New year eve


New year eveFirst of all I need to put you in situation, you could see my profile but summarizing I’m a 28 old guy who crossdressed but stopped it because i felt ugly and manly, then i consider myself between gay and a woman and i have desires over men with me as a man but mostly as a woman. many months ago I met a guy chatting online in IRC’s who’s much older (he 65 me 28) and he gave me confidence enough to start a relationship with him, he has changed my whole world and we started dating 2 months ago but me as a guy, and for new years eve i planned a date for me as a woman. that’s it.Well, here i am, new year new me, dinner was ok, the dress was ok, the lingerie suited me but it was a bit too small because by definition it’s not meant to handle all my “parts” i have but i dont need… so i had a bit problems with that, not because i got erections, im not that kind of girl, but tucking for all night was a bit hard… he was ok, well dressed, smelled good, i made him have one of his “blue pills” by putting it in my mouth and deepkissing him during dinner, also i bought him a cock ring for his dick to get bigger (bitch of me)… i came his house, i deepkissed a lot him, i gave the silk tie as present in order to him to wear, then i took my clothes from the mailboxes and entered the bathroom where i prepared my makeup and my dressing, at first i was a bit disappointed of my looks because i have not lot of practice with makeup but after a few tries i finally did my eyelashes and smokey eyes well, i couldn’t do anything with my eyebrows because people would notice but i kinda managed to apply makeup over it a bit so it got thinnerafter that i applied face makeup and then a red lipstick with gloss, i painted my nails red too but it wasn’t long nails as girl’s nails, just average manly nails with red paint (that happened a lot on my dressing, all night i was concerned because i couldn’t make disappear the man I was seeing in the mirror, just womanize him a bit, but not the way I remember when I was younger and I was alone at home… for that it was a bit sad).after makeup done i put on my lingerie and as i said before it suited me well but in my extra parts (extra parts i wish i had not been born with) so i had to tuck it and after a few tries it was ok, i put my tights, garter, suspender… but when i arrived to the corset i noticed i couldn’t put my dress over it so i had to make a few changes and i used a bra+panty, the dress was a bit slim fit so i left the corset for later.I wore bra+panty plus the tights+garters+suspenders and the dress for dinner, but again as i’m manly sized i had no breats to fill the bra balıkesir escort nor heels to wear, my foot is too long even for a guy i hardly find shoes and it’s impossible to me to find heels my size so i wore one of his bedroom slippers (but i ended barefoot because it was warm in his house and it was traditional floor, parquet, and i could be barefoot). Well, me dressed, wig on, makeup ok, i started make dinner, made some canapes, put seafood into the dishes, sliced some cheese… everything easy, fresh or pre-cooked, and then we put all on table and talked a bit before we started to dinner… started opening the wine, had a few cups of wine, nice chit-chat, he flattered me many times nicely and others dirty about what’s gonna do me afterwards he took me from behind many times surrounding me and kissing my neck, kisses that ended in him raising my dress to see what i was wearing and touching my butt, grasping me from my hips, rubbing himself to my butt, rubbing myself to his dick and noticing it was getting bigger… he told me he was almost 2 weeks without any kind of sex, not even masturbating, but i told him i couldn’t do anything after we dinnered to not ruin my makeup, “wait one more hour, i’ll compensate”.we had dinner, ate oysters, shrimps, ham, cheese, more wine (we drank a bit too much) and at 0:00 we opened a moët chandon and ate some typical christmas candy chocolates… well, after all that we were both super HORNY and we started the dirty thing, we started kissing with the moët and i undressed him a bit, he took the viagra pill like 40 minutes before and now he was full hard, i told him to undress me and he did and i entered the bathroom to change panties and dress to put the corset and the other sexier panty he stayed in the dinning room and then i arrived in my corset and told him “now I compensate you” and I quickly throw myself to undress him and took off his shirt and pants and then i took off his boxer shorts, made him sit in the couch and started the most exciting blowjob I ever done… it was like 20 minutes long i was on him, i was doing it quite slow because i was really enjoying it, i painted red his dick with my lipstick but it was okafter blowing him many times i already know how to do it to get him always in the almost orgasm, maybe in porn guys and girls make the blowjobs really fast but after many times blowing this old guy i had realised it’s better get it slow, at 65 year old i must thank god he gets his erections and must take care of every one of them, even having viagra pills if he cums he could be like half an hour to the next erection so i always be careful escort balıkesir (surely if he was 30 year old he would be all time hard but i’m 28 and im never hard, also i love he being so old, dont know how to explain, all is slower, sweeter, loving, caring… he’s a MAN, not a boy, and i’m his WOMAN, as he says). After 5 minutes more he told me he was ready, i told him to wait and i did it slower, tasting him with my eyes closed, opening them just to look at his eyes and smile… and kissing and eating his balls time to time… i started sucking hard again and he cumed, he was actually fully loaded, he filled almost my mouth, it was thick and tasted good, i swallowed and started kissing the glans and the balls… i remember the first time we met i blew him too but i didn’t know i should be slow doing it so it didn’t last so much, we date in a nude beach, not in the beach but in the forest nearby, it wasn’t summer but weather was ok and after a few minutes knowing us i told him i wasn’t ever with a man so i wanted, so he layed in the floor and i blew him, and that time it was thicker and more amount of semen, i never had done and he was my first time and i was too fas tor him and he exploded inside my mouth without noticing, i kept most of the cum in my mouth for seconds, tasting it, and he told me he hadn’t had sex in weeks or monthsyoung people could have sex many times a day but for 60-70 year old guys its harder and now i know that. I swallowed and told him if i was with him maybe i needed sex once or twice a week and he accepted going healthcare to get viagra. that day we had sex too but he was a bit weak, so i blew him many times more even he wasn’t fully hard, was a nice afternoon afterwards.after like 5 minutes he told me he was ready again, i told him i had a surprise for him and instead of condoms we would be using a cockring: 1-because i wanted to feel him inside me and 2-because he would perform better and longer. I took the cockring, lubed him with my mouth and put it on him, he soon started to get hard and bigger, and then i told him “use me now” and he took me, throw me to the bed and took me from behind. I told him to move my panty to one side but it was not a thong so it was difficult to stand in one side, he took my panty off and i lubed mysel and his dick, then he stared fucking me..i noticed he was bigger than other times thanks to the cockring or maybe for the excitement, i was really enjoying it, it was my first time as a girl, i still was in tights, garter, suspenders and the corset and he fucked me like a bull. after a few minutes we changed positions and i got myself over balıkesir escort bayan him, lubed more his dick and put it in my ass again, i was backwards to him (because i dont want him to see my dick, i feel a woman and i dont need that part of me so i dont want o get stimulated and i want my lover to get horny of me without it) and then i started litlle jumps leaning to his belly (he’s quite fat). I changed my position and put myself in front of him and continued jumping, looking to his eyes, kissing him, gripping him from the hair in his chest, hiding my dick with my hands… and i got into the orgasm…. I cummed a few drops and he smiled, then he took me and put me in doggystyle and started doing harder. I often put more lube in my butt because his dick was wider than the other times, thanks to the cockring i wonder, and after a few minutes i got orgasm again. he told me he started to feel tired and i told him i’ll get the lead now, i put him again in the bed and started a new blowjob, the lube was edible and it was strawberry flavored, i started again sucking him slow with the cockring on it, it was bigger now (again not imagine a 9 inches dick, its like 4,5 iches like a smartphone screen long, bit short but a good one i cant ask for more). And then again I stayed there for several minutes, tasting, licking, kissing his balls, he cummed again and after that he told me he wanted me to eat his ass so i did, he put himself face down in the border of bed and i started eating his ass. put some strawberry lube and put my finger into it and started deepkissing it, introducing my tongue, licking, doing him a hand job at that very moment… at firts i thought it would be disgusting but it was great and despite he was hairy (well he was hairy in balls an dick too but i enjoyed a lot too).then again after he was quite excited i blew him again, i spend most of the time with his dick in my mouth but its ok i like it, and after many cums more we ended, it was like 3:00 am and we took a shower together, i undressed and got into shower with him, we soaped each other and then after all my makeup was removed i started blowing him again in the shower… he told me he wont probably cum again, if i mind it and i said no, i told him not to go out the shower and just blew him awhile…. well after that he soaped me again and we ended in bed, i put lingerie again and we sleept together, he nude and me with tights, panty and bra and the wig. at 9:30 am we woke up and i gave him another blowjob, he was tired and didn’t want to fuck me again but it was ok, i just picked up my girl clothes, gathered them in a closet in his house and dressed up to man clothes again, we had coffe for breakfast together, i told him how much i loved this night and how much i loved him, kissed again deeply, romantictly, and then I left to my house (like i came back from a disco for my family not to notice).

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