Norton Towers, the apartment block for sexy girdle


Norton Towers, the apartment block for sexy girdleAfter six months as the general handyman and all round sexual helper to the residents, it was obvious that all the lovely mature bbw/chubby ladies were blatant or potential exhibitionists who loved flashing and enjoyed sex. And, even better, if they were married, their husbands positively encouraged it. Putting those elements together I dreamed up a plan that would increase their group of like minded enthusiasts.First I spoke to Gwendolyn to see what she thought“Robert as I understand it, what you want is to start a sex club”.“No, not sexual, sensual is the word I would emphasise, Gwen. You and virtually all the ladies here do and lets-be-honest, enjoy showing yourselves off. On the first day we met you said it gave you a thrill, showing off your protruding fat camel-toe”.“And”, I went on, “there are lots of men, who grew up in the fifties and really adore hairy vulvas encased in erotic girdles, stockings, large boobs and erotic sensuous bodies etc. – but cannot explore and experience their desires and fantasies of mature woman/ bbw glamour”.“Robert, you know that residents in this block really appreciate their privacy and freedom to enjoy their enthusiasms, shall we say. Tell me, how you can reconcile those requirements to this club”.“Well first, we strictly vet and screen potential members, and they will have to supply a passport type photo id and full personal details- and finally before full membership is granted, the residents committee will interview them – like you did with me”.“Well, ok” she hesitantly replied. “But first, I will have to get them together so you can outline your proposal and see how many ladies- and if married, husbands approval — want to go ahead”.My idea must have been enticing enough because the following Thursday, every resident was in attendance.“Good afternoon everyone”. As I told Gwen, I have happily and satisfyingly, worked and played with you for the last six months. For this idea to work, and you to get more variety, I would like a show of hands to this question: in complete comfort and safety would like to show all their sexual attributes and interests to a small group of selected and refined men in their 50s, 60s and 70s who really appreciate looking at, talking with and shall we say, participating with erotic mature ladies.”One, two, four hands slowly rose followed by another five. Asking for questions, the main ones boiled down to these…vetting, advertising, confidentiality, would they know ‘visitors’ specific interests, etc.I told them that the advertising would be in the classifieds of local papers under the personal section as that was the main medium our age group looked for information and in some swinger’s web sites as a lot of single men looked for mature partners there. Then went on about the vetting and other items. With a broad agreement, they would prepare the questionnaire, me the advertising and them, the final personal vetting.I told them that to keep things simple; we would call the group “The Mature Ladies appreciation society”.This is the ad I placed A select group of adventurous mature ladies aged between 60 and 80 would like to meet gentlemen of similar ages for stimulating pleasurable, friendship sharing mutual interests.With an anonymous box number reply we all waited.In the first week, came 10 replies, the second 20 and when the ad finished, we had a total of 50.To each we sent a letter of thanks explaining the need for confidentially, the detailed questionnaire and request nevşehir escort for passport picture. After a serious discussion of the questionnaires, the group invited five candidates for interview. The residents had no illusions as to what they wanted from their gentlemen so, when they filed into the lounge for the ‘inquisition’, they started out as they meant to go on – Gwendolyn with her big camel toe, you get the picture. From the questionnaire, they guys should have been blind not to miss the bait.There was George 64, Percy 70, Bill 59, Harry 69 and Laurence 74,- looking sheepish and ready to be grilled.Gwen dressed in really tight leggings stood up and showing off a lovely bulging camel toe addressed all four “thank you for coming gentlemen. This group is called the mature ladies appreciation club. So my first question is: what do you appreciate when you look at me? And please don’t be coy with your answers – we can only make this club work with total frankness”.“I would say that you nurture your physical attributes and enjoy showing them” said Percy.“Not beating about the bush, your vulva must be one the most attractive I’ve seen”, added Lawrence. Pointing to Harry she asked; “When you see this, what are you thinking?”“I hope that it’s also very hairy” he replied”“And you, George: Would my vulva – which is extremely hairy – start a stimulating conversation?” George just nodded in affirmation.Satisfied, and smirking, she sat down. I then asked each of them what fetishes and interests they had. Their answers included; chubby and BBWs older ladies in lingerie and girdles/stockings, light spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, sucking tits/nipples, fondling and role-playing. “Well, gentlemen as you are not young, my final question: can you all still get and maintain an erection? Lawrence, the oldest, said a very strange thing.“Robert, since a young man, I have been cursed with a larger than average penis. It always took me longer to get hard, but these days all I can manage is a semi”“Why,’cursed’, Lawrence? “Well, when young, virtually no girls could take it, or they recoiled in horror. Then fortunately, I was seduced by a much older woman who could take it all and give me satisfaction. That’s why from that day on, I have always had a strong attraction to the larger older woman”.The all admitted taking Viagra but still needed extra stimulation.“Well, gentlemen, if accepted to the group I can guarantee a lot of stimulation. Thank you for coming, the ladies will let you know if they want your company, and when the next meeting is.” The next day, the ladies and husbands took time to make their final decision.To help them, I said “the first thing to consider ladies is that you are all sexual exhibitionists. Therefore, the guys who admitted to voyeurism would be ideal for you. Second, your own desires, what would you like to experience but have not had the opportunity to do so. Lastly, it is a case of personal preference.They thought a lot were a waste of time, but could see a lot of potential from the others. The other problem was how to make the introductions and see what progresses. As Dora said, “one does not go up and shake their dick, straightaway”. “I would make an exception in the case of Lawrence”, answered a smirking Rosemary.Resolving the situation, it was agreed that all the ladies (and any interested husbands) would invite them for an informal (what they called a ‘sensuous’) afternoon tea next week. Furthermore, to please themselves, they decided on low cut escort nevşehir blouses, wide A line skirts with hemlines a minimum of three inches above the knee and no underwear. The husbands had to go commando as well. They were all realists and they knew that were well past the flush of youth but that’s what they enjoyed and what the guys probably expected. And from my introduction at the first tenants meeting, I knew they could show off with great sophistication. To make it easy for that to happen, they would be seated at tables with one couple or two ladies to one man to make introductions easy, comfortable and relaxed Afternoon teaJoan and Jim sat with George, Charlie and Sylvia sat with Harry, Rosemary insisted on sitting with Lawrence and Dora with Percy. The conversations went something like this. Joan, Jim and GeorgeJoan started off asking George what attracted him to apply. “I was fed up with the usual boring conversations at the pub and the stuck up women at bingo. Your ad said adventurous and stimulating which got my imagination going. It could mean only one of two things: hill walking or sex. And I was right. I love sex, always have and will till I die, even if takes me a quite a while to get hard.“Well, that’s good to hear” replied Jim. He then asked if he wanked much, being single and all. About three times a week, while watching granny porn sites was his answer. “But what I really miss is seeing and playing with large cuddly ladies in girdles, such as your good wife here”. “Such as Sylvia over there”, interrupted Joan. Looking across, George, saw that under the table she had her legs wide open, skirt up and Harry having a good grope of her fat fanny. Exactly he said. “Well”, added Joan, “I love showing off also, don’t I Jim?” With that she took his hand and lifting up her skirt, placed it on her massively hairy fanny. “You said you also liked hairy ladies George. What about this”? George was gobsmacked, and even more so when Jim, started to gently squeeze his dick.“I do hope you are open to being really adventurous, George?” was the question from a smiling Jim?Rosemary and LawrenceWhen she knew about Lawrence’s large lazy dick Rosemary thought he would be ideal to help her with waters-ports interests. But it was not everyone’s sexual taste so she was circumspect. After the introductions and drinking their tea, Rosemary said, “Tell me a bit more about your penis problems, as I have never come across a man who has ever complained about being too big”. Lawrence re-explained that with it being nearly 9 inches erect, 7inches flaccid and 5 inches in circumference, women in his younger days were afraid of it. It was only at 34 when met a 50 year old woman who loved and more than accommodated it, he had a good sex life but it was always with older women. But to compound the problem now, at 74, he could only ever get a semi erection even with Viagra. “So, after the interviews, I thought here, I could enjoy myself and at least get some sexual satisfaction – even if it just looking and being stimulated. Look at Joan over there; they are certainly getting in the mood.”“That is a great shame, Lawrence. But what if I said you that your ‘difficulty’ could be the solution to my problem” She gently placed her hand on his impressive flaccid cock, squeezed and smiled. “Up till now Robert, our general helper, so to speak, has been sympathetic to my needs but he is not, how can I put this, an enthusiast of squirting”.Asking what his opinion was, Lawrence said that he had nevşehir escort bayan never thought of it but if he could help her and himself, he would give it a go.Explaining how her fetish started, what she does and how much she enjoys it, Rosemary could feel his big dick expanding. Without wasting time, she said, “Lawrence, I am getting very randy and I can feel you are getting interested and I have a very large bladder that is full to bursting. Will you come with me to the toilet and help me take a pee?In there, her inhibitions went. Lifting up her skirt and sitting down with legs as wide apart as possible she told Lawrence to squat down and open her chubby hairy vulva. Not only was it highly erotic to him but the addition of a big bush and very large clit he could see the potential in this. “Now, so as you get pleasure as well, get that big boy out. With his semi hard dick she instructed him to rub her clit and pull her vulva lips back. Rosemary did not take long to build up and as her orgasm started, a massive gush of piss squirted out all over his hand.She then made him stand up and started licking his cock including his piss hole. It was a feeling he had never encounted before, it was stimulating him to pee. So he let it go, not a gush more of a dribble, right down her throat. Swallowing, she looked very satisfied. Then, taking out her false teeth, she took several inches of his big cock in her mouth and rubbing him he quickly shot a wad and she swallowed the lot. Back at the tea table, Rosemary, knew that she had made a convert. “Lawrence, I can now guarantee, that not only will shoot gallons of cum into my big fanny, but also a lot of piss. We are going to have a wonderful time”. Dora and PercySince her massage with Robert, Dora had kept her promise and had stopped shaving her fanny entirely. It had grown to such an extent that it covered the bottom of her belly, dangled round her cunt and crept to her arse. She wondered if Percy was a hair lover.Percy, started by asking Dora how long she had lived in the Towers, her interests and other such banal questions to break the ice. “From what I understand Dora, all of you still enjoy sexual stimulation. However, that is all I have now- stimulation and no action. I have problems getting an erection. Sorry, but I wouldn’t be any good to you”.Dora, was disappointed but not downhearted. “Percy, maybe you just need more radical stimulation than other men. What gets you excited?”Percy thought for a few minutes. Well, Dora, I must admit to being a bit of voyeur and have paid for ladies to strip and show for me in the past. And, I love to see up older ladies skirts when the opportunity presents itself. Today, is a dream for me with those two showing everything, including their lovely hairy Fannies.”Bingo, he just might do, thought Dora. “It’s interesting that you like hairy ladies. Four months ago, at the behest of Robert, I stopped shaving down there, and even if I say so, it does look and feel nice. Taking his hand, she placed it on her knee and invited him in for a feel. “Oh, you have very inquisitive fingers Percy” as she further opened her legs to let him go deeper. After nearly bringing her off, he asked, if there were other things she enjoyed. “Well when Robert gave me a massage he introduced me to anal sex, which for a very long time I wanted to try: and it was as good as I thought it might be.“But Percy, what I really miss is a lovely kiss, cuddle and fumble. Sex is good, but to make it better I need an emotional connection. To me, you being impotent doesn’t matter. I like you and I hope, you like me. Why not let us meet and flirt, and see how it goes?For the first time in very long time, Percy could see a possible brighter future. End. The progress of the group will be continued.

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