.””How did you…?””I saw Trent, he told me. All the best to you and Alex.””Thanks Joe but let’s get to the real elephant in the room; while I have a building marriage you have a failing one.””Not failing, failed. Me and Helena are now officially divorced.””God Joe what happened, Trent told me you ran away but I never got a reason.””Fucking Trent, I told him to call you, I wanted to get an invitation to your wedding.””It’s in the post, Leanne called me and left a message saying you were back and living at home but she never told me anything either. Come on b*o spill it.””It’s not a nice story.””I don’t care, I want to know what happened.”Joseph took a deep breath, he couldn’t believe he was going through this again, thank god it was Dee, anyone else and he wouldn’t have bothered.”Helena told me that me and Leanne, we aren’t related; Helena cheated on me and someone else is Leanne’s father.”Dee’s silence was expected. “My God Joe. I had no idea.””I wouldn’t expect you to.””Does Leanne know?””She does, I had to tell her when she helped me. I went to a dark place s*s, I was self-destructing and she saved like the good daughter she thought she was. She been helping me ever since as well.””What do you mean?””Dee, Leanne and I, have become a lot closer in the past few weeks.”It took a few seconds for Dee to understand what her brother was saying. “Joe, are you sleeping with your daughter?””She’s not my daughter.” Joseph rolled his eyes waiting the now customary response.”She was though. Jesus Joseph Martin have you lost your mind?””Calm down Dee, Leanne is a grown woman, she made her own decisions. Is it weird, a little but we’re in a better relationship then we’ve ever been. I love her Dee, in the same way you love Zach and in the same way you loved Patrick.”The mention of her dead husband took Dee by surprise, she hadn’t seen her brother in years but she knew him well enough to know that he was being serious when he confessed his love for Leanne. “You’re crazy Joe, then again haven’t you always been? I don’t like the sound of this but I love you and Leanne like she was family and if the two of you really aren’t related then I won’t harp on at you. I’ll see you at the wedding.””Thanks Dee, see you then.”Joseph hung up, he thought about the conversation he just had with his sister and considered calling Trent to tell him that his confession to Dee went better than expected. Before he did however he heard Leanne call from upstairs, he half ran to his daughter, worried she might be in trouble. Opening the door to the bedroom his mind was at ease, Leanne was sitting up against the head board wearing nothing but a nervous smile, her cunt and scars on show for him.”Love me daddy. Love me like only you can.”Joseph didn’t need to ask what his daughter meant. Kneeling on the bed Joseph crawled to Leanne, his head between her legs, and kissed her scars, as he had done so many times before Joseph loved and cared for the most intimate and secret part of his daughter. Leanne had grown to love how much her father cared for these scars, on every one of her bad days the knowledge that he would care for her made her see how stupid she’d been to have them in the first place.From between Leanne’s legs Joseph could see her pussy glisten with pleasure, the intoxicating smell of her filled his nostrils and he had to have her. Joseph’s tongue found its way into çanakkale escort Leanne’s cunt, he parted her lips and kissed her, from above Joseph could hear Leanne’s breathing slow. He kissed her again, lapping at her juices, the musky taste filling his mouth, his nose rubbing her clit as he drilled his tongue as deep as he could into his daughters’ cunt.”Oh God, oh daddy. Fuck, I love you daddy.””I love you too Anne.” Joseph’s mouth never left Leanne’s pussy, the vibrations from his voice on her added another sense of pleasure. “Never, mmm, never leave me daddy.””Never Anne.””Love me, fuck me, marry me.””Always Anne, always.””God. I can’t, daddy, please.”Joseph opened his mouth wide and waited for his daughter to come. He drank her down as best he could but regrettable he let some fall onto the bed-sheets, Joseph looked up at his daughter, she giggles as she saw her cum dribbling out the corner of his mouth. She wiped it away and kissed her father, as they lay together that night neither of them said anything but they both knew she needed that more than him.It had been 98 days since Helena’s confession, December came much too late in Joseph’s mind, he could deal with the cold, hell this year he looked forward to it; throughout November Joseph had felt numb working with the man he knew to have fathered his daughter. Thankfully Peter did his time at the ‘Stop-off’ and left quickly, Joseph kept quiet and never told the other workers about Leanne’s true parentage, not that he didn’t want them to know he just didn’t want to bring it up again. Helena tried desperately to get Leanne to talk to her but she had had enough of her mother and ignored her, she even considered getting a restraining order against her mother but Joseph persuaded her not to. By the start of December Helena stopped trying.While Joseph had been able to keep his secret while Peter was working with him, he no longer had to deal with him, Leanne on the other hand still had the knowledge that she had a sister and she was at the same university as her. As much as she wanted to tell Amanda Leanne knew that she couldn’t, the story of how Amanda had lost her twin was well known in the Uni and there was no way she would welcome a new sibling. Even so, Leanne started paying more attention to what Amanda did around the Uni, rumours were flying around that she and her roommate Heather was a lesbian couple, Leanne wanted to squash the rumours and come to her sister’s aid but she couldn’t reveal anything yet.Leanne was almost glad when she found out she wasn’t the only one having family troubles, Samantha and her cousin Bryce had had a massive falling out and Sam had moved out of their apartment, back in with her parents and refusing to talk to him. Leanne never said anything but she had a feeling the fight had something to do with the way Sam held the bottom of her stomach when she was talking.That afternoon Leanne and Sam took a walk to the centre, Joseph was with them but for his own business, he would leave them soon enough. They were barely in the shop five minutes when they heard an argument happening in the middle of the centre, Leanne turned to see a boy and a girl arguing with each other, she recognized them; the boy was Vincent Moreno, a predatory boy who had assaulted her once and the girl was Billie, Sam’s younger cousin. A crowd was gathering round the two of them, Leanne couldn’t hear the argument very well but from the looks of things Vincent was getting ready to pounce on Billie. “Vincent.” A voice boomed through the centre. “Fuckin get away from her.”Leanne, Sam and Joseph turned to see two boys approach Vincent, one was Bryce, Sam’s cousin — and possible lover — the other she didn’t recognize but it was obvious he had a history with Vincent.”Christ I don’t believe it.” Leanne looked at her father, confused by his statement.”What is it dad?””That’s Cyril’s k**, both of them.”Scared at the implications of what that meant Leanne huddled in closer to Joseph and watched the action unfold. Vincent and the other boy whom she now guessed was his brother were arguing, Billie slipped away and hid behind Bryce.Sam turned to Leanne. “Leanne, look.” She pointed in the crowd towards Rachel and James, James was heading towards Vincent with a fist in hand. He punched Vincent in the face which startled him but didn’t stop him, if anything Vincent enjoyed the punch.Vincent yell echoed through the shop. “Whoa, twice in one fuckin day. I must love this shit. Alright James you still snorting?”James went to punch Vincent again but Rachel stopped him, spitting blood on the floor Vincent left the shops. James and Rachel walked away, Bryce and his friend tended to Billie but Bryce quickly left when he spotted Sam. As he ran towards them Sam turned to Leanne, apologized and ran away.”What’s that about?” Joseph asked Leanne.”Long story dad, but not to dissimilar to ours. Say now that my plans are scuppered can I stay with you.””Dumb question Anne of course you can. I won’t be long though.””No matter daddy, all the more time for us.”Joseph smiled at his daughter’s sultry meaning behind her comment. They took a slow walk around the centre, each of them playing a game with each other, Joseph’s hands would reach a little lower and squeeze, Leanne would move her chest just a little too close, her erect and braless nipples felt against Joseph’s arm. At one point Joseph got really bold, he bent down to look at something, as he did his hand reached up and his pinky finger brushed against the crotch of Leanne’s trousersLeanne would’ve taken her father right there in the shop but her sense, weak as it was, held her back. There was something about Joseph that brought out this side of her, who would’ve believed that just two months ago she was this shy little girl with nothing but regrets and scars inside and out, now being with this man who loved her and worshipped her, she finally understood it all.When they got back to the house Leanne didn’t waste any time; as soon as Joseph was inside she slammed a kiss into him, the force of her into him shut the door behind them. Joseph was shocked but only for a second; he sank into the kiss as his hands fell downwards and cupped his daughter’s ass. Leanne stepped back and pulled her top over her head, Joseph chuckled to himself, he’d forgot Leanne was braless in the shops. As Leanne pulled her trousers off Joseph did the same, he was struggling with his feet when he looked up and saw Leanne; other than her small panties all she was wearing were her hat and gloves from outside, she looked a picture of that innocent sexuality Joseph had fallen in love with. Joseph, now bottomless, stepped forward and placed on hand on the small of Leanne’s back, the other on her neck. Leanne let herself fall into her father’s arms as he laid her gently on the floor, they kissed softly as Joseph slowly entered her. Leanne wrapped her arms and legs around her father and rocked tenderly with his rhythm, she’d never admit it outright but she much preferred this gentle lovemaking to the hard sex she wanted to do back at the shops.Still, she was feeling pretty bold, with one of her gloved hands Leanne reached down in-between them and grasped Joseph’s cock, the fuzzy feeling on her glove as he slowly fucked her was amazing to Joseph but it was nothing to the feeling Leanne was having, the glove was rocking against her clit, the electric tingles surged through her body again, the erect nipples were nearly bursting now, begging to be touched. Wow, turns out Joseph is psychic, his mouth covered Leanne’s nipples and sucked them, a little bite for extra effect. The shudders from underneath him told Joseph Leanne had cum, he kept fucking her gently for a few seconds longer until he came in his daughter.Leanne looked up at her father. “How are we so good together daddy?””Well Anne, I think after 18 years together we know each other pretty well to avoid the awkwardness of the first dates.””God daddy I wish it was you that took my cherry.””Me too baby, me too.”They held each other on the floor for a while longer before getting up and dressed, Leanne wore the gloves to bed that night.It had been 102 days since Helena’s confession when Joseph got the call, thank god he was off work at the time.”Hello?””Mr Martin?” The voice sounded tired and sad.”Yes?””This is James Morrison, we met at your daughter Leanne’s gig.””Oh yes, Rachel’s boyfriend.””That’s right, Mr Martin I was never good at sugar-coating so I’ll just come out with it; I’m an acquaintance of your brother Trent, he was attacked earlier tonight, we’re in the hospital right now.””Fuck, is he alright, who did it, where are you?””I don’t know how he is Mr Martin, the doctor’s say he’s critical at the moment, he’s lost a lot of blood but he’s alive. I don’t know who did it but I have an idea.””Alright thank you, what hospital are you at.”James told Joseph the hospital Trent was at and went back to his friend. Joseph found Leanne and told her what he was told, the two of them rushed to the car and drove as quick as they dared to the hospital, found what room Trent was in and ran to see him. When they arrived James was sitting outside, he was half-asleep and appeared to have been crying, Joseph looked inside and saw the room was empty.”Where is he?” Joseph asked, trying hard to remain composed.”In surgery right now, the doctors told me to wait here after I phoned you.””How’s he doing?” Leanne wasn’t as good at composure as her father the tears in her eyes were easy to see.”Still nothing, the doc’ll tell you more.”As if on cue the doctor stepped round the corner, he was a young man in his late 20s but Joseph wasn’t going to question his ability, not when his brothers’ life was at stake.”Mr Martin I presume.” The doctor shook Joseph’s hand. “I am Dr Thomas Freeman I’ll be looking after your brother during his stay.””Thanks doc, can you tell me what happened?””Your brother received a very nasty cut, someone ran a very sharp knife from just below his right elbow, all the way down to his wrist.Leanne grabbed her wrists in almost cat-like reflexes.”My god.” Joseph was shocked.”It was, and still is, horrible to look at. Mr Morrison tell us it wasn’t a suicide attempt and given the angle I believe him, someone tried to kill your brother Mr Martin, you’re lucky Mr Morrison was able to find him in time.”Joseph turned to James, he was shaking terribly. “I thought he was dead, I thought I’d walked in on another dead body. When he moved I, I just… I need a fuckin cigarette.”James left quickly before Joseph could ask any questions. Leanne was still curious about her uncle. “James said my uncle’s in surgery?””Yes, we’ve got surgeons working on stopping the blood and sewing up the wound. It may take several hours and there’s no guarantee that he’ll survive, if you want you can go home and I’ll call you when there’s a development.””No.” Joseph was firm. “No he’s my brother and I want to be here when he wakes up.””That’s understandable Mr Martin, if you and… your daughter want you can sleep on these sofa’s, no-one will disturb you.””That’ll be great. Ok Leanne I’ll home and get some blankets and food, I’ll be five minutes, you call me if anything happens.”Leanne only nodded, she almost stopped Joseph leaving because she didn’t want to be alone if the worst happened.Outside the hospital Joseph saw James smoking his cigarette. “Hey, James. Thanks for saving my brother.””No problem, he just got so damn lucky.””Why were you at his house at this time?””Trent’s my dealer, he use to sell me coke during my bad days now he sells me weed as a substitute. I was running low and he’s not that far from mine. Once Chris was asleep…””Chris?””My son; be three next year. Once he was down I went out for ten minutes to pick up a new bag when I found him like that. I called Rachel to look after Chris in the ambulance.””Well thanks again, I mean it.””It’s nothing, I owe Trent a lot.””You said on the phone you have an idea of who attacked him.”””Yeah, a guy from my bad days, fuckin set me up on them.””Who was it?””You ever heard of Vincent Moreno?”Joseph left not long after his talk with James, he picked up a blanket and some sandwiched from home and returned to Leanne who was fast asleep on the couch. Joseph covered her with the blanket and sat down beside her. In the morning they were woken by Thomas who delivered the good news, Trent survived the operation and was waiting to talk to them. Thomas led them in then left.”Glad to see you up.””Is that a fucking joke Joe, ‘up’ because I’m a fuckin cripple?”Joseph laughed and hugged his brother. “I almost lost you Trent.””Well it takes a lot more than some psychotic motherfucker to take me down.””Who did this to you Uncle Trent?””You might know him, Vincent Moreno. Sadistic fuckin freak of a boy.””What happened?””I made the mistake of telling the devil I planned to kill him. I fuckin hate him Joe, he’s always boasting about fuckin Elizabeth in Ibiza, he calls my daughter a whore because of what he and his chums did to her. My daughter is not a whore, one mistake down not govern who you are. But time after time he would tell me that he fucked Elizabeth and he tell me without a single fuckin care.”Trent was close to tears at the memory of the mistake his daughter had made. “I told him that if he told me that story one more time I’d kill him, good ol’ Vince made sure that this old useless cripple wasn’t going to be a threat. He surprised me in the night and feigned a truce before running the knife across my arm.”Leanne left the room, heading for the toilets.”She’s not taking it that well is she?””No, you almost died last night she’s still a little shaken. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vincent’s involvement with this is a factor as well.””Fuck you mean?””Vincent, for lack of a better work, m*****ed her once.””The cunt.”Joseph laughed slightly. “Trent I’ve gotta get going, make sure Anne’s alright, you don’t mind me going do you?””Nah Joe, your girl’s more important than me. I’ll be fine but I’ll need ride home later.””Just call whenever.””Fuckin right.”Joseph left Trent to find Leanne, she was just coming out to toilets.”Hey Anne you ok?”Leanne didn’t answer, she just ran up and kissed her father. “Can we go home daddy?” Her voice quiet and scared.”Sure thing.”The two of them left the hospital, Leanne under her father’s arm. When they got to the car outside he let her go, Joseph climbed into the car while Leanne walked around the back to her side, across the street a sudden light in a dark alleyway caught her eye. She looked towards the alleyway and saw Vincent step out, a cigarette hanging out his half smiling mouth. Leanne stood there, she knew he was too far away to do any harm to her but he was still terrifying, Vincent raised his arm, a knife in his hand which he pointed at Leanne. In the air he slowly ran the knife down, tracing Leanne’s body then stopping at her crotch and thrusting the knife upwards. Leanne ignored his threat and got in the car, she wasn’t going to tell Joseph anything, if she let Vincent get to her he would win.But also she feared her father may be killed.When they got home Leanne was still tired so she went straight to bed, Joseph got another drink of milk from the fridge then called Dee to tell her about Trent. He went up to check on Leanne an hour later, opening the bedroom door quietly he saw Leanne lying on the bed wearing only one of his shirts.”Anne, honey you awake.””Mm, yeah daddy, I am.””I didn’t wake you did I?””No.””Can I come in?””Course.”Joseph walked carefully to the bed and lay down behind Leanne, he d****d his arm over her and kissed her neck.”I’m offended daddy, normally it this time I have your torch poking me in the back, you sure know how to hurt a girl’s feeling.””What, oh sorry Anne, it’s just been a busy day, you don’t have to worry you’re still the first girl in my mind.””I better be the only girl in your mind.””Ha, don’t worry babe you are.”A sudden poke in her back told Leanne all she wanted to know, her fathers’ dick, while still confined, was touching just under the hem of her shirt. Leanne wiggled her ass slightly to let Joseph know what she felt. Joseph smiled, reached down to his trousers and pulled them down. The tip of his dick rubbing against her pussy, his free hand reaching down and gently stroking her clit, Leanne let out a small moan. Joseph could feel his daughters juices on his dick, he aimed his dick upwards and slowly entered her, Leanne gritted her teeth; the angle was awkward but she didn’t complain. While her father was fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit Leanne’s hand reached up and grabbed her breast, one of the breasts she had hated so much for causing her so much pain, now adding to her pleasure.When Joseph saw Leanne grab her breast he started fucking her faster, slightly jealous of her but with his fingers on her clit his hand was brushing against her scars and he loved that. He laughed in his head at the thought of him getting some weird scar fetish. Joseph was the first to cum, he shot deep into Leanne’s cunt, they weren’t trying to get pregnant but they both knew that one day they’d want a c***d together, why not sooner rather than later. Leanne came not long after feeling her father’s cum hit her inside. Joseph kissed her cheek and she fell back to sleep, she woke several hours later to find Joseph gone, a note was left saying he went to pick up Trent. It was 106 days since Helena’s confession when Leanne got her own phone call.”Hello?” She asked.”Anne, it’s Trent.””Oh hi Uncle Trent, do you want my dad?””No, I think you should hear this. I just heard from a friend on the street, Vincent Moreno died yesterday.”Leanne couldn’t comprehend what she just heard. “What, how, who did it?””Don’t know, heard he got in fight and someone smashed his head off a brick wall, also heard that he got in a fight then slipped on some ice and hit his head. Don’t matter what did it he’s dead now.”Leanne felt numb for some strange reason. “Ok, thank you Uncle Trent.””No problem Anne.”Trent hung up before Leanne, she slowly put the phone down just as Joseph stepped into the room.”Who was that on the phone?”Leanne turned to her father and told him what Trent told her, when she was finished she hugged her father and cried. She had never wished death on anyone before, not even Vincent, but this was the first time anyone she really knew had died. It hit her pretty hard.The sun shone through the windows, the tepid air circled the room warmed the room as the crowd looked at the couple at the front of the church.The priest turned to the bride. “Do you take this man to be your husband?””I do.”He turned to the groom. “And do you, take this woman to be your wife.””I do.””Then by the power vested in me I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”The couple kissed and the crowd cheered, as they walked down the aisle hand-in-hand Joseph leaned in to hug his sister and whispered in her ear.”Well done Dee, see you at the reception.” Joseph watched his sister walk out the church with Alex, her new husband, and into the limo that was going to take them to the reception, by his side was Leanne, she hadn’t stopped smiling since they arrived in New York.It had been 377 days since Helena’s confession.The reception was at a large banquet hall that Alex’s father had manage to book just in time, the evening was filled with dancing, drinking and laughing. Although Joseph only involved himself with 2 out of 3, he had over a year sober and he was proud of that, but still Leanne never left his side in case he started to sway. When Joseph got the chance he and Leanne found Dee and Alex on their own, Dee hugged her brother immediately.”Joe, I’m so glad you made it.””You k**ding Dee, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.””Aww, thanks. And you little lady; God it’s so hard not to think of you as my niece when I know you’re sleeping with my brother.””I got over it pretty quickly.” It wasn’t Joseph who said that, rather a voice behind them. Everyone turned to see Trent in his wheelchair being pushed towards them by his daughter Elizabeth. Dee hugged her second brother as well. “Trent, I didn’t think you were coming.””Neither did I until I got a package in the mail with a new passport in it.” Trent looked accusingly at Joseph. “But no matter who sent it I’m glad a made it. Well done s*s, just make sure this is the last one.””He’s only joking Aunt Dee.””I know he is Liz but he just wouldn’t be my brother if he wasn’t rude and obnoxious.””That’s how you love me.”Elizabeth put her hand on her father’s shoulder. “Come on now Mr Martin, time for your medication.””You cheeky little scamp, come round so I can smack you one.”Trent and Elizabeth left the group, Joseph turned to Dee. “So with you and Alex being Glasgow natives can we see you both back in the city.”Alex put his hand on his wife’s shoulder “No we’re staying here, both of us have a life here, as does Zach. And we know it’ll be hard given the memories this city gives us but with the bad you get the good, we wouldn’t have each other if it weren’t for the day.””Joe, I loved Patrick, in some ways I still do but he’s dead and it took me far too long to get over him. I’m not going to let that rule my life.””I’m not questioning you Dee. I just wanted to know if I needed a passport update.”Dee slapped her brother’s arm before being led off by Alex to talk some more people. Leanne pulled her reluctant father to the dance floor and slow-danced with him.””It’s nice isn’t it daddy. That Aunt Dee’s staying in the city.””Dee’s never been one to let things stand in her way too long, she’s tough like that.””Do I hear a hint of jealousy dad?””No Anne, I’m proud of Dee, she’s got everything, a life, a husband, a son, no regrets. She was almost even a grandmother.””What?””Yeah, she told me the story earlier today. Last week Zach was walking around the house quite shaken but he wouldn’t say why. Later that day she found, by accident, a pregnancy test in the bathroom bin, it wasn’t hers so she guessed it was Zach’s girlfriends’. Thankfully it was negative.””God I thought Zach seemed spooked.””I noticed. I wonder if we’ll ever get our test.””Oh daddy, we’re closer than you think.””What?”Leanne moved in closer to her father, took his hand and lowered it down to just below her stomach. She whispered in his ear.”Feel that daddy. She’s yours.”EpilogueLeanne pulled up outside the house, she had waited for this moment for so long yet she had no idea what to say.It had been over ten years since Helena’s confession.Leanne was on her own, her husband Joseph was still at home with her ten year old daughter Ellie and seven year old son Russell, Joseph had wanted to come with her but she needed to do this alone. Leanne took a deep breath, walked up to the front door and knocked on the door.A red-haired woman around her age answered the door. “Yeah?””Are you Amanda Townsend?””Was, it’s Freeman now, got married. Can I help you?””I’m here about you father Peter, I heard about his death.””Ah don’t bother with condolences, I didn’t care about him. I do feel sorry for Rose though.””Rose?” “His daughter from his second marriage, be nearly eleven by now. Who are you by the way?””Ah Amanda my name is Leanne Martin, you may remember me from university.”Amanda threw her mind back. “Oh yeah, you’re the girl that was banging her dad, except he wasn’t your dad.””Something like that, anyway I have some news about my parentage that includes you. Apparently, my real father and your father were the same man.”Amanda stared at Leanne with a look of disbelief. “What, how, are you sure?””Yes, he told me about ten years ago but I waited until he died to tell you.”Amanda looked like she was about to faint, Leanne stepped inside and carried her to the living room, Amanda sat down and stared at the floor.”Is your husband home?” Leanne asked. “No, he’s out with our daughters and son, they won’t be back for a few hours.”Suddenly Amanda started laughing, Leanne had no idea what was going through her head.”What, what’s so funny?””I just realised, I lost a whole sister so long ago but now I have two half sisters and all because of my dick of a father. Fuck. So you’re my sister, God I don’t know… Do you need to go home anytime soon?””Um no I’ve got time.””Do you wanna, I don’t know, have drink get to know each other better?””Sure I mean there’s a lot we’ve got to talk about. Where’d you wanna start?””I think you should start, now you’re here I’m starting to think about you and your father again and the whole thing about that.”Leanne laughed with her new sister and sat down beside her.”Well, it all started when my mother told my father ‘She’s not yours…'”

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