New town


New townWe moved to a town back in the 60s when I was just a boy. I was to young to remember my father when he died and it was just mom and me. Mom was pregnant with her ex bosses c***d which is why we had to move. Instead of leaving his wife for mom, he fired her. To avoid a scandal of a single mother, and pregnant she chose to leave rather than hear the gossip.We moved into a small house on the outside of town, and mom took a job as a telephone operator working mid shift which was 2-10 at night, most of the time which worked out fine for me. She’d be home to make me breakfast and send me to school, but would be at work when I came home. She’d call to make sure I got home and was doing my homework and tell me what was in the fridge for dinner. I’d do my homework and wait for her to call, then I’d go exploring. The center of town was about two miles away from our house so I rode my bike to see what there was. It was a small town with farms and a couple of ranches outside of it. One day while riding my bike I ended up in front of a farm. They had some plumb trees and thought I could get some without getting into trouble. I climbed the fence and pulled a couple off the tree and ran. After eating them I went back to get a few more to take home. Climbing back over the fence a truck coming up the road and stopped in front of me. A man jumped out yelling about me bartın escort being a thief and grabbed my arm. I was so scared I started to cry. He asked me who I was and where I lived. I told him my name and said we moved in the house at the end of the road leading out of town. He asked where my parents were, I said mom was at work and my dad was dead. He calmed down a little then asked where she worked. After telling him he said to get home before he whooped me for stealing. I hopped on my bike and rode home. The next day after my homework I was back out riding and the man seen me. He asked how I planned to pay for the plumbs I took. Not wanting to tell mom what I did, I said I could pay him with my next allowance. He said he had a better idea, I was to work for them. He said he called my mom and told her what I did and she agreed to put me to work. I spent the next weekend pulling weeds and spreading manure on the vegetables. At my age it was hard work but I did what I was told. Sunday afternoon when I finished working he said I did good for a ten year old, and if I wanted to during summer break I could work for him and make some good money. With nothing else to do around here I said I would, besides I wanted a bigger bike and knew mom couldn’t afford it. When school let out for summer I went to the farm to talk to him, but they said he wouldn’t be bartın escort bayan back for a couple of hours. Upset I was heading back home when I seen what looked like a metal pool with a pipe feeding it. Looking around I didn’t see anyone and didn’t think they’d mind if I cooled off. I stripped out of my clothes and jumped in. I was swimming for what seamed like just a few minutes when the man came up and said ” you can’t stay out of trouble for a day can you “. I stood up, covering myself I said I thought it was a pool and thought no one would mind. He laughed and said it was water for the a****ls. He said to gather up my clothes and put my bike in the back of the truck. I dressed and put my bike in and hopped in the truck. He drove to the house and showed me the way to the back. He told me the work he wanted me to do, which was about the same as before, but I’d make fifteen dollars a week, and lunch. The money sounded good and I could get a bike and have money left over. I agreed to it, he said I should wash that nasty water off me, since its been standing for a few days and I could get sick. Not thinking anything about it, I asked if I could use his bathroom to wash. He smiled and showed me to the bathroom. When I stepped out of the shower my clothes were gone. Wrapped in a towel I went looking for them. I met a boy about my age, his name was escort bartın Ted and Bill was his dad.(the farmer) He asked why I only had a towel, I said I was taking a bath and my clothes went missing, so I was looking for them. Ted said to wait till he came back and ran off calling out Bills name. I was dry by the time they came back and thinking it was only guys here I put the towel over my shoulders. When Bill came down the hall he stopped and just stared. Then he asked if I had a problem with clothing. I blushed and said I didn’t like to wear any but someone took mine. He laughed and said he washed them since they were wet and started to smell. He told Ted to take me to his room and let me put on a pair of his underwear. We went back, while walking Ted asked if I ever played with my dick. I said yes, me too he said. When we got to his room he asked if he could touch mine if he let me touch his. I said ok, he pulled his pants down and reached out and held my dick, I did the same. His dick was bigger than mine and it felt funny. His touch felt good, and I wondered if me touching his did the same. He squeezed it a little and shook it, I did the same. We both started getting hard. He smiled and stepped in front of me, he put his dick next to mine and said mines bigger. I said I see that, but mines harder. We started to rub our dick heads together which kinda tickled and felt good. We did this for a couple of minutes before Bill opened the door and said ” what’s taking you….. what do you think you two are doing ” I jumped back and covered my stiff dick. Ted said we were just playing. Bill just smiled

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