Never Play Truth of Dare with Black Man


Never Play Truth of Dare with Black ManThey had dinner and then decided to go out to a nightclub. Now here was Ken, on his eighth drink and refusing to dance because he was so tired. Kathy was excited to be going out with her hubby and was all done up. She is 5’6, 125 lbs with beautiful C cup breasts and a great Florida tan. Her nipples sat perfectly on her breasts which looked about as perfect as real tits can look. She has a smile that will melt any man. There is an electricity in her eyes that quickens your pulse, and right now Ken was oblivious to the energy that Kathy was giving off. Tonight she had on a short, tight, lowcut dress at Ken’s request. It was black, strapless, and came to about mid thigh. Kathy did not wear underwear or a bra because it always excited Ken. Now that they were at the club however, all Ken wanted to talk about was the deal he closed or the one that got away. Kathy wanted to hear about how much he missed her and about how much wanted to fuck her right now. “Come on baby, can we please dance? I don’t want to just sit still all night. ” Kathy said. Feeling a pretty good buzz and figuring that if he danced a few now, she would be satisfied and not ask any more, Ken agreed. Out on the floor, the couple had fun. This was the Ken she had married. Kathy was a much better dancer and outshone Ken on the floor. She couldn’t help but to let her eyes wander and take in the other dancers. One in particular caught her eye. He was about 6’2 and built. He had on a tight T shirt and jeans that looked about as good as they can look on a guy. She noticed his white teeth and his friendly eyes. She also noticed he was black. Kathy always felt that black guys were taboo and there was a certain element of danger associated with thinking about them. His name was Eric and he was two years out of college where he was a four year letterman at small division 1 school. He loved the college years because the white girls couldn’t get enough of his black dick. They practically threw themselves at him. Since college he still got pussy, but it wasn’t quite as easy as college. He noticed Kathy from the minute she got in the club. He saw she was with her husband but that didn’t stop him from wanting her. Her brown hair that went almost to the middle of her back looked great on her tan body. She was a woman!After 3 dances, Kathy and Ken went back to their table. Ken sat back down but Kathy, still wanting to dance stood by the table and moved to the beat. Ken ordered another drink and was becoming quite drunk. Every once in a while Kathy would scan the dance floor. Her eyes kept connecting with Eric’s. Was he looking at her?”Honey, if you want to dance, go ahead. I love to watch you dance. Go on,” said Ken. Kathy was off and dancing. At first by herself, and then a random guy that approached, then another. Sometimes with more than one as happens on a dance floor. Eventually, Eric made his way to her. He was dancing next to her and they could both feel each others presence. Soon Eric made his way in front of her and there eyes locked. They both released a smile that made the other feel warm… and horny. Kathy could feel the warmth rush through her body and Eric had his own euphoric feelings. They danced two songs and then a slow one. Eric held her close and Kathy loved the feel of his hard body. Eric was a rock and made her feel like such a woman. At the end of the song Kathy said she should get back. “Let me buy you and your husband a drink,” said Eric as he followed her of the floor. When they got to the table, Ken was downing his 10th drink and was quite drunk. “Honey, this is Eric, he wants to buy us a drink. “Ken said he would have a Jack and coke and Kathy a vodka tonic. Eric ordered them both doubles. He returned and sat next to Kathy, across from Ken. They made small talk, where are you from, what do you do, etc. Ken was becoming inaudible and soon the conversation was just between Kathy and Eric. At one point he leaned closer to hear what she was saying and put his hand on her knee. He left it there. The black hand on her knee excited Kathy and every once in a while she opened her legs… not enough to let him see anything but enough so he noticed. illegal bahis Ken was just staring around the room in a drunken state and it was definitely time to get him home. They went to get up and Ken was wobbling. Eric quickly went to his side and offered to help them to the car. Ken was hanging onto Eric and without his help, he probably wouldn’t have made it. They got to the car, and Kathy opened the back door. Eric slid Ken into the back and shut the door. Ken was sleeping on his side in seconds and they both laughed as they looked at him. Kathy was now nervous… she didn’t know how to say goodbye to Eric. She eventually extended her hand and thanked him for his help. “Aw come on, friends don’t shake, friends hug,” said Eric. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. His hands were on the small of her back with his fingertips just brushing the top of her ass. “You smell so good. That is a shame your husband got so drunk. A beautiful lady like you should be treasured. “”Yeah well he has been traveling and is very tired. He just got back today and drank a little more than usual. ” As she talked Ken’s hands lightly moved on her back. One hand went to her neck and touched her skin. “Your skin is so soft. It is incredible. “Kathy realized she was in a bad position in case anyone saw her so she pulled away. “Well thanks again. I really appreciate you helping out. I should be going. “”How are you going to get him inside? I can follow you home and help you if you would like. I promise I will just help him in and be gone. “Kathy thought about it, and he was right, there was no way she could get him inside herself. “All right, I guess you are right. We live about 10 minutes away. Follow me. “Once they got home, Eric picked up Ken and brought him inside. He laid him on the bed and Kathy began to take off his shoes. “Can you take off his shirt?”, she asked. Next she unzipped his pants and Eric tugged them down from the feet. Ken was now laying there in his white jockey underwear. Eric started to giggle. “What are you laughing at?” Kathy asked as she looked at Eric. He was looking down at Ken’s underwear. You could make out the outline of his little dick in the underwear. “Yeah, that’s cute eh? That is what I get,” she said sarcastically. “Wow hun, I feel bad for you. That is not a whole lot. I bet he’s a nice guy though,” he said with a chuckle. They headed out to the living room. “Want a beer?””Yeah sure”Kathy headed back with 2 beers and plopped down on the couch. They began to talk about nothing really, but Eric started to ask her about sex. They were both pretty drunk and laughing a lot but Kathy didn’t really like to talk about the sex she had with her husband with anyone. Eric had to do something so he suggested a game. “Let’s play truth or dare. You go first. “Kathy thought and said, “Truth or dare?””Truth. “”Alright, how much money do you make?””$42,000 a year. Truth or dare. “”How many sex partners have you had?’ he asked. “Nineteen,” she said sheepishly, “but most of those are from college. Truth or dare?””Dare. “She thought about it, and she really wanted to see Eric’s chest. She felt naughty, but said, “I dare you to take off your shirt. “Eric smiled and grabbed his shirt at the bottom and pulled it over his head. Kathy just stared at his body. His pecs were full and looked very hard and defined. His stomach had a six pack. The muscles stuck out so prominently. She felt herself getting wet. She had a nervous energy about her because for one, she was getting turned on, but two, her husband was 2 rooms away. “Truth or dare,” he said. She was scared to do a dare… “Truth. “”OK, you can only do 3 truth’s in a row though. Um, let’s see. Have you ever cheated on your husband?”This caught Kathy by surprise because she had, but she had never shared this with anyone. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to now. Her drunkenness took over. “I slept with a neighbor a few years ago. It was a one time thing and he moved away 2 years ago. He had helped moving some furniture and I don’t know, it just happened. Ok, truth or dare. “”Dare,” he said looking right at her. He wanted to get the game going. “I dare you to take off your jeans. “Finally, illegal bahis siteleri he thought. Eric stood up and unsnapped his jeans. He then pulled the zipper down slowly. Kathy was practically holding her breath. She could see his blue boxers underneath. He then slid the jeans down to his ankles and stepped out of them. Kathy was looking a gorgeous man. He was absolutely sculpted all over. Eric sat back down on the couch. His boxers were baggy, so she could not see his dick at all. “So you have to do a dare now… how about you lower your dress to your waist. “Kathy just looked at him, nervous, but confident. She put her fingers under the sides of the dress and folded it down slowly exposing her breasts. Eric got a huge smile and let out a low whistle. Her dress was now around her waist, and her beautiful tits were set free. She was proud of them and had reason to be, they were perfect. Eric moved closer on the couch and looked like he was going to move in and touch them. “Uh, uh, no touching,” she said. Eric moved back to his spot. “Alright, I want another dare. ” He said. Kathy didn’t know her next step. Should she just ask him to remove his boxers?? There wasn’t much left to ask. She did want to see his dick. She really wanted to see if black guys were bigger like everyone had always heard. “Hold on a minute,” she said as she stood up and went down the hallway. She came back and announced, “You had a good chuckle at Ken earlier, so let’s see how much better you are. Go in the bathroom… I put some of his briefs in there… don’t worry, they are clean. Put them on””Hah,” laughed Eric. This should be fun. He got in the bathroom and picked them up. They were a size too small, but he could do it. He dropped his boxers and his cock hung freely. It was about 7 inches long and not yet hard, but it was just beginning to wake up. He squeezed into the briefs. He didn’t know how to put his dick in there. If he laid it to the side, it almost wrapped around him. If he put it straight down, it disappeared between his legs pressed against his body. He decided sideways. He walked out and Kathy’s mouth opened. Here was this hulk, with a cock that practically wrapped around to his back. How could a cock be that long? Did he have toilet paper in there to make it look bigger? She couldn’t wait to find out. “I will do a dare,” she said, not taking her eyes off the black cock. “Take it all off,” was all he said. She stood up and slowly pushed the dress down her legs. Eric’s eyes opened as he saw that she shaved her pussy. She had the same great tan all over… no tan lines. She stepped out of her dress and posed in front of him. She put a leg up on the couch and let him look at her pussy eye level. Then she turned around and bent over, letting Eric look at her ass and her pussy. Eric couldn’t believe what he was about to taste. Kathy was a beautiful lady in clothes. Naked, she was a perfect 10. Her pussy and tits begged men to taste them. Just wanting to see his cock, she said, “I dare you to take off your underwear. “He stood up and moved closer to her. “You can do it,” he said as he crossed his arms. She was looking straight at it. Her heart was pounding. How could that be a cock in there? There had to be something else in there. She put her fingers under the waistband on both sides and started to pull down. She saw his black pubes… a little further and she started to see cock. She pulled them down and his cock came out with a flop! It plopped onto her forehead. She was frozen as his dick rested on her forehead and she was looking dead on at a huge set of balls. She moved back and his black dick fell down a little and was now pointing straight at her. How can a dick be this big? It must have been 9 inches and not fully hard. She reached out to grab it, but he backed up. “Not yet… it’s my turn. Dare right?”She just nodded yes. She just wanted to feel how heavy it was. “I dare you to suck my black cock… in your bedroom. “In front of her husband? “No way, what if Ken woke up?”She started to reach out for it again. “Nope, the only way you touch it is if it’s in there. “She didn’t think long… she had to have it. Eric walked down the hall canlı bahis siteleri and sat on the edge of the bed, net to Ken who was snoring softly. Kathy got down on her knees in between his legs. The only light was coming from the hallway. His dick was now standing straight up. She wrapped her hand around it. There was enough room for 2 more hands. She pointed it down a little and licked under the head. Not only was it long, it was thicker than she could ever imagine a dick to be. She licked the length a few times and then decided to see what she could with it. She started to take it in. Eric was letting out low moans as she took more and more. Kathy loves sucking dick and feels she can suck about as good as anyone. This was the ultimate dick to suck!She was getting comfortable with it and soon she was taking 7 inches while one hand stroked him the whole time. She didn’t even care that Ken was sleeping right there. She had to taste his cum. She worked harder and harder. She rolled her tongue on the underside of the black cock. She squeezed his huge black balls. “I am getting close,” Eric whispered. She could taste a little pre cum and she felt his huge cock pulse a little. Her it cums, she thought. Suddenly it felt like a garden hose hitting the back of her throat. She kept pumping with her hand and he kept cumming. She swallowed and swallowed and got most of it. After a minute he was finally done. Ken never moved. Eric told her to lay on her back. She did as commanded and Eric got down between her legs. He licked all over her inner thighs and finally dragged his tongue across her pussy. OH MY GOD was all she thought. She had to be quiet, but his tongue was magical. As his tongue worked her clit, his fingers explored her pussy. Then her asshole. Really just teasing it. She came once quickly and then a second time. “I need to be fucked,” she said louder than she should have. “Not here though. “She stood up and walked back to the couch. Eric stood in front of her and she started to stroke his cock again. “I have never seen a cock this big. It is fucking huge. I can’t wait to have it in me. “”Suck it to get it hard. “She did. It was soon hard. Eric sat down and she climbed on top. She grabbed hold of it and rubbed it around her sensitive pussy. It was sending shockwaves through her with just the head stretching out. She was ready, and started to slide down the head. “Oh my god it’s so big… go slow… oh no… ah ah ahhhhh… yeha baby… ooooh, come on, oh yeah. “She had about 7 inches in her and it filled her up. There was still about 3 inches not even in her. She rose up and down slowly taking a little more each time. She had trouble concentrating because of the feelings in her pussy. She came again. She was just slowly sliding down it and the shaft was rubbing her clit. She slowed as she came, but after she recovered she started to go up and down fast. She built up a good rhythm as Eric pinched her nipples. “You like black dick don’t you? You love fucking my dick don’t you?””Yes… yes… oh my god… your. cock is… so… biiiiiiig. “Eric was ready to do some of his own work. He picked her up off him and layed her down on the couch. He got on his knees in between her legs and started to rub his dick on her button. Her pussy was opened up now and she was begging for more. “Put it in me… fuck my pussy… “”Do you like your husband’s dick more than this? Should I stop because you love him?””No.. fuck me… I have never had dick like this… fuck me please… “He fed the black cock in and was soon bottoming out in her cunt. He lifted her legs up and was thrusting in and out of her. Kathy was making noises she had never made before, oblivious to the fact that her husband slept in the room next door. Kathy was moaning or screaming every time he sunk into her. Finally, Eric pulled his dick out and came all over her chest. “Lick it up with your fingers,” he said. She did as instructed. He loved making white women his cum slut. Kathy could barely move. She had truly been fucked like she never imagined one could. Eric eventually got dressed and took. Kathy took down his cell phone number and said she would meet him whenever he wanted. She shut the door and headed for the shower. She kept thinking of the cock in the shower and ended up touching her pussy one more orgasm. She finally went to bed and slept until noon the next day and woke up tired and sore waiting for her cell phone to ring.

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