New Year’s shared with another couple


New Year’s shared with another coupleMy wife and I had big plans for New Year’s Eve. I had my tux on when I heard her in the bedroom. By the time I got back there, it was obvious she was going nowhere that night. Seems the flu that had been going around had caught up with her. I helped her into bed, cleaned up the mess and went out to watch some football and channel surf.Around 10:30 she told me I should still go out and enjoy myself. It was not my fault she was sick and she knew I would be grumpy if I spent the whole evening by myself. So I headed out to a hotel nearby that has this really great little bar with live bands. I figured the place would be ringing in the night the right way.I hung out at the bar and downed a couple Dos Equis while I watched the game and talked with some people. A few minutes before midnight, they switched the TV’s over to watch the ball drop and I slowly made my way to the door. Who wants to be a single around a bunch of couples kissing on New Year’s Eve?I was just at the door when this incredible blonde in short shorts and a matching tank top grabbed my arm and said, “Hey, I want to ring in the New Year by kissing two guys. Mind making my wish come true?” Now to be honest, I had seen her and her guy hanging all over each other about 5 minutes into my first beer. She was not just hot looking; she was hot and ready for more! So I shrugged and walked over to the table where Jack was still standing just as the ball began to drop.Now let me tell you, the ball on the TV dropped, but my cock and balls both rose because as I leaned down to kiss my blonde minx, she grabbed my crotch in a very familiar way and when I glanced down her other hand was filled with Jack’s crotch. I took the lead from Jack and grabbed her ass cheek closest to me and cupped her near breast and… well… damn!!! Best New Year’s kiss I had had for years!!!Jack introduced him and Sue then and thanked me for helping fulfill her fantasy. Then he asked, “Would you help me fulfill mine?” He wanted to fuck his wife with another guy and he assured me there would be “No sword crossing” if I agreed. It was just he wanted to really blow Sue’s mind sexually.I looked around the room. Most of the people I had never seen before except for a few at the bar and they mostly thought I had already left, so I decided what the hell and walked out with them and rode the elevator up to their room.As we stood in the bahis siteleri hall waiting for the elevator, Sue gave each of us a hand and we kissed our way over her silky smooth skin, moving from fingers to insides of forearms to inner elbows to biceps…. Then the elevator door opened and we stepped inside. She turned her back to Jack and he began kissing her neck and pulled the straps on her top down to the sides of her arms! Her top fell down over her tight little breasts and she crooked a finger at me inviting me to come taste. I did. I leaned right in and began licking on her pert nipples making her purr as she kissed Jack over her shoulder.We had barely made it in the hotel room and shut the door when Sue dropped to her knees between the two of us and unzipped our pants and pulled out our cocks! Jack just looked at me and said, “I have no idea, but just go with it!! You will not be disappointed. Soon she was sucking on first one of us and then the other and our hands were roaming her body rather freely.I excused myself to relieve my bladder which was full of beer and when I came out, Jack was sitting on the couch, Sue was kneeling on it next to him and face down in his lap. She looked back at me, wiggled her ass and kept on sucking. Jack said, “You don’t get an invitation like that every day, I’d take it!!” So I dropped my drawers and moved up behind her and slid my cock into one of the tightest, steamiest cunt’s I have ever been in!!Her lower velvet lips were soaked and even after not being at my hardest, I slid into her easily. Then she clamped down and it was like the fuck from heaven!!! Watching her slurp on her husband’s thick prick and seeing his hand start parting her ass and finger her puckered hole as I slid in and out of her was just incredible!! I took it slow and easy because I did not want to blow my load before the party really even got started!!!I was getting near my limit though when she pulled away and straddled Jack in reverse cowboy and began riding his thick prick. I stood there; my rod was glistening with her pussy juice and wondered what the hell I was supposed to do now. She motioned for me to come around the couch and then she took my cock and popped it in her perfect mouth and took me all the way in and out in 5 seconds and then looked up at me as she held my cock. “I love the way my pussy tastes on a man’s cock!!” I about shot a load just hearing bahis şirketleri her say it!!I have to tell you, when she started moaning and then let my cock fall out of her mouth as her first orgasm began racking her up, I was just amazed. I stood there watching as she pushed hard down onto Jack trying to milk his cock. He was reaching around and slowly circling her pink clit with a wet finger on one hand and cupping a breast and lightly flicking a nipple with the other. It was a boiling hot scene! Then she got up off of Jack helped him to his feet and patted the seat of the couch indicating where I was to sit and she then sat in the middle of the couch. “Come here and let me lick my Jack’s hard cock,” she crooned as she rolled over on her side and pulling me by the cock. She showed me that she wanted to be fucked by me from behind as she aimed my cock at her lower lips and Jack’s rod was in her upper set. It took a few tries, but finally I got wedged in behind her close enough to slide my cock into her pussy and if I had thought she was wet before, she was soaked now!!!To be honest though I am certain it looked hot as hell, that position was just not working real well for any of us, so Sue got up, had me sit up and then lowered her ass down my chest and whispered, “God I can’t believe I am going to do this. Fuck my ass! Put your cock in my ass deep, PLEASE!” Well I did not want to disappoint her since she had been so nice to me already, so I pulled my cock back a little and slowly she stretched and groaned enough to get the head of my cock in her. Jack was in front of us, holding her by her arms, guiding her slowly down as my shaft sank deeper and deeper into her!!Once I was in, she leaned forward and began sucking on Jack again, only this time he said he had to sit down because he just was not certain how much more he could take. Sue laughed and said to me, “You think you can keep me impaled while we get up?” In answer, I wrapped, my left arm around her waist, holding her tight against my torso, cock buried to the root in her bung hole. I slid forward to the edge of the couch and pushed up with my right hand. When I was standing upright, my cock and my left arm had her suspended in the air!! She shuddered in a tremendous orgasm that made her ass clench with such ferocity that I was worried for a moment that she might snap my cock right off of me!!!Then Jack sat down on the illegal bahis couch and I put Sue on her hands and knees next to him and without ever pulling out, slowly began the processes of buggering her back door properly!!!Again, just as I was about to blow my load, Sue asked us to stop. She was breathing so hard from having had orgasm after orgasm that she needed a break. I started to pull out and she told me not to but if I could sit us back down like we were, she would love to see if I could. So I shoved myself in as deep as I could go and she groaned. With arms wrapped around her I stood up and then flopped back onto the couch!! We all laughed and Jack gave her something to drink.I was still in her ass, but with little or no friction, I was starting to lose a little iron when Jack said, “The two of you look so damn hot like that. Mind if I fill the front side?” She moaned as she handed back her glass and I shrugged and said, why not. He turned back toward us and slid his cock head into her still wet cunt and she groaned like some mythical b**st in the throes of death!!!I had never done anything like this before. At first I did not feel anything special other than her muscles clenched down on me in time with his thrusts. But as both of us got harder, I could feel his thrusts into her pussy clear through the flesh separating it from her rectum!! Talk about an incredible rush!! I began trying to match him thrust for thrust from the bottom!!I have no idea who started it or what order it took place now. All I know was that one of the three of us began an orgasmic chain that then rattled back and forth through us, from one to another and back again!! I swear that in the next few minutes I was milked more completely of every drop of sperm that was in my body than I had ever been milked before!!! Finally Jack rolled off of us and Sue rolled forward. My cock popped out of her ass with an audible pop!!After a few minutes I looked over and saw it was nearly 2:00 a.m!! I swore, tiptoed around the now snuggling and kissing couple, entwined on the floor. I rinsed off my cock in the sink in the bath, gathered up my clothes and headed home.I told my wife I slept on the couch to keep from waking her. She thanked me for being such a sweet and considerate man. She said she would have to reward me once she feels better. I just smiled, because I am just that good!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Did you enjoy?Got a gallery you would like me to write a story about? Even a personal gallery?Should I keep writing these kinds of stories?I can’t give you what you want if you won’t tell me what gets YOU off!!!Thanks for reading and I look forward to your requests!!

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