New en devours :)


New en devours :)After constant emails about our future endeavor I was thrilled, excited, and most of all so curious to what he could possibly have planned next! He is very strong very sexy and very talented. Not specifically in one area but just in general. He has a submissive Domme that he likes to include in our sessions now. It’s almost like a balanced diet. “B” as I call her is a beautiful young woman about 5’6 with small breast and a very shapely body. She looks like the innocent bank teller that would suck your cock raw. I have many times wondered. So moving on to the juicy stuff, “B” and I had played once before, this was something he had put together. She was unaware of what was about to happen until right before she came in. When we finally met we were not allowed to touch each other unless instructed to, we were not to talk at all, and we were not allowed to look at one another. This time was completely different. He explained that we would be helping each other. “B” needs a very soothing erotic touch and uses pain to disassociate more less to slip into subspace. I however love to endure and use the pain to refocus I have a deep love for the alive feeling I get from the pain. Both of us are very different but much the same and we worked very well together. I was instructed to bring all of my toys. Lay them all neatly on the table in the hotel room, two large glass vanilla candles are to be lit. One placed in the bathroom one placed on the table in the middle of my toys. I was to have my restraints on (ankle and wrist) in first position. First position if you have not read any of my other stories is on my knees sitting back on my feet with my hands in my lap and my eyes looking down. Anytime before a session like this I fast for about 12 hours or eat a very light diet. I take a large volume enema and douche. A clean submissive makes for a less subconscious sub. I am a larger girl and know that even with good skills and talent that most men would rather have a good looking sub. This is always in the back of my mind. I do everything I can to slowly ease my mind before a session. So after about an hour of prepping the room and meditating, I took a long deep slow breath. I was frightened when I heard the door I could not tell if it was HIM or if it was someone else that had seen the door cracked open. Of coarse Mr. SLY AND NAUGHTY swung the door open and I was relieved yet excited. I love private play sessions and I have learned to love the sessions with “B”. He let a bunch of cold air in and it made me get goose bumps and hard nippy’s. I told him I was very cold he agreed that I should be. The next thing I know “B” comes thru the door and slowly got undressed. I can’t see her yet because I am facing the complete opposite way but I can hear wrestling and zippers. She is told to sit on the bed, I turned to listen and she was wearing a pink and white polka dot thong with knee high tights and heels to match! HOT!So we are instructed how to touch each other, I am to provide erotic sweet play while “B” is to provide very rough painful play. He shows us and continues on with explanation. First he starts with “B” and I in first position. “B” started to suck on his hard cock I was instructed to provide breast stimulation for her. I love to play with them and know about how to stimulate them so she gets super wet. I was watching “B” choke and gag on his thick hard cock I love to watch, after probably 10 min of slobbery choking and gagging it was finally my turn. I slowly inched it into my mouth. Now it was “B’s” turn to pinch, pull, tug, and kneed my breasts. She was very gentle at first starting out slowly gauging my breaths and my pain. After I had gotten a rhythm he had me stop. “B” was instructed to put one foot on the bed and stand there pussy wide open for someone to lick. In which case I was told to do so, it was very juicy. Almost as good as my own, I have some very tasty cum. I licked and sucked and longed to finger her. I think I edged her to cum multiple times but could never send her all the way. I could hear them kissing and him caressing her. He slid his cock in her and I helped slide it into her pussy. He had stroked casino şirketleri her for a while and she had started to get tired I could tell. She was instructed to climb on the bed doggy style, ass in the air. “Red. Lay on the bed under “B” on your back.” He was going to have his bitch sit on my face! She did slowly she lowered her pussy on to my face sometimes stopping me from breathing. I would taste all her wet cum running out of her pussy. It tasted so good then of coarse he couldn’t help but fuck her more. I love watching from that angle. It’s like no other! I think “B” was made to cum more than once. He told me to come in the bathroom and get into the tub on all fours and he started to bind me together. Hand to hand then between my legs to my ankles and tied to the spout on the tub. Then he grabbed a pillow case and stuck it over my head. What the fuck was he about to do all I could think was he’s going to for sure make me regret this position. I listened closely. I heard a small plastic bag wrestle. I could not figure out what it was. Then it hit me. Previously about two weeks before this he had asked me to get an enema kit at work. Supposedly for another sub that he was going to have forced enema play with.I was petrified I had no idea. I honestly was not ready for that how ever; I heard a drill like a serious drill. My mind was freaking out! What was he going to do? I think I can trust him but the doubt is still there. WTF WTF WTF! Vindictive bastard is what he is. He lied to me and told me it was for someone else now he’s going to come in here and fill my ass up “Errrrg”. And who knows he might have a god damn dildo on a drill! I was freaking! Of coarse that’s what he wanted. When he came back in the bathroom “B” turned on the sink I knew what she was doing. He asked if I was ok, the whole time I’m thinking “Really? Ok? I’m literally tied to the faucet in the bathtub on my knees with a pillow case over my head “B” filling up an enema bag to stove in and fill up my ass. And you want to know if I am ok?” “Yes. I am fine for now.” Then I hear the water shut off and feel this dull aching smack on my side he smacked me with the lead rope from the barn. Hmmm this isn’t that bad then I felt “B” shove the enema tip in my ass. OMG. I will never roll my eyes at a patient ever ever ever again. Then I felt the warm crampy full feeling. She filled it up again and made me take another the entire time he was asking how I felt, and if I could take more. Of coarse I could but I was not going to tell him that the next thing I know I hear him tell “B” how to smack me with the lead rope somewhat gently and continuously. Then I hear my worst fear.The inflatable butt plug I have. It is like the biggest thing I have ever had in my ass! EVER! He pumped it ten times and counted with every pump, then asked me to let some water out of my ass. Of coarse I couldn’t I couldn’t move. “Let’s open that ass up so you can let that all out.” He rubbed in the lube a little and started to shove the plug in. I started to whine and whimper and beg him to stop it hurt so badly. I was trying to relax my ass so it would slide in. He didn’t care, no mercy for me. While “B” was still smacking me I couldn’t hold myself up. “What do you say?” I couldn’t think he smacked my ass hard. “WHAT DO YOU SAY?” Thinking to myself bitch please! “Thank you sir may I have another!” I practically choked it out. He squeezed it twice, I practically screamed. He took the lead off “B” and used it himself HARD. I was impressed the feeling now looking back. It was unrecognizable nothing I had ever felt. I liked it a lot I wish I would have remembered the crop though more sting would have helped the effect.He pumped it four more times and I was moaning in pain and ecstasy. “”B” do you know how many that was?” I blurted out six, he giggled “hmmm she’s counting such a good slut. Were going to get to ten now.” I was already begging him to take it out you have no idea how badly it hurt and the pressure I felt! Mind you the entire time he’s smacking me with the lead. He pumped it four more times, I think he’s completely dyslexic or MR or something because he said it was casino firmalari only three I felt four. “Red I want you to say Please sir can I have one more pump?” With out even thinking I blurted it out. “Please sir can I have another pump?! Please?! One more?!” “Mmmmm such a good girl.” I could feel his smile as he spanked my ass and asked if I wanted the plug out by this time I could feel the water pushing out around the plug and I wanted the pain of that plug to stop! I begged “Sir please take it out, I can’t take it. It hurts so bad! Please please please!” I heard and felt the plug deflate and it was still stuck in my ass! (Yes it’s that tight).He pulled it out and told me to let all the water out I started to let it out and could feel my belly release. He was caressing my ass and telling me I was a good girl. I didn’t think the water would ever stop. After I thought was done he got down and asked if I was ok. He untied me and told me to rinse off when I was done and come out to the room. “B” and him left the bathroom I never looked at them the entire time and didn’t think I could after it was humiliating but yet not. I was pissed off upset and my poor bottom hurt! Well I let the rest of the water out of my ass which actually happened to be a lot. I rinsed off and dried off walked out into the room.“B” was sitting in the computer chair one hand bound and he was binding the other as I sat down. He put a pillow case over her head and told her it was ok and to chill. I had to laugh not out loud but to hear him say that like nothing was funny. She obviously was mentally not ok with that, I had bought a tens unit and it is very intense. Needless to say he knew and “B” had never used one. He asked me for it and I got it. He kind of tinkered with it and saw a bit of it. He couldn’t figure it out the best because he didn’t feel it so I was working it while she was being pleasured it ended with “B” not liking the tens unit at all. I love it though, he made her cum, suck his cock, her cum again and might I add I love to watch him work on her! Soooo much!He asked me to put the tens unit in my pussy and turn it on, at first it is very alarming like a sharp zap like you put your finger in the electric receptacle on the wall, then you get this muscle contraction feeling like squeezing your kegle muscles together. The higher you turn the tens unit the harder they squeeze and the sharper it feels. It’s almost a disassociating feeling you have to block out the bad and take in the good. So I turned it to like 5 out of 17 on the unit. It was something I could handle and was ok with. He bound my hands together in front of me and my feet to my hands so I was butterfly laying down on my back with my head over the edge of the bed and my feet towards the other side. “B” had the Hitachi on my pussy and he had control of that damn tens unit. It started off slow with him only inching me and when I would ask “Please sir may I cum??” he denied me and would turn up the tens unit and have “B” wait a few minutes to gag on his cock and distract me from an orgasm. He was fucking my throat, “B” sitting on my spread thrashing legs and the tens unit throbbing inside me. I accidently pushed it out and “B” decided it should be like an inch deeper. HA! It made my cervix contract like a mother fucker! I was in a consistent pinching tight full feeling and a vibrator on my clit. OMG! I started to cum again I begged “Sir may I PLEASE have an orgasm??” “No, “B” take that off.” And the sound of that god awful beep! I heard him go up again! Jesus it was worse I was rocking them both on the bed his cock in my mouth “B” on my pussy. I couldn’t take it! I begged with a full mouth “Please sir let me cum I can’t take it please!” “That’s a good girl!”I started to cum like a normal orgasm then smart ass decided that it wasn’t good enough and the beep “O NO!” Not once but 4 times. He snorted “Just cum for me!” my hips my body everything bucking thrashing tightening and cumin on that stupid thing the pain and ecstasy endorphins and just overwhelming feeling. I swear I have never had the controversial don’t stop, stop fight over this in my head. I begged “No, no, güvenilir casino no, no, I can’t take it please! Fuck! OMG! Please!” I think I begged like that for a good minute at least it felt like wayyyy longer! He finally decided that he would stop I laid limp for at least ten minutes. I couldn’t feel my body my fingers my toes fuck who am I k**ding I couldn’t feel my whole hand on both sides and my feet. He sat back and they watched me for a few minutes and he finally asked if I was ok. I very reluctantly murmured something I don’t even know what I said actually.“B” was made to cum very sensually he and “B” have a very different relationship. One that I don’t know that I could have that with him just because I don’t know him I know it takes time and what not I also don’t know if I could have that with him. I am very loving and caring and to attach myself to someone who takes care of me and doesn’t really care about me. I don’t think I could handle that let down. If “He” reads this sorry I don’t know how you feel. Moving on a little background information I was that broken daddy’s girl. Daddy was never around step daddy tried to replace him and ended up falling for me but because I was looking for more than him I was a stupid slut, never good enough and what not and having an extensive relationship for years I have a problem with getting attached especially because to this day we have a relationship. So anyways “B” gets tender passionate care and I get less tender equally as passionate. He cares and wants to keep me coming back however he doesn’t kiss me, he doesn’t touch me unless he has to, and he doesn’t do the cuddly, lovey thing with me either. That’s alright with me for now. I don’t think he wants to get too involved with me. So after we kind of discussed a little and he came over laid on the bed next to me and “B” sucked on him and fondled him while I kind of tickled and caressed his chest and neck I love to play with him, he is very sexy about 6’0 and 200lbs very tight body! “B” must have got tired because she asked me to take over and play with him as he laid there sexy as can be.They started to talk about the glow in the dark strap on dildo that “B” had. She wanted to fuck him in the ass, then it flipped to if she did a good job fucking me that she could fuck him. I was more than willing it had been a while since I was fucked and the strap would be a first for me and then on top of that it was rather long and a decent sized around. She put on the strap on and “Saddled up lol”. She was doing the fucking so she picked the position of coarse my favorite doggy. I was more than willing to oblige. On all fours with my ass pushed out towards her, she slowly slid it in my pussy and started slowly pumping me. He was instructing her every step of the way, which mind you I think is so sexy I love to be instructed. He slapped my ass and pulled my head up with a hand full of hair then he handed me my Hitachi and said “Make yourself cum.” So I started to rub the Hitachi on my clit slowly pushing back on the cock inside me. She started to make me moan and when I got close I could feel her harder and harder. “Sir may I please cum??” he replied “Yes cum for me.” I started to feel my clit pulse and my pussy tighten she was starting to slow down a little then I heard him whisper to her and then I heard him move from the bed.I felt the cool lube touch my ass and his hand run over my asshole. I was scared I had never had a cock in my ass and I was very much nervous that a woman with a strap on was going to be fucking me! I felt the tip get close to my ass and I slowly pushed back took a deep breath and took the whole cock in my ass it was honestly nothing compared to the pumped up plug he used earlier! It felt so good though I still had the Hitachi and had it very much on my clit I could feel myself edge closer and closer. I almost had an orgasm but just as I started she pushed in and stopped not because I was about to but because she was listening to him. Finally I got so close that I asked again “Sir may I please cum?” I got the same reply and with out skipping a beat I begged for more “Harder please!” She fucked my ass good and hard feeling him touch me while she was fucking me was so exciting and erotic! I could feel my heart beating so fast! When I was all done he asked which was better I am officially pro anal and will continue to enjoy it with who ever I am with in the future!

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