New Gym Trainer


New Gym TrainerI will start this story at the end! Well not really the end, more the end of the beginning. I had been on business out of town and wasn’t due home until Sunday but having gotten everything done I decided to drive home early and got there late afternoon. I was not expecting to see my wife home as she usually goes to the gym Saturday afternoons and then, when I am not at home, she goes to her favourite restaurant. But as I pulled into the driveway I saw her car and another one with the gym name written down the side. didn’t think too much about it initially and just entered the house. Now the way our house is designed, when you come in the front door you look right into the kitchen. At first I wasn’t sure what I saw or what to say (I ended up saying nothing) but slowly I took in everything in front of me. My wife was bent over the kitchen bar, her legs spread apart, her panties and gym leggings were around her left ankle, her teeshirt and bra were on the floor. I couldn’t see her very well because a black ass was between her legs pounding back and forth. Over the sound of his thighs slapping against her ass I could hear her groaning and squealing. I walked into the kitchen and stood to one side, the guy who I now recognized as the new trainer in the gym, glanced at me and I just held up my hands to indicate he continue. He had her breasts cupped in his hands and was squeezing her nipples between his fore finger and thumb. I looked at his cock and it was long and thick and was moving in and out of her vagina in long deep thrusts. With every thrust her body would shudder and she would scream. I grabbed a chair and sat down to watch the show, and took a few pis on my cell phone. At one point she looked over towards me and the look n her face was amazing. She had a look of pure pleasure and sweat was running down her face and chest. I sat there for about 30 minutes during which time he never stopped or slowed down but I know she came multiple times from the noises she makes when she comes. Eventually he too came and as he did he thrust himself deep inside her and pumped her full of his cum. It took him a minute or two to finish filling her up by which time cum was oozing out the side of his cock and running down her thighs. When he did pull out the cum almost exploded out of her vagina. She just lay over the kitchen bar exhausted while she whimpered with pleasure, shock, pain I am not sure which but I do know she had enjoyed it. Her vagina was stretched much wider the I had seen it and was taking its time shrinking back to normal. So that is the sort of ending at the beginning. Later that evening she casino firmalari told me how it had all happened.She had been working out at the gym, which she does regularly. Ellie is nearer to sixty than fifty but is in great shape. She had been athletic as a young teen and carried it over into her early adulthood. She had 36B breasts which were still quite firm and her leg and ass muscles are all tight. She always looks sexy when at the gym as she wear those tight lycra jeggings and a tight top and when I am there with her I always enjoy watching her breasts as they bounce and her firm ass in those jeggings. Anyway she had been doing some weights on a sloping bench when Jaime cam over and asked if she wanted some advice on how she was doing the exercise. She agreed and he got her to sit up and he lowered the bench a little bit. He also told her to go up to a heavier weight which she was reluctant to do thinking it was too much, but he convinced her he would assist her and make sure she didn’t strain her self. He got her to sit down again and told her to spread her legs more to keep her balance. he lifted the weights up for her and asked her to lowered them down to her chest. He had his hands lightly supporting then until she got used to the extra weight.. Once she felt a little more comfortable he just put his hands on her elbows for support. As she lowered the weights down his hands brushed against her breasts but at first she thought it was just accidental but she slowly realized that his hands were caressing her breast with a little more force than just being on her elbows. He took her through a number of bench exercises. Each time he somehow managed to rub his hands against her breasts. When she was lying on the flat bench she noticed a large bulge in his track suit pants. She was sure he noticed her looking but didn’t say anything. He asked if she wanted any help on the leg extensions machine and she said yes. He asked her how much weight she used and said I think with your legs you can handle a bit more so he loaded it app with 30lbs more than she normally used. When she started to lower the machine down towards her chest she felt it was heavy and said so but he told her to just try so taking it as a challenge she did. after she had lowered it down a couple of times he told her to lower it more so her knees came closer to her chest. He told her she would benefit from the extra stretch in her hamstrings. She did it and as she lowered it again he placed his hands on the back of her thigh asking her if she could feel the extra stretch where he was touching. She told him she could and as she güvenilir casino continued on he kept his hand there. After she had finished her set he asked her to do the same exercise but to spread her feet out wider to the sides of the foot platform and she would feel a different strain. She did so and as she continued to lower and rain the weights he paths hand on the inside of her thigh and said that she should be feeling it more there . She agreed and as he continued to keep his hand there it slowly moved down lower until it was touching her crotch. She felt quite excited and saw that he was too as his erection was showing much greater against the front of his pants. This was when things changed. his hand was more insistent against her crotch and one hand slowly moved towards her breasts which he started to caress. She quickly became even more excited and could feel her juices flow which he confirmed when he told her she was wet. It was at this point he asked her to come into his office. When she walked in she found him in a small change room at the back of his office which she entered and closed the door behind her.She dropped to her knees and pulled his pants down and saying “I really need this” she took his cock into her mouth. She remembers thinking “This cock is much thicker than any I have had, and it is quite a stretch to get it into her mouth but she did. She took as much of the length as she could into her mouth but when she tried more it caused her to gag so she just dealt with what she could handle. She said that she felt like she was in heaven. She had never handled a cock the size of this and she caressed it, cupped his balls, sucked his balls and stroke the whole length of it. Unfortunately they were disturbed couple of times where he had to go back into the office and deal with other gym members but eventually she had enough time to make him cum. When he did, she tried swallowing as fast as she could to no avail as he was shooting cum into her mouth quicker than she could swallow so it was running down her chin onto her top and down between her breasts. She told him she wanted to get fucked but he said he couldn’t do it in the office as it was too easy to be caught “with his pants down” which made them both laugh. She said we can go to my house and he agreed but he still had half an hour to complete his shift. She waited very impatiently until he got out of the gym and she let him follow her home.As she walked in the door her was behind her and he reached around and pulled off her top undid her bra and threw both on the floor. He pushed her towards the kitchen where her bent internet casino her over the bar. He grabbed her jeggings and panties and pulled them off leaving them around the ankle of her left leg. He quickly pulled off his pants and top and spreading her legs wide \slid his cock into her vagina in one long deep thrust. She screamed, as she had never been so full of cock until that moment. He continued to slide in and out but a bit slower and gentler. She said she had an orgasm after about ten thrusts from his cock and as time went by he got faster and harder until her mind was just full of pleasure and she was orgasming it seemed like constantly. He turned her around once and picked her up and lowered her onto his cock and sat her on the kitchen bar with her legs wrapped around his waist and he drove fast and deep inside her where she could feel his cock rubbing against her clitorus bring more orgasms. She figured she had been in the house twenty minutes before I got in but she didn’t know when I got in as she was not looking my way and in reality she didn’t know what time of day it was, all she could focus on was this huge which cock thrusting in and out of her vagina. At one point I saw him slide a finger then two into her anus which seemed to bring her even more pleasure. But she also told him he wasn’t putting that cock anywhere near her anus. He just laughed and told her most women cannot take his cock there but he also said most women couldn’t take his cock so deep for so long in their vaginas as she was taking it. he also made her suck his cock again and as she knelt in front of him he slowly moved her head back and forth taking much more that I would have imagined. after a few minutes of sucking he came in her mouth but he pulled his cock out and sprayed most of it across her breasts coating them in which creamy cum. That didn’t stop him as he pulled her up and bent her over the bar and sliding in again thrust his cock deep into her. As I said it lasted almost and another 30 minutes. So that was the end of the beginning. Jaime continued to come over to our house to pleasure Ellie and I tried to be there most of the time as I enjoyed seeing her pleasured. We still had a good sex life, I just had to wait a day or so until the stretching returned to almost normal. he said that she was the best cocksucker he had ever had, which I understood as she has a way of making your cock be the sole thing she is thinking about when she sucks. She uses her tongue, her lips, her teeth, her hands and finger and you feel every thrill you can imagine and I can cum just watching her blow Jaime. We had this excitement for about two years before he moved away but we still see him about once a year when he comes back for a holiday. Not much of a holiday as Ellie fucks him at all hours of the day or night and If I want to fuck I have to look elsewhere as her vagina is full!

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