New Years to Remember


New Years to RememberI’ve just had a New Years to remember…My friends had spent the day trying to persuade me to go out to celebrate, but I opted to stay in. I thought a nice night alone would be a better start to 2014.So I waited till my friends left mine. The moment the last one stepped out the door, I ran to my bedroom and opened my “girly” wardrobe. Living on my own now, I’ve grown a large collection of clothes. I decided to throw on a nice dress and drink a few glasses of wine. So I picked out a tight black dress, it was my favourite as it seemed to shape my body perfectly. I sat down and started watching tv. My ex bf sent me an early message wishing me a happy new year, I thought it was odd but replied anyway. He carries on the conversation, trying to make it dirty. Not being able to resist, I can’t help but tell him what I’m doing. He replies by asking for a pic… I don’t kaçak bahis know what to do! I’m in a nice dress with my favourite knickers on but I’ve got no make up or wig on! I can’t let him see me like this, but I wanted the attention…Fuck it. I rush to my room and apply my makeup, throw on a bra, slip in my fake breasts, do my lipstick, paint my nails and slip into some stockings. I send him a pic with me bent over in the mirror looking back, with the message, “fireworks at midnight?”I wait…and wait…Then finally he replies with a winky face asking where. I tell him to come to mine. I’m so excited that I can’t wait, I sit there watching the clock tick. As it gets to 11, I’m feeling pretty drunk, I stumble into the bathroom to try to straighten myself up. I struggle and find myself stood facing the mirror, lent on the sink.Then I heard the door go, slamming shut. I hear canlı bahis a shout but take a moment to make it out… “It’s just me Rob, I think I left my wallet in your bathroom…” Opening the door in the same breath. I’m stood frozen on the spot as I’m struggling to stand. My friend stands shocked staring at me, as I watch his face in the reflection in the mirror. I cover my eyes and repeat “omg please don’t tell anybody!”He pauses, then agrees, but on the condition that he gets to lift up my skirt. I smile as I realise he’s into it, but I bend my back in so my ass sticks out, he doesn’t need more of a hint. He grabs me from behind, pulls up my dress and my knickers across. I was so excited I could feel my cock throbbing away. It’d been so long since I’d been fucked in my ass, I knew it was going to be tight again. He spits onto my ass and rubs it around my hole bahis siteleri to lube me up, it didn’t do much as I felt the tip of his big hard cock slip in my “pussy”.He’s got me moaning already as he gets deeper inside me. I can feel his balls smacking my tight little girly balls as he’s forcing his cock so far inside me that I shudder. I look up at myself in the mirror, he’s staring at my ass, watching the whole thing. I start to tear as the pain is so much, just as he glances up and sees my make up running, he pauses… then grins, winks and pushes deep one last time as he blows his hot load in my ass. He pulls back and slaps my butt with his cock, splattering the last of his cum all over my ass.He pulls up his jeans, does up his belt and leaves after grabbing his wallet from the living room table. I had to take a few minutes to recover before I realised the time, it was only 20 minutes till my ex was meant to arrive! There I was with ruined makeup, my knickers torn and cum dripping out of me. I rushed to get ready and make myself look good again. The starter had come and gone, time for the main course…

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