No Phone, TV, Wi-Fi, or Sex Ch. 05

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Jason meets Becky, a sexy, shapely, and promiscuous, blue-eyed, redheaded, freckled farmgirl from Wisconsin.

Author’s Note:

This is a true story as told to me by Jason, a 19-year-old, virginal, young man, for me to write for him. This was how it all happened nearly 40-years-ago when he unsuccessfully tried to make his way across the country but was detoured, delayed, and distracted by Becky, a farmer’s daughter in Wisconsin.

Love at first sight, with her already teasing him by exposing herself to him, Jason hopes to have promiscuous sex with Becky, a sexually experienced farm girl from Wisconsin.

# # #

Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from chapter 04:

Welcoming him with opened arms and with opened legs, Anne moved the blankets down and to the side to make room for her son in her bed. Now, with them both nakedly exposed, Jason stared at his mother’s naked pussy, her naked cunt, as well as her naked tits, while she stared at his erect, naked prick. Filled with the sexual anticipation of finally having forbidden sex with his mother, he was as nervous being in his mother’s bed naked as he was sexually excited.

As much as it sexually excited him to see his MILF of a mother naked, it sexually excited him for his mother to see him naked, too. Living out two of his sexual fantasies, as much as he wanted to see his mother naked, he wanted her to see him naked, too. Moreover, in the way that his mother stared at his cock, clearly, it sexually excited her to see him naked, too. He’ll never forget this day for as long as he shall live.

‘In the way that I’m staring at my mother’s naked tits and naked pussy, she’s staring at my naked cock. Obviously, my mother is as horny as I am. My sexual fantasy come true, clearly, she sexually wants me as much as I sexually want her,’ he thought.

The only times he saw her naked pussy was whenever she masturbated in his bedroom while watching him masturbating himself. Only, he never got as good of a look at her pussy as she was giving him now. With her lying there naked under the bright light of the bedroom, he could count every pussy hair and every mole and freckle. Never had he seen as much of his mother’s beautiful, naked body.

Unbeknownst to her, his computer camera recorded her lifting the front of her nightgown and masturbating herself. Unbeknownst to her, his computer camera caught her lowering her nightgown top and exposing her naked pussy and her naked tits while masturbating herself. Saved to his hard drive, he’s able to watch his mother fondle her big, naked tits, pull, turn, and twist her erect nipples with one hand while rubbing her clit and fingerfucking her naked pussy with her other hand.

Yet, watching her on his computer screen wasn’t nearly as sexually exciting as being naked with her in her bed. As she routinely did, not expecting to see her son’s naked prick and to catch him masturbating, she entered his bedroom without knocking, as she had always done to deliver his clean laundry. Only, this time was different. This time, he was intent on giving her the sexual show that she obviously, yearned to see.

This time, he decided to deliberately flash his erect, naked prick to his mother. This time, Jason wanted his mother to see his hard, naked prick. This time, he wanted her to catch him naked while masturbating. This time, in the way that she sexually lusted over him. He wanted to show her that he sexually lusted over her, too. This time, in the way she had cum for him on his computer camera, he wanted to cum for his mother live and in person.

With his mother always exposing herself to him, this time, he decided to return the favor of her exhibitionism with his exhibitionism. This time, instead of her deliberating exposing herself to him, he was intent on deliberating exposing himself to his mother. Wanting her to see his naked cock, he deliberately flashed her his naked prick. As much as he was sexually excited to see his mother masturbating, he couldn’t wait for her to see him masturbating, too.

Excited with the sexual anticipation of what she’d do, he wondered what her reaction would be to seeing his naked cock. Would she look, would she stare, or would she look away? Maybe, she’d scurry out of his bedroom and close his bedroom door behind her in the way that his sister had done when he deliberately exposed himself to her. Maybe, the next time she’d knock before entering his bedroom.

Ready to find out, he decided to masturbate himself in front of his mother. Something that he had never done in front of her before, he wanted her to catch him stroking his prick. He hoped she stay in his room long enough to watch his cum. He wanted her to see him cum. He’d love to see his mother’s reaction to see him shooting a load of cum.

Adding dialogue to his masturbation show, he wanted her to know that he was masturbating over her. He wanted her to know that he was imagining her naked and having sex with her while stroking his cock. He wanted her to see pendik escort how much she sexually drives him crazy. He wanted her to know that he incestuously wanted her as much as she incestuously wanted him.

“Oh, Mom, I want you. I wish I could have sex with you. I wish I could make out with you while touching you and feeling you everywhere through your clothes. I wish I could slowly strip you naked while fondling and groping your naked body,” he said while stroking his prick harder and faster. “Stroke me, Mom. Stroke my prick while sucking my cock. Blow me, Mom. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth while fondling your big, naked tits and fingering your erect nipples.

# # #

Whenever she wore one of her short skirts and sat across from him in the living room with her knees parted enough to flash him her panties, he couldn’t count how many times he saw his mother’s bright, white panties. So sexy and nearly transparently see-through, he loved seeing his mother’s sheer white, bikini panties. When he looked long enough and hard enough, he could see the dark shadow of her brown public hair, her pussy slit, and her camel toe. Something that would never happen, he’d do anything to finger his mother while licking her cunt.

With her always wearing low-cut blouses and leaning in front of him longer and lower than necessary, he couldn’t count how many times he saw her long line of sexy cleavage and her low-cut bras. He loved his mother’s long line of sexy cleavage. Wishing he could finger her cleavate and lick her cleavage; he’d love to fuck her cleavage with his cock.

With her always wearing short, sheer, low-cut, and sexy nightgowns without having the modesty to wear a robe over them, he couldn’t count how many times he saw flashes of her naked ass, her naked pussy, and her naked tits. Whenever she stood in the bright light of the living room, in front of the TV, and/or stood in the darkened kitchen in front of open refrigerator door, he could see her as if she was naked. As if she was being X-rayed at the airport by the TSA, he could nearly count her pussy hairs.

‘Whether it was deliberate or unintentional, my mother is always flashing me,’ he thought while masturbating over the thoughts of his mother flashing him, yet, again. ‘Enough to inspire me to masturbate over her, I’m always seeing something of my mother that I shouldn’t see but am so very sexually excited to see. I wish I could have sex with her. I wish she’d blow me. I wish I could fuck her.’

“Mom, I want to make love to you. I want to fuck you. I want to cum in your pussy,” he said while knowing that his mother was in his room and standing behind him while listening and masturbating herself over his every, forbidden, sexual word. “I wish you would suck my cock. I’d love to cum in your beautiful mouth.”

Whenever he masturbated while hoping to be caught by his mother and/or by his sister, he typically listened to music while wearing headphones with his eyes closed. Ready to expose himself to his mother, as soon as he heard her climbing the stairs and walking down the hall to his room, he quickly stripped himself naked. He quickly stroked himself to a big and hard erection for his mother to see, lust over, and masturbate herself over.

With his back to his bedroom door, he sat in his chair in front of his computer. He pretended that he didn’t know that his mother had entered his bedroom without knocking and was standing behind him and watching him stroking his prick. When she stayed in his room, giving her all that she, no doubt, hoped to see and wanted to see, he continued giving her a masturbation show. He hoped that she’d stay to watch him cum. A defining moment of mother and son sex, with her inspiring him to cum, he’d love to cum for his mother.

“I’m cumming, Mom. I’m cumming for you,” he said. “Suck my prick Mom. Blow me. I need to fill your mouth with my cum. I need to watch you swallow,” he said while somehow knowing that she was still there standing behind him in his room and watching him playing with himself and sexually pleasuring himself.

Something she had done several times before, she watched him masturbating while he pretended that he was unaware that she was there. While waiting for him to sexually climax himself, she didn’t leave his bedroom until after he had ejaculated a load of cum all over his chest, on his stomach, and across his hand. Obviously, something he thought he’d never see, his controlling bitch of a mother was becoming as sexually aroused as he was sexually excited. With her having quite the sexually promiscuous, checkered past, clearly, once a whore always a whore.

Unable to sexually control herself, while watching him masturbating himself, she lifted the front of her nightgown and masturbated herself. Had he not recorded her with his computer camera, he never would have known that his mother was masturbating herself behind him. When he looked at the video saved to his computer hard drive, he sefaköy escort couldn’t believe his eyes. His mother had masturbated herself to him masturbating himself. Clearly, his mother was just as sexually aroused as he was sexually excited.

Now, instead of giving him a fleeting glimpse of her pussy as she did before when masturbating herself in his bedroom, his mother gave him a prolonged and uninterrupted view of her naked pussy now. Then, not done exposing herself to her son, she reached down with both of her hands to lift and part her pussy lips to show him some pink. Unable to remove his eyes from his mother’s pussy, when he did and looked up at her, she gave him a sexually, consensual nod.

# # #

His mother wanted him to eat her. She wanted him to give her oral sex. She wanted her son to give his mother a sexual orgasm with his tongue and with his fingers. He couldn’t believe that he was about to finger her pussy while licking her cunt.

‘This was it. This was really it,’ thought Jason. ‘With her already giving me the go ahead, sexual nod, after eating my sister’s pussy, I’m about to finger and lick my mother’s pussy,’ he thought. ‘I can’t believe that I’m finally about to have sex with my mother.’

Like mother like daughter, in the way that his sister, Jessica, looked up at him with lust and sexual seduction before he ate her, his mother, Anne, looked at him in the same sexual way. Clearly, she wanted him to eat her in the way that he couldn’t wait for his mother to blow him, make love to him, and fuck him. Clearly, she sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her. Even though he was, technically, still a virgin, and even though he had oral sex with his sister, only once, he knew what his sexually, insatiable mother wanted, too.

‘My mother wants me to finger her clit and fingerfuck her while masturbating her. She wants me to finger her while licking her. She wants me to give her an oral, sexual orgasm with my fingers and my tongue,’ he thought while staring at his mother’s beautiful, naked pussy. ‘She wants me to eat her pussy in the way that I want her to suck my cock.’

In the way that she deliberately exposed her naked body to him, he didn’t have to guess what she sexually wanted. He knew what she sexually wanted. No secret there, she wanted what he wanted. A sacred place where a son should never go with his mother, she wanted him to give her oral sex. She wanted him to finger her pussy. She wanted him to lick her pussy. She wanted him to eat his mother’s cunt.

With his face buried deep between his mother’s shapely thighs, he reached his horny hands up to feel and fondle her big, naked tits. He pulled, turned, and twisted her erect nipples with one hand while fingering her clit and fingerfucking her pussy with his other hand. Thinking that it was nothing more than a sexual fantasy for him to masturbate over, he never really believed that he’d ever be having incestuous sex with his mother. Hard for him to believe, his mother wanted her son to give her an oral, sexual orgasm with his fingers and with his tongue.

Finally, giving her what she wanted, Jason made himself comfortable between his mother’s long, sexy legs. An unforgettable moment while taking it all in and feeling his mother’s shapely legs, he ever so slowly moved his mouth closer to his mother’s cunt. Finally, ready to part the gates of Heaven, he was ready touch her clit with his fingers before licking and lapping her pussy with his tongue. An identifiable, pleasant smell, basking in the fragrance of her pussy, she had that familiar musky odor from masturbating herself that Jessica had from masturbating herself.

‘I can’t believe I’m about to eat my mother. I can’t believe I’m about to give her oral sex,’ he thought while staring at his mother’s naked pussy and pausing to enjoy the moment. ‘I can’t wait to finger and lick her pussy. I can’t wait to give her a sexual orgasm with my fingers and with my tongue.’

# # #

Obviously, tired of waiting, he was taking too long to lash out his tongue to lick his mother. As if she was the man and he was the woman, with a heavy hand to the back of his head, she pulled his face to her pussy. Instead of being gentle with what she wanted, with her knowing exactly what she wanted, needed to have, and how to get it, she forcefully mashed his face in her wet cunt.

Not done sexually abusing her son, while holding her hands to each side of his head, she humped his mouth with her hips and fucked his face with her pussy. Not being gentle but rough, she literally stuffed his face and his mouth with her wet, naked pussy. As if readying him for the oral, sexual experience of his life, moving his head from side to side and up and down, she rubbed her vaginal secretions all over of his face.

Something he had never imagined and would never forget, even in his wildest mother and son incestuous fantasies, he had her pussy juices, in his mouth, all over his face, and silivri escort up his nose. His mouth and nose were full of his mother. He not only could smell her but also, he could taste her.

It wasn’t an unpleasant smell or taste. What made this special was this was his mother allowing him to have sex with her and not some whore. What made this special was, this was his mother’s cunt and not someone else’s cunt that he was eating. What made this even more special was that his mother was just as sexually aroused to have forbidden sex with her son as he was sexually excited to have incestuous sex with his mother.

‘If it wasn’t unbelievable enough that I had sex with my sister and ate her pussy, I can’t believe I’m having sex with my mother and eating her pussy,’ he thought. ‘I can’t believe I’m fingering her pussy while licking her cunt.’

As if she was reverse birthing him, he never tasted and smelled so much of his mother. Finally, with his sexual lust for his mother overtaking him, he lashed out his tongue fasted and licked her harder. Really getting into eating her, with her still mashing his face in her pussy, he continued licking and fingering his mother. Yet, unable to wrap his head around it, he couldn’t believe that he was eating his mother’s cunt.

Continuing to lick and finger her, he licked her clit harder and faster while fingerfucking her cunt deeper. Something he had always sexually fantasized doing; he was doing now. Something he’d never forget and will always remember; he was eating his mother’s pussy. Giving her what she obviously wanted and giving her what she clearly needed, he continued licking his mother’s pussy while fingering her cunt.

Still holding the back of his head in place with a firm, motherly hand, not letting him go, she humped his mouth with her hips and fucked his face with her pussy again. She humped his mouth and fucked his face with her pussy, in the way that he couldn’t wait to hump her mouth and fuck her face with his cock. As much as he was enjoying eating his mother, he couldn’t wait for her to suck his prick. He couldn’t wait to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow his cum while staring up at him with her big, beautiful, brown eyes.

# # #

She was so wet, so very wet. She was even wetter than his sister. As if his face was her washcloth, she continued wiping his face all over her soaking wet pussy.

Seemingly, as if she had a fluid pump in her pussy, a pussy water gun, she drenched him. Then, something he heard about and read about but had yet to experience, until now, his mother was a squirter. She ejaculated a mouthful of fluid in his mouth. Had he not read about female ejaculation; he would have thought that his mother peed in his mouth. At first, he was disgusted by it but, a way for him to know that she was cumming and not faking it, he quickly grew to enjoy it.

In the way that he couldn’t wait to ejaculate his cum in his mother’s mouth, she ejaculated her vaginal fluid in his mother. Just as he couldn’t fake getting a sexual orgasm from receiving a blowjob, his mother couldn’t fake a sexual orgasm from having her pussy fingered and licked. Only, she orgasmed so fast. With her already so very sexually excited from stripping herself naked and masturbating herself in front of him while he stealthily watched, she had a silent orgasm as soon as his fingers fingered her pussy and his tongue lick her cunt.

Glad that the ordeal of eating his mother was over, figuring that after getting his mother sexually off, that he was done, he stopped licking her. He stopped fingering her. Ready to get up and wipe his face with the towel that she had handy, he was ready for her to blow him. He was ready for his mother to suck him. As he had already done with his sister, he was ready to ejaculate a load of cum in his mother’s mouth and ejaculate a second load all of her face and across her naked tits.

Only, unlike men who cum once and then want to go to sleep, he didn’t know that his mother was multi-orgasmic. He didn’t know that this was just the beginning and that his mother could go all night. Not being very gentle, she grabbed him by his hair. Not letting him go nor allowing him to leave, with her, clearly, not done with him, as if she was a male rapist holding him against his will, she put more added pressure to the back of his head. She forced her pussy in his mouth again.

As if she was a Dominatrix and he was her sexual prisoner, she held his head in place. Holding his face against her naked pussy, she moved her hands to each side of his head again. Then, as if his face was a sponge, she rubbed his face all over her soaking, wet pussy. She gave her son a pussy bath in the way that he wanted to give his mother a cum bath. Then, with her as sexually aroused as he was sexually excited, she humped his mouth with her hips and fucked his face with her pussy again.

“Don’t stop,” she said in a husky and sexually aroused voice reminiscent of the late, great Lauren Bacall. “Not now. I want to cum again. I need to cum again. I’m still horny. Finger me deeper, Jason. Rub my clit faster. Lick me harder. Lick me, Jason. Lick your mother. Eat my pussy again. Eat Mommy’s cunt. Give me another sexual orgasm with your fingers and your tongue. I need to cum. I need to cum again.”

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