Newest fantasy …


Newest fantasy …

For Dawn & Mandy,

In my newest fantasy … although part of it is a continuation of
an old one, the three of us have become, and I have no idea what
it might be called in “the community” … as far as the BDSM portion
of our relationship I’ve become both “Daddy & Dom” to both of you
and we’ve been having some amazingly wonderful times at the
events we’ve been able to attend. Oddly enough, especially for the
state of Oklahoma, it is not i*****l to engage in sexual intercourse
at the “Events” as long as all the parties are of legal age and give
their consent.
As a result we’ve had a few “scenes” that really had everyone
very turned on. Oh, one thing I’m discovering about the BDSM
community is that there are quite a few gay & lesbians in it and
over all they are much more tolerant and accepting of others than
the regular “swinging” community. As a result we’ve had a very
large number of invitations to different events.
I think there are multiple reasons, the least of which is the fact
that both of you are so unbelievably beautiful and so fucking hot
hot and passionate. The first time we were “preformed” at an event
I, with the help of both of the co-owners of “The Dungeon” help me
get the two of you ready for the “show”. I remember us all saying
how nervous and excited we were to actually be “putting on a show”
for many people we did not really know that well as well as some
total strangers. They helped me “rope up” both of you to the big
cross beam in the center of the Dungeon … facing each other
once I had then double check my “work” to make sure that it was
done in such a way that neither of you would be injured or hurt, I
started fondling your beautiful tits by standing between the two of
you. Then I whispered in Dawn’s ear if she wanted to watch me
playing wit Mandy to which she replied with a slight gasp “Oh MY
God YES … I want everyone to see you help her cum”!
I gave you a very passionate kiss while at the same time rubbing
your now soaking wet pussy lips. Each of you were wearing nipple
clamps but they were not very tight … just enough to provide some
extra stimulation. I faced Mandy and ask if she was ready to show
the crowd just how good a “Babygirl” she was for her Daddy. She
gasp and said she was. I reached over onto the stand that we had
set up with most of the “play toys” we had planned to use for the
evening and got a fairly new dildo called “the roller”. The three of
us had gone to Christy’s Toy Box to look for new “items” to add to
our growing collection of both sexual & BDSM toys. We almost
balked at the over $200 price until the sales person, Heather, took
one out of the box and let us examine it. You both said you wanted
to try it out and I’d been getting lots of overtime plus our “site” online
was starting to bring in some $$$ on a pretty good rate so I got it to
take home and let my 2 Babygirls play with and share.
In no time at all Mandy was moaning & gasping & whimpering and
when I lubed up the head and shoved it up her wonderfully tight hot
cunt and turned it on she started screaming & crying out in absolute,
orgasmic pleasure. She was twisting around on the beam and in no
time at all cumming so much that bahis siteleri canlı even from the benches people
could see all that sticky, slimy cunt cream oozing past her cunt lips
onto the shaft of the dildo and my hand before dripping onto the
mate below us. You were getting so turned on watching me helping
Mandy’s cunt cum so much that you said, loud enough for almost
everyone to hear that we should have put a pan underneath her to
catch it so that you could drink it and rub it all over your beautiful
face and those amazing tits of yours.
After she’d cum for over 10 minuets strait I whispered in her ear
that she needed a break and I was going to work in you for a while.
she agreed and actually whimpered and went limp in the ropes
when I took it out of her cunt. I set it down on the stand and cupped
her face gently in my hands and told her what an amazingly good
“Babygirl” she was and then I turned to face you.
I kissed your lips passionately as I reached between your legs and
ask you if you wanted to taste Mandy’s sweet cunt cream on the dildo
to which you replied that you would love to just as long as it was
alright with Daddy. I just smiled and gave you another kiss and said
“of course … why wouldn’t it be”? Then I brought it to your lips and
eagerly watched as you flicked out your tongue and let me “tease” you
with it before I put slide it over your lips and then put the head in your
mouth. I love that super sexy sweet smile and the gleam in those hazel
eyes as you taste Mandy’s super sweet cunt cream as I gently slide the
dildo in and out of your mouth.
I whisper in your ear that I expect that both you and Mandy will be good
Babygirls when we get back to the house and “play” with each other and
let me “share” the two of you with each other and myself. I ask if it’s just
me or does both yours & Mandy’s pussy cum seem to get even sweeter
tasting the more you’ve cum. I pull the dildo out of your mouth in order
for you to answer and you tell me, “no it’s not just me … which is just one
of the reasons you love very long, very multi orgasmic sessions with her
and with me to of course.” I ask if the same goes for after I’ve cum inside
her and you just give me “that smile” that tells me all I need to know while
driving me crazy at the same time.
Well once you’ve licked & sucked all Mandy’s sweet pussy juice off the
dildo you ask if your Daddy minds fucking your slut cunt with it and
allowing you to cum all over it. Naturally I tell you that I think you know
that was what I was planning all along. So I stand up and reach between
those amazing legs of yours and rub the palm of my hand all over your
sticky, sweet slimy cunt and love having your cunt cream cover my hand.
I bring it up to your lips and share it with you as I’m slipping the head of
the “Roller” up your cunt and reach into my pocket for the remote so I
can start it working inside your cunt to help my “very good Babygirl” cum
like the fantastic slutty cum cunt that she/you are. And as you start riding
it as best you can from the cross bar restraints I can feel it getting more
difficult to slide in and out of you because of those amazingly wonderful
cunt muscles of yours and I know you’re almost ready casino şirketleri to cream and while
that was happening you’d also been getting your nice ass mildly “flogged”
and had your tits played with.
You start gasping and writhing, whimpering and moaning, then crying
out and screaming as your entire body is convulsing from cumming so
hard and so much. Finely we stop and help both you and Mandy down
from the cross beam and out of the ropes so you can relax and rest for
a while. Remember there’s still the “scene” where you and Mandy “Do”
each other and share that big double dildo!!!
I’m not sure if some people made calls when they went out into the
“socializing area” or not but it seems like there are lots more people here
then when we started. I/we find out later that there were several members
who called other members and told them that they were missing out on
an amazing show and should stop by if at all possible.
By the time we had finished our break and were heading back into the
Dungeon it was almost standing room only … so I guess there were a few
calls made. Anyway when we got back out we went to the big table where
there’s room for both of you to lay so you can “scissors” and as I’m getting
the two of you “roped in” I’m hearing all sorts of really “naughty” comments.
The owner slips up beside me and asks if that will be OK … all the comments
… and I tell him that from the way you and Mandy are reacting to them … not
to mention how the “audience” seems to be reacting … I wouldn’t want to try
and have them stop. Besides I know how much it’s turning all three of us on.
After you’re both “tied down” I have one of our friends from the club help
me by having her start to “instruct” you by using a paddle and her bare hand
and moderately spanking you while I’m getting the new double dildo that
the two if you picked out and really surprised me with the first time I saw you
using it. It’s very interesting to say the least. It’s not only 20″ long and thick …
but it has settings where it will vibrate, pulsate and throb all at the same time
and it has a handheld remote with it.
Once I’ve played with both of pussies to get them nice and wet I put some
lube on each end on the head and start rubbing and teasing those absolutely
amazing cunts of yours until I think you’re both about ready to cum then I slip
one end first inside your slimy cunt and then the other into Mandy’s. As soon
as I have about 7″s inside each of your cunts I turn it on with the remote and
start playing with the different settings. At the same time you are both getting
spanked as well as having your tits played with. Well in no time at all you’re
both writhing & squirming around like crazy and you’ve managed to slide
close enough together that I can take the wand and use it to stimulate both
your clits at the same time. You’re both screaming & crying out; gasping and
moaning and whimpering from pure, unbelievable intensely wild orgasmic
There are 3 or 4 different times when I ask if you’re ready to stop and each
time you both almost yell out fuck no … please do not stop … so I/we don’t.
Before we’ve finished the two of you have been cumming almost non stop for
over an canlı casino siteleri hour. I’ve ask “Modar” a few times if we need to stop because of the
time and each time by way of reply he just points to all those gathered to
watch. Finely when it’s like 10:45 … we started this part a little before 9 …
I start to slowly lower the settings on the dildo and they have the spanking
and other “playing” has stopped. Once I’ve turned the dildo off I wait about
5 minuets before I pull it out … taking it by the middle and sliding it out of
both your cunts at almost the same time.
Each of you both gasp & whimper as it finely finishes coming out of your cunts
and as I’m so close I can still see both her & your cunt lips quivering and clits
twitching. With some help I/we remove the ropes and help you down from the table
onto the pad on the floor where you both just collapse into each other’s arms. I
put the remote down on the table and lay down and cuddle & snuggle with the two
of you. After about 10 minuets of almost total quiet I stand up and as I’m helping
both of you up there are cat calls and whistles and actually some of the people
clapping their hands and sayin g what an amazingly erotic thing it was to watch.
After the three of us have dressed … I’d ask you both to please wait until we
get home to clean up … we go into the “socializing” area and sit down and are
surrounded by several people who tell us just how much they loved watching what
we did and asking if we were planning on doing it again. I looked at both of you
and asked if “Your Daddy” wanted you to would you be willing to do it again.
Almost in unison you both almost cried out “not yes … but fuck yes” … that it was
the best & wildest orgasms you’d ever experienced and that you certainly wanted
to experience more. I then ask Modar if it would be permissible to have certain
members of the audience … selected in advance … join in at different phases of
to help increase the sensations of pleasure for the two of you even more. He said
that as long as every one was in agreement he saw no reason not to. Then I asked
if there would be any problems … legally I meant … if there were actual sexual
intercourse between you and certain people. He said that, surprisingly there was
no law preventing it as long as every one was of legal age and gave their consent.
I bet between us we must have gotten 20 or more phone #s and “site” names
asking if we would send them friend requests or accept ones from them.
I was not sure if either of you would want to do anything except go o sleep when
we got home so I told you both to just go on inside and I’d take care of getting
everything put up and if not cleaned at least in something to soak until we could
properly clean them later.
So I was very pleasantly surprised when I came inside and saw the two of you
“playing” and assured you that I would be there to join as soon as I could. Well as
it was on a Friday … early Saturday morning now … and we didn’t really have any
plans in until later that evening … we proceeded to try and see just how many more
super wild orgasms the two of you could achieve … and I was absolutely certain
that the two of you would fuck, suck & jerk several different loads out of me. I think
it was nearly 4:30 when I finely came for the last time with both of you stroking my
rock hard throbbing shaft and curling up together in each other’s arms with my arms
around you both as much as I could.

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