New Beginnings Ch. 01

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Prologue- The Corpsetaker

I was dying. The big C had hit me and the doctors gave me two months on the outside.

There was no hope or was there? I had lived a full life. I had wealth, enough to sustain for a very long time. I had married many times and bred many women. But I wasn’t ready to go as yet, quietly into the long dark.

My hopes rested on a young woman, a painfully starving body, track marks running through her arms, no friends, no family, OD’ed on a street corner. I had been experimenting with mind transfer, the process of copying the entire neural network from one brain to another. Ethics and morality constrained my studies but I believed that I had found a way. This was my shot to start afresh.

I would have preferred a body in better shape but I didn’t have time. A few calls, a little monetary exchange and I was the proud owner of a corpse with no record of death. While I frantically tried to convert years of theory into a practical device, the body went into a fluid tank of my own design. Developed as an artificial amniotic fluid, the tank was designed to treat severe injuries. Considered too expensive, it was a project that I had abandoned many years earlier, but the equipment was still there. A few minor changes and I hoped to cure death.

One month in, the body had a heartbeat. I had disconnected the brain stem, to prevent any new memories, and instead connected to an electro-organic interface, pumping the brain full güvenilir bahis of information. Information without any knowledge or context ,Food, Dance, Art , Music, Science, Math, Computers Literature, Finance, Sports, every piece of information that I could add just to keep the brain activity alive. And then came the needles, hundreds of them, implanted in every muscle group, pumping in a low voltage pulse, exercising them 24/7. Another two weeks in, I judged the body to be almost ready. I set up bank accounts under her name, routed finances through shell companies to provide an income, a general power of attorney to administer my assets, a will with a genetic code match and set up the myriad other things that seem necessary to establish proof of life and then I went shopping.

Milk, Juice, Cereal, Tampons, Bras’ – Sports, lacy, strapless, 34 C cups, panties – Cotton, Silk, Thongs, 26 inches waist, Skirts, Jeans, 32 hip- 38 instep , Blouses, Tops, Summer Dresses, Stockings, concealer, Lipstick, Eyeliner, Mascara, Blush and a hundred other things that she would need. At least, that was what my shopping list said. In the end I was just overwhelmed, eighteen shades of orange, nine skin tones, eleven bra designs, colors, fits, I just couldn’t handle it. Finally, I got back home with the food , tampons , wax strips and a cheap four pack of cotton panties, a four pack of sports bras, two shorts, two T shirts, a pair of sneakers, size 36, and a pair of sandals.

As türkçe bahis the anesthesia kicked in, the last thing I thought to myself before the spike would puncture my spine, was that this was it. I would either wake up in a new body or would be a petrified fossil that would be found many years later. And then I died.

Chapter 01 – Rebirth

I was floating, I could sense nothing, no taste, no smell, and no sounds, no touch, and just the light hurt my eyes. I thought I was dying, but then slowly I remembered. I was supposed to feel this way, floating in the tank of fluid. Slowly memory came back, I was supposed to press the release button. Hazily, I felt around and I pushed at the only bump I could feel with my right hand. The tank opened and I got out. My first thought was elation, I had done it, I had found the key to immortality. The next was, what the hell am I doing on the floor? It took me the good part of an hour to get my arms and legs in a position to push myself up. I let go of the support railings and promptly topple over again. My mind and body having a strong difference of opinion on where my center of gravity was. Another hour goes by before I am able to stand unsupported and an a further two hours before I could take two steps without falling over. Finally, just as I was getting desperate, my bladder and bowels ready to give up, I managed to take the ten steps required to get to the toilet.

An almost mishap, when I try to pee standing güvenilir bahis siteleri before I plonk myself down. I step into the shower, struggling to find the correct setting for my very sensitive skin. I feel the water sloughing of the remnants of the fluid, black, viscous at it pools down the drain. I pour the private label shampoo, just to realize that the quantity was too less for my long hair. Twice, thrice I pour again, till I finally feel my hair to be clean. I pick up the baby soap and start to scrub.

My face, my arms, my legs. As I soap by breasts I am assailed by new feelings. It takes me a minute to realize that I was getting turned on. As I soap my back and finally my crotch, my fingers graze my clit. I feel the tremor shooting through my body. I stroke my clit, a gentle rub, my fingers part my labia, slipping inside. Slowly, I pick up pace. The rhythm of the shower on my skin, water pattering against walls, the faint astringent smell of the shampoo and the soap, my shallow breath, my body is on fire. I speed up the motion, the pleasure is at the point where it is about to turn to pain. The hardness of my clit and my nipples, the fire on my shoulders, my back, my face, I frantically rub myself harder, faster. The wetness between my thighs adds its own smell and feel. Finally the dam bursts and I collapse in the cubicle as the most intense orgasm I have ever had plays through my body.

My hands are wrinkled by the time I get out of the shower. I start to wrap the towel around my waist, then stop and wrap it around my breasts. I luxuriate in the feel of the soft cotton against my skin. I struggle to wrap the towel around my hair. Finally done, I pad back into my lab.

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