*** Nigerian Nightmare *** – Part 1


*** Nigerian Nightmare *** – Part 1All the usual disclaimers apply. The following story isentirely fictional and contains explicit descriptions ofsexual activity between adult males and a teenage boy.READ NO FURTHER if you are under the age of eighteen oroffended by such material.I am twenty-two years old, six feet tall and blond. Ihave a nice seven-inch cock, which is uncut and servicedon a regular basis by Adam, my boyfriend. He is two yearsmy junior, blond and a good three-inches shorter than me;however, his uncut cock is a tad longer than mine.We are fairly adventurous, sexually, but not promiscuous.Adam has only been with a few men before me. I have hadmore partners, but only one long term relationship. Wehave, on occasion, had sex in places where it waspossible that someone might see us: in the park, in mycar, and even on the landing outside my flat.We both enjoy oral sex, and Adam is always keen to takeit up the arse. He is also very keen on flashing, butlimits his audience to the lurkers in the local park.We both exercise regularly and are quite fit, and areconsidered to be attractive – we definitely get ‘thelook’ when out clubbing. However, we got more than ‘thelook’ when we entered Point2Point, a club that had beenrecommended to us by Tony, a friend.Most of the guys in the club were big and beefy, andblack. However, there was a good few white faces in thecrowd, looking for a bit of African rough, so we decidedto give it a shot. We made our way to the bar and ordereda couple of drinks from a friendly barman; we then headedoff to find an empty table. The table we eventually foundwas right at the back of the club, in a corner by thefire exit.The music was as good as Tony had said, and the smalldance floor was packed. I looked around and saw nothingbut happy, smiling faces.After Adam had downed his second drink, and loosened up abit, he accepted an invitation to dance from a burlyNigerian. He had never danced to this kind of musicbefore, so he followed the black man’s lead and joinedthe dancing throng.The man brought Adam back to the table after three songs,and then pulled up a chair and sat down, even though hehad not been invited to join us. Three drinks appeared atour table as Remi introduced himself. We drank our drinksas Remi talked to Adam. I couldn’t hear what was beingsaid over the music, so I just sipped my drink andwatched Adam. He seemed nervous about having Remi sittingso close to him, but neither one of us wanted to make ascene, by asking the man to leave.Adam and Remi finished their drinks and went back to thedance floor. Adam didn’t look too keen on the idea, butlet the man lead him back into the sea of black faces.They returned after two more songs and sat down oppositeme again. Adam’s hair and clothes looked dishevelled, andhis fly zipper was fully open.More drinks appeared on the table in front of us, andwere accompanied by two more black men. Kola and Samsonsat down on either side of me and talked loudly with Remiin their native tongue. They were very friendly and out-going, but I became increasing anxious as they crowded inon me.All three Nigerians were in their early thirties; and allthree were large and muscular, and very imposing.I watched as Adam and Remi drank their drinks and talked.I could tell that the drink was starting to have aneffect on my boyfriend, but he wasn’t relaxed. He lookedvery nervous, and seemed unable to fend off Remi’sadvances.Samson said something to Remi, who grinned and nodded ashe unbuttoned Adam’s shirt. All three men laughed asRemi’s hand slipped inside the shirt and tweaked Adam’sright nipple.I decided it was time to say goodbye to Remi and leavewith my hapless boyfriend. Unfortunately, it didn’t quitework out that way. As I tried to stand up, Kola andSamson put their hands on my shoulders and held me in mychair.They both smiled at me, and there were no threats, butstill I was unable to get up. I looked over at Adam andsaw the anxious look on his face: Remi’s hand was nowbeneath the table.I shouted at Remi over the music, telling him that it wastime for me and Adam to leave. He just looked at me andwent back to talking to my boyfriend.Kola leaned closer and said in a menacing voice, ‘Youdon’t want to leave now, white boy. It’s still early, andthe fun is just beginning.’I didn’t know what to do; I couldn’t fight these men andthey wouldn’t let me up. I was forced to sit and watch asRemi continued to amuse himself with Adam. Over the nexthour or so, Adam and I were ‘encouraged’ to down severalmore drinks – I don’t know what the drinks were called,but they were very strong.Remi handed me Adam’s shirt and dragged my boyfriend backto the dance floor. The sea of black faces swallowed himup whole.’That white boy will be dancing to the beat of the drumwith his cock hanging out of his strides,’ said Samson toKola. ‘The man-eaters like to see white cock swinging inthe breeze.”And Remi won’t let the wimp disappoint his admirers,’replied Kola, laughing.Adam’s cock was indeed hanging out of his trousers whenhe returned to the table. He looked so helpless standingbeside the burly Nigerian.’I had to fight the man-eaters off,’ said Remi to his twofriends. ‘They all wanted a piece of him.’I watched in horror as Remi took hold of my boyfriend andkissed him fully on the lips. He then slipped his handinside Adam’s trousers and squeezed his left arse-cheek.I tried to get to my feet again, but my efforts were metwith the same response as before: I was slammed back intomy chair by Kola and Samson, who held me there while theywatched Remi m***** Adam.Remi finally broke off his suffocating kiss and withdrewhis hand, leaving Adam with a look of desperation on hisface. I didn’t know how we were going to get out of thismess, and I was getting scared. There were no sympatheticfaces in the club, but they were all still smiling – forsome reason the smiles seemed more sinister andthreatening.I watched as Remi reached down and began toying withAdam’s flaccid cock, making it semi-erect within seconds.My boyfriend just stood there and let the black man havefree reign over his pale, white body.Remi and his two friends began speaking to one another canlı kaçak iddaa intheir native tongue. They then downed their drinks andmade ready to leave the club. For just a second I thoughtthat it might be over.Alas, it wasn’t over. Remi pushed Adam towards the fireexit; and I was pulled to my feet by Kola and Samson andforced to follow. Once outside, I could see Adam beingguided towards a large, white van by Remi.I told the men that we couldn’t go with them, and triedto get between Adam and Remi. Unfortunately, I was justas much under their control as my boyfriend. So we walkedslowly towards the van.I was forced to watch Remi take hold of Adam and kiss himpassionately again, as his hands went exploring oncemore. Adam struggled for a few seconds, but soon gave upand let the man have his way.As they kissed, Adam’s trousers and boxer shorts fell tothe floor. I was now standing in a car park, beside avan, watching my naked boyfriend being turned into asubmissive sex pet.The van backed over Adam’s clothes as it left the carpark and headed west.As the van crossed the main road, Remi pulled his large,black cock out of his trousers and ‘encouraged’ Adam tosuck it. I tried to protest, but Kola slapped me acrossthe face and told me to, ‘shut it!’Samson scared the hell out of me as he drove the vanerratically through the narrow, unlit streets. He hadseveral close calls, but each time he swerved to avoid acrash, he and his friends just laughed.I was forced to watch as Remi finally emptied the contentof his ball-sac into Adam’s mouth. Adam gagged as hestruggled to swallow the man’s large load.Samson finally pulled the van over and parked it in frontof a bungalow.’You two white boys belong to us tonight,’ said Remi.’You do as we say and you don’t get hurt. You play up;you get beaten bad and left naked in the street.’Adam and I shook with fear. The look on Remi’s face toldus that his warning to behave was no idle threat. No oneknew where we were and these Nigerians had us at theirmercy. Adam and I were soft, city wimps, so we were goingto do whatever it took to satisfy these burly black men.Inside the bungalow, which was expensively furnished, wewere introduced to Saka, a wiry old man in his fifties.The four Nigerians spoke to one another in their nativetongue for several minutes, whilst eyed up their captiveprey.’You get naked, man,’ said Saka to me. ‘You get naked,like your bum-boy friend.”And dance for us,’ added Samson. ‘I want to see you twowhite boys dance.’The room fell silent as I nervously undressed. Saka neveronce took his eyes off me: I was clearly going to be hisbum-boy that night.’You have a sexy body, man,’ said Saka, smiling. ‘I likefucking men with sexy bodies.”I like his friend,’ said Remi to Saka, as he collectedup my clothes and threw them into the fireplace. ‘He’sreal nice to kiss and cuddle.’The fire was not lit, but it was filled with coal dustand ashes. My best clubbing outfit was now ruined, butthat was the last thing I was worried about. Adam and Ihad to avoid any confrontation with these thugs. We hadto get through this ordeal without being beaten to apulp.The thought of being ‘beaten bad’ was swiftly replaced bya much more positive notion: Adam and I liked beingfucked, so why not let these Nigerians have their waywith us, again and again. If we kept sucking their cocksand bending over for them, why would they want to beat usup? Of course, if we did smile and spread our arse-cheeksfor these thugs, we could end up being their bum-boys fora very long time.’Now dance for us, white boys,’ said Samson. ‘And don’tyou forget to swing those cocks.’Without any music, Adam and I looked so silly dancingnaked in front of the four men. Nerves and embarrassmentkept us from getting into any kind of rhythm, so we justbopped up and down on the spot, doing the dozy-boy dance.’No, no, no,’ Samson snapped. ‘Dance together. Kiss andplay with each other. Swing those cocks and wiggle thosebums.’We came together, under the centre light, and did every-thing Samson had ordered us to do. We kiss and wiggledour hips; we took hold of each others arse-cheeks andspread them apart, much to Kola’s approval; we tweakedeach others nipples and squeezed each other ball-sacs.Adam was clearly on the same page as I was: he knew wehad to please these men big time.’Lick his arse, bum-boy one,’ said Remi, as he picked upmy shoes and threw them into the fireplace.Adam and I looked at Remi, not knowing who was ‘bum-boyone’.’You,’ said Saka, pointing to Adam. ‘You are bum-boy one;and sexy body is bum-boy two.’I was annoyed at being labelled ‘bum-boy two’, but thefeel of Adam’s tongue on my anus and arse-crack soon mademe forget about it.All four men began to strip naked as Adam’s tongue probeddeeper into my love hole, prompting me to moan and groanwith pleasure. My boyfriend certainly knew how to rim atight arsehole, even when he was so stressed out.As I continued to moan and groan, Saka stepped forwardand ran his hand over my back. I was now his creature;his bum-boy; his sex pet.’Open your mouth, man,’ he ordered. ‘You suck my finger,like it was a cock.’I opened my mouth and eagerly sucked in his finger.’You like sucking finger, man?’ he asked, smiling.I nodded my head.’You like sucking cock?’I nodded my head again.Remi, Kola and Samson were now behind Adam, running theircoal-black hands over his pale, white body.’That’s enough arse licking,’ said Remi. ‘Sit your bum-boy down, Saka, and let him watch his friend being usedby Kola.’I stopped sucking on Saka’s finger and moved quickly tothe sofa. The old man plonked himself down on my lap, puthis arm round my neck and ran his stubbled chin across myforehead.’Kiss me on the lips, man,’ he said, tightening his holdon my neck. ‘And call me Awesome Master.’I did as I was told, and was rewarded with an order tosuck on my Awesome Master’s finger.Saka and I then sat in silence and watched my boyfriendbeing used by Kola. The man ran his coal-black hands overAdam’s upper body and bit him on the neck several times.Adam’s arse, stomach and cock were then squeezed realhard; much to the delight of Remi and Samson.’He’s nice and firm,’ Kola canlı kaçak bahis announced, ‘and he’s allours.’The burly Nigerian nudged Adam’s legs apart with his footand slipped a finger into the wimp’s love hole, and beganto explore.’He’s nice and tight down here,’ said Kola. ‘Yes, niceand tight.’Samson laughed as he and Remi bent Adam over and offeredhim their semi-erect cocks to suck on. All four men hadginormous cocks, so Adam and I were clearly going to haveour horizons stretched to the limit that night.Adam sucked on each cock in turn, ensuring that bothreceive the same amount of attention. He wasn’t about toplay favourites and get a slap.’Suck my cock again, white boy,’ said Samson. ‘And makethat slurping sound again.”Then suck on my ball-bag, boy,’ added Remi. ‘And lick myknob with the tip of your tongue.’As Remi and Samson put in their orders, Kola’s cock-headreplaced the probing finger and pushed deep into Adam’slove hole.I saw the look of anguish on my boyfriend’s face, and thetears running down his cheeks. I felt so sorry for him asKola began pounding away at his rear end, whilst holdingonto Adam’s hips and grunting loudly.’Are you having a good time, boy?’ asked Remi, as he andSamson mopped up Adam’s tears with their cock-heads.’Yes! Yes! I’m having a really good time,’ gasped Adam.’That’s such a relief to hear,’ said Remi. ‘Kola can be areal pain in the arse sometimes.’The three men laughed as they filled Adam’s arsehole andmouth with hard-standing cock.Tears began to roll down my cheeks as I sat and watchedmy boyfriend being fucked and face-fucked by the threeNigerians. I felt so guilty, because I liked what I wasseeing.Kola shouted out something in his native tongue, releasedAdam’s hips and slapped the wimp across the arse-cheeks.He then tensed up, took hold of Adam’s hips again andshed his load.With a broad grin on his face, the Nigerian collapsed ontop of Adam’s back and remained there, resting, until hepulled out several minutes later. He then staggered intothe kitchen to get a bottle of beer from the fridge.Upon his return, Kola sat down in an armchair, sipped hisbeer and watched his replacement, Samson, mount bum-boyone.’Open up, white boy,’ snapped Samson. ‘It’s gonna hurt ifyou don’t relax and open up.’When fully erect, Samson’s cock curved upward and lookedfar more imposing than Kola’s. The curved cock looked asthough it could reach the parts of an inner sanctum thatno straight cock could; in fact, it gave the impressionthat if Samson stood bolt upright, a wimp like Adam wouldbe lifted off the ground with such a monster inside him.Adam gasped with pain as Samson took hold of his hips andthrust forward. I gave Saka’s semi-erect cock a gentlesqueeze as I watched my boyfriend being brutally fucked.’Don’t you fret, man,’ said Saka. ‘Wicked Master [Samson]will be fucking you like that soon.”All four of us will be fucking you like that soon,’added Kola.While Adam was being humped by Samson, Remi was slappingthe hapless wimp across the face with his coal-blackcock.’Are you still having a good time, boy?’ asked Remi.’Yes-s-s!’ Adam gasped between cock slaps. ‘You guys arethe best…”He’s lying,’ said Kola. ‘White boys don’t like takingblack boy cock up the bum. Nigerian cock is way too bigfor them; they like little, white willies up their bums.”No, no,’ said Adam. ‘Black boy cock is awesome. It’sfucking awesome.’Samson continued to pound away at Adam’s rear end as Kolacoaxed more black cock compliments out of his new bum-boy.I was pleased to see and hear my boyfriend playing alongwith these thugs; however, he did seem to be enjoying theabuse a tad too much for my liking. For instance, hisfeeble attempts to resist were always countered with hardslaps across the arse, and yet he continued to ‘resist’on a regular basis. He also cooed whenever these slapswere administered.The thought of Adam being turned on by all this abuse didworry me. If he became a willing sex pet, and wantedthese abusers to enslave him, I would be outnumbered bigtime.’Let’s see if bum-boy two is as friendly as bum-boy one,’said Remi. ‘Get over here, boy, and suck my cock.’Saka stood up, grabbed my ear and pulled me off the sofa.’You take good care of Fearsome Master [Remi],’ saidSaka, as he twisted my ear and led me over to where Remiwas standing. ‘You get down on your knees and suck yourmaster’s cock.’I did as I was told, with a good deal of heavy-handedencouragement from Saka. The old man then knelt downbehind me, spread my arse-cheeks apart and began probingmy love hole with his bony fingers. As he did so, Remitook hold of my head and forced more of his cock down mythroat. He flattened my nose against his stomach and mademe gag.Instinctively, I struggled at first, but then gave in andlet the man have his way with me.’Good boy,’ said Remi. ‘Just let it slide right down yourthroat.”These white men are so soft and sexy,’ said Saka. ‘Theyare just like their friend Tunny.”Tony,’ said Kola, correcting the old man’s pronunciationof my friend’s name. ‘The three of us had to fuck him forhours, in rotation, before he finally agreed to tell hisfriends about the club. He didn’t want to share his goodfortune with anyone.’So Tony knew that Adam and I would fall prey to thesebastards at the club; the fucker set us up.’He’s addicted to black cock,’ Kola continued, ‘and he’lldo anything to be lanced by a black mamba.”Black mamba-a-a,’ Adam stuttered, as Samson power-fuckedhis arse. ‘I like that name.’My boyfriend was also becoming addicted to black cock, aswell as all the rough stuff that these thugs were metingout. He was clearly becoming their creature, the littleslut.’Focus, boy!’ said Remi to me. ‘Keep those lips stretchedround the base of my dick and stay focused.’Samson and Adam crashed to the floor a few minutes later;however, they remained coupled together and eager to keepgoing at it like rabbits, with Samson power-fucking Adaminto the pile of the carpet.’That’s it, Sammy,’ said Remi. ‘Wipe the floor with him;fuck him good!’It was then that Saka, using the finger he had buried inmy love hole, indicated that I should get to my feet andoffer him my arse for fucking. The bahis siteleri canlı manoeuvre was quitedifficult to undertake, especially with a hard-standingcock in my mouth and a guiding finger up my arse.Precariously, I managed to get off my knees and, withlegs well apart, bend over for the old man. A stingingslap across my back told me I was in the right positionfor his cock to dock.Remi held my head in a vice-like grip as Saka’s hard-standing chopper replaced the probing finger. The painwas so excruciatingly severe, and way beyond anything Ihad experienced before.I felt my knees judder as I gagged on Remi’s cock. Saka’sdry-cock hump was making my head spin, and it was onlythe hold the men had on my body that kept me from fallingdown.’Steady, boy,’ said Remi. ‘You don’t want to pass out andmiss all the fun.”If he can’t take my cock,’ said Saka to Remi, ‘how’s hegoing to cope with yours, or Kola’s, or Sammy’s?”With lots of shouting and screaming,’ said Kola, slap-ping his thigh and laughing.’He’s normally a giver,’ said Remi to Saka. ‘But now he’sgot to get used to being a taker, like his boyfriend.”The boyfriend is a tip-top taker,’ said Kola, slappinghis thigh again and downing the last of his beer. ‘Yes, areal nice grind; ain’t that right, Sammy!’Samson let out a loud grunt, which we all took to be anunequivocal yes.Saka ran his hands slowly over my arse-cheeks and back,encouraging me to, ‘relax and open up.’I winced as his cock continued to impale me, making mybody shuddered involuntarily. The anus-stretching cockpushed its way into my inner sanctum, forcing me to letout a steady stream of a****l-like snorts and grunts.’It’s better rough,’ said Saka. ‘Wimps like you rememberit for longer.’Adam and I continued to snort and grunt like prize pigs.The two Nigerians had very dominant fucking techniques,and real staying power: we were like two rag dolls intheir powerful, black hands.My entire body was covered in sweat by the time the oldman thrust forward for the last time and shed his load,deep inside me. I was completely done in, but that didn’tstop the handover.Remi withdrew his cock from my mouth and swapped placeswith Saka; and as he did so, I saw Samson withdraw hislength from Adam’s arsehole and, with Kola’s help, dragmy boyfriend across the floor and out of the room by theankles.’Ready for round two, boy?’ asked Remi, as he eased myarse-cheeks apart. ‘Just curve your back a little andopen up.”I need a rest,’ I pleaded. ‘I’m not use to all this…’Saka’s flaccid cock struck me hard across the left cheek,interrupting me; it then returned to strike me across theright cheek.’Hush, boy,’ Remi scolded, as he prepared to mount me.’Just curve your back and open up.’Saka took hold of my head and forced his slimy cock intomy mouth.’Clean it up, man,’ he said, laughing. ‘Make it all spickand span.’I wanted to bite the fucking thing, but self-preservationand good sense stop me: I knew full well that these thugswould really put me through the wringer if I didn’t playalong.My head was spinning; my guts were aching; my arse wasthrobbing. I did everything I could to accommodate theanal invader, but still the pain was horrendous, and yetawesome at the same time.Remi hammered away at my arse for a good long while,increasing and reducing his stroke rate continuously. Thevariable fuck-rate certainly kept me on my toes, bothliterally and figuratively.My knees threatened to give way several times, but some-how I managed to maintain my stance: bent over and sand-wiched between the two men. Remi’s iron grip on my hipshelped enormously.’Your friend Tony loves being topped and tailed likethis,’ said Saka. ‘And so does his friend, the old manwho owns this bungalow. They are both tied up in the bed-room, waiting for more sex.’I didn’t like the sound of that: Tony was never very keenon bondage, so what was going on.’We have to tie Henry and Tony together, back to back, tostop them from having sex,’ Saka continued. ‘If we didn’trope ’em up, their ball-bags would be bone dry by now.’I let out a mournful groan when Remi thrust forward andgrowled, signalling yet another change of stroke rate:from slow to fast. Bracing myself for more power fucking,I put my concern about Tony and his friend, who I didn’tknow, to the back of my mind.Most of my friends would have paid good money to watchthe scene now unfolding in Henry’s living-room. The twomuscular Africans had me pinned to the spot, with theircocks deep inside me. I was exhausted and in desperateneed of a respite, but Remi was determined to keep goinguntil he had satisfied his needs.I juddered back and forth between the two men, and, witha hard-standing cock in each pipe, found myself being wonover, rather reluctantly, to this form of rough sex.’Yes! Yes! Yes!’ Remi shouted, as he climaxed and shedhis load. I nearly slipped from his grasp as he floodedmy inner sanctum with seed; and as he did so, I grabbedhold of Saka’s hips for support and climaxed.The three of us crumpled to the floor in slow motion, butstayed coupled together as we went down. I was totallywiped out by the shag and the subsequent climax; however,I still kept my arse-cheeks tightly clenched, hoping fora last minute rally from Remi.Alas, the man was spent and in no mood for an encore;Saka was also quick to dismount and move on.I was grabbed by the ankles and, just like Adam, hauledout of the room. The carpet burnt my arse and back as Iwas dragged, unceremoniously, along behind the two men.In the hallway my head struck a wall, a doorpost and anopen door. The journey from the living-room to the bath-room was extremely bumpy and fast moving; and the way themen cleaned me up in the shower was just as hurried andrough – I was still soaking wet when I joined the othersin the bedroom.’Climb aboard, man,’ said Saka, as he pushed me towardthe double bed. ‘Spread yourself out on top of your boy-friend and make yourself comfortable.’On the bed, Tony and Henry were lying on their left andright side respectively, and tied back to back with rope.Sprawled out on top of them was Adam, who was tied, facedown, to the four corners of the bed with more rope. Icompleted the human pyramid by spreading myself out, facedown, on top of Adam.I was tied down in double quick time by Kola and Samson,who kept slapping my arse as they did so.The four Nigerians then left us in the dark and returnedto the living-room.- – -All comments and suggestions welcome.

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